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💹 | Hanshin / Chikamoto Matsui Shooting V Hit Finally Saving 20!After all strong de-reversal star 2nd place and 7 difference

Photo: Chikamoto (center) and Hanshin Nine (photographed by Taichi Tanaka) who have won three consecutive victories over Rakuten and are happy with each other.

Hanshin / Chikamoto Matsui Shooting V Hit Finally Saving 20!After all strong de-reversal star 2nd place and 7 difference

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Umeno walked on base from the 2th inning and XNUMX deaths with a tie, and took a chance to make a delayed steel.

"Rakuten 5-6 Hanshin" (13th, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi) It was Hanshin's Koji Chikamoto outfielder who led the final round of the interleague game to the white star. → Continue reading

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Steal(And noisy) isbaseballOn the attacking side inrunnerIt is one of the ways to advance to the base.runnerBut,Hit,Stabbed,faux pas,Blockade,Fielder selection,Capture,Storming,BalkNo base, steal is recorded when you advance one base[Note 1].. English name isStolen BaseAnd the abbreviation isSBIs used.JapanBut "steelAlso called "steal".

The ability to steal a base can be judged mainly by the success rate.Baseball statisticsFamiliar withBill JamesClaims that stealing is harmful to the team if the success rate is low (67-70% or less)[1].


The most common arepitcherAt the time of pitching, the runner will start for the second base. Caught a pitchcatcher TheStabbedAimed to cover the second basefielderToThrowing a ballTo do. If the runner can reach the second base without being stabbed, the steal is recorded. If you have been stabbedStealing(Toiushi:Caught Stealing, English abbreviation:CS) Is recorded.

outThe number ofscoreThe number of players, the ability of the runners, and the ability of the fielder to throw the ball are important factors in deciding whether or not to proceed to all bases including base running.[2].. Most stolen basescatcherInstead of aiming for the pitcher's chance[3].. There are pitchers that have fundamental flaws regarding the prevention of stealing, such as kicking the foot unnecessarily large, turning the left shoulder toward the first base, and bending over slightly in the direction to throw.[4].. Also, unlike right-handed pitchers, who tend to turn their backs toward first-base runners, left-handed pitchers are very similar to the first action of first-base pitchers and first-base pitchers, and runners are apt to be tricked, so basically left-handed pitchers are more likely than right-handed pitchers. It is difficult for the opponent to succeed in stealing[5].

Two or more runners may attempt to steal at the same time, but if even one of them is out, the other runners will not be stolen.Fielder selectionProgress byIs recorded[Note 2].

Pitcher's pitchStorming,CaptureWhen
If the runner starts towards the next base before the pitch reaches the batter, it is considered a base run (no violent throws or captivity recorded)[Note 3].. When you try to steal a base and the base throws easily and one base can easily take it,faux pasInstead, record a steal. However, if two or more bases are stolen by storming, abandonment, or an unlucky ball, one stolen base and a base for misstep will be recorded.[Note 4].. Also, when the fielder who tried to stab the ball dropped and became safe, and the recording staff recorded the ball as a failure, a stealing card will be recorded as if he had been stabbed.[Note 5].. Therefore, there are cases where two or more stolen stabs are recorded with one base.[6].
Hit end runEtc. are executed and the batter misses the ball
If the runner advances to the base, the stolen base is recorded. If the runner goes out, the stole is recorded and the record is the same as if the runner stole the base alone. This case is often the case of steals and steals recorded by slow-moving players. The most common pattern is death and a ball count of 3ball2strikeIt was when it becamedouble playWhat became is commonly referred to as a "struck out geth".
When a runner tries to steal and there is a hit
A runner who was planning a steal will be given one right to advance[Note 6], In this case as well, runner stealing is allowed[Note 7].
The batter hits a pitch when the runner attempts to steal.
No steals are recorded.Flying ballIn this case, regardless of whether the runner reaches the second base, the runner is obliged to return to the base when the fielder catches the ball normally.Tag upSee section). On the contrary, if you score by stealing,RBIIs not used by anyone, only the runner's score is recorded.

After the first hit on the first base, the batter-runner as a runner must steal two steals, three thefts, and the main thieves and score three points.Cycle steel,Perfect steel,Base Steel SweepingAnd so on.17 people recorded in Japanese professional baseball, and on November 2020, 11Tokyo Yakult Swallows OfMunetaka MurakamiAchieved for the first time in 41 years[7].. MLB has 2019 (45 degrees) achievers by 53[8].. In addition, in the high school baseball regional tournament, there is a record of individual 1 inning 4 steal base.

