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💴 | How much does a life event cost? (Part 2)


How Much Does a Life Event Cost? (Part 2)

If you write the contents roughly
You can see that the 100-year life is not an exaggerated expression.

Data related to second life According to the simplified life table for the first year of Reiwa released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the average life expectancy of Japanese people is (0 years old ... → Continue reading

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100 years of life

100 years of lifeWhat is a "person"?London Business SchoolProfessor'sLinda Grattonと(English edition)"LIFE SHIFT 100 Years Life Strategy" (Toyo Keizai Inc.) Suggested words[1].

Predicting that one of every two people born in 2007 in the advanced nations will live 2 years or more in the 1 years of life in the advanced world, the need for a new life design that is different from the past Preaching sex.

In Japan at the same time as the book was releasedShinjiro KoizumiWidely penetrated by the use.[2][3]

In September 2017, the ``9-year Life Concept Committee'' chaired by Prime Minister Abe was set up in the Prime Minister's official residence, and in June 100, the ``People's Revolution Revolution Basic Concept'' was announced. It is being advanced.

"LIFE SHIFT 100 Years Life Strategy"

The 100-year life is a term proposed in "LIFE SHIFT 100-Year Life Strategy" (Toyo Keizai Inc.) by London Business School professor Linda Gratton and Andrew Scott.

It is argued that the "2007-year era" in which one in two people born in 2 in advanced countries will live up to 1 years old will come due to the extension of life, and the necessity of life design assuming 103 years to live is discussed. ..

Up to now, life planning has generally consisted of three stages: "learning for 20 years, working for 40 years, resting for 20 years", "education, work and old age", but in a society where living up to 100 is common, It is expected that there will be no separation by age, and the choices of life will be diversified such as re-learning, changing jobs, and taking long vacations.

Penetration into Japan

In Japan, launched “LIFE SHIFT 100-year life strategy” (Toyo Keizai Inc.)[4]After that, it began to be taken up by various news media and at the same time as the book was releasedShinjiro KoizumiWidely penetrated by the use.[5]

In October 2016Shinjiro Koizumi-Hideki Murai-Fumiaki Kobayashi-Norikazu SuzukiWas launched by a young member of the LDP.Subcommittee on Economic and Fiscal Planning after 2020Is advocating the realization of a society for the age of 100 years[6].. Koizumi et al.Release from the rail -To the 22nd century. Aiming for a new social model that turns population decline into a strength -"[7], Of which the position of work style, life style, and education in the age of 100 years of life, and the necessity of reviewing social security are being appealed.

Reflection on government policy

In April 2017, the “Subcommittee on Economic and Fiscal Policy after 4” passed through the “Institutional Design Mission for 2020 Years of Life”[8]In September 2017, it was upgraded to the "9 Years of Life Strategy Headquarters"[9].. In November 2017, the Liberal Democratic Party's political affairs study group announced ``11 years of life, conversion to all-generation social security-looking ahead to 100 ~''[10].

At the Prime Minister's Office, in September 2017, the "9-year Life Plan Initiative Conference" chaired by Prime Minister Abe was launched, and the following four themes are the main themes.To[11], Discussions on economic and social systems in a super longevity society were promoted.

  1. Securing educational opportunities for all, reducing the burden, making it free of charge, and recurrent education that can be re-learned no matter how old
  2. Reform of higher education in response to these issues
  3. Diversification of hiring of companies and hiring of various types of elderly people
  4. We will reform the social security system, which mainly focuses on benefits for the elderly, to all-generation social security based on the three stages of young people/students, adults/workers, and retired elderly people.

In June 2018, from the ``6-year Life Plan Initiative'', accelerating the free provision of early childhood education, eliminating the problem of waiting children, improving the treatment of care staff, supporting re-learning, promoting employment of the elderly, etc. The basic concept of manufacturing revolution" was announced.[12]Prime Minister Abe says, "It is a human resource development revolution that challenges the major reform of the economic and social system for the age of 100 years."[13].


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