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💹 | Taizo Sugimura Co-starred with newly-married Katopan recently "I wasn't interested in investing" "It doesn't matter if the other party is 2000 billion"

Photo Taizo Sugimura

Recently co-starred with Taizo Sugimura's newly-married Katopan "I wasn't interested in investing" "It doesn't matter if the other party is 2000 billion"

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The moderator, Koji Imada, said, "What I hear now is that if the president wants to make the company bigger, he will be able to go out with the talent."

Former member of the House of Representatives and talent Taizo Sugimura will appear as a guest on Yomiuri TV "Koji Imada's Netabare MTG" broadcast on the 12th ... → Continue reading

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Koji Imada

Koji Imada(Still Koji,1966<Showa 41>May 3 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson,Youtuber. Nickname isImada.OsakaOsakaI'm fromYoshimoto KogyoBelongs.


Family tree

Broadcasted on NHK on October 2013, 10, "Family history』Revealed the unknown roots of his parents.

My parents' house is OsakaTennoji WardIkutama DozenjiHonmon HokkeAt the temple, my fatheremployeeとPriestWas also working as a side business.The priest's father says his birthday is Christmas and Imada is slippery about this story.

The paternal great-grandfatherOsakaでcarbonI ran a shop, but a large customer went bankrupt and I couldn't collect the money, so I left my family and went to Tokyo alone, which was one of the most popular downtown areas at that time.AsakusaSo in the morningNattoSell, at nightOdenI tried to revive while doing a shop. Immediately after calling the family three years laterLotteryI hit a lot of money with it, and with that as a source, the currentMoto-AsakusaI was running an apartment in Japan.The great-grandfather had a total of 10 children, but his great-grandfather's sister, who was a nun in Osaka, asks the great-grandfather for an adopted child to succeed the temple.At first, I was planning to move a girl, but my sister said, "I don't want to have such a poor feeling because a nun can't get married," and the boy who moved in was Koji's grandfather.Due to adoption, my grandfather will change from his original Fujita surname to Imada surname.After that, after adopting Koji's grandfather, this familyTokyo air raidHe lost all his fortune and became estranged from Koji's grandfather in Osaka.Descendants of the Fujita family say they didn't know that Koji Imada was his relative until September 2012.

Mother isKagoshimaBorn as twins, but still not blessed with children when he was a babyパラオShe was adopted by her aunt and her husband who lived in Japan.My mother first learned about it after she got married and was told by her cousin that she was her real sister.My maternal grandfather (actually my mother's adopted father) is from Takanabe-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, and was launched from general recruitment in Palau.post officeHe was a long-timer, a very rare person at the time.The maternal grandmother (actually my mother's aunt and adoptive mother)KagoshimaKawabeKasasa Town(CurrentMinami Satsuma) From.When my mother was eight years old, she was supposed to board the ship by mistake when she was withdrawn from Palau to the inland due to the worsening war situation.Miike MaruI couldn't get on the freighter Higashiyama Maru.This willRepatriation fleet attacked by US Navy submarine "Trigger",Finally Miike Maru sankHowever, I was lucky enough to escape the difficulty (even on the Higashiyama Maru on board).torpedoWas hitunexplodedwas).After the end of the war with my familyKagoshimaLived in.

Until admission to NSC

The youngest of three siblings, he has an older brother and an older sister.Regarding the blood type, it has been described as O type for many years in the profile, and even after coming out that it was A type later, it was passed as O type for the time being.

As a childNishikawa NorioI was a big fan of.

Yumi SugimotoAre seniors and juniors of the same elementary and junior high school.When he was in the third year of junior high school, he decided to live independently with his friends and left home, but in a few days he was taken back and became unscrupulous at home.

In 1981, at the recommendation of the homeroom teacher, the dormitory systemNissei Gakuen Daiichi High School(CurrentlySakuragaoka Junior and Senior High School (Mie Prefecture)). In the fall of the first grade, ""Prison BreakI escaped from school with a feeling like.At that time, when I returned to school with my parents for the withdrawal procedure, my homeroom teacher said, "I will hit you until I tell you to continue school," and I received corporal punishment in front of my parents and failed.However, after all, when I returned home during the winter vacation of the first grader, I dropped out without returning to school.[1].

after that,Seifu High SchoolPart-timeCoursegeneral courseTransferred to.During the daytime, I worked at a ramen shop with the goal of becoming the youngest store manager in Japan.Because of this, the vegetablesJulienneIs very good at.During the summer vacation, Miyazaki Prefecture, where I have a few friends and my mother's parents' homeKoyu-gunTakanabe TownStayed at Komaru Shinchaya (UdonAt the store)Part-time jobwhile doingsurfingI was absorbed in.

