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💴 | Does floor dirt increase as home time increases?What is the purchase priority of robot vacuum cleaners in home appliances?


Does floor dirt increase as home time increases?What is the purchase priority of robot vacuum cleaners in home appliances?

If you write the contents roughly
For those who start a new life, it seems that the need for robot vacuum cleaners is still low.

It turns out that the more work you do at home, the easier it is for the floor to get dirty. → Continue reading

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Cleaning robot

Cleaning robot(Cleansing-English: Robotic vacuum cleaner) OrRobot vacuum cleaner[2](-Sojiki) means to move automaticallyclean updoMech robot.Robot cleaner,Cleaning robotTomo.


There are household and commercial use, mainlybedIt moves like crawling up, but it is conventional that electricity is autonomous.Vacuum cleanerDifferent from Garbage anddustThere are dedicated machines and dual-purpose machines for suction and water wiping.[2].

In many cases, it is not the case that dust or dust itself is detected and cleaned. Due to the structure, it is difficult to clean the "corner of the room", so it is not designed to completely eliminate dust and dirt. Clean more than 90% of the spaceHouse dustThe purpose is to inhale most of the water and reduce the labor of cleaning.

It saves human labor and time, but if people do not see itElectric stoveIn contact with火災Or cause[3], Diffuses liquid stains[4]I'm having trouble.

It is generally used for cleaning houses and office buildings,PoolSome models are supposed to be cleaned.

recentlyArtificial intelligenceA function to learn the floor plan by installing (AI),SmartphoneIn cooperation with[5]Operation from outside[2]A function that allows you to specify a cleaning location has been developed, and is drawing attention.

Fuji economyAccording to estimates, the global market size is expanding to 2019 million units in 1430 (up 16% from the previous year).[2].

For floor cleaning

household use

Explaining the general type, for home use, inside the main bodyRechargeable batteryIt has a built-in (battery) and is in operation. Some models automatically charge[2](See below).

On the front side of the bodysensorBy providing the above, while autonomously traveling on the floor so as to collide with or avoid furniture and walls, dust is collected on the lower surface of the main body by a rotating side brush and sucked and collected. Almost all models[7]But,StairsThe sensor detects and avoids steps such as the edges of the surface, and does not fall.

Cheap ones keep running until the battery runs out, but medium and above onestimerThe operation is controlled by, and when it is activated automatically or by button operation and the floor surface is cleaned for a certain period of time, it will self-propell and return to the charger to charge it in preparation for the next activation.

The function differs depending on the price, and when an obstacle such as furniture hits the physical contact sensor on the front or side ("Random" or "Random"), the direction changes and the cleaning route is not recognized. From relatively inexpensive ones that just run randomly on the floorUltrasoundA model that measures the distance to furniture etc. with a (non-contact type) distance sensor using such as, decelerates or avoids contact before contact, and by recognizing the geometric pattern of the ceiling with the camera, the room There is also a high-performance, high-priced model that creates a map (on the floor), recognizes the position of the aircraft in the room with AI, avoids duplicate cleaning in the same place as much as possible, and shortens the cleaning time (slightly). Depending on the model, a mop is provided to wipe with water.ワ ッ ク スYou can also hang it.

The price range for home use is about 6 to 7 to 7 yen (as of December 2012). Many low-priced models specialize in basic cleaning functions. High-priced products are multifunctional, and some also have a schedule function that automatically starts at a specified time on a specified day of the week.

The outer shape of the main body is mostly a thin disk with a diameter of 25 cm to 38 cm. However, there are only a few exceptions to the disk-shaped shape, and the Kobold from Vorwerk in Germany is the "D-type".[8],PanasonicRuro is a triangle (because it doesn't miss the dust in the four corners of the room, which is not good at disk shape).


Initially, major traditional consumer electronics companies did not offer robot vacuum cleaners.VentureCorporateiRobot,NordicThe manufacturernicheThere is a history of realizing commercialization in the form of filling in.

