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💹 | Hanshin wins 4 straight wins!Marte wins the reversal V bullet Rakuten confrontation and saves for the first time in 13 years "18"

Marté, who shot two runs in the reverse direction six times in the photo, flirted with a "Lapinpara" pose (photographed by Taichi Tanaka).

Hanshin wins 4 straight wins!Marte wins the reversal V bullet Rakuten confrontation and saves for the first time in 13 years "18"

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In the 2th inning to chase 1 points, Teruaki Sato, who was in 1st place in the draft and walked on base, invited a bad throw and returned XNUMX point with a timely infield hit to Itoi's XNUMXnd base.

"Rakuten 2-3 Hanshin" (11th, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi) Hanshin won four straight wins in a come-from-behind victory.He won the top confrontation with Rakuten. ... → Continue reading

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Timely infield hits

Teru Sato

Teru Sato(Sato Teru:1945May 3 -)[1]It is,Japan OfAn actor,musicalActor,Voice actor.. My real name isTeru Sato(Teruki Sato).Office Tendo[2]Belongs.[3]


YamagataAmarume Town(CurrentShonai Town) From.After going through Amarume Municipal Amarume Elementary School and Amarume Junior High SchoolYamagata Prefectural Sakata Higashi High Schoolgraduate.Theatrical company actor small theater training school second grader.As an individual actor who can sing and dance, her acting ability and singing ability are highly evaluated. He has been active at the theater company Zoo for 2 years since 1976.

musical"La Mancha ManAppeared in the role of Sancho Panza since 1995, and recorded the most appearances in Japan of 2008 times as Sancho in the 484 Imperial Theater performance.[4].. 『Meridian worship(As Yoshimori Ise Saburo)[5],Oath of Changum(As Yabu Kang Duk), "Oshin(Regular role), Taiga drama "Genroku Ryoran』A lot of representative works such as the role of Tadashi Hachisuke. The stage name was changed to Teru Sato from 1988.

When he decided to become an actor, he said, "When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I played the role of Tengu no Ko in Junji Kinoshita's" "at a joint school festival in which all five elementary schools in the town participated. I received a big unexpected applause from the audience. It became popular and I was blessed with the opportunity to appear every year at the junior high school arts festival, and in the third year I was the leading role in the original "Ah Ruthless" of "Les Miserables". Originally, he played the role of the big man Jean Valjan and was well received.

When deciding on a career path after graduating from high school, I remembered the joy of creating a new world with my friends and the joy of receiving applause from the audience, which I experienced during the four years of elementary and junior high school. I realized that there was a place and a job where I could live with my friends on an equal footing as a human being, so I decided to overcome the height complex and live as an actor. ".

The first stage is 1965, Kinji Obata's "Kikeiji". In 1969, he made his first musical appearance in the national labor sound "So! Seishun".

In 1996, he formed and presided over the theater company Zoo. 1977 Theatrical company zoo performance, Teru Sato's original musical "Momijima Ukuruma no Tatehiki" (directed by Hideo Kanze) is the first musical performance in Yamagata prefecture.[6].

"My fair lady''Playing violin on the roofFrom Broadway musicals such as ”, straight play, Japanese classic works, small theaters, readings, etc., as well as actor activities such as movies, TV, radio, document appearances, composition and direction of stage works, lectures, haiku, photographs , Essays and other wide-ranging activities.Teru Sato's wide range of sensibilities led to the blessed climate and culture of his hometown of Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture, where he spent his time graduating from high school, and his paternal grandfather and playhouse, who were masters of Kurokawa Nokyoku with a tradition of 500 years. Raised by the environment such as the maternal grandfather.

The motto is "every day is the first day".Served as the tourism ambassador "Kitamae Ambassador" in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture.

From 1995Koshiro MatsumotoThe musical "The musical" that appeared in combination with Don QuijoteLa Mancha ManThe role of Sancho Panza in "Sancho Panza" was described as "The warm and adorable Sancho played by Teru Sato is exquisite." He recorded the most appearances in Japan 2008 times in the 484 Imperial Theater performance.To create this role, he visited Spain seven times, mainly in the La Mancha region, every time he performed, and is known locally as "Hapon's Sancho".

Junji Kinoshita's masterpiece "Performed at the New National Theater in 1999 and the Setagaya Public Theater in 2004"Meridian worship』Appeared in the role of Yoshitsune Ise Saburo Yoshimori. It was commented that "Teru Sato, who was brilliant. Mansai Nomura's skill was resisted by Teru Sato of Ise Saburo, and he was excited."