After graduating from part-time high school, I wanted to get a job in my handsushiIs it a craftsman?Hairdresser OfVocational schoolI considered admission.However, he gave up because the tuition fee was high and his skin was weak, and the doctor advised him that he was not suitable for the profession that handles water.

NSC era

When I was at a loss, the entrance fee was about 5 yen at that time.Yoshimoto College of Performing Arts"(NSC) caught my eye, and in 1985, I entered NSC as a fourth-year student with a light idea that I've always liked comedy.Synchronized with NSC130R(Really,Itao Souji),Katsura ChagamaThere is, except for YoshimotoOstrich club,Utchan Nanchan,Tetsuro DegawaAnd so on. DowntownI didn't know the existence of this until I entered NSC.Masanori Hamada"At that time, Mr. Hamada, who I saw in the first and second years, was too amazing. Mr. Matsumoto was a genius as an art, and Mr. Hamada was amazing as a moderator. Mr. Hamada's Nobinobi and Wow. I struck and laughed, and I had such a great admiration. "Hitoshi Matsumoto"Of course, it's art, but Hitoshi Matsumoto's attitude to make comedy was cool, and I was greatly influenced by it."

Hiro YoshidaAlthough Hiro is two years senior at NSC (however, Imada is a senior in performing arts activities), Imada has abandoned him as "Hiro" and has a conversation with him (age is Imada's). 2nd grade higher).On the other hand, Hiro does not abandon Imada but calls him "Ima-chan" and treats him as if he were younger than him.

Soon after, he formed a comedy combination "Double Hormones".Honkon is in charge of blurring under the stage name "Kalbi with bones", and Imada is in charge of Tsukkomi under the stage name "Kamirosu".The story was made by Honkon and showed off comics with the theme of saving water.

Imada used to go to NSC from his parents'house at that time because NSC was two stations away from his parents' house.When I got home, I had a place to eat and sleep, and I had a part-time job at night, so I had a fair amount of money.Therefore, Imada looked back on those days and said, "It was an era of laying down all the good things."

Dissolved Double Hormones in 1986Pin entertainerStart activities as.Just around this time2th Street TheaterThere was an audition for the undercard at the timing when I was able to do it, and I passed the audition for the first time I wrote "Audition for a non-talented radio writer".DowntownWas the first word I exchanged when I met him around this time and had him laugh at me as "interesting".

After debut

1986 years,Kyoto KagetsuThe theater debuts in the middle of December (December 12th-December 12th).At this time, I met Koji Higashino and hit it off. "It's 4 o'clock』And since showing off the control with two people, served as the moderator with Higashino on many programs.With HigashinoW KojiIs called, but it is not a formal combination[2].

May 1987,It's 4 o'clock』Broadcast start. In 1989, "It's 4 o'clock"After the end,Koji HigashinoTogether withYoshimoto New ComedyActing as a reinforcement member of.Sometimes he played the stage as a chairman.

In 1990, he moved to Tokyo in love with downtown. "Feeling like a mess of downtown] To gain national recognition.Since then, in addition to appearing on downtown programsW KojiAs a moderator.

1991,I understand correctly』(CBC TV production)Koji HigashinoAppeared with, attracted enthusiastic fans despite the local late-night program.Or laterKoji HigashinoAlong with, I had a regular program at midnight on CBC TV in Nagoya for a long time, but at the end of March 2020, "Instinct Z』It was decided to be temporarily discontinued at the end.

1995,Koji Imada's Shibuya back apple』, For the first timeCrown programhave. "Will meet again someday』, The first kiss sceneNene Otsuka,Naomi NishidaI played with them.

2004 years,Shimada ShinsukeAlong with the turmoil, some programs set up Imada as a substitute for Shinsuke.Imada showed more work than expected in those programs, especially "Good luck!In the acting moderator atTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Is the president at that timeSadahiko SugayaRecognized the high level of his talent as a talent, such as being praised by[3]..Then, in August 2011, he officially became the moderator of the appraisal team as a successor to Shinsuke, who retired from the entertainment world.After that, the 8 spring broadcast "All-Star Thanksgiving '12 Spring Entertainment World No. 1 Final Battle SPFromWakako ShimazakiIt was officially announced on the official website that Imada will serve as the moderator who will form a combination with, and after the first relay format by multiple moderators in the fall of 2011, he became the second moderator, and as a result, after the retirement of Shinsuke. As the successor moderator, he will take over the most programs.Imada himself saidTalking 007] At the time of appearance, Shinsuke was named as the person he admired when he aspired to the path of laughter. [4]

In 2007, it was broadcast as an irregular special programNippon TVVariety show "Imada HousingWas broadcast regularly for one year from March 3th to Wednesday 7:19-58:20.In my first goldenCrown programIt became.

