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💴 | What are the conditions for those who receive the pensioner support benefit?


What are the conditions for a person to receive a pensioner support benefit?

If you write the contents roughly
The pensioner support benefit bill (postcard type) will be sent to those who are eligible for the benefit, so fill in the required items, attach a stamp, and post it to the mailbox to complete the procedure.

What is the pensioner support benefit? The pensioner support benefit is funded by the increase in the consumption tax, and the amount of income from public pensions, etc. → Continue reading

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Post box

Post box(Yubin Post, simplypostTomo) isMail(mainlyPostcard,envelope) To postEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu.


The United KingdomNow, let ’s talk about mailboxes and mailboxes.British English: post box Post box orBritish English: letter boxCalled a letterbox.Also,The United States of AmericaThen.American English: mailboxCall it a mailbox (write as a word with no spaces in between).

English postJapaneseNot a postPostMeans an institution.this isItalian Ofmail FrenchIt was borrowed viaLatinVerb meaning "put" insupposedlyPassive complete participle feminine formpositaDerived from.Etymology is different from post, which means a pillar[1].

The color of the post isCountryIt varies from person to person.America andロシアIsblueBut,Germany,FranceIn the European continent黄色Is the mainstream.People's Republic of China,アイルランドIs deepgreen, Netherlands,チ ェ コAnd so onOrangeIs. OnceSovereign countryIn many cases, the color of the post is inherited.Australia,India,Republic of South AfricaThe color of the post is"Red"That is, the former suzerainThe United KingdomThat's why.AsiaThen.India,Indonesia,Thailand, South Korea,Taiwan,JapanRed is the mainstream.This is because many countries are British territories or have introduced the postal system from the United Kingdom, and the countries affected by these countries also adopt red.As a result, many countries around the world have adopted red (UK,イタリア,Portugal,ポーランド Such).

Japanese mailbox

Japan OfPostal LawThe official name byMail delivery boxThat.

The table below shows standard standard mailboxes.The photo of each type of mailbox is#galleryreference.In addition, there are some non-standard posts such as special posts such as commemorative posts and posts installed before the war.

NameYear of usebody size
Leg size
Standard paint colorShapeInstallation methodNumber of inletsCollection port
Installation direction
高 さBannerDepth高 さ直径
Postal delivery box No. 1194913540402060vermilionRound (cylindrical)Building planting ceremony1Can be changedSo-calledRound post(Round post)
The leg size is the root stone part
Mail delivery box No. 1 square type19708037515917vermilionSquare type (box type)Building planting ceremony1left
Postal delivery box No. 21951453025--vermilionHanging box typeWall-mounted1front
Postal delivery box No. 3195110648543322vermilionSquare type (box type)Building planting ceremony1left
Postal delivery box No. 419608037515917blueSquare type (box type)Building planting ceremony1Right sideThe principle isExpress delivery only
Postal delivery box Special No. 4196510648543322blueSquare type (box type)Building planting ceremony1Right sideThe principle is for express delivery only
Postal delivery box No. 51956704533--vermilionHanging box typeWall-mounted1front
Postal delivery box No. 619591335353--vermilionSquare type (box type)Stationary type1leftAlso used as a temporary storage box for pick-up and delivery mail
The door on the right is for temporary storage of collection and delivery mail
Postal delivery box No. 7196210665543327vermilionSquare type (box type)Building planting ceremony2left
Postal delivery box No. 819668060455922vermilionSquare type (box type)Building planting ceremony2left
Postal delivery box No. 919745433278211vermilionSquare type (box type)Building planting ceremony1front
Postal delivery box No. 1019968345565517Housing: red
Upper front: silver
Pillar: Black
Square type (box type)Building planting ceremony1leftVirtually the successor to the postal delivery box No. 1 square
Postal delivery box No. 11199611446562427Housing: red
Upper front: silver
Pillar: Black
Square type (box type)Building planting ceremony1leftVirtually the successor to Postal Mail Box No. 3
Postal delivery box No. 121996114815624-Housing: red
Upper front: silver
Pillar: Black
Square type (box type)Building planting ceremony2leftVirtually the successor to Postal Mail Box No. 7
Postal delivery box No. 13199683815655-Housing: red
Upper front: silver
Pillar: Black
Square type (box type)Building planting ceremony2leftVirtually the successor to Postal Mail Box No. 8
Postal delivery box No. 1419965235408111Housing: red
Upper front: silver
Pillar: Black
Square type (box type)Building planting ceremony1frontVirtually the successor to Postal Mail Box No. 9


