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💴 | The payment is scheduled to be 80 years old! A single mother who took out a mortgage at the age of 45 and had zero savings


Scheduled to pay off 80 years old! A single mother who took out a mortgage at the age of 45 and had zero savings

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office What is (office)?Office workThe room where the work is done.The office,Secretariat,officeEtc. Also generallyBusinessFacilityIn that case, I also used the officeFacility-House(buildingEtc.) is often referred to.


WesternThen.office Work in the (office) includes organizational management, rules, planning, public works,Board Member,LawyerIt may have the meaning of work such as office work. Also, it may have the meaning of work or work dedicated to one person.

JapaneseThen, the meaning like Western is rare.製造工場And storesCommercial facilityEven in such cases, the office is the place where office work is performed to support it. To work in the officeOffice work(Office work). A building created mainly for the purpose of performing office workoffice buildingTo design the office itselfOffice designThat.

As described above, the office also has a morphological meaning representing a place or a space facility and a conceptual meaning representing a functional aspect such as performing business information processing.Information and communication technology,ComputerWith the development of, it has become possible to perform information processing "anytime" and "anywhere", so a conceptual office created on a computer can be created.Virtual office(Virtual office,Virtual office).

With the development of computers in the office, the meaning of the place of intellectual labor is becoming more important.BusinessAt the site depends on the office environmentIntellectual productivityImprovement is coming to be questioned.

Office space elements

Working space

The form of the work space (work space) is classified into several according to the presence or absence of the partition of each space, the height, face-to-face or non-face-to-face, and how they are arranged.

Other elements


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