Since 2008,Asahi BroadcastingVariety show, "Ima-chan's "actually..."』To serve as the moderator.Create new words in the program and in the programWikipediaThere was a corner to register in the dictionary and a mini corner to check the truth of the person written on the real Wikipedia.

Currently, in addition to appearing on many regular programs,LUMINE the YoshimotoHe is also the chairman of the new comedy.

Released on January 2008, 4Weekly Hyundai], An article is published that Imada forced a minor woman to drink and then fornicated.Imada himself and his agency, Yoshimoto Kogyo, said that they were "factless and defamed."KodanshaAgainstRestitution for DamagesAnd, although he filed a lawsuit for defamation for the posting of an apology advertisement, Kodansha posted an apology advertisement in the same magazine released on October 2009, 10 stating that "the fact of the article could not be confirmed" and dated November 26th. On the same day, I paid 11 million yen for damages to Imada and late damages.LawsuitWithdrawn.Yoshimoto Kogyo spoke on behalf of Imada, saying, "Although the content of the apology advertisement and the amount of compensation are not always satisfactory, we prioritized refocusing our feelings on our work and decided to resolve it as soon as possible."[5][6].


Favorite things

  • Muscle entertainment group Macho 29 --The recommended men are Koji Imai, Tokuyoshi Yamazaki, and Tatsuma Sugawara.
  • Animals-"Morita Kazuyoshi Hour I can laugh!』Revealed that he had 15 pets in the past.When I was in elementary school, I got permission to bring chicken eggs from the breeding house to my house, hatched them, and raised them into chickens.
  • Bruce Lee --Bruce Lee's at homeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAnd posters were neatly displayed all over the room, up to the space that he called "Bruce Lee BAR".
  • Performing arts gossip-good friendsKoji HigashinoHe also calls himself "Yoshimoto's gossip brothers".Also, the two of us togetherW KojiAlthough it is called, it is not a formal combination.
  • Manga / Anime-I have a room at home to read manga, and I also subscribe to multiple manga magazines.He is also an anime enthusiast,Neon Genesis EVANGELION] Fans.
  • Fighting sports --From the late 90'sPancras,afterwardsGRABAKAI attend a fighting sports gym as a general member of.In addition, he presided over the martial arts sponsor organization "Imada Dojo" and was the former DEEP featherweight champion.Koichiro MatsumotoWas produced.
  • "Ama-chan』--In the first half of 2013NHKContinuous tv novel[7].



  • "Nikkei Entertainment!』(Nikkei BP) In an interview in the February 2009 issue, it was described that "it is the outstanding talk power that supports Imada's good performance (in 2). Especially, it is the recognition within the industry that it is" strong in live broadcasting "." ..Regarding this, Imada said, "I like live broadcasting. Originally, I am facing the recorded broadcasting program with the intention of live broadcasting."Regarding his own talk ability, he said, "I was trained because I was asked to appear on downtown's live broadcast program (" It's 2008 o'clock ") in Osaka, and since I made my debut, I was only on live broadcast from about the first year." I am self-analyzing.
  • In "MR.BATER", the control of "Gottsue feeling"Hitoshi MatsumotoI've been made fun of by saying, "That's why it's written in a weekly magazine as'Downtown waist purse'" and "Second-class talent."However, in reality, Matsumoto's evaluation of Imada is so high that he can say, "I wonder if Imada will earn more money in his lifetime (than Matsumoto himself)" and "Imada will become a major player in the future (than himself)." With things[3],Broadcast roomHowever, when asked "Who is the best in the Matsumoto corps," Matsumoto replied, "Hey, we're tough, but I think Imada."
  • "Weekly playboyIn "Hitoshi Matsumoto's Wrath" serialized in "Hitoshi Matsumoto"Chihara JuniorMatsumoto evaluates that "(these two) will not be overwhelmed."
  • Imada has received such an evaluation from Matsumoto, but unlike other talents, it is said that he is negotiating not to raise the guarantee unnecessarily in the program in which he appears.Originally, it was suppressed because it wanted to appear in many programs, but since the latter half of 2008, a wave of depression has flooded the broadcasting industry, and restructuring of big-name moderators who are receiving high-priced guarantees has begun today. In, it is also seen that this attitude will work in an advantageous way in the future.[8].
  • In September 2000, Fuji TV's "Akashi Family Mansion Story』\ As a representativeAkashi familyAnd "Very cool』Inside the corner"Seven Shitori SamuraiWhen he appeared in the movie, he overwhelmed the regular team by exchanging information with Sanma, and impressed him, saying, "pacific saury is amazing, but there is a young head (Imada) who made it shine."[3]. Also,Nine TineIt is also called "comedy ghost".
  • Guadalcanal hawkSees Imada as a rival,Yashiki Takajin's programImada is mentioned in the question, "Which of the entertainers do you think you can't beat this person?"Also, when Imada was a young man, Taka co-starred on a program in Osaka, and he highly evaluated Imada's ability, saying, "I don't want you to come to the program in Tokyo."
  • SynchronousItao SoujiFrom now on, "I'm the exact opposite of myself, and I feel very comfortable." "As a talent, I don't think I'll be able to win only him." I can't do that, pick up any blur, I can't do it. I think it's amazing. "
  • Oricon2009th place in 7 in "Favorite Moderator Ranking" by[9], 2010 3rd place[10].