Prototype and demonstration stage in the world
  • Hitachi, Ltd.Started developing robot vacuum cleaners in 1983[9][10], In 1985GermanyDomo Technica, the world's largest international trade fair for home appliances held inGerman: Domotechnica) Exhibited the prototype robot vacuum cleaner HCR-00[9][10], 2003 announced the prototype robot vacuum cleaner HCR-03[9][10].. The HCR-03 has a diameter of 25, which is smaller than the original products of other companies in consideration of use in narrow Japanese houses.CentimeterWas designed for[11][12].
  • Sanyo ElectricCompleted a prototype of a domestic robot vacuum cleaner in 1986.[13].. Because a practical rechargeable battery had not yet been developed[13],ACOutletTechnology was developed to automatically attach and detach[13]..In 2001, we announced the dust-collecting prototype robot vacuum cleaner Jisoujimaru.[14].
  • DysonAnnounced the prototype robot vacuum cleaner DC06 in 2001, but it could not be sold at a reasonable price.[15].
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (currently Panasonic) unveiled a robot vacuum cleaner under development in 2001.[16]..The selling price was "I want to keep it below 50 yen"[16]..The following year, in 2001, it announced that it would start a demonstration experiment with an improved machine equipped with the world's first sensor-integrated autonomous control system.[17].. Also in 2009Teijin"Nanofront", an ultra-fine nanofiber that started commercial production from the previous year[18]Announced "FUKITORI MUSHI", a prototype robot vacuum cleaner using[19][20].
Launched in the world
  • The world's first commercially available domestic robot vacuum cleanerIt is,Electrolux(Swedish: Electrolux)ofTrilobyte(Latin: Trilobite)[21][22].2001In Europe from November[21], Released in Japan from October 2002[23].
  • IRobot (English: iRobot) Will be the first commercial robot vacuum cleaner in the US marketrumba(English: Roomba・ Dust absorption type)2002Released on September 9th[6].. After that, in 2005, Scooba became the world's first floor cleaning type product.[24], 2006 Dust Collection Dirt Dog[25], 2012 floor-wiping mint (English: Mint[26]And released various household robot vacuum cleaners.
  • LG Electronics (Korean: LG Electronics) Is South KoreaRobo King, the first commercially available robot vacuum cleaner on the marketKorean: 로봇킹) V-R3000 was released in April 2003[27][28].
  • Karcher(German: Alfred Kärcher) Is RoboCleaner RC 3000[29]Was launched in Europe in May 2003[30][31].. Includes a dust station that doubles as a charging stand that automatically absorbs the dust collected by the cleaner body[32].
  • Evolution Robotics (English: Evolution Robotics[33]In 2010, the floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Mint (English: Mint[34]Released[35].. Then, in 2012, Evolution Robotics was acquired by iRobot.[36], Mint products will be sold through the iRobot sales network[37][38].
  • Neato Robotics(English: Neato Robotics) Announced the release of the company's first robot vacuum cleaner XV-2009 in 11[39].. The XV-11 is the world's first D-shaped product[40]And the world's first LiDAR SLAMInstalled model[39]It became.
  • Samsung Electronics (Korean: 삼성 전자Released the Tango View VC-RL2011W in North America in 87[41].. You can shoot indoors by remote control like the original products of other companies[42].. Not only a camera but also a spotlight and microphone for shooting[41].
  • Vorberg (German: Vorwerk) Is the investee's net robotics (English: Neato Robotics) Produced the robot vacuum cleaner XV-11 with original improvements[43][44], Its robotic vacuum cleaner Kobolt (German: Goblin) The VR100 was launched in Germany in 2011.[44].


