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💴 | Hanashobu Community Protection Meiwa Town Hometown Tax Mie

Photo [Blooming "Hanashobu community in Saikyu" = at Saikyu, Meiwa-cho]

Hanashobu Community Protection Meiwa Town Hometown Tax Mie

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The donations will be used for repairing aging equipment and for maintenance such as water supply and weeding.

[Taki-gun] Meiwa-cho, Mie Prefecture has recently become a hometown to protect the nationally designated natural monument "Hanashobu community in Saikyu". → Continue reading

 Ise Shimbun

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maintenance(British: maintenance) Means equipment, machines, facilities, information communication systems, etc.infrastructureIt means to keep the normal condition.Maintenance,preservationAlso called.Abbreviation isMaintenance.


Maintenance is "English: maintenance(verb Maintain OfnounShape) "KatakanaTranscriptionIt is also written as maintenance.Original languageHas meanings such as "livelihood / support" and "claim",JapaneseAs exclusivelybuilding-Civil engineeringStructure,Automobile,Home appliancesSuch asmachineKind, information communication system, facilityMaintenance / Maintenance / Maintenance / Inspection / MaintenanceIt is used in the meaning of.

PeopleLifeAnything used on the above will deteriorate and deteriorate over time, and eventually it will not be usable.But due to maintenancedefect,AgingDiscover the part early and the wholelifeIs possible and indispensable in architecture and technologyProcess.

Repair / replacement when an abnormality is found is included in maintenance, but in order to judge whether something is abnormal, it is necessary to know the normal state.車 検Etc. in normal timesinspectionIs also included in maintenance.Also, home appliancesVolume storeThe operation guarantee service provided when the product is purchased is a kind of maintenance service.There are types such as regular maintenance and preventive maintenance depending on the maintenance method and timing.

Marine transport[1]Marine structure[2]Industrialプ ラ ン トas well as the Equipment managementindustryMaintenance, repair and overhaul Including schedule or prevention depending on (MRO)paintMaintenance program to maintain and recovercoatingErosion, corrosion and pollution in an environment attacked by[2]It is applied to steel as a countermeasure.


Over time, maintenance and MRO terms are beginning to be standardized.The United States Department of Defense uses the following definition:[3].

  • Activities such as testing, measurement, replacement, adjustment and repair Functional unitIs intended to be or to be kept in a specific state where it can perform the required function.[3].
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  • All replenishment and repair actions necessary to maintain the strength to carry out the mission[3].
  • For regular repetitive work, the facility ( 工場 , Buildings, structures, On the groundFacilities, utilitiesシステムOr other real estate) needs to be continuously usable with the ability and design efficiency of the original purpose or design purpose.[3].

Maintainability is strictly related to the stage of use of a product or technical system that needs to include the concept of maintainability, and in a scenario maintainability is a given procedure and resource under specified conditions of use. , Considered the ability of an item to keep or restore it to a state where it can perform the required function[4][5].


Preventive maintenance refers to maintenance aimed at avoiding failures, safety breaches, unnecessary manufacturing costs and losses, and saving raw materials during manufacturing, and the effectiveness of preventive maintenance schedules was based on it. It depends on the basic rules used for analysis and cost effectiveness.

Maintenance business

Perform maintenanceJewelry businessThis is called a maintenance project and is used in the following usages.

Vehicle maintenance business

Aircraft maintenance business

Central Japan Airlines,ANA, ANA Works,ANA maintenance,Shizuoka Air Commuter,Japanese plane,JAL Engineering(JAL Aircraft Maintenance Narita)business personThe type of industry is aircraft maintenance business (contract maintenance business for small aircraft, aircraft body structure maintenance business, maintenance business for equipment used during maintenance, etc.).

Other railway vehicle maintenance business

Railroad track maintenance

Automobile maintenance business / designated automobile maintenance business

Administrative system maintenance business

In government offices, in addition to new construction of buildings, repairs, renewals, etc.RepairIn the case of the countryMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismEach ofRegional Development BureauThere is a "repair department" inMunicipalitiesIn the case of, there is also a "repair department" and a "repair section".

Social capital maintenance business

道路As maintenance management of 25Road lawSince the revision, it has been obligatory to inspect all road structures and consider anti-aging measures at regular inspections once every five years.

Road managerIn addition to national roads, prefectural roads, municipal roads, and other public institutions, there are also NEXCO3 companies, which are in charge of motorways such as expressways, and special companies such as the Metropolitan Highway.It is required to carry out regular inspections and to ensure the safety and security of road infrastructure by rotating the PDCA cycle of inspections, diagnoses and measures.Many of these operations depend on subcontractors, and have problems with many inspection results such as inconsistencies in accuracy and inconsistencies in results.

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