  • Known as "the most beautiful lover in the entertainment world," he received the "Best Cleanist Award" from a home appliance maker in 2015.[11]..Extreme from junior entertainers and co-starsFastidious diseaseOften talked about as an episode.However, Imada himself is not so addicted to what he said immediately.WikipediaExpressing concern about being listed in[12].
  • My hobby is playing the pianoRyuichi Sakamotoof"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"Joe Hisaishiof"Summer"(movies"Kikujiro's Summer』Theme song) has also been played on TV programs.TeitowaIn an interview when he was a singer as "KOJI1200" (read "Koji Twelve Hand Red", later "KOJI-12000") produced byDuran DuranSuch asNew Romantic,New WaveHe talks about his deep knowledge of the music and has a musical sense.That knowledge was bought, and despite the comedian, "TK MUSIC CLAMPGuest appearance,Tetsuya KomuroI talked with.AlsoBeat takeshiI had an exchange with him and was given a piano by Takeshi.
  • The type of woman who wants to get married is "a child with beautiful teeth and gums."
  • I've been worried about the last few years because I can't even talk to my fellow entertainers.


TV variety

Regular program

Semi-regular program

Special program (MC or main cast)

  • Super quiz special(NTV)Corner MC
  • Hall of Fame(April 1988, Fuji TV)
  • FNS Showdown! I see! The Spring Autumn Festival Special(Fuji TV system)
  • pacific saury Akashiya's sports! Big broadcast(1993-1997, Fuji Television)
  • The world's most luxurious and rare dishes(1994-1998, Fuji Television)
  • FNS Program Opposition NG Grand Prize(1994-1999, Fuji Television) Moderator
  • Imada Higashino Ninety-nine's entertainment world must be useless !!(Fuji TV, August 1994, 10)
  • Challenge Eenoka Special Imada, Higashino, Itao's demon dogs caught in the world (December 1995, 12, Fuji TV)
  • All Japan Cable Broadcasting Award(November 1996, 11, NTV)Moderator
  • Super gorgeous all-star gathering !! Program opposition Flame hot-blooded battle(Autumn 1997-Autumn 1998, TV Asahi)MC
  • Dramatic moment special!(April 1997-March 10, Fuji Television)
  • Brief 4(April 1997, 11, TV Asahi)
  • All Thats Manzai(December 1998, 12, December 29, 1999, December 12, 29, Mainichi Broadcasting System)General Chairperson
  • Heisei Appare TV(1999-2001, NTV)Main moderator
  • Ken Shimura& Koji Imada's Asian Gastronomy Tour (September 1999, 9, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Koji Imada's Nocturnal Hatayuki 1999 / Winter (December 1999, 12, TV TOKYO)
  • Bakusho mimicry mimicry Kouhaku Uta Gassen Special(2000 -, Fuji TV) White group moderator* Broadcast twice a year
  • Imitation throne decision match(2000 -, Fuji TV) MC* Year-end broadcast every year
  • Super popular program CM festival "Super-class 200 entertainers self-produced CM confrontation" (March 2000, 3, NTV)Moderator
  • 24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"(2001, NTV) Program personality
  • 1 million people choose! Best artists(2001-2008, NTV)Moderator
  • Bird Human Contest Championship(2002-2007, NTV) Moderator
  • M-1 Grand Prix(2003-2010/2015-, Asahi Broadcasting / TV Asahi)MC
  • Happo / Imada dressing room news(2003-, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)MC* Year-end broadcast every year
  • Yoshimoto We depart on a good day (January 2003, 1, January 3, 2004, January 1, 3, CBC Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting)
  • Learn from celebrity homes !! Remodeling Imada Construction Store (March 2003, 3, NTV)
  • Koji Imada ☆Takashi FujiiComedy! World Walker (July 2003, 7, November 5, 11, Nippon Television)
  • Live broadcast! Comedy fighting New Year party (January 2004, 1, TV TOKYO)MC
  • A big reversal of life in one word Angel's words Devil's words (February 2004, 2, NTV)MC
  • Hisamoto&今田のお笑いネタの大辞典(2004å¹´8月11日・11月12日・2005å¹´3月1日・5月28日、TBS)Moderator
  • Comedy Improvement Committee (August 2004, 8, February 31, 2005, TV TOKYO)MC
