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💹 | JRA Strategy 5/9 "WIN5 Daisakusen" -Aim for an investment of "roughly 3 yen" for 1000 million yen !!-

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JRA Strategy 5/9 "WIN5 Daisakusen" -Aim for an investment of "roughly 3 yen" for 1000 million yen !!-

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Basrat Leon broke through the 2-win class two runs before, and the following New Zealand Trophy also won by 1 horses.

~ May 5th WIN9 target race ~ ① Chukyo 5R Tachibana S Visionel El Castillo Paul Nairon 10 heads… → Continue reading

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Basrat Leon

Basrat Leon (English: Bathrat Leon)Japan OfRacehorse.. The main winning saddle is2021 OfNew Zealand Trophy.

The meaning of the horse name is a part of the mother's name + English lion.


2 years old (2020)

July 7, Sapporo's 26-year-old new horse race (turf 2m)Yusuke FujiokaDebuted in combination with.If you take the initiative from a good start, you will go up in a straight line and use the fastest tie 33 seconds 6 legs to escape and win.[1].. April 9Sapporo 2-year-old stakesThen from the 2nd place chasing at the 4th cornerSodashiI lined up at the beginning with, but I couldn't stretch straight and ended up in 3rd place[2]..Fall on November 11thKyoto 2-year-old stakesThen 6rd, October 12thAsahi Cup Futurity StakesThen he lost to 4th place and finished the 2-year-old season.

3 years old (2021)

1 month 10 dayShinzan KinenI started fromPixie KnightLost to 3rd place.After that, on March 3th, in Hanshin's 13-year-old 3-win class (turf 1m), when Hana was stolen from the start, the dramatization did not fade even in a straight line, and he escaped as it was and gave the second win and on the saddle.Naho FurukawaWon the first JRA victory[3].. At the New Zealand Trophy on April 4th, he escaped lightly along the way from a good start, and when he entered the straight line, he pushed 10 horses behind and won a good victory.Along with achieving the first victory of the heavy prizeNHK Mile CupObtained priority entry right to[4]..However, at the NHK Mile Cup, Yusuke Fujioka was shaken off immediately after the start, and the horse was released and the race was canceled.There was no damage left after the race due to the fall of the horse, so in a hurryTokyo YushunHe ran in the race and escaped from the large outer frame, but finished in 15th place due to exhaustion of straight line.

Race results

The following contents are JBIS search[5]And netkeiba.com[6]based on.

Race dayRacecourseRace nameCaseDistance (Baba)Head
Order of arrivaltime
(Up 3F)
1st horse (2nd horse)Horse weight
2020.07.26Sapporo2-year-old new horseTurf 1800m (good)711002.60(1 people)01stR1: 51.3 (33.6)-0.4%0Yusuke Fujioka54(Morino Kannachan)462
0000.09.05SapporoSapporo 2 years old SGIIITurf 1800m (good)1446003.90(1 people)03stR1: 48.5 (37.2)-0.30Ryusei Sakai54Sodashi462
0000.11.28HanshinKyoto 2 years old SGIIITurf 2000m (good)1022006.90(4 people)06stR2: 02.1 (35.9)-0.50Ryusei Sakai55Wonderful Town482
0000.12.20HanshinAsahi Cup FSGITurf 1600m (good)16611025.00(8 people)04stR1: 32.8 (34.8)-0.50Ryusei Sakai55Grenadier Guards478
2021.01.10ChukyoShinzan KinenGIIITurf 1600m (good)15610004.20(2 people)03stR1: 33.7 (35.5)-0.40Ryusei Sakai56Pixie Knight478
0000.03.13Hanshin3 years old 1 win classTurf 1600m (稍)1077001.90(1 people)01stR1: 34.2 (34.6)-0.4%0Naho Furukawa52(Bip Lanvin)480
0000.04.10中山NZTGIITurf 1600m (good)1636003.20(2 people)01stR1: 33.1 (34.6)-0.9%0Yusuke Fujioka56(Time to Heaven)480
0000.05.09TokyoNHK Mile CupGITurf 1600m (good)1824004.60(3 people)Horse racing canceled0Yusuke Fujioka57Schnell Meister482
0000.05.30TokyoTokyo YushunGITurf 2400m (good)17817053.9 (12 people)15stR2: 25.4 (36.8)-2.90Yusuke Fujioka57Shafriar484
  • Race results are as of November 2021, 5

Pedigree table

Basrat Leon OfPedigree(Source of Pedigree Table)[§ 1]
Paternal lineHalo line
[§ 2]

2010 Brown brown
Father father
deep Impact
2002 Kage
*Sunday silenceHalo
Wishing Well
*Wind in her hairAlzao
Father mother
* Cat Quill
1990 Kage
Storm CatStorm Bird
Pacific PrincessDamascus

Basrat Amal
2010 brown hair
New approach
2005 brown hair
GalileoSadler's Wells
Urban Sea
Park ExpressAhonoora
Mother's mother
* Zamiria
2001 Dark bay
Cape CrossGreen Desert
Park Appeal
Angelic SoundsThe Noble Player
Twany Angel
maternal(F-No.)Zamiria (IRE) series (FN:6-f)[§ 3]
Within the fifth generationInbreedingAhonoora 4 × 5 = 9.38%,Northern Dancer 5 × 5 = 6.25%[§ 4]
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