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📢 | Joint development of data utilization service through capital and business alliance with Nihon Unisys, Ltd.


Jointly developed data utilization service through capital and business alliance with Nihon Unisys, Ltd.

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Data utilization has entered a full-scale introduction and operation period after the PoC (proof of concept) boom.

May 2021, 5 Jointly developed data utilization service through capital and business alliance with Nihon Unisys, Ltd. Photo… → Continue reading

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Proof of concept

Proof of concept(Gainenjisho,British: Proof of concept(PoC), Pock, POC) do simple and incomplete realizations (or summaries) to show the feasibility of new concepts and ideas.OrprincipleTo show that a certain concept or theory can be put into practical use by demonstrating.

Proof of concept generally works perfectlyprototypeIt is considered to be the pre-stage leading up to.It is a means of reducing risk for the funder and a means of getting more money for the funder.

The main occupations that do this are R & D jobs, creators, and artists in companies, but this demonstration work can be seen in various other places.

An example


  • "Sky Captain World of Tomorrow], [300 <Three Hundred>], [Thin city』Is the actorBlue backgroundActing in front of, almost all the backgroundCGIIt is synthesized with.For such films, a short film is produced as a proof of concept to confirm the final appearance and the presence or absence of technical issues. In "Sin City", the directorRobert RodriguezProduced a proof-of-concept film of the original authorFrank MillerHe appealed to him that he maintained a style that was faithful to the original, and helped to acquire the rights to make it into a movie.Rodriguez used the same proof-of-concept film to persuade the actor he was looking for.
  • Pixar Animation StudioThen, I sometimes make a short film for proof of concept of work that is technically difficult. 1997 short film Geri's Game Then, the texture of the cloth and the facial expressionComputer animationThe purpose was to prove the concept of.These techniques were introduced in the 1999 movie "Toy story 2』Used in.
  • Similarly, in 2003,Finding Nemo』In the movement of waterSea anemoneTentacle movement animation,A whaleA short film was produced to demonstrate the concept of how a person swims slowly.This showed that technically difficult tasks could be achieved, and that new ideas worked (or did not work).


Computer securityIn, somethingVulnerabilityIt means to show by actually writing the code that an attack using is possible.Moreover, such a code is called a "proof-of-concept code".

In addition,Computer security,CipherIn, instead of building a complete system to show the principle of system defense law, we may demonstrate by proof of concept.

Research and Development

Software Development,Biotechnology・ Including drug developmentApplied researchIn the field of research, there are cases where demonstrations and proposals are made to show the feasibility of new ideas when starting research.The proof of concept in this case shows the possibilities and technical issues as well asbudgetIt has the purpose of acquisition, and the forms such as commercialization and management are also discussed.

Business and sales

BusinessSaleIn the field of, we may ask a prospective customer to try the product.The proof of concept in this case clarifies the possibility and technical problems by trial use in the actual field, and is used as a reference for the subsequent sales strategy.


In mathematics, the outline of the proof process is sometimes called proof of concept, and it shows in principle that the proof can be done by known techniques and methods.

Software Development

In software development, proof of concept is often confused with proof of technology or pilot project.However, these three words are not synonyms and represent different processes, as explained below.

First, the proof of concept shows a partial solution to a business problem.Required specificationsBuild a system that involves a small number of users to prove some of the solutions.The proof of concept basically does not affect the existing system (although it may eventually be merged with the existing system).

Next, the technical demonstration shows a solution to some technical problem.A method of integrating the two systems and a method of achieving the throughput required by a predetermined configuration are shown.In this case, the business user does not need to be involved in this.

Preliminary projects also verify that the system works in the field.The preliminary project limits the functions of the final system and builds the system early.For example, the number of users that can be supported at the same time is limited, or the range of functions is limited to limit the parties involved in the evaluation.

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