A Japanese electric home appliance manufacturer has a history of postponing commercialization, thinking that “home robot vacuum cleaners cannot be in demand due to the small house circumstances, etc.”, and is a company that has little relation to conventional vacuum cleaner manufacturing. Was enthusiastic about the research and development of a robot vacuum cleaner. However, the size of a Japanese house is米 国,カナダAlthough narrower than the developed countries of the continent,英国,GermanyNot much different from Western countries[45], "Narrow house circumstances in Japan" has little basis. Moreover, in recent years, condominiums have become barrier-free and the living space has become widely available. Is being sought.

Fuji Heavy Industries (currentlySUBARUHave succeeded in commercializing the world's first office cleaning robot in 2001,Later), in the domestic market for household robot vacuum cleaners, iRobot Roomba holds about 2013% share as of 7[46].[47][48]Technologies such as miniaturization of vacuum cleaners, sensor technology, and self-driving are the strengths of Japanese companies, but the reason why they have been ahead is that when a new robot is introduced into the world and the robot causes some problems. Japanese companies (unlike US companies) cannot create new rules.[48]Because they think that "100% security cannot be ensured"[48].. In a specific example, "Buddhist altarBump intoCandleMay fall and cause a fire,'' said a representative of a Japanese manufacturer.[48].. Toshihiko Fujii analyzes the following as to why one should not be late for such an idea, and why one shouldn't try to escape from risk. ``When a U.S. company launches a new car product into the world, it starts with the rule-deciding whether it will run on the right side or the left side of the road, and at the same time it is creating various rules, including insurance when an accident occurs. The need for creating such a social structure is exactly the same for products in a new genre called cleaning robots."[48]In addition, he said, "Japanese manufacturers were not able to create new social rules and sell products to the world."[48].. According to him, what Japanese manufacturers have done is to refine existing products and services that have already been established (including social rules in other countries).[48]However, if the corporate structure is such that only efforts for products and technologies can be made and lead cannot be made including the creation of social rules, it will be delayed in the global market.[48].

History in the Japanese market
  • Electrolux(Swedish: Electrolux) Is in October 2002Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in JapanAt the Swedish style in Tokyo, the robot vacuum cleaner Trilobite that had been sold in Europe from the previous year was exhibited.[49].. Also, at the time we were affiliatedToshibaAnnounced that it will sell Trilobyte from the same month of the same year[23].. In March 2018, a new product, Pure Eye Nine (PUREi3), was launched through a Japanese subsidiary.[50]Released[51].
  • IRobot (English: iRobot), Japan is the first country to sell Roomba outside the US market.[52], 2002[53]From OctoberPrime[54]From March 2003Takara(Currently Takara Tomy)[55], Sales on Demand from April 2004[55][56], 2017 (Heisei(29) From April, it has been taken over and sold by iRobot Japan, iRobot Japan.[57].
  • Evolution Robotics (English: Evolution Robotics) Is a distributor through Oak Lawn Marketing[34], Floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Mint in October 2011[34]Released[58].. The following year, Evolution Robotics was acquired by iRobot.[36]Therefore, the handling of mint was transferred to Sales On Demand, an iRobot agency, and it was re-released under the name of Braava from 2014 (Heisei 26).[59].
  • Toshibaグループ[Note 1](At that time) was a robot vacuum cleaner that had withdrawn due to sluggish sales of Electrolux Trilobite.[63]New product, SMARVO, was released in October 2011.[60].. Specialized in Japanese housing[64]But Samsung Electronics (Korean: 삼성 전자)ofOEM(Produced by the partner brand)[53][65].. In-house development in September 2014[65][66]・ In-house production[67][68]"Torneo Robo" released[62].. "Torneo Robo" comes with a dust station that doubles as a charging stand that automatically sucks up the dust collected by the vacuum cleaner.[69].. The industry's first dust station that doubles as a charging stand[70].
  • Sharp released the robot vacuum cleaner COCOROBO in June 2012[71].. From the perspective that the communication function with the user is an important factor for the user to accept the robot[71]Equipped with communication interface[71].
  • Vorberg (German: VorwerkVorberg Japan, a Japanese corporation ofGerman: Goblin) It announced that it will release VR100 from January 2013, 25 (Heisei 1)[72][73].
  • Dyson (English: Dyson) In Tokyo on September 2014, 26[1][74]With the entry into the robot vacuum[1][74], Dyson 360 Eye, the first commercial robot vacuum cleaner[75][76]Announced that it will be released in the spring of 2015 in the Japanese market ahead of the rest of the world.[74].. Sir James Dyson cites the reason as "Japanese consumers value technology."[74], Trial experiment until release was also conducted in Japan[77].. Although the actual release was delayed from the schedule on October 2015, 27 (Heisei 10)[76], Japanese market pre-sale was unchanged[76].
  • Panasonic released the robot vacuum cleaner RULO MC-RS1 in 2015 (Heisei 27)[78].. With the company's first robot vacuum cleaner[78],Reuleaux triangleBased on the original body shape[78].In 2019 (Heisei 31), the floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner Rollan was released.[79].
  • Hitachi Group[80]To enter the robot vacuum market[80]Announced the release of the robot vacuum cleaner minimaru on November 2016, 28.[80][81].. By making the diameter of the main body 25 cm, it is said that it is easy to enter in narrow places such as between furniture[80][81].
  • Nate Robotics (English: Neato Robotics) Is a Nate Botback Connected (English: Neato Botvac Connected) Was released in November 2016[82][83].
  • Raycop (Korean: 레이캅) Japanese corporationRay Cop JapanAnnounced that it will release the floor-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner RAYCOP Mizurobo from March 2019.[84].. It is said that 90% or more of floor allergens and bacteria will be removed.[84].
  • Xiaomi (Chinese: Millet Technology) Affiliated company Roborock (Chinese: Stone Technology[85]As an agent of Softbank's affiliate SB C & S[86], Roborock S6 in 2019 (ReiwaFirst year) Released on October 10[87].. AI algorithm is said to be superior to Roomba[88].