  • Deformed child (Kikeiji) (1965) -Employee B role Kinji ObataWritten by Hitotsubashi Auditorium
  • Kanto Plain (1966) -Private Sato Military Service Akira Kawamata Self-made Hitotsubashi Auditorium
  • Hometown of Moves (1969) XNUMXrdHiroko SekiPlanning performance Agricultural Cooperative Hall
  • Hurray's play Manzai Makuma (1969) --The role of Saizo Toshiro HayanoDirection Performance Agricultural Cooperative Hall
  • Sun, Fire, Monument, and People (1969) -Tetsuji[7] Choreographed by Yukio Sekiya Theater company actor small theater performance Kinokuniya Hall
  • Because it's a musical! Youth (1969) -Eiji Kataoka, directed by Kato, Bunkyo Auditorium nationwideLabor soundPerformance
  • Dokudokudoku (1969) -Directed by Motoi Niimura as a detective GROUP Dal Produce Dropout Theater Performance
  • Because it's a musical! Youth (1970) -Eiji Kataoka, scriptwriter Kato, 94 performances nationwide
  • Ryukyu Disposal (1970) -Directed by Villagers Theater Company Actor Small Theater Performance City Center Hall
  • My Town (1970) -As Joe Crowell Directed by Toshiro Hayano Theater Company Actor Small Theater Performance Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall Small Hall
  • Salvation is ... (1971) -Barry role, directed by Kyoko Michijo, produced by the theater group
  • Twenty unfaithful good and evil two cars this morning (1971) -Jinshichi role directed by Toshiro Hayano Theatrical company actor small theater performance
  • Dr. Inugami (1972) -Yokotera Police Officer Den Fujita Screenplay Director XNUMXst Freeman Performance Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall
  • Tomoe-an madness (1972) -F (doctor) role Chiuo TanakaProduction production Window meeting performance
  • Tenpo XNUMXth year Shakespeare (1974) -Jiro Shimizu and others Inoue HisashiWritten and directed by Seibu Theater National Performance
  • Dream migratory bird (1974) -Choromatsu Yoshiyuki FukudaScript production Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall
  • Echizen Bamboo Doll (1975) -Kisuke Composition Director Hideo Kanze Writer and Music Tsutomu MizukamiWorld song and woman
  • Female Mouse Boy (1975) -The role of Sanda, a younger brother, directed by Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Meijiza
  • Migratory bird of sequel (1975) Yoshiyuki Fukuda Script director Ritsudosha Year forgetting box office Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall
  • Rock Musical Ochijo (1976) -Miscellaneous Soldier B by Kosuke Tatsuda ShibuyaJiang Jiang
  • Tokaido Yotsuya Ghost Story (1976) -Kanzo Sekiguchi, directed by Hideo Kanze, performed by Arashi Tokusaburō, Shibuya Jean-Jean
  • Drunk Bodhisattva (1976) Yoshiyuki Fukuda Script Director Ritsudosha Year Forgotten Entertainment Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall
  • Hibernation Manzai (1977) -Toto Satoshi AkihamaWritten by Hideo Kanze Directed by Hiroko Seki, a collection of contemporary stories Shibuya Jean-Jean
  • Musical Autumn Leaves Ranbu Car Tatsuhiki (1977) -Dokaben, directed by Hideo Kanze, Labor Sound Hall
