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💹 | TSE continued to fall, closing price 2 yen Semiconductor stocks pushed down market price

Photo Tokyo Stock Exchange = Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Tokyo

TSE continued to fall, closing price 2 yen Semiconductor stocks pushed down market price

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In response to the trend of semiconductor-related stocks dropping in the US market the day before, the decline in related stocks such as Tokyo Electron, a major semiconductor manufacturing equipment company, was also noticeable in the Tokyo market.

The Nikkei Stock Average (9 types) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 225th continued to fall.The closing price is 102 yen, which is 76 yen lower than the previous day ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo Electron

Tokyo Electron Limited(Tokyo Electron Limited)TokyoMinato-kuAkasakaHeadquartered inElectrical equipmentManufacturer.semiconductorManufacturing equipment andFlat panel displayDevelops, manufactures, and sells manufacturing equipment.No. 4 in Japan and No. XNUMX in the world in this field[3].TOPIX Large 70Constituents.

Main products handled

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

  • When manufacturing coater / developer semiconductorsPhotolithographyA device that applies and develops a photosensitizer in the process.
  • Thermal process system (heat treatment film deposition equipment)
    TransistorManufacturing equipment for making insulating films.In semiconductor manufacturing, heat treatment at a high temperature in a short time is required in order to improve the performance of a transistor.
  • etchingapparatus
  • Surface preparation device
    A device for cleaning impurities such as dust and dirt in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
  • Gas box, gas panel (for semiconductor manufacturing equipment)

Flat panel display manufacturing equipment

  • FPD Coater / Developer
  • etching/Ashingapparatus

Electronic components / information communication equipment

  • Semiconductor electronic devices, general electronic components
  • Network equipment,storageSolutions such as products


  • 196311 --Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS, now:TBS Holdings) Established Tokyo Electron Limited.
  • 19682 --Tel Thermco Co., Ltd. (later), a joint venture with Thermco of the United StatesTokyo Electron Tohoku Co., Ltd.) Established.
  • 19766 --Tel Thermco develops the world's first high-pressure oxidizing device.
  • 197810 --The current company name from Tokyo Electron LimitedTokyo ElectronCompany name changed to.
  • 1980June-Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 19843 --Promoted to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 19908 --Established Tokyo Electron FE Co., Ltd.Liquid crystal displayFull-scale entry into (LCD) manufacturing equipment (FPD manufacturing equipment).
  • February 1990- Tokyo Electron DeviceBeginning of operation.
  • 1994August-Headquarters moved to Akasaka TBS Broadcasting Center.
  • 1999October-Industry change in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (From "Commercial" to "Electrical Equipment")
  • 2000August-Changed the number of shares per unit from 8 shares to 1 shares.
  • 2003March --Tokyo Electron Device is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 20064 --Tokyo Electron AT Co., Ltd. split into 3 companies. (Tokyo Electron AT Limited, Tokyo Electron Tohoku Ltd., Tokyo Electron TS Limited)
  • 20082 month - sharpEstablished Tokyo Electron PV Co., Ltd. as a joint venture.
  • 2008May 2 -Head officeAkasaka Biz TowerMoved to
  • 2012May-Acquired company (USA) and established
  • 2012November --Dissolved Tokyo Electron PV Limited.
  • 2013May 9 --The world's largest semiconductor manufacturing equipmentApplied MaterialsAgreed to integrate the management by the latter half of 2014.
  • 2015May 4 -"United States Department of JusticeAnnounced that it will abandon the business integration with Applied Materials because it cannot obtain the approval of[4].
  • 201510 --Changed the TEL mark.
  • 201810 --Sold all shares of US subsidiary TEL NEXX, Inc. acquired in May 2012[5].
  • 2019May 7 --Announced partnership with US BRIDG[6].

Group Companies


  • Tokyo Electron Technology SolutionsCo., Ltd. --Formerly known as "Tokyo Electron AT" → "Tokyo Electron Yamanashi".Development and manufacture of heat treatment film deposition equipment, single-wafer film deposition equipment, gas chemical etching equipment, test systems, and FPD plasma etching / ashing equipment. Merged with Tokyo Electron TS in 2016, in 2017Tokyo Electron TohokuAbsorption merger
    Yamanashi Office (YamanashiNirasaki)
    Tohoku Office (IwateOshu City)
    Fuchu Office (TokyoFuchu-shi)
  • Tokyo Electron KyushuCo., Ltd. --Development and manufacturing of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (coater / developer, surface preparation (cleaning) equipment) and FPD manufacturing equipment (FPD coater / developer)
    Koshi Office (KumamotoKoshi City)
    Ozu Office (Kumamoto Prefecture)KikuchiOtsu Town)
  • Tokyo Electron Miyagi Co., Ltd. --Development and manufacture of plasma etching equipment
  • Tokyo Electron DeviceCo., Ltd. --Design and development of industrial electronics products, sales and maintenance of semiconductor electronic devices and information and communication equipment
  • Tokyo Electron FE Co., Ltd. --Equipment installation and maintenance service
  • Tokyo Electron BP Co., Ltd.-Logistics services, facility management, salary / welfare, office support
  • Tokyo Electron Agency Co., Ltd.-Insurance agent

米 国

  • Tokyo Electron US Holdings, Inc. --US Headquarters
  • Tokyo Electron America, Inc. --Sales support in the United States
  • TEL Technology Center, America, LLC. --Research and development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • TEL Venture Capital, Inc.
  • TEL Epion Inc.-() Development and manufacturing of industrial manufacturing equipment using technology
  • TEL FSI, Inc. --Development, manufacture and sale of surface preparation equipment


  • Tokyo Electron Europe Limited-All Europe Headquarters (Crawley, England)
    German Branch
    Italian Branch
    Netherlandish Branch
    Irish Branch
    French Branch
  • TEL Solar Services AG
  • TEL Magnetic Solutions Limited --Development, manufacture and sale of magnetic field processing heat equipment
  • Tokyo Electron Israel Limited


  • Tokyo Electron Korea Limited
    • Representative Director and Chairman Yoshiaki Horii President and Representative Director Toru Toru
  • Tokyo Electron Taiwan Limited
    • Representative Masaaki Hata, General Manager
  • Tokyo Electron (Shanghai) Limited
    • Representative Director and General Manager Jay Chen
  • Tokyo Electron (Shanghai) Logistic Center Limited
    • Representative Director and General Manager Jay Chen
  • Tokyo Electron (Kunshan) Limited --Manufacturing of FPD manufacturing equipment and repair of parts
    • Representative Director and General Manager Jay Chen
  • Tokyo Electron Singapore PTE. Limited
    • Representative Hideki Ito

Resort area

  • Terniseco Resort
  • Tell Karuizawa Club
  • Tell Hakone Club
  • Tell Kumamoto Club

Naming rights

Of the following facilitiesNaming rightsIs getting.


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