  • Celebration! 20th Anniversary of Comedian Life-Koji Imada's Okinawa Celebration Tour- (2004, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • Zoom-in all-out coverage The world's screaming machine! The scariest decisive battle 2004 (October 2004, 10, NTV)MC
  • Super gorgeous! New Year's big clash! Which is the big entertainer's treasure big public monophone! (January 2005, 1, TBS)MC
  • This year is also raw Entertainer gathering Legend that keeps laughing(2005-2013, TV Tokyo)Moderator
  • One night in Tokyo-Yes, let's stay in Tokyo! (May 2005, 5, Fuji TV)MC
  • Imma! Talent Reproduction Factory "Nomu"(May 2005, 5, January 25, 2006, August 1, 3, Fuji TV)
  • THE rank(Asahi broadcast on August 2005, 9)MC
  • Super easy! Self-discovery test You talent Alcamone (October 2005, 10, TV TOKYO)MC
  • Pass! Japanese border line(October 2005, 10, December 9, 12, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)MC
  • Comedy entertainer year-end party(June 2005, 12, July 29, 2006, NTV)MC
  • Celebrity ○○ Sense Verification Variety Variety! (December 2005, 12, January 30, 2007, TV Asahi)MC
  • Quiz Enemy or ally !? 2005 Annoying Star Dama Shiai Special (December 2005, 12, TV TOKYO)
  • pacific saury no ManmaNew Year Special Edition (2006-,Kansai TV・ Fuji TV) * Appeared on January 1nd every year
  • Super Earth Mystery Special Project "World of 1 Second"(2006-2009, TBS)MC
  • World Interesting Rare Medal Bakademi Video Award(2006-2012, Fuji Television)MC
  • A large gathering of 100 popular entertainers Comedy country stealing quiz !! Who will follow the entertainment world? Faction conflict oversized special without justice!(September 2006, 1, September 3, 2006, TBS)MC
  • The Broadcast Wo Block Seyo !! If this is known, the entertainment world will not be able to live from tomorrow!(November 2006, 1, November 5, 3, July 29, 2007, TBS)MC
  • Entertainer Soul (Gaininkon) (January 2006, 1, Fuji TV)MC
  • Permanent preservation version! Let's sing together Anime song countdown 2006(Fuji TV, August 2006, 2)MC
  • Close to Korean stars! Enjoy 100 times Korean TV (September 2006, 9, TBS)MC
  • This is a special detective for performing arts! (October 2006, 10, February 7, 2007, August 2, NTV) MC
  • Close contact! "Human Observation Department" 25:2006 (December 12, 9, NTV)MC
  • Impregnable Labyrinth! TRAP Labyrinth (December 2006, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • Tokyo Mass Media Conference(2007å¹´7月15日・2008å¹´1月3日・10月13日・2009å¹´4月2日・10月1日、フジテレビ)MC
  • Overdoing urban legend(October 2007, 8 -, TV Tokyo)MC
  • LOL red carpet Special program (2007-2008 /7 times,Fuji Television Network, Inc) MC
  • Sing, laugh and make a fuss !! A serious song battle against the laughing entertainer family! (Fuji TV, August 2008, 1)MC
  • Ambiguous pedia(January 2008, 3, June 17, Fuji Television)MC
  • Objective deviation value battle (October 2008, 10, January 9, 2009, TBS)MC
  • Beat Takeshi's TV I've never seen before(June 2008, 11, July 30, 2010, NTV)MC
  • Decided !! Questionnaire of 100 entertainers! Best hits you want to see and listen to (December 2008, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • The smartest wide show in space (December 2008, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • Comedian Ranking Battle Best and Worst (March 2009, 3, Kansai TV)MC
  • See through camouflage !! Quiz! Garsenator (April 2009, 4, TBS)MC
  • Quiz! The king who knows laughter(July 2009, 4, Yomiuri TV) MC
  • Comedy Episode GP THE Entertainer Encyclopedia(October 2009, 4, December 3, 10, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)MC
  • "One Coin ☆ Gourmet" -Friendly to the recession! Dream Cooking of a leading chef- (April 2009, 4, NTV) MC
  • Comedy entertainer thrilling championship special(October 2009, 5-March 6, 2011, Fuji Television)MC
  • Entertainment World Shame-1 Grand Prix(February 2009, 8, TBS) MC
  • Celebrities can learn a lot! Star Legend 100 barrage (September 2009, 9, Fuji TV)MC