  • Hibernation Manzai (1978) -Toto role Satoshi Akihama directed by Hideo Kanze Hiroko Seki Planning Contemporary Narrative Collection 2 Shibuya Jean-Jean
  • Donkey-Roba Ichimonji No. Once upon a time, Festival (1979)[8] "Donkey" by Ikuko Oyabu "Old Festival" Teru Sato Composition Directed by Hideo Kanze Theater Company Zoo Performance Shibuya Jean-Jean
  • Tanuki Goten with a single sword bale (1979) Directed by Ryuji Sawa Theater Green
  • Donkey-Roba Ichimonji No. Once upon a time, Festival (1981) Directed by Hideo Kanze
  • North-South love story (1982) -Akimoto Matsuyo, directed by Yukio Ninagawa Imperial Theater
  • Chikamatsu Shinchu Story (1983) -Taiko Mochi Kanpachi, written by Akimoto Matsuyo, directed by Yukio Ninagawa, Imperial Theater
  • Weasel approach (1990) -Yago Yutaka ManafuneWritten by Yoshie Chikamatsu Study Theater Performance Mitsukoshi Theater
  • Taiheiki Meiji (1992) -Yardmaster Yoshio Nakae, Yasuaki Horii Screenplay Director Imperial Theater
  • musical That man Zorba (1993) -British Admiral[9] Yushi OdashimaTranslated by Hiroo Nakamura Shinjuku Koma Theater Theater flying sky
  • musical My fair lady (1993) -As Jemii[10] Translated by Takeshi Kurahashi Directed by John Funley / Hiroshi Sato Theater Hiten
  • musical Playing violin on the roof (1994) -Nahum[11] Ken KurahashiTranslated by Choreographer Sammy Base / Hiroshi Sato Directed by the Imperial Theater
  • musical As you like (1994) -Bartender Tsutsumi, Adam Associate KikuchiScreenplay lyrics production Sunshine theater
  • Musical My Fair Lady (1994) -Jemii, translated by Takeshi Kurahashi, directed by John Funley / Hiroshi Sato, Imperial Theater
  • Chikamatsu Shinchu Story (1995) -Taiko Mochi Yasushi, directed by Yukio Ninagawa, Kintetsu Theater
  • musical La Mancha Man (1995) -Sancho role Dale Wasserman Screenplay Eddie Roll / Director by Hajime Nakamura Aoyama Theater
  • musical Cinderella (1995) -Translated by Tamotsu Hayakawa, Translated by Sammy Dallas Bayes Shinjuku Koma Theater
  • Musical Fiddler on the Roof (1996) -Imperial Theater as Nahum
  • musical Anything Goes (1996) -Chinese John[12] Ikuyumi Tanno Translated AuspiciousDirected by Aoyama Theater
  • Musical My Fair Lady (1997) -As Jemii Imperial Theater Theater Hiten
  • musical La Mancha Man (1997) -Sancho role Meitetsu Hall Aoyama Theater
  • Musical 42ND STREET (1997) -Bert Barry, translated by Yoji Aoi Nissay Theater
  • Musical IRENE Irene (1998) -Translated by Ikuyumi Tanno as Clancy Uyama JinDirected by Nissay Theater
  • musical Playing violin on the roof (1998) -Imperial Theater as Nahum
  • Musical 34th Street Miracle (1998) -Martens Group Judge Miyuki Otsuka Translated by Toru Kikkawa Theater apple
  • Meridian worship (1999) -Yoshimori Ise Saburo Kinoshita JunjiWritten by Hideo Kanze and directed by the New National Theater Tokyo
  • musical La Mancha Man (1999) -Aoyama Theater as Sancho
  • Musical 34th Street Miracle (1999) -Martens Group Judge Theater Apple