For business

  • Karcher(German: Alfred Kärcher) Developed the robot floor washer "BR 1996 Robot" in 700.[89].. In 2018, we announced the newly developed robot floor washer "KIRA B 50".[90].
  • IS RoboticsEnglish: irobot) Is SC Johnson Wax (at that timeEnglish: SC Johnson Wax[91][92]Funded by[93], Floor vacuum cleaner for business use Nexgen (English: Nexgen) Was developed in 1997[93]However, it was not commercialized because the robot was repulsed by the cleaning company, a large customer of SC Johnson Wax, when the robot took the opportunity.[94].
  • Murata Machinery Co., Ltd. announced that it will sell the autonomous traveling robot floor washer "Buddy" outside Japan from 2016.[95]..The aircraft is a rebranded product of the "SE-500iX" manufactured by Amano, and both aircraft are equipped with an autonomous mobile driving control system developed by Murata Machinery.[95].


The robot vacuum cleaner (including household) that was first commercialized in the Japanese market,Fuji Heavy IndustriesSumitomo CorporationIs a “robot cleaning system” (for commercial use) that was successfully put into practical use in April 2001.[96],World's first office cleaning robotAsHarumi Triton SquareWas introduced in[97].. This robot itself operates and gets on and off the night elevator to clean, and has been awarded the "Robot of the Year 2006 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award" for its cleaning performance, safety, and cost advantages. In addition, in 2009, we improved the cleaning performance and downsized it, and put the "office area cleaning robot system" into practical use, which can bring cost benefits even for medium-sized buildings.[98].

