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💴 | What kind of people are eligible for pensioner support benefits?


What kind of people are eligible for pensioner support benefits?

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, please be careful as there are fraud cases involving "pensioner support benefits".

Payment requirements and amount of benefits for those who are eligible for the old-age basic pension <Payment requirements> Those who meet all of the following payment requirements are eligible. ... → Continue reading

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scam(Sagi) tricks others intoMoneyTake away or damage.


Fraud (Civil Code)

Deceive another person (giving and cheating)errorTo fall into. Due to fraudManifestation of intentionBecause there is a flaw in the process of forming that intentioncancelTo be obtained (Civil Code Article 96).

However, even if you cancel the intention of fraud,bona fideAnd it is not possible to stand against a third party who has no negligence (Article 96, paragraph 3 of the Civil Code). This is because it is not always impossible to avoid mistakes with caution, and it is necessary to secure the smoothness of transactions by protecting third parties who are in good faith and negligence. .. As wellObsessiveAlthough it is said that the manifestation of intent formed by the above can be canceled, its effect can be contrasted with the fact that it can counter a well-meaning third party.


Fraud (criminal law)

Approved by deceiving others and causing them to fall into mistakes, delivering goods, or obtaining illegal profitscrime(Criminal lawArticle 246). Under 10 yearsImprisonmentBe dealt with.

Various scams

Some of the following classifications are complex and difficult to classify.

Mainly targeted at companies

Mainly targeted at individuals

Commercial transaction (movable property)

Deliberate breach of contract in commercial transactions.

  • Money-free food and drink
  • Auction fraud
    • Clinker fraud (bicycle operation at auction)
    • Penny auction scams (Pricing by Sakura etc.)
  • Cash on delivery mail fraud
  • Reform scam(Construction work is a work place, not real estate until completed)
  • Scams that fake products
    • Copy products(Imitation) Sale
      • Imitation precious metal, jewelry
      • imitationAntique
      • Fake(Art works, paintings)
      • Counterfeit food
    • Sales of rough products (such as dragon bones and spoons used by Kimi Yang)
  • 詐欺破産 (企業が経営破綻寸前にもかかわらず、銀行からお金を借りたり、後日受け取りの商品を販売し、受渡し前に計画破産する詐欺 ※The Terumi Club Case,Harenohi IncidentSee).
  • Complete gacha
  • Festival lot fraud-a scam that deceives money from customers without giving a "win" to the festival lottery at Matoya at a festival event in Japan[5].

Holding hands

Take advantage of people's emotions, religious beliefs and desires, relationships of trust in the complex and society.

Scams that start with a simple error

Simple beliefs and misconceptions (error) Is a scam that gets stuck in the operation. It is a classic class of fraud (because there is no acquaintance or social trust with the scammer) that the scammer misrepresents himself or uses the misunderstandings and uncertainties of the scammer.Scams that mainly target the elderly are also of this type, irritating victims and exploiting money with ridiculous lines that are not used in cheap dramas or plays, let alone clever speech.


Securities, investment law, fees, real estate

  • Life insurancecrime(Insurance fraudSuch)
  • (Electronic money fraudAlso called)- amazonGift certificates andiTunesA scam that steals the code found on a prepaid card, such as a card. On malicious adult sites and SNS sites, it is said that it will be possible to use it by entering a specific prepaid code, and in many cases it is deceived by the user being tricked into entering. Many prepaid cards do not require identification to purchase, and because it is a product that anyone can easily buy at convenience stores, even if the code is deceived, the evidence is unlikely to remain.
  • Ticket fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Phishing scam
  • Investment fraud - [10]
  • 419 events-Nigerian letters
  • Refund balance confirmation certificate[11]
  • currency(Example:Iraqi dinar[12])
  • Debt collection fraud
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Ground master - 不動産の所有者になりすまして、不動産のRegistration of ownership transfer(売買)を持ちかけて購入者から代金を受け取り、もしくはその不動産をcollateralToLoanを受ける詐欺、またこれらの詐欺を行う者の名称。登記用の書類はForgeryされたものであることが多く、実際に所有権移転登記が行われることは少ないが、登記官の見落とし等により登記されてしまう可能性もゼロではない(不実の登記として真の所有者から抹消を請求することはできる。)。真の所有者が気付く前に善意の第三者に転々流通してしまった場合は、真の所有者も被害を受ける可能性がある。

Position or position

Special fraud

A scam carried out by using communication means such as telephone, postcard, fax, and email to an unspecified person without face-to-face contact. "Wire fraudAnd “Similar to wire fraud”[13].

The classification has been changed to 2020 items from 2 (10nd year of Reiwa).[14].