  • Musical La Mancha Man (2000) -Sancho, directed by Hiroo Nakamura, Nissay Theater
  • Champion from Heaven (2000) -as Max Levine Koshi OdashimaTranslated by Sho Nobushi Theater cocoon National performance
  • Musical La Mancha Man (2001) -Sancho role Nissay Theater
  • Musical Fiddler on the Roof (2001) -Umeda Koma Theater as Nahum Imperial Theater
  • Masakado (2001) -The role of Chichibu Kunio ShimizuWritten by Sho Nobushi Kanda AkijinOutdoor drama
  • Musical Man of La Mancha (2002) -Sancho Koshiro Matsumoto Directed by Masaaki Eguchi Hakataza Imperial Theater
  • Donkey 2003 (2003) -Donkey one-letter role Ikuko OyabuWritten by Teru Sato Prosthodontic production Yokosuka Arts Theater
  • Family Diary (2004) -Ohno Akihiko NakajimaWritten by Yasuyuki Tsutsumi Directed by TALLY-HO The Suzunari
  • Meridian worship (2004) -Yoshimori Ise Saburo, Junji Kinoshita, directed by Hideo Kanze Setagaya Public Theater
  • Musical Man of La Mancha (2005) -Sancho role Meitetsu Hall Imperial Theater
  • Musical OH Daddy! (2006) -Don Corleone, as Joe, lyrics and directionYoichiro Fukuda Tokyo Metropolitan Theater
  • Court lady Oath of Changum (2007) -Kang Duk-gu, Toyoshige Imai Screenplay Nobuhiro NishikawaDirected by Nissay Theater
  • Dae Jang Geum's Oath (2008)-Kang Duk-gu Misono-za
  • Musical Man of La Mancha (2008) -Sancho Koshiro MatsumotoDirected by the Imperial Theater
  • Oshin Youth Edition (2008) -Regular role Toshiko HashidaWork Fukuko IshiiShow Shimbashi Theater
  • Youth of Utagoe Coffeehouse in Shinjuku (2008) -Keisuke Yamakawa Screenplay by Dai Murata Theater Apple
  • Oshin Girl Edition (2009) -Regular role by Sugako Hashida and directed by Fukuko Ishii National performance Asakusa Public Hall
  • Mihira Monogatari (2009) -Kanpachi Hayano, Narito Kaneko, directed by Mikio Mizutani, Meijiza
  • Friendship Akisakura Ballad (2010) -Shinichi's father, Shoichi Moriyama, written by Hiroichi Fuse, directed by Yu Yoshimura Hakuhinkan Theater
  • Impressive RO-DO-KU The Joy of Living (2010) -Reading Teru Sato Composition Hiroshi Kobayashi Director Shonaimachi Hibiki Hall
  • Terumi NikiDear'The Notebook to Read to You Yasushi InoueHunting Gun (2012) -Reading Akasaka RED / THEATER directed by Satoshi Iwasawa
  • M'Quve (2013) -Gramis Injured Soldier Petitioner 3 IonescoWritten by Mariko Nakamura Directed by Mariko Nakamura (6th)Yushi Odashima・ Translation drama award relatedYuasa Yoshiko Award) Shimokitazawa "Drama" Small Theater
  • Bandits in the sky Ishikawa Goemon (2014)-Hideyoshi Toyotomi Waki Taihei Screenplay Direction Shinagawa-ku Square Ebara Hiratsuka Hall
  • Chushingura-Genroku katakiuchi behind the scenes- (2014)-Tokugawa Mitsukuni(Mito Komon) Waki ​​Taihei Screenplay Direction Shinagawa-ku Square Ebara Hiratsuka Hall
  • Impressive RO-DO-KU LIVE The joy of living (2018)-Osamu Dazai"Ticking mountainRaccoon reading by Teru Sato, directed by Kagurazaka The GLEE
  • Shuhei Fujisawa"Trial" (2019) -Author Owashibo Teru Sato Composition / Direction Kagurazaka The GLEE