History in the Japanese market
  • Toshiba released the cleaning robot floor vacuum cleaner "AS-1986" in 61 (Showa 100).[99][100].
  • Automax commercialized the dust-absorbing robot floor vacuum cleaner "AXV-1990" in 2 (Heisei 01).[99].
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial (now Panasonic) was established in 1993.Tokyo International AirportDelivered the robot vacuum cleaner "MC-X100" to[101][102].. From July 2018 (Heisei 30), we started accepting orders for the robot vacuum cleaner "RULO Pro MC-GRS7M".[103].. For product developmentMitsui FudosanCooperated with[103][104]Opened in March 2018Tokyo Midtown HibiyaWas first introduced to[102][104]..In December 2019, Panasonic released the robot vacuum cleaner "RULO MC-GRS12" for stores as a handling of Panasonic Industrial Machinery Systems.[105].
  • Sanyo ElectricInstalled the robot vacuum cleaner "CR-1990" in 2 (Heisei 4)[13]Developed a car cleaning robot in 1992.[13].
  • Figura started manufacturing and selling the autonomous mobile robot vacuum cleaner "Efrobo Clean" in October 2009.[106].. "Efrobo Clean" was a developer involved in previous jobs until 1997 (Heisei 9)MinoltaInheriting the basic functions of the disinfectant application robot prototype "Robosanitan"[107]By replacing the standard dust collection unit with a liquid application unit,[106][108], Can be used for wax coating as well as "Robosanitan"[107].
  • Amano installed the company's first autonomous robot floor cleaning machine "SE-2014iX" on March 26, 3.[109], September 2015, 27, the same company's first autonomous mobile commercial robot vacuum cleaner "RDCDC"[110]Released. Murata Machinery developed the autonomous mobile driving control system installed in the "SE-500iX".[95].. "RCDC" received product supply from Sharp[111].
  • Makita announced the release of the robot cleaner "RC200DZ" on October 2015, 27 (Heisei 10)[112]..A dust-absorbing robot vacuum cleaner developed in collaboration with affiliated Sharp[112][113].
  • Nakanishi Metal Industry Co., Ltd.German: Cleanfix Reinigungssysteme) And an exclusive sales contract in Japan for the RA 660 Navi self-propelled floor washer for corporations in 2016[114], Under the product name of "Robo Creeper"[115]Started selling[114].
  • CYBERDYNE announced that it will release the dust-absorbing robot vacuum cleaner "MB-CL2" from March 2018 (Heisei 30).[116].. CYBERDYNE took over the clean robot business from Fuji Heavy Industries (then) in 2015 (Heisei 27).[117].
  • Diversey is a robot-type floor washer "Tasuki Singobot 2000" that can run autonomously through an agency.English: TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000) ”Was released in March 2018 (Heisei 30)[118].. Equipped with autonomous driving technology developed by the acquired Intellibot Robotics[119][120].
  • SoftBank Robotics released the robot-type floor cleaning machine "RS26 powered by BrainOS" capable of autonomous driving in August 2018 (Heisei 30).[121].. Intelligent Cleaning Equipment (Chinese: Kokukoku Kiyoshi Equipment) For manned floor washer[122],Brain(English: Brain) Equipped with autonomous driving technology[122].. If you actually drive the vehicle unattended, you will have to pay an additional fee.[122].. In February 2019 (Heisei 31), we started leasing the dust-absorbing robot vacuum cleaner "Whiz" in collaboration with Softbank.[123].. LTE communication is required for operation, so a separate mobile phone line contract is required[124].
  • Avidobots (English: Avidbots[125]Is a robot floor cleaning machine "Neo (Neo)" at Kansai International Airport from October 2018.English: Neo[126]Announced that it was introduced[127].
  • Nippon Signal Co., Ltd. launched the cleaning robot "CLINABO" in November 2018.[128]In May 2020 (Reiwa 5), CYBERDYNE supplied products and announced the dust-cleaning robot "CLINABO CL02"[129].
  • tenant(English: Tennant) Released the robot type floor washer "T7AMR" through its Japanese subsidiary in 2019 (the first year of Reiwa).Brain (English: Brain) Is equipped with autonomous driving technology[130].
  • OMRON has developed a "combined service robot" that has three roles, one for cleaning, security, and guidance.[131], Announced that it will be available from May 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)[132].. In-house developed and produced in Japan[133].