  • "Yoshimoto Shinkigeki 50th Anniversary SP" that even the first person can definitely laugh Koji Imada and his happy friends (September 2009, 9, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • Your surname SHOW(June 2009, 9, October 17, 2010, July 4, 8)MC
  • Quiz! Imagineer (October 2009, 10, December 8, 12, May 27, 2010, TBS)MC
  • Utagee TOWN(June 2009, 12, July 5, 2010, NTV) MC
  • Detarame (December 2009, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • Entertainer reporter scoop SP per body(2010-2011, TBS)MC
  • Tsurubin / Imada's Ichiban New Year Party(2010-2014,Kansai TV)
  • Imada Higashino! The end of the north is my season (January 2010, 1, Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting)
  • Stupid 8(October 2010, 4-March 6, 2011, Fuji Television)
  • Good Teacher (September 2010, 9, Fuji TV)MC
  • Beautiful wife & handsome husband of celebrity rumor(November 2010, 9, NTV)MC
  • Choice Lee (October 2010, 10, Fuji TV)MC
  • Entertainment world! Family competition "heirloom recipe" (November 2010, 11, Asahi Broadcasting)MC
  • ABC laughter 60 years history From Tenamonya to M-1 The secret legend revealed now(Asahi broadcast on August 2010, 11)
  • Ima! The front line I want to know! Everyone's subject SHOW! (November 2010, 11, Fuji TV)MC
  • New year red carpet(2011-2014 /4 times,Fuji Television Network, Inc) MC
  • All-Star Thanksgiving(2011 -, TBS)MC * First MC in the fall of 2011, appointed as MC from the spring of 1
  • Invasion of the Earth! Dabadaba War(2011å¹´1月10日・3月29日・6月10日・2012å¹´3月3日、フジテレビ)
  • Bankwalk (March 2011, 3, Fuji TV)MC
  • Make America laugh!(February 2011, 3, TBS)MC
  • Masterpiece Drama Encyclopedia! (March 2011, 3, September 17, 9, March 21, 2012, TBS)Moderator
  • THE Mitsuba (March 2011, 3, July 20, 7, Fuji TV)MC
  • Saturday Night Live JPN(2011å¹´6月4日 - 2011å¹´12月24日・2012å¹´10月27日 - 12月22日、フジテレビ・Fuji Television NEXT)
  • Entertainer faction outbreak Talk Nine! (June 2011, 6, TBS)MC
  • 100 people who made the TV shine(Fuji TV, August 2011, 7)General Chairperson
  • Raise a man! Night trouble consultation (July 2011, 7, NTV)MC
  • Looking for Koji Imada's bride! (July 2011, 7, NTV)
  • People who are too ○○ (August 2011, 8, Fuji TV)MC
  • The real face of the star is completely visible! Mr. ○○ and 30 relatives (October 2011, 10, TBS)MC
  • Celebrity private life sense complete unannounced simultaneous survey!(September 2011, 10, March 25, 2012, Fuji Television)MC
  • A blockbuster book, I'll try it(February 2011, 11, TBS)MC
  • Worst Cup (December 2011, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • Encyclopedia made by everyone! Yurupedia (December 2011, 12, TBS)MC
  • ONOROKE (January 2012, 1, Fuji TV)MC
  • Talk information show of the best people Too many people (January 2012, 1, Fuji TV)MC
  • Pinko& Imada's (secret) price ~ Forbidden !! Money wide show ~ (January 2012, 1, NTV)
  • Bomb red carpet(February 2012, 2-October 18 /5 times,Fuji Television Network, Inc) MC
  • ~ Luck only prize variety! ~ Lucky Coliseum (March 2012, 3, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)MC
  • Exclusive live broadcast! The biggest banquet in the history of Yoshimoto entertainers! Crouching night in Minami! (April 2012, 4, Asahi Broadcasting) MC
  • Tonchi Creation(February 2012, 5, TBS)MC
  • How old (how many) !? Great man biography (September 2012, 9, Fuji TV)MC
  • Heartful of tears! Imada Cinema From Hell to Heaven (November 2012, 11, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)MC
  • Miraletel (December 2012, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • IQ Sapuri in the brain (2013-, Fuji TV)Chief (moderator assistance) * Irregular broadcast
  • KAMIWAZA ~ Shingei 2013 ~ (February 2013, 2, TV Asahi)MC
  • Female Doctor Solved! Best Answer (April 2013, 4, TBS)MC
  • ザ・ドキドキどっきり(2013å¹´7月4日、2014å¹´1月2日・6月26日、2015å¹´1月9日、フジテレビ/4 times)MC
  • Parent stupid special program Celebrity daddy gathering! My child is the cutest deciding match (August 2013, 8, Fuji TV)MC
  • Second Proposal Confession of love to my wife again (October 2013, 10, TBS)MC