TV drama

  • Big eyes Small eyes (1968, TBS) --Teru Sato --Soroban Jukusei Ishida
  • Father Apron Episode 18 (1969, TBS)-Beauty University Student Seiichi Takano
  • Two too young (1969, NTV) --Preparatory school student Ichiro Yamaoka
  • Paula TV novel "Bread and Longing" (1969, TBS)-Hideo Hongo Hotakaya
  • POLA TV Shosetsu "The Sea of ​​Anbee" (1969-1970, TBS) --The role of Jusaburo Inaba, a clerk at Chojuan
  • Tokyo Combat Episode 38 "Combat Close Call" (1969,Fuji Television Network, Inc) --Auto mechanic Shoichi Tanabe
  • My Home '70 Episode 9 (1970, TBS)-Weekly magazine photographer Mishima
  • POLA TV Shosetsu "Dutch Oine" (1970, TBS)
  • POLA TV novel "Hanamomen" (1970-1971, TBS) --Cook Shintaro Fujimura
  • Mikan Kumquat Summer Mikan (1971, TBS) --Full moon clerk
  • Tokyo Tsukiji 1971-chome (XNUMX, TBS) --Odanaka clerk Shinji Kimura
  • The woman is hard Episode 5 (1971, TBS) --Assistant Photographer
  • Paula TV novel "Climbing(1971,TBS) --Ryuhoin Kobo protagonist
  • Toshiba Sunday Theater "New Sunday" (1971, TBS) --Akebono Dyeing Studio / Military
  • POLA TV novel "Sunflower Road" (1971-1972, TBS) --Hosokawa Law Office Shosei Kunieda
  • Silver mask Episode 2 "Earthlings are the Enemy of the Universe" (1971, TBS)-Youth in the Village
  • The evening sky is sunny 13 times Last inning (1971, Fuji TV) --Chimpira
  • Alright!Don (1972,TV Asahi) --Mr. Teru
  • Ha-Oma (1972, TBS) --As Goro Sugihara
  • Special Mobile Investigation Team (NET)
    • The 576th "Nightmare" (1972) --Snackmaster Takao Ishii
    • The 723rd "Yellow Umbrella" (1975)-Dongshin University Soccer Club Member Saeki
  • Mom is a rival Episode 18 "Mom is Testing" (1973, TBS) --Young people in a liquor store
  • Incident hunting Episode 8 "Daughter of a kidnapped bikini" (1974, TBS)
  • Den seven catch book Episode 53 "Tears in the Sparks of Emotion" (1974, NTV)
  • Wednesday Theater "It's Time, Showa 15st Year" Episode 1975 (XNUMX, TBS) --Miyoshi Matsui
  • Galaxy tv novel(NHK
    • Summer home(1976)
    • My neighbor(1976)
    • Yojiro IshizakaSeries Girl in the Fog (1976)
    • Hometown Series Nozomi no Machi (1977)
    • Furusato Series Around Ueno Station (1978)
    • Wakare Michi (1978)-As a station employee
    • Spring Rare Guest (1979)-Prisoner in the Neighboring Bunch
    • Sometimes my wife (1989)
  • Continuous tv novel(NHK)
    • Carpet of clouds(1976) --The role of an aviator who crash landing on the roof
    • Ma-neechan(1979)-The role of a chicken thief
    • Sunflower (1999)-Vegetable seller
  • Detective at dawn(Episode 70) "Malice aforethought of hugging pickpocket sisters!" (1976, TBS) --Hirayama
  • New five catch book(Nippon TV
    • Episode 173 "The Journey of the Heart" (1982) --The role of Heikichi
  • Taiga drama(NHK)
  • Wednesday Theater "Futari de Alone" (1976-77, TBS)
  • Naruto(1976, NHK) --Kawaraban sale
  • Mt. Hakkoda(1978, MBS TBS) --Yamada Logistics Officer
  • Saburo Hayabusa(NHK, 1978)
  • I'm crazy(1979-1980, TV Asahi) --Constable Nakamura
  • If you are a man The 3rd Spring alone is lonely (1978, TBS) --As a clerk at a carrier
  • The sun rises again (1) (1979, Fuji TV) --Yasu Ishiguro
  • Kamen Rider Super 1(1980,Every day broadcasting) --As Masao Kozuka
  • I want to see you on Thursday (1980, Mainichi Broadcasting System TBS)
  • Ah! Nomugi Pass(1980, TBS)
  • Dai Sentai Goggle V Episode 26 "Black! Great Reversal" (1982, TV Asahi)
  • Batten Robomaru Episode 27 "Goodbye Triangle and Square" (1982, Fuji TV)
  • Paula TV novel "Oyu" (1983, TBS)
  • Friday Theater "Farewell to Nozomi / Beautiful Wife" (1983, Fuji TV)-Ryokichi Isesaki
  • Western Police PART III Episode 23 "Running Flames !! Sakata Daitsuiseki-Yamagata Hen-" (1983, TV Asahi) --Truck Driver
  • New documentary drama "Showa" "Mysterious death of Minister Saburi" in the case of Kiyohari Matsumoto (1984, TV Asahi) --The role of Hotel Man
