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📊 | "ETCX" starts to pay for parking lots and drive-throughs with ETC

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"ETCX" starts to pay for parking lots and drive-throughs with ETC

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ETC Solutions was jointly established in October 3 by Sony Payment Services, Meitetsucom, and Oki Electric Industry.

ETC Solutions (Minato-ku, Tokyo) uses ETC at places other than highway tollhouses such as parking lots and drive-throughs ... → Continue reading

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Sony Payment Services

Sony(Sony Group)> Sony Financial Holdings > Sony Bank > Sony Payment Services

Sony Payment Services Inc.(Sony Payment Services Inc.) is an e-commerce business and shopping mall business.Internet provider,Insurance companyFor businesses such asCredit cardSettlementConvenience storeProviding paymentSony GroupPayment solution provider.The old company name was SmartLink Network, Inc. (English company name: SmartLink Network, Inc.).

Our Business

Providing proxy services such as non-face-to-face credit card payments for monthly continuous billing such as Internet provider charges and insurance premiums, as well as payments made on a case-by-case basis centered on online shopping.It has its own personal authentication function, and is characterized by providing a service that inquires about attribute information registered with credit card companies at the same time as credit.


  • 1993 -Co., Ltd.Sony Finance InternationalStarted operation of "SCOTT", a sales agency system.
  • 1995 --Construction and operation of a payment system on the Internet based on "SCOTT".
  • 1998 --Commercialization of "e-SCOTT", a credit card payment agency system on the Internet.
  • 2001 --Realized direct network connection with major credit card companies and started providing personal authentication function.
  • 2006 --Sony Finance International Inc. was spun off and Smart Link Network Co., Ltd. was established.
    The EC payment business of Nippon Card Network Co., Ltd. was absorbed and split.
    Ltd.JCB, Japan Card Network Co., Ltd.,Mitsui Sumitomo Bank CardCo., Ltd.AEON credit serviceCo., Ltd. (currentlyAEON Financial ServiceCo., Ltd. invested.
  • 2006 --Global security standards set by international card brands,PCI DSSFully compliant.
  • 2008 --Online storage agency (convenience store payment) service started
  • 2010 --Integrated payment service "e-SCOTT PLUS" started
  • 2011 --Sony Finance International Inc.Sony BankTransfer of shares to.Became a subsidiary of Sony Bank.
  • 2015 - Sony Payment Services Inc.Change the trade name to.

Member group


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外部 リンク

Oki Electric Industry

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.(Okidenkikoukyo) isTokyoMinato-kuToranomonHeadquartered inCommunication equipment,Automatic teller machineMainly manufactures information equipment such as (ATM)Electronics companyIs.Known as "OKI", "Oki Electric".Tokyo Stock ExchangePartly listed.Fuyo GroupBelong to.


JapanAs the first communication equipment manufacturer1881(Meiji 14) Since its founding, it has a history of more than 130 years. Over the yearsTelephone exchangeFrom the history of manufacturing"Denden Family'Is a company calledNippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationSince that time,Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneCo., Ltd.NTT GroupHas a strong relationship with.

In recent years, the corporate slogan is "Open Up Your Dream",UbiquitousAiming to realize society and contribute to a safe, secure, and prosperous society,NGN, The Internet, security, software, services, etc. are expanding into new fields that combine information and communication.


  • 2008 -In May the semiconductor divisionロ ー ム Sold to (ROHM). In October, after splitting OKI's semiconductor division, 10% of the shares were transferred to ROHM[4].
  • 2008-Established "OKI Networks" by separating telecommunications business divisions excluding legacy companies by new division[5].
  • 2009 -At the General Meeting of Shareholders in June, President Shinozuka retired and was replaced by new President Kawasaki.
  • 2011 -By February, the early retirement incentive system will reduce the number of employees by 2.
  • 2012 -Absorbed OKI Networks Co., Ltd.
  • 2012- Tanaka Kikinzoku KogyoAcquired Tsuruoka factory and printed wiring board business from Newly established OKI Tanaka circuit[Note 1][6][7].
  • 2015-YokogawaからOmeAcquired office.
  • 2016-Shinya Kamakami becomes president.

Products and Services

Telecommunications,Mechatronicssystem,printer,EMSAs a business unit,Financial institution,Government office,Company・Providing various products and solutions mainly for corporations. In particular, automated teller machines (ATMs) occupy a high market share in Japan and overseas, and in recent years, we are actively developing new fields by aggressively acquiring EMS business. Also,JMSDFForsubmarineSonarSystem orSonobuiEtc. of the 2014Ministry of DefenseRanked 15th in terms of procurement contract amount[8] Such,Munitions companyIt also has the aspect as. Manufacturing and sales of printers is a business subsidiaryOki dataThe company is expanding its business worldwide and has achieved an overseas sales ratio of 70%.[9]

On the other hand, legacy businesses such as telephone exchanges, which were once the main source of revenue,digitalizationIs shrinking with the progress ofcomputer("if800Etc.) and copyboard "Kawawara version",semiconductor(System LSI,DRAMEtc.) have already withdrawn from manufacturing and sales. So nowAverage consumerThere is only a printer as a product forElectric FederationIt is a little inferior among the major companies. Once manufactured mobile phones,DDI Cellular Group-Japan Mobile CommunicationsThere was also a sale through.


Various social infrastructure, defense related

Mechatronics system


MoreOki dataSee.


Main base


  • Headquarters (Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • OKI Business Center (Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • OKI System Center (Saitama Prefecture蕨 市)
  • Takasaki Office (Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture)
  • OKI Kansai Techno Research Center (OsakaChuo-ku)
  • Tomioka Factory (Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture)
  • Honjo Factory (Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture)
  • Information and Communication Numazu Factory (ShizuokaNumazu City)

It also has branch offices and branches all over the country. Also, once as a semiconductor manufacturing baseHachiojiHad an office, but in 2008ロ ー ムSome were closed after being sold to. The part left unclosed isNeophotonicsWas sold to.


As a printer manufacturing and sales company,North America,South America,Europe,Asia,OceaniaIn each region ofLocal corporationIs placed.




  • 1990 eraFor a long time after the middle periodCMWasn't running. In the past commercials of idol singerAsaka Yui,Yuki HoshinoWas performing. Before that, as an image character of the companyKatsura KobayashiWas also served.
  • From January 2009,Miho KannoStarted a TV commercial for a printer (Oki Data) that adopted the image character.
  • In March 2016, we started a corporate image commercial featuring Miho Kanno.



Sports (past)

Athletics part

Women's soccer club

Established in 1990, discontinued in 1999. Detail isOKI FC WindsSee.

Related item

  • LAPIS Semiconductor -(Former OKI Semiconductor, former semiconductor division of Oki Electric Industry)


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外部 リンク


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