The postal system has begun for the number of posts installed1871(Meiji 4 Year) In 62 places[2],1875(Meiji8 years)6From about 500 at the endAfter the warIt is increasing year by year except for one period,2005Every time(HeiseiIn 17), it was about 191,400.[3].

Color and shape

Color tone

Japan tooThe United KingdomBecause we introduced a more postal systemBasicAlthough it is red1996The colors of the mail box Nos. 1 to 9 that have been used for a long time and the new mail boxes No. 1996 to 10 that started to be used in 14 are slightly different, and the former is common.vermilionThe latter is painted in normal red (however, the pedestal part is black, and the area around the entrance (mailing port) is silver).[4]. Besides this,For express deliveryAs blue, if it is installed in a large collection and delivery stationInternational mailThere is also a yellow post for.

The color of the early posts when the postal system began in Japan was black instead of red.But at that timePublic toiletSince it was around the time when the mail box began to spread, passers-by who saw the "stool" in the black mail box put the mail box in the mail box.WCAt that time, street lights were not fully maintained, which caused problems such as difficulty in seeing at night.1901(MeijiIn 34) introduced an iron post on a trial basis[5]At that time, it was changed to red as a "prominent color".

In some cities, red floats in concrete gray, so gray, dark green (both are part of Tokyo) and navy blue (Yokohama) for the purpose of "keeping the landscape". There is an example of (a part of).A rare example is a postal car that was active during the JNR era (Spider Uni 74) Is imitated by orange and green postsShinagawa StationIt is installed on the premises.Many private posts are silver or gray, and legally it doesn't matter if the post is not red.In some areas, there are cases where posts with unique paint colors that reflect regional characteristics are installed.


In Japan, most of them have a metal box shape (square shape) like a gallery image.1970 eraUp to Cylindrical postal delivery box No. 1 (commonly known as"Round post" "Round post") Was often used.Many have been replaced with box-shaped ones, but in some areas old cylindrical sender boxes are still in use, and there is a growing tendency for them to be preserved due to their rarity value, so we dared to relocate the cylindrical sender boxes. There are also cases where it is used.

Some of the items installed in urban areas have multiple entrances (mailing ports), such as "postcards / letters (standard-sized mail) / other mail" and "regular mail / express mail / international mail". Widely used.New year's cardWhen it is time to post, a new year's card entrance will be set up.In that case, the entrance will change from the usual "postcard / letter (standard-size mail) / other mail" to "New Year's mail / other mail".During the period, at the entrance for New Year's cards,New Year's mailA yellow sticker with the words "" is attached.In addition, until around the 1980s, it was divided into "inside the prefecture where it is installed" and "other prefectures", so it has been used since before the 2s among posts with multiple entrances. While the two post boxes 1980 and 7 have the same size, the post boxes 8 and 2 that have been used since 1996 have a standard mail size on the left side and a standard size on the right side. Many are large[7].

Regarding the size of the mailbox, the size of the mailbox is small for old and small mailboxes in addition to the cylindrical mailbox No. 1 (round post).Non-standard size mailMaximum size envelopesLetter packThere are cases where large mail items such as these cannot be physically posted. In this case, it is necessary to send them at the corresponding post box or post office counter.

Installation of mailbox

Send boxes are available not only on the street but also in various places including private land such as factories, and in special casesSDFIn the base, near the summit of an unreachable alpine such as a motorway or ropeway, or on the seabed (WakayamaSusami TownIs inSubmarine post) Also exists.Even if it is on the seabed, it will be collected at the collection time and posted to the delivery destination.