  • Super electronic bioman Episode 22 "Big Thief ?! Blue!" (1984, TV Asahi) --Policeman
  • Thursday Golden Drama "Execution 1984 Hrs." (XNUMX, NTV) --Death Row Prisoner
  • Tuesday Suspense Theater "Oku Noto Murder Game" (1985, NTV)
  • Hyundai Bizarre Suspense "Spider" (1986, Fuji TV) --Taxi driver
  • Wednesday Grand Romance "Friends of the Geriatric Ward" (1989, NTV)
  • House waiting for spring (1990, Fuji TV)
  • Onihira criminal record book 2nd Series Episode 11 "The Fourth Wife" (1991, Fuji TV / Shochiku) --Tome
  • Drama Special "Old Friend" (1991, NHK) --Sendai Taxi Driver
  • Monday Drama Special Hisaya Morishige Cultural Medal Award Commemorative Work "Oyaji no Hige" (1991, TBS) --Nakamura Police Officer
  • Meet Me After School "I can't say goodbye" (1992, NHK)
  • Meet Me After School "Absolutely Yaseruwa" (1992, NHK) --Akane Takada's father
  • Monday drama special "Love Letter" (1992, TBS)
  • "La Cuisine La Cuisine" 20th "Ramen" (1991, Fuji TV) --Taxi driver Yoshinaga
  • Friday Entertainment 48th Anniversary Special Project "Suicide Note from the Camp (Lageri)" (1991, Fuji TV) --Kitazawa (Amur Festival)
  • Talking three sisters Schustrian Episode 35 "Mysterious! C-type Mask" (1993, Fuji TV) --C-type mask
  • Zenigata Heiji 3rd Series Episode 16 "Four Suspects" (1993, Fuji TV)
  • Wandering Criminal Journey VI (Episode 18) "Holiday of the Woman and Policewoman in the Fake Bill Case" (1994, TV Asahi) --Haruki Maezawa
  • Junior high school diary "Being me" (1994, NHK) --The father of Masaru Hara
  • Drama New Galaxy "This is OK" (1994, NHK) --Okeya, Iwao Yaguchi
  • Meet Me After School "Disappearing Family Lesson" (1994, NHK) --Mitsuhiro Maekawa's father, Hideshi Yao
  • Kiyoharu Matsumoto special plan/father's finger(1995, TBS) -Policeman
  • Saturday wide theaterKyoto Murder InformationEpisode 21 "Michinoku Mother Koi Fubuki The Mystery of the Beautiful Woman and Mt. Hagurosan / National Treasure Five-storied Pagoda" (1995, XNUMX)Asahi Broadcasting) --Tsuruoka police officer Tamikichi Koizumi
  • Ramenbo Shogun VI Episode 24 "Swordsman's Love Guidance" (1995, TV Asahi) --Kiuchi Sakaki
  • Kanebo Human Special(16) "Living" (1996, Nippon Television) --Chinese doctor, Yao
  • Tuesday Suspense Theater "Funny Couple" 2 "Snow Suwa Lake Yamanaka Kemono Michi A Mysterious Shining Object in a Photograph" (1996, NTV)
  • Kao Ai's Theater "Chicks' Angels" Episode 34 (1996, TBS) --Ueoka
  • Junior High School Diary "One Day of Bonus" (1996, NHK) --Vegetable Seller
  • Mito Komon(TBS / STEAL
    • The 25 part Episode 13 "Young Sluice Breaking -Takamatsu-" (March 1997, 3) --Ruyoshi
    • The 35 part Episode 12 "Early Spring! Compared to the Messy Taste -Yatsushiro-" (January 2006, 1) --Busuke
    • The 36 partEpisode 9 "Aspiring to be a villain of the old man! -Obama-" (September 2006, 9) --Kasugaya, a shipping wholesaler
    • The 42 part Episode 17 "Kotohira-sama kidnapped-" (February 2011, 2)-Rokuemon Okazaki
  • Muta criminal case file(23) "Murder trick on mobile phone! (1997, TV Asahi) --Yanase
  • Friday Entertainment "Thank you from my mother" (13) "My husband died for me !!" (1997, Fuji TV) --Greengrocer, Masao Ueda
  • Saturday Wide Theater Mama's reporter Meiko's case (1999, TV Asahi) --Noboru Hirata
  • Swordsman business 4th Series Episode 5 "Tokaido Mitsuke-juku" (2003, Fuji TV / Shochiku) --Taisaku
  • Kyotaro Nishimura Travel Mystery"Serial killer on a closed-door train / limited express Kamoshika" (2009, TV Asahi)
  • Drama special planIzakaya Moheji(September 2011, 9, TBS) --Fujimoto
  • BS historical dramaNew Onyado Kasemi Last inning (2014, NHK) --The husband of a large store
  • BS historical dramaOoka Echizen 3 1st (January 2016, 1, NHK) --Matsuya Banto, Sahira