Wire fraud
Wire transfer scam
  • Financial product transactions
  • Gambling winning information provided
  • Relationship with the opposite sex
  • Crime promoting special fraud

con man

con man

A scammer is basically someone who tricks people into making a profit.For example, play a role and make others believe in their personality and profession.ä¿¡ é ¼RelationshipFaith,Fear,authorityVictims atbrainwashingOr without giving doubt, by mentally binding,psychologicalTrick away the gold items by strategic bargaining. It may not be possible for the victim to recognize that the victim was injured. Or, I have a strong desire to believe,CaseIt is said that it is difficult to do it, and when it is said to be brainwashed due to religious beliefs and romantic feelings, it has the side effect of secondary damage to the victim's mental health. Red scam (Marriage fraud), blue fraud (Loan fraud,Check fraud,Insurance fraud,Capture fraudEtc. Mainly company scams scams), black scams (scams other scammers are scams), white scams (scams)Wire fraud,Ticket fraud,Auction fraudEtc. Mainly ducks that are individuals and fraud) There is also a classification.


ArrangerIs a person who recruits human resources according to the request of the client, orCommissionWho takes[Annotation 3]However, the person who arranged as a scammer is the following person.

  • The person who arranges the technology of the person who arrangedknowledge-経 験Without control or falsehood, orDispatchA person who does not respond to the above request and causes damage or obtains unjust profit.
  • compositeAn item that is completed by the cooperation of multiple craftsmen (Japanese chest,Float,Mikoshi,House) Etc., actuallyFulfillmentWithout pretending to be a craftsman, someone who masquerades as a purchase of material costs and tricks down payments and modifications.

IncidentallyThe United KingdomThen, like thisbuildingThe dispatchercowboybuilderIt has become a big social problem.


PimpIs a downtown area,Wind management lawupperRestaurantA person who introduces such as and gets a commission. It is often illegal. The fraudulent act of pimping means that when introducing a store, it makes a false statement about the fee system and causes troubles between the customer and the store. There are many. The origin of pimp is that of a very old betting event in Japan.Tea Kabuki(Tea incense clothes,Fighting teaIt is said that it comes from Hongpi ().


CharlatanIs a Chinese word, slang, and is a synonym for scammer, but it is known as a swindler. , A swindler turns around, and a sword is put on a trick."actorAnd a psychological relationship such as trustImprintOn the other hand, the practitioner uses his mouth and plausible logic to manipulate the value of profit and loss to the victim.ProfitA person who makes me confuse that there is and deceives a metal item.


CharlatanIs originallyMineral resources,Water resourcesTo produceMountainThose who make a living by searching for and betting on obtaining huge profits. However, such as "hit one mountain, bet a mountain" is lowprobabilityHowever, if I hit it, I came to point to someone who bets on something with a lot of profit. As a scam artist, you need a lot of money, but you need to tell a false story that can be a big profit,InvestmentA person who takes a trick and tricks a metal item.


A swindler is a scammer who mainly makes fake stories. It is said that when the trick of a scam called "Shikaoi" was introduced to the Kanto region in the Kansai region, it became known as a "storyteller".[15]. Say nowTroupe type crimeThe scammer plays multiple roles based on a scenario that plagues the victim. Since then, it has come to be used in crime novels and the like as the name of "a fraudulent man who makes a grand story" rather than a specific method.

Cheat Master

Cheat MasterIs oldMagicianIs a synonym forColorHaveToolsRefers to a scammer who uses. On the streetblack JackThere are also many things that are familiar overseas such as Cup and Ball. In Japan, around the early Showa periodfakerIt can be said that he was a cheating teacher in some sense.Kettle oil sellerYou can use your Japanese sword to cut your arms a bit (actually, remove some of the blades and paint the area with vermilion) or "Stick the pebbles at the tip of the twig at the roadside with a string and stand on the stone without sticking the branch to the ground. And sold the goods. It is written as squid, and in the sense that "it looks like that, it seems to be genuine,"fakeThere is also a meaning such as a person who sells fake products by referring to "." Unlike fraudsters and pettensors,TechnologyA person who cheats on a metal item.


GotoIsWorkerIs the etymologyCraftsmanIt also refers to something that plans and promotes work, such as a person who turns around and worksSecret wordIt is said that it came from. It's a cheating teacher, but mainlygamblingPlace (Iron fire field) AtDing HanpakuCrafted inDice,Bill,MahjongAt gamblingbrandA person who manipulates the game freely by swapping (pie), transshipping, etc. and tricking the metal items so that they will not be noticed. For more informationCheating bettingSee. recentlypachinkoIllegal movement of nails in the hall etc., sending electrical signals to operate machines,slotIC chip (which controls the probability ofROM) And perform other actions. In the latter case,Fraudnot,TheftIs applied.

Works on fraud


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