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📊 | Survey on bridal market (2021) Bridal-related market size in 2020 (6 major fields…


Conducted a survey on the bridal market (2021) Bridal-related market size in 2020 (6 major fields ...

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This is considered to be one of the few merits of the corona disaster for the wedding reception hall management company.

Yano Research Institute Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Mizukoshi) surveys domestic bridal-related markets and sorts by major fields ... → Continue reading

 Yano Research Institute

In 1958, Yano Research Institute was founded by Masao Yano as a pioneer of Japanese market research company. Since then, we have always walked with the development of the Japanese economy. Live market information, marketing know-how that has been refined on-site, and the basis of our competitive advantage are here. As a unique business solution provider based on research capabilities, we want to participate in creating a prosperous future for our customers.

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