  • Family history"Koji Imada-Mistake that changed the fate of Palau in the South Sea-" (October 2013, 10, NHK)
  • NG School (October 2013, 10, November 12, 11, TV Asahi)MC
  • Nukegake Goho Club (December 2013, 12, Fuji TV)
  • Fukuoka makeup tour!(2014 -,Fukuoka Broadcasting) * Irregular broadcast
  • Sheep Wolf ~ Don't be fooled by the internet! 15 barrages of useful information ~ (February 2014, 2, Fuji TV)MC
  • King of the same hole(November 2014, 4, NTV)MC
  • I was sharp with this !! (May 2014, 5, TV Asahi)MC
  • Quiz!? Don't give the correct answer(May 2014, 5, September 10, 9, March 27, 2015 /3 times, NTV)MC
  • Let's go by limited express! ~ 20 best trains you definitely want to ride this summer ~ (July 2014, 7, TBS)MC
  • OZENDATE ~ Celebrities have set the best stage! ~ (July 2014, 7, July 9, 2015, TBS)MC
  • Toymen ~ Are you sure you want to share a table? ~ (July 2014, 7, Fuji TV)MC
  • Koji Imada's newlyweds, I'm sorry to bother you. (December 2014, 12, Kansai TV)
  • Rakugo walk in Tokyo (January 2015, 1, Fuji TV)MC
  • (2015å¹´8月9日・11月28日・2016å¹´6月25日・11月26日・2017å¹´7月22日、日本テレビ)
  • If the times change! ~ Old Japan is full of shocking habits ~ (November 2015, 11, TV TOKYO)MC
  • Zoom in!! SUPER NG Post Video Award Special (NTV)
  • Koji Imada's Gap Walker (December 2015, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • Koji Imada's Life Plan B-What if I was single for the rest of my life? (January 2016, 1, Kansai TV)
  • Eh! Matsumoto Imada Higashino is covering cover material festival at midnight (tentative) (January 2016, 1, TBS)MC
  • LOL! Question Variety Dragon Question (February 2016, 2, Yomiuri TV) MC
  • Congratulations! Koji Imada 30th Anniversary! Enjoy ♪ The first solo trip in my life! But if I'm not a star, I'm on my own (February 2016, 2, Asahi Broadcasting)
  • Koji Imada 30th Anniversary of Entertainment Life! Nobody Knows Imada's Door (March 2016, 3, Yomiuri TV)
  • ImadaTokuiIs Gachi Marriage !? Kyushu Beauty Search Tour (August 2016, 8,FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting)
  • Do you know BS SKY PerfecTV !? Koji Imada's impersonation champion deciding match(December 2016, 12, BS SKY PerfecTV!)MC
  • ○ Annual rare show TV that occurs only in Male (December 1, 2016, Yomiuri TV)Editor-in-chief
  • With ImadaJinnaiDragon Question (March 2017, 3, Yomiuri TV) MC
  • I should have said that! Desperate Answer Pinch A magical word special to save (May 2017, 5, TV Asahi)MC
  • Koji Imada's Fukuoka Stealth Beauty Search Tour (August 2017, 8, FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting)
  • Hatsumode! Bakusho Hit Parade(1992-2013/2015-2018, Fuji TV)
  • これが日本の新常識!なぜあの歴史が消えたのか?(2018å¹´4月10日・10月2日・2019å¹´3月26日・10月8日、テレビ東京)MC
  • Ichiban(February 2018, 11, February 27, 12, TV Asahi)MC
  • Anger Bank! Why don't you exchange it for a celebrity's small money SP! (December 2018, 12, TV Asahi)MC
  • Goodbye! Alone party(May 2019, 5, December 4, 12, NHK General TV)
  • LOL! All for one(February 2019, 8, TBS)MC
  • FNS 27-hour TV"pacific saury AkashiyaLovemate 10(Fuji TV, August 2019, 11)MC
  • Still Daimyojin (December 2019, 12, Fuji TV)MC
  • Nippon Television System Comedy Festival NETA FES JAPAN(February 2020, 2, November 24, 11, January 11, 2021, NTV)MC
  • (2020å¹´3月14日・8月8日・11月28日・2021å¹´3月6日・7月10日、テレビ朝日)MC
  • The Best One(2020å¹´3月15日・8月2日・9月26日・2021å¹´3月28日・7月23日予定、TBS)MC
  • The strongest impersonation festival 2020 (June 2020, 6, Fuji TV)MC
  • Okibayashi-Why do you call it Anokoto?-(July 2020, 7, NHK General TV)Moderator
  • ~ If you change, the world will change ~ Thinking about addiction together (February 2021, 2)BS Asahi)MC
  • Have fun learning! The strongest textbook quiz(February 2021, 2, TV Tokyo)MC
  • Oha! Yo-Idon-Morning party to connect with everyone (March 2021, 3, March 18, 3)E Tele)MC
  • Soaring in the world! 50 best videos recommended by Oni ~ 50 buzzed on SNS SP ~ (April 2021, 4, TV Asahi)MC
  • Please make this a certain one! (May 2021, 5, Fuji TV)MC