I found the history and history of NHK living

  • Educational TV History of Living "Gion Matsuri" (1983) -Carpenter Director Ryunosuke Sano
  • History of Educational TV Living "Jomon Period" (1983) --Jomon Director Motohiko Sano
  • Educational TV History of Living "Gonin Gumi" (1984) Directed by Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History of Living "Towners in the World" (1984) Directed by Masamitsu Murakami
  • Educational TV History of Living "Gokaido" (1985) Directed by Masamitsu Murakami
  • History of Educational TV Living "Joseon Tongsinsa" (1986) Directed by Masamitsu Murakami
  • Educational TV History of Living "Gonin Gumi" (1987) Directed by Masamitsu Murakami
  • Educational TV History of Living "Kitamaebune" (1987) Directed by Masamitsu Murakami
  • Educational TV History of Living "Kifu Ichigo" (1987) Directed by Kan
  • Educational TV History Found "Gonin Gumi" (1988) Directed by Masamitsu Murakami
  • Educational TV History Found "Onin War" (1989) -Director Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History Found "Half the Annual Tribute Meiji Restoration" (1989) -Government and Military Director Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History Found "Gokaido" (1989) -Hachi Kita, directed by Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History Found "Civilization Oppekepe" (1989) -Director Shinichi Toyoshima as Photographer
  • Educational TV History Found "Onin War" (1990) -Ikkyu Sojun, directed by Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History Found "Kitamaebune" (1990) -Director Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History Found "Gonin Gumi Inspection Site" (1990) -Directed by Ikkyu Sojun, Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History Found "Samurai's Occurrence" (1991) -Directed by Jizamurai Shinichi Toyoshima
  • Educational TV History Found "Ofuregaki" (1991) -Director Shinichi Toyoshima as a villager
  • Educational TV History Found "Civilization" (1991) -Directed by Yusuke Noda, the role of car owner and Denkichi

BS Haiku Kingdom

  • Presided overSansako Kato Concurrent title "Kusafue" (1999, NHK-BS) Guest appearance Kusafue and the mountain of the moon that is darkening white Tide character Spring month that talks about the Genryaku
  • Presided overSansako Kato Concurrent title "Boat play" (1999, NHK-BS) Guest appearance Another one See the belly of the bridge Boat play Highly cloudy Toriumi Melting in Mayda
  • Presided overMinoru Tsubouchi Concurrent title "October" Ginyuki Kashihara (2000, NHK-BS) Guest appearance October and Ichiban chicken wrinkled Akihiwa Tamba Furuki
  • Presided overMomoko Tsuji Concurrent title "Autumn Eggplant" (2002, NHK-BS) Guest appearance Autumn eggplant's swaying stretched soil Imonikai Earth carrying the blue sky
  • Presided overMomoko Kuroda Concurrent title "Soumei" (2004, NHK-BS) Guest appearance Soumei and the incense of the sea Shiomizaka It's a sunny day in a snowstorm
  • Presided overMomoko Kuroda Concurrent title "The Daily Time in a Winter" (2004, NHK-BS) Guest Appearance The back of a distant friend and the daily time in the moon freeze The depth of sleep in the city
  • Presided overTeiko Inahata Concurrent title "Fuyuki no Sprout" (2005, NHK-BS) Guest appearance The eyes of the children who talk about their dreams and the Fuyuki no Sprout city are all sleeping.
  • Presided overTeiko Inahata Concurrent title "Cold" (2005, NHK-BS) Guest appearance Fuji Tsukuba It's cold on a day when you can see Iyoji Kana Iyokan welcomes you forgot the year on each face of the XNUMXth birthday
  • Presided overYumiko Katayama Concurrent title "Night of Insects" (2006, NHK-BS) Guest appearance The depth of darkness in the hometown and the night of insects From the darkness beyond the bonbons of the wind
  • Presided overYumiko Katayama Concurrent title "Shiki Masaoka" (2006, NHK-BS) Guest appearance Mogami River lining up prey in the studio and entering the sea
  • NHK haiku Yumiko KatayamaGuest appearance on "Natsukoshi no Harae" (2009, NHK-ETV)


  • A masterpiece in your pocketShigekichi Saito・ White Mountain ”(2003, NHK-BS) Composition Director Kaori Taniguchi Teru Sato-Traveler

"Specialty Journey ~ Story on the Plate ~" [Italian local production for local consumption that makes the best use of the blessings of Yamagata and Shonai] (2010, BS Nippon Television) Director Masaaki Yasuda "Al Chécciano"Okuda MasayukiChef Teru Sato-Traveler

My heart's teacher "Actress Hisano Yamaoka ✕ Tomoko Fujita" Talking about the goodwill and luggage of the dressing room given by Mr. Yamaoka