1980 eraFor up toTrainIn the era when mail was transported byRailway stationThere is also a delivery box on the premises, and depending on the destination, it will arrive and depart at the stationPostal carLoaded into the post officepostmarkWas sometimes pressed.Since transportation has become centered on automobilesKyoto StationIt was only left in the home of, but in October 2005Shinagawa StationImprovement completion andEcuteIt was installed in the station yard to commemorate the opening of Shinagawa (Mailbox #Gallery Japanese commemorative mailbox).

After October 2007 (Heisei 19)Privatization of postal servicesAt the time when the company was spun off for each businessPostal Service Co., Ltd.Was managing and operating.Collected mailpostmarkWas the branch name of Japan Post Co., Ltd. (rarely, the name of the collection and delivery center).2012(24) After October, with Japan Postal Co., Ltd.Post Office Co., Ltd.Is integratedJapan Post Co., Ltd.As a result, the post office is now managed and operated as it was before privatization.

The actual collection of mailboxes managed and operated by the post office is often carried out by a consigned freight vehicle carrier.The time to collect mail from the post is determined for each post and district (jurisdiction collection and delivery station), and the approximate time for collecting mail is indicated at the entrance (mailing port) and collection port (collection port). There is.

Convenience store post

The main body of the postal business in JapanJapan Post AgencyからJapan PostAiming to expand the window after the change toconvenience storePartnership with each company,Lawson(2003May 1Than)[8],Circle K Thanks(2003May 12Than)[9],am / pm,MINI STOP(2006May 1Than)[10],Daily Yamazaki(2005May 6Than)[11]A mailbox was set up in the store.However, the posts installed in convenience stores are out of the fixed form because the entrance and the main body are smaller than general ones.MailOf these, items with A4 size square 2 or larger cannot be included.In addition, if a mailbox is already installed nearby, the post may not be installed in the store.

In many cases, collection is carried out by a collection route different from that of general mailboxes, and in particular, collections are often made at convenience store in-store posts in residential areas at a later time than the surrounding ordinary mailboxes.After that, due to the dissolution of the alliance, Circle K Sunkus (2012May 6Until[12]) And Daily Yamazaki, except for a few stores, the posts were removed, and am / pm was removed due to the conversion to FamilyMart.insteadLawson Store 100Currently, there is a post in the convenience store at Lawson Lawson Store 100 / Ministop.

Even before that, stamps and official postcards were sold at convenience stores, so there are many cases where post boxes are installed at storefronts, including convenience stores other than those mentioned above.However, even in such a case, there are many cases where in-store posts are installed for Lawson, and the collection times of both posts are often different, so there are cases where you can select a post with a more advantageous collection time. ..

Keyless coin locker

Since 2004, X-Cube and Post-Cube Systems (16)2005New model installed by Established)Coin lockerThen, instead of the key, the number of the mobile phone that made the call to the server of the coin locker (Number display) And models using the printed PIN are available in Tokyo (JR East-Tokyo subway-Keio-Odakyu-KeikyuEtc.) and were installed at the main stations of Keihanshin.What the post cube system installed is "POST CUBE", The one installed by X-Cube is"Cross cubeIt is.

Of these, the post cube has a mailbox near the operation panel.In addition, from 2005 (Heisei 17), through the alliance between Japan Post and X-Cube,Yu-PackTo receivePO BoxThe service that enables the post-cube and cross-cube lockers that we have handled has started, but the business of X-Cube Co., Ltd. stopped around March 2007.The "Cross Cube" was sequentially removed.After that, it was reported that the company went bankrupt in 19 (Heisei 3).

In the post cube system, instead of the Yu-Pack receiving service, mail and parcels are sent to the post cube using the designated place delivery system of the postal business.transferService to do "PostenHas started in a small number of areas such as Yokohama and Chiba.