TV drama

Online drama

Internet distribution



  • LUMINE the YoshimotoNew Comedy Chair
  • Ordinary human ZERO (2008)
  • Love Pod (2009)
  • Love Pod Talent Can't Be Obtained by Effort? (2010)
  • NG Word Life (2011, 2012)
  • The Name (2013)
  • AVM (2014)

Live-action movie

Animated movie



  • Father's Song-Las Vegas Version (Koji Imada,Koji HigashinoName,BMG Fun House, 1993)
    Imada is also in charge of writing the lyrics, and according to him, he got a songwriting royalties of 20 yen for this song.[19].
  • Chun Chun World(Ritsuko Owada, Hiromi Okazaki, Koji Imada, Koji Higashino,Yukio Iketani, Children's Chorus Genkitai Name,Nippon Columbia, Released in 1994. NHK "Everyone's song")
  • SO / YA / NA
    • SO ・ YA ・ NA (WEST END ×YUKI from OPDName, 1995)
    • SO / YA / NA Greatest Hits (WEST END x YUKI from OPD, 1995)
    • Folk is SO ・ YA ・ NA (WEST END × YUKI from OPD name, 1995)
      "EAST END x YURIA CD of a project that covers the song "DA, YO, NE" with Osaka dialect. Formed a parody project unit "WEST END (Koji Imada, Koji Higashino) x YUKI" of "EAST END x YURI" in 1995.EPIC SonyIt was released from. In "SO ・ YA ・ NA Greatest Hits", the 1st and 6th songsIshino table tennisIs working on it. An arranged version of "Folk ga SO ・ YA ・ NA" was made, and it is also included in the CD album that collects the local songs of the dialect cover of "DA ・ YO ・ NE".
  • Towa TeiList of produced works
    • Now Romantic (in the name of KOJI1200, 1995)
    • I LOVE AMERICA (I love America!) (KOJI1200 name, 1996)
    • I LOVE AMERICA REMIX (American University Remix!) (KOJI1200 name, 1996)
    • DUET !! (in the name of KOJI-12000,Makiko HaraDuet with, 1997)
    • DISGUSTING (KOJI-12000 name, 1998)




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