Defensive indifference

If the attacker attempts to steal a base but the defender does not show any action to block it, then "defensive indifference (defensive indifference)defensive in difference)” does not record stolen bases, but instead records fielder choices. In addition, stolen bases in games with a large number of points may be viewed as taboo (Unwritten rules of baseballreference).

in the pastNPBDid not apply this rule and recorded stolen bases even if the defenders were indifferent. At the Pro-Amateur Joint Rules Committee held on January 2008, 12008From the season, this baseball rule 10.07 (g) (at that time) will be added with a detailed condition to be regarded as indifferent by adding a "primary note", and it will be decided to strictly apply the rule and such advance will not be recorded as a stolen base. As a result, the revision of the baseball rules was officially announced on January 1th.[9].. The first case that this amendment was actually applied was on April 4 of the same year.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesversusChiba Lotte MarinesIt is a battle. In the 9th inning, Lotte is leading 4 pointsNaotaka TakeharaStarted off to second base, but Rakuten's catcherMotohiro ShimaDid not send a ball, and Takehara's base was recorded as a fielder's choice instead of a steal.[10].

Detailed conditions that are considered indifferent stipulate that the situation be taken into account as a whole.As an example of admitting stolen base, if there is a second base advance in the runner's first and third bases, or the defensive side becomes a runnerMost stolen basesThere are cases where it is judged that you do not want to get the title of.According to this rule, stolen bases are recorded depending on the situation even if the defender does not notice the advance due to the emptiness of the opponent completely (example:Episode about the National High School Baseball Championship #Goodbye Home Steel).

Reverse run steal

Reverse-running steals such as stealing from second base to first base and stealing from third base to second base are prohibited.[Note 8]..A ban was stipulated in the United States in 1920, but was allowed before that.Major LeagueThen in 1902Harry davis, 1908(English edition), 1911Germany shaferHave a record of reverse run theft[11].

First base steal

As of June 2019, 7Washington PostAccording to the electronic versionMajor LeagueIn February 2019business partnershipAgreementTiedRiceindependentAtlantic leagueso,batterrunner"First base stolen" was made possible. One theft is conventionalRun awayAlmost the same as the rulescatcher Behind-the-scenesIf you doFirst baseYou can run tostrikeWhereas the one steal rule iscountBut you can run[12].. Rice on the 13th (14th Japan time)MarylandMade inSouthern Maryland Blue ClubsversusLancaster BurnstormersIn one match, batter Tony Thomas became the first player to successfully steal[13].


The most basic method of stealing ispitcherBefore the pitching action, the base should be separated by a distance sufficient to allow him to safely return to the check ball.Lead")) and then start running to the next base the moment the pitching action begins. On the other hand, the pitcher controls the runner's first run, so before the pitching action,Check ballCan throw. If you throw a check ball in the motion stage where you have to throwBalkTherefore, the runner is given the right to advance safely.

In addition to this, it is necessary to start by checking the defense of the defense side and the chance of throwing a ball.Delayed Steel (delayed steal). This includes until the pitcher prepares to pitch after the batting process is over.[Note 9].

Stealing to second baseSecond steal(Second steel), steal to third baseThief(Third steel), steal to baseBook thief(Home steel). Also, make sure that two runners steal at the same time.Heavy thief(Double steel), three full-base runners steal at the same timetriple steal(Triple steel). In the case of heavy robbery or triple robbery, all the stolen bases will be recorded only if all runners safely advance to the base.

Second steal

Stealing to second base (second steal) is most likely to occur when the runner is first and third base.[Source required]..If the catcher throws an unreasonable ball to the second base and deviates, the third base runner will go to the home base, so in many cases the stolen base is allowed without throwing the second base.Extremely high success rate for stealing[Source required].. In addition, as the runner advances to the second base by stealing, the attacker's merits are large, such as reducing the risk of double-battering on the next batter and increasing the possibility of scoring two points (However, depending on the situationbatter Intentional four-ballSince it is more likely to be done, it is necessary to compare the possibility of scoring by the attack after the next batter and execute it).

In addition, there are many cases in which it is relatively difficult to set up a case of second base and first base. This is because if it is immortal or one death, another method of sending bunts is easier to use, but usually if you aim to score with only one hit from the second base, you need two single strokes or one long stroke, rather than that. The reason is that the possibility of stealing and hitting is higher even if there is a risk of stealing.


Stealing to third base (thief stealing) is most likely to occur in the case of first base and second base, especially in the case of a right-handed batter. Third robbers are more difficult to contemplate than second robbers because the distance from the catcher to the third base is short, but on the other hand, second basemen and shortstops, who are subject to restraint, often move away from second base, and pitchers twist their bodies greatly during second base restraint. Because it must be done, runners can easily take a large lead. In the case of a left-handed pitcher, the runner is likely to take a large lead because the blind spot occurs when the second-base runner starts.

If there is a runner on the second base, it is highly likely that you can score with a single hit without stealing, so in consideration of risk, you will not be used much in immortality or second death (However, if you progress to the third base, the opponent will be thrown or caught, It is possible to put pressure on the possibility that you will get a score on the vaux.) On the other hand, in the case of one death, one death and third baseSqueeze playYou will be able to score 1 point with the sacrifice fly, or the infield goro, which gives the runner a great advantage to move to third base.