Express post

in JapanexpressThere is also a dedicated post.1956It was painted in blue and emphasized that it is different from ordinary posts, but this is a copy of the predecessor post box for airmail that was blue that makes the image of the sky.[13]..Today it remains only in a small part of the big cities,2015As of February, 2 bottles nationwide (of which)Tokyo6 bottles[14],Nagoya1 bottles[15],Osaka26 bottles[16],Kobe2 bottles[17])[18]Is still in existence, but the number is declining.

Normally, postal delivery box No. 4 and postal delivery box No. 4 are used for express delivery posts.General large square posts have a collection door on the left side when viewed from the front, but most express delivery posts have a collection door on the right side.[19]..This is because it is often installed side by side with ordinary posts.Of course, there are places where only express delivery posts are installed.In the past, there were many express delivery posts that had more collections than general posts, but especially after privatization, express delivery posts that have more collections than neighboring general posts have become a minority, and the number of collections has increased. Even if there are more than general posts, the difference in the number of collections from neighboring general posts is about once a day.

Private post

A private post can be installed when a certain amount of mail can be expected to be posted in a place where it does not interfere with the collection of mail and there is no post box nearby.

Private posts will be installed in or in front of office buildings for tenant services, or in the lobby or front of entrances of hotels and hospitals for the services of guests and inpatients. In the case of a business owner who posts a lot of mail (government offices, newspaper companies, broadcasting stations, financial institutions, factories, universities,Department store・ Trading companies, etc.) may install it on the premises.However, as long as the conditions are met, it can be installed not only by companies but also by individuals, residents' associations, and condominium management associations.Mountain hutIt is difficult to install it in places where the motorway is not connected.Private posts are used by people other than the installer and related parties if they are installed in places where outsiders are restricted from entering, such as factory premises, offices dedicated to related parties, and condominium residents-only areas. Can't.Anyone can use it if it is installed in a place where ordinary people can pass, such as a place facing a public road or a public space.However, a small number of private mailboxes facing public spaces may have a sign stating that posting by anyone other than those involved is prohibited.

For private posts, the construction cost at the time of installation and the purchase cost of the post box are all borne by the installer, and the collection fee for mail is charged.Japan Post Co., Ltd.Will need to pay.The collection fee for mail varies depending on the installation area and the number of collections, and is set between 8 yen and 24 yen, but in Tokyo, the annual amount for those involved is 24 yen, and anyone can use it. If it can be used, the annual fee is 16 yen.

In most cases, ready-made products are used for the post housing, but there are a wide variety of posts because some installers procure custom-made products from different colors or shapes.

Ground law

Article XNUMX of the Postal Law (Installation of postal mail box)

The mail box will be installed by the company.However, it does not prevent anyone other than the company from installing it with the approval of the company..

○ 2 Conditions regarding the installation of postal boxes by persons other than the company are stipulated in the postal contract..


There are many manufacturers that make posts.

In the case of Japanese posts, most are from small and medium-sized manufacturers.Since the round post is a casting, the casting manufacturer is the mainYoshimura IndustryIs typical, but in recent years, most of the square posts are made by manufacturers who can process sheet metal, weld, etc.PanasonicThere are also products from large companies such as.Japan Post Kosaikai (currentlyPostal welfare), But it is not manufactured by Japan Post Kosaikai, but by another manufacturer.In recent yearsYamazaki SangyoIs often adopted.

Usually, the post is of the manufacturer or supplier of the Japan Post Kosaikai.NameplateHowever, some of the latest posts do not have a nameplate, and even if they do, they are painted from above and cannot be read.The so-called "round post" does not have a nameplate, but instead has the manufacturer's name stamped on it, but since it is an old post, it is often worn out and unreadable.

Japanese standard mailbox
Japanese commemorative mailbox
Other unique post boxes

European mailbox


FrancePostbox is yellow[21].

Generally, there are two entrances (mailing ports), the left side is for the city / suburbs, and the right side is for other areas / overseas.[21].


PortugalPostboxes usually have a red post for general use and a blue post for express delivery.[22].


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