  • My Struggle-Station Staff Noboru Nakamura as Station Staff (1968)
  • The Sea of ​​Youth-Ryo Fukui, directed by Yoshihiko Okamoto (1974)
  • Batten Robomaru A Girl Who Keeps a Haunted --- Pastor, Director Kato (1983)
  • Cursed Village at the foot of Yuden-Director Toshiharu Ikeda, a local police officer (1984)
  • When you shine-Director Tokihisa Morikawa as a taxi driver (1985)
  • Shinran / White Road-Korean Training Rentaro MikuniDirector (1987) Jury Award at the 40th Cannes International Film Festival
  • Jiro story --Naokichi Tokihisa MorikawaDirector (1987)
  • Mother-The role of Hiroshi Matsuyama, director of Zenzo Matsuyama (1988)
  • Children's Song Story-Kazuo Koga, directed by Tokihisa Morikawa (1988)
  • The Sea Is Watching-Bunji, Tobi, Director Kei Kumai (2002)
  • Haru Urara Director Tokihisa Morikawa (2005)


  • Seven Plaza Inn Yamagata (1973-1974, YBCYamagata Broadcasting Corporation) -2 hours raw disc jockey
  • Jumbo Seven (1974-1975) -2 Hours Raw Disc Jockey
  • Radio novel my paperback book Green leaves (year 1981,Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.) -Mino Inoue HisashiWork Izawa MitsuruScreenplay Kazuaki Hirose production
  • Nippon Cultural Broadcasting 30th Anniversary Special Program Drama Kirito Kirito (1982, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) -Yosaburo Naito (Immigration Guard) Original story Hisashi Inoue dramatizedHiroshi Kawasaki
  • FM theater Scott Journey to Hope (1986, NHK) Director Yoshihisa Hoshina
  • FM Special Surround Fantasy Daily Bubbles ~Boris Vianof"Utakata's days"(1990, NHK) ScreenplayHorai Taizo Directed by Saimei-ji Temple
  • FM Special Feature: Ethnic Songs and Forest Story Sakhalin Symphony Part 1 Youth and the Sea Sakhalin Symphony Part 2 Sea Mountain Festival (1991, NHK) Written by Kazue Morisaki
  • FM Theater (1991, NHK) -SawadaSaeki Ichimugi Screenplay Satomi Takahashi Directed by Mamoru Chiba
  • FM Theater Koneko ni Koban (1994, NHK) -Yusuke Sugiura Written by Takuro Fukuda Directed by Ken Ashida
  • FM theater Sophie's world -Mysterious letter from a philosopher- Pre- and post-parts (1996, NHK) Director Saimei-ji Ikuko
  • FM Theater (1998, NHK) -Directed by Takeshi Sato Jun Matsumoto
  • Youth adventure Angel Lille (1998, NHK) -Promotion Manager Hiromi Sato Directed by Mamoru Chiba
  • FM Theater Gamo House Murder Case (1999, NHK) Screenplay Kazuki Seki Directed by Masayuki Sasaki
  • FM Theater (1999, NHK) -Uteruyan Screenplay Mirror Kakuko Director Akira Nagano
  • Youth Adventure Witches' Twilight (1999, NHK) -Kawamura Screenplay Yu Yoshimura Director Yoshihisa Hoshina
  • FM theater Poplar autumn (2000, NHK) -Directed by Mari Nishioka
  • FM Sunday coffee room Fascinated by the light and shadow of Spain (2001, NHK)-Customers
  • FM Theater Nezuiro no Umi (2001) -Manipulative scriptwriter Satoko Iriyama Directed by Jun Matsumoto
  • Radio midnight flightSmall Theater ・ Before and after (2003, NHK) -Kansai Kanda Screenplay Kazunari Matsubara Directed by Yutaka Masuda
  • FM Theater Series Russian and Eurasian Contemporary Literature (2003, NHK) Screenplay Keiko Tamai Director Yoshihisa Hoshina
  • FM Theater 2006 Billion Light Years Seashell (XNUMX, NHK) Screenplay Atsuko Sagara Director Yoshihisa Hoshina
  • Youth adventure Golden mask (2010, NHK) --Written by Satoshi Okouchi, directed by Toshihiko Ezawa
  • Youth adventure magician (2012, NHK) --Inspector Hagoshi dramatized Yoko Yoshizaki Directed by Toshihiko Ezawa
  • FM Theater Mother, Kazu Die (2015, NHK)-Written by Toshio Kaneda Satoshi Nishiyama Directed by Toshihiko Ezawa
  • Recitation Mori OgaiWorks "Chicken" "Gold coin" "Great discovery" (2015, NHK)

Television Animation


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