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🎗 | Super League withdrawal club donates about 20 billion yen through the European Football Federation

Photo Photo of the UEFA logo (bottom left) and the image of the European Super League (Reuters = joint)

Super League withdrawal club donates about 20 billion yen through the European Football Federation

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According to the Associated Press, there is a possibility that the European CL will be banned.

[London joint] The European Football Federation (UEFA) announced on the 7th that it will withdraw from the European Super League concept. → Continue reading

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AP communication

AP communication(Associated Press,AP) Is an American non-profit news agency headquartered in New York. Established in 1846, it operates as a non-corporate cooperative.News reports are written in English, Spanish and Arabic and distributed to members and customers. AP has 1917, including 32 photography departments since its inception in 54.Pulitzer PrizeHas been awarded.


The Associated Press is a cooperative of broadcasters and newspapers in the United States, and each company distributes articles through the Associated Press and at the same time receives articles from the Associated Press.Newspapers and broadcasters outside the United States are members of the Associated Press and are not members of the co-operative, so they pay for AP article distribution.

2005Currently, it has contracts with about 5000 TV and radio stations and about 1700 newspapers.The photo library contains over 1000 million images. The Associated Press has 243 bureaus and staff from around the world in 121 countries.

Was a rivalUPI news agencyThe Associated Press is the only news agency in the United States to operate nationwide.otherEnglishAs a news agency that distributes news inReuters Communications,French news agencyThere are (AFP), but these are based outside the United States.In the United States,AP Style BookHas become the de facto standard for newspaper and magazine editing.

Associated Press articles are simply a style of writing "facts themselves", "Inverted pyramidSince it is often written in the order of "type (conclusion-> important information-> its background)", it has the characteristic that the essence is not easily lost even if it is edited to fit in the space on the newspaper.

Like many other media outlets, the Internet has also threatened the Associated Press's finances.2005May 4At its annual meeting, the Associated Press announced that it would charge a different fee for posting articles and photos on the Internet from 2006.Until now, each news medium that received Associated Press article distribution did not pay for posting articles on the Internet.The Associated Press later canceled the plan and aimed to provide its own direct news to the general reader (targeted 18-34 years old).asapOpened.

Employees in the United States participate in the News Media Guild.


Associated Press has five conflictsニ ュ ー ヨ ー クCityNewspaper companyEstablished in May 1846 as a joint venture to efficiently collect European news by its representatives.

Prior to its establishment, newspapers dispatched staff by boat to get information as soon as possible when reporters arrived at the port.Therefore, each newspaper company thought that they were paying for the same information, and decided that it would be cheaper to get the information at once by telegram.In response to this, representatives of newspaper companies gathered to establish an association for unifying information gathering.

When it was first established, it was called the Harbor News Association, but it was later renamed.

What strongly promoted this series of movementsNew York SunIt was Moses Yale Beach.HeAmerican ink warInvited another newspaper company to join Sun in a collaborative interview when reporting on.Participants at this time were the Sun, the Commerce, the Courier and Enquirer, the Herald, and the Express.

1849The Harbor News Association opened its first bureau outside the United States.

  • 1861 - Civil WarWhen reportingcensorshipThe reporter first anonymously posted "From the Associated Press Reporter".
  • 1876 - Battle of the Little BighornAnd the special reporter(English edition)Died.He is the first Associated Press reporter to die on duty.His last article was "I go with Custer and will be at the death." ("I go with Custer and will be at the death.").As a result, KelloggGeneral CusterIt was interpreted as if they were expecting to die because they died withat the death TheFox huntingIn terms of, it is a scene that "sees the death of the target (at the end of the series of hunting)" and "a scene that kills the enemy (a long-running battle, probably the next battle is the final battle)" Will be there. "[3][4]..While General Custer was regarded as a hero, Kellogg was also hailed as a hero in the press at the time as "a brave reporter who did his duty without losing his composure even in the midst of danger."[5].

1967ToDow JonesWithPartnershipI was doing.


  • American animation "Bugs bunny"(Loony Tunes) has a scene like this.Bugs Bunny, who becomes a big star and sunbathing in his pool, receives a phone call asking him about his upbringing.Upon receiving the call, Bags responds with "Unassociated Press?".In the Japanese version, "NonKyodo News?? Was translated.


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    We leave the Rosebud tomorrow, and by the time this reaches you we will have met and fought the red devils, with what results remains to be seen. I go with Custer and will be at the death.
    Tomorrow we will leave Rosebud.By the time you get this news, you won't know the result yet, but it's probably after you've already encountered the red demons and finished the fight.I will accompany Custer to see the results of the battle.
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    The phrase “at the death” comes from fox hunting, and meant “at the kill.” It was prophetic nonetheless.
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