For swimming pools

Some robot cleaners for swimming pools that clean underwater and poolside include randomly moving models and models that regularly run in zigzags. For overseas companies, Pentair's "Creepy Crawley",BuddhaThere are many such as "Cybernote NT" of Zodiac. There are many pools in the US, and it is said that there are 400 million pools, and there are nearly 30 to 50 pool cleaner manufacturers.[134].

  • Aqua Products Introduced Aquabot in 1982[135].. "The first robot cleaner for swimming pools"[136].. Aqua Products in 2011Spanish: Fluidra[137]Was acquired by[138]But the brand is maintained[139].
  • Maytronics (Hebrew: מיטרוניקס) Was a vacuum cleaner for swimming pools in 1983.English: Dolphin[140]Released[141].. First commercial vacuum cleaner for swimming pools[141].
  • In 3, 3S Systemtechnik (currently Mariner 1997S) released the mariner 3S navigator, which is equipped with an electronic compass and enables almost completely automatic cleaning.[142].
  • IRobot (English: iRobot) Launched the swimming pool robot vacuum cleaner Verro in 2007[143].. Verro was an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of Aqua Products, which manufactures Aquabots.[143].. In 2013, we launched Mirra, which we developed in-house.[144].


  • Yoyanagi released the swimming pool robot vacuum cleaner Hyper Robo MRX-2006 in 18 (Heisei 06)[145][146].. Yoyanagi has the top share in the pool cleaner market in Japan[145]And the only domestic manufacturer[147].
  • Zucchetti Centro Sistemi was released through an agency in 2015 (Heisei 27).Italian: NEMH2O) Has been released[148].

For cleaning window glass

Uragami Gijutsu Institute has developed the world's first "wall suction self-propelled blast robot" for a robot vacuum cleaner for window glass that automatically runs on windows to clean dirt, etc. We are developing many application products such as "Self-propelled ultra-high pressure water jet robot". Product group name is "U-ROBOT"[149].. otherKanazawa Institute of TechnologyThere are window cleaning robots developed by Miraikikai, Inc. in 1998, and Miraikikai's "Wall Walker".

  • HOBOT Technology (Chinese: Good technology) Developed Winbot-2010, a robot vacuum cleaner for windowpanes, in 68.[150].
  • Eco Bucks (Chinese: Cobos) In 2011, "The world's first commercially available robot vacuum cleaner for window glass.[Note 2]WINBOT (Chinese: Window treasure) Has been released[152][153].
  • Isshin Global (Korean: 일심 글로발[154]Is "the world's first commercially available robot vacuum cleaner for window glass" WINDORO (Korean: 윈도로) Was released in Korea[155].. Isshin Global President Ryu Manbyeong (Korean: 류만 현[155]Got the idea of ​​a robot vacuum cleaner for windowpanes from an overseas buyer I met in the business of exporting microfiber to Europe.[156].. Pohang Intelligent Robot Research Institute in August 2009 (Korean: 포항지 능로 봇연 구소) To develop[157], The institute was completed in July 2010[157].. The robot vacuum cleaner for window glass named WINDORO was released in September of the same year.International Consumer Electronics Exhibition(IFA) [158][159], The following January 2011Consumer Electronics ShowListed at (CES)[157], Released in the Korean market in March 2012[160].. Furthermore, in June of the same year, India[161], Japan in July of the same year[162], In Germany and Italy in September of the same year[163], Was also released in other countries. However, it went bankrupt in 2013 due to the debt caused by the development cost.[156], Remaining employees disposed of inventory cheaply[164].
  • RF (RFKorean: 알에프) Is the company's first robot vacuum cleaner for windowpanes, Windowmate ()Korean: 윈도 우메 이트) Was released in Korea in March 2015[165].. Sales began in Japan in September 2015[166][167].


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