Book thief

Stealing to the first base (main stealing) is most likely to occur when the second base and third base. I really want one point for this thief, but it is an operation when the batter cannot be expected,batteryIt is a strategy that will definitely fail if is paying more than a certain amount of vigilance. Therefore, squeeze play, which has a higher success rate in the case of immortality or death, is usually used. However, the squeezeEmpty swingIf the third baseman survives despite the failure due to, the plagiarism will be recorded as a result.

There are two types of timing for the start of the theft. One starts at the same timing as the second steal and the third steal. There is almost no danger of stealing, especially in the case of second base and third base.Set positionIf you try to throw it in the wind-up position instead, a steal with a large motion gap may be performed. There are also cases where a catcher stands up to make sure that the right hitter is shunned, and the player tries to steal by using the chance to catch a ball at a position far away from the home base to the first base side. The other is to start the gap between the catcher and the pitcher to return a ball, which is a kind of delayed steel.

The most type of book thief on record is heavy robbery from the runners XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base. Many of them were not originally designed for heavy robbery, but were cases where a third baseman ran while looking at the gap between the pitches for a single baserunner's single base run. There are many cases where it is delicate whether it is a heavy robbery or a misstep on the record.[Note 10].

Also, in the situation of runners XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base, the pitcherBalkInviteForce balkTrick play is sometimes used. This is because two runners work together to induce a balk, and a third runner who has been given the right to advance safely will survive.[14].. Specifically, the first baseman makes the pitcher throw a check ball by taking a large lead, and the third baseman starts to the main base when the pitcher enters the check motion. By doing this, the rushed pitcher aims to become a balk by stopping the first base without stopping the plate and sending the ball to the base. It is often used when the left pitcher who turns his back to the third runner is on the mound, but even in the case of the right pitcher, the first runner deliberately jumped out to the first and second bases to attract the defense's attention, Third runners may be run in a way that makes them hit home[15].


In order to successfully steal the runner's base, the batter sometimes intentionally makes a big swing or bunts, aiming to interfere with the catcher's throw. this,Batter assistHowever, if the referee determines that it is an act of "obvious intention",Defensive obstructionBecomes In particular, an act of pulling the bat and not looking at the ball and covering the ball on the home plate, even if it is not an obvious intention, is apt to be identified as a defensive obstruction.

The first record of triple theft in Nippon Professional Baseball was October 1936, 10.Osaka TigersversusGreat Tokyo ArmyIt is supposed to be recorded by Great Tokyo in the battle, but when the hitter mistaken for a four ball and walked to the first base when the count was 2 strikes 3 balls in the scene of full base[Note 11], The runner on the first base was entangled and proceeded to the base, and the third baseman noticed a count error after home-in, and the batter was struck again, but the runner could not be returned due to an event during in-play, and the runner and the score were recognized. IsOfficial record clerkThis is because the base was unavoidably recorded as "triple thief." The match also recorded 18 stolen baseball records for both Japan's professional baseball teams, including 3 stolen bases caused by a count error.[16].


The skills needed to successfully stealSprintIs not only the speed of.Shozo EtoStates that the “three Ss” of Start, Speed, and Sliding are important for successful stealing, and that the start is the most important.[17].. Has many stolen base records in NPBFukumoto YutakaAbout this "3 S", the start is a thorough research of pitcher's habits, speed is natural speed and correction of running form when young[Note 12]Polished by, the sliding does not kill the speed, and the sliding that touches the base softly from the toe is created in order to reduce the strain on the foot.Japanese professional baseballBecame a stolen king five timesNorihiro AkahoshiAlso, the most important thing in stealing is "the courage to start without fearing out" and "for me, the number of stolen bases is a sign of courage".[18]And also saidMajor league baseball Became the base stealer 6 times in (MLB)Morley willis``Don't be afraid to make mistakes, you need to be thick enough to make a plunge to steal in front of tens of thousands of audiences or TV viewers,'' he said.[19]Stresses the importance of spirituality. In addition, the skill of reading the ball is important, and if the pitch is a variable ball or a half-speed ball, a runner with less running power can easily succeed if he steals a second. In addition, there are many cases where the catcher spills the pitch of the changing ball that falls to a lower level, and the probability increases even more when one-bound. Even if it succeeds in catching a ball, in most of the cases, the posture is lost, and it becomes difficult to immediately send a strong ball to the second base.

The runner who intends to steal is the pitcherCheck ballIt is necessary to take a sufficient lead, identify the pitcher's habit, and make a strong start, with the first base being not to get out during the game[17].. Won the most stolen base titles in MLB four timesCarl Crawford"I thought about stealing without relying solely on speed. As a result, I realized that I could take a big lead by taking another step. And gained insight into the pitcher's motion," said the importance of lead and start.[20].. Depending on the pitcherCheck ballIn some cases, there will be no timing, and the pitcher will start the moment the move.Katsuya NomuraThisGambling startIs named. It's important to look at the whole picture of how pitchers should look when they steal. By doing so, you can feel a slight error between the check ball and the pitch to the home.[21].

In a sprint, he runs through the goal at full speed, