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📢 | [Recruiting 12 people only] Shimane Prefecture, where more than 3,500 people migrate annually, said, "The true intention of IT engineers who migrated to Shimane ...


[Limited to 12 people recruited] Shimane Prefecture, where more than 3,500 people migrate annually, said, "The true intention of IT engineers who migrated to Shimane ...

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In order to solve such problems, the Furusato Shimane Settlement Foundation, which was established in 1992 in Shimane Prefecture, cooperates with each municipality and related organizations to provide comprehensive employment and housing required by U-turn and I-turn applicants. We continue to provide and support standard settlement information.

Shimane Prefecture is an event "Migrate to Shimane ..." that supports IT engineers working outside the prefecture to move to Shimane Prefecture and change jobs. → Continue reading

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U-turn(U-turn,British: U-turn) IscourseChange 180 degrees and proceed in the opposite direction to the previous direction. AlphabetUName it.

In this itemvehicleDescribe U-turns such as.


For U-turnsRoad Traffic LawThe term "turning" is used in. Others at the time of turningvehicleEtc. and must not interfere with the normal passage of pedestrians. (Road Traffic Act Article 25-2, Paragraph 1)

Median stripIf you want to enter the facility on the right side of the road, if you want to go to the branch road on the right side, or if you want to return after passing the destination, you need to go to the previous intersection and turn. Change directionDetourIt is also a kind of route return method.

Blink the turn signal to turn right from 30m before the turning point, or extend the right arm out of the right side of the car body and extend horizontally, or put the left arm out of the left side of the car body and bend the elbow vertically upward. There must be.

Since turning is not a right turn, it is possible to turn even at an intersection where a right turn is prohibited by a sign prohibiting travel outside the designated direction.[Needs verification][Reliability required verification]

Turn-prohibited restricted section
road sign-Road markingIt is not possible to turn in the section where turning is prohibited due to.Due to many accidents and heavy traffic, turning is prohibited in many places in the city center.In addition, there are many places where turning is prohibited by specifying the time (eg, from 8:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX).
Right arrow at the intersection (→) Inside the intersection where the green light is lit
In addition to turning right, you can turn (U-turn) except at intersections where turning is prohibited. (Development of regulations regarding arrow signals in the Road Traffic Law Enforcement Regulations (enforced on April 24, 4)). Before April 1, 24,Arrow type traffic lightRight arrow (→) If you turn over the stop line after the green light turns on,Road Traffic Lawviolation(Ignore the signal) Was.[1]


Derived, the movement of a person going from one place to another and then back to the original place is sometimes called a "U-turn."U-turn phenomenon,U turn rushIs an example. The term U-turn employment has also been seen in recent years, and refers to the phenomenon in which students from rural areas graduate from a university in the city center, or working adults change jobs and find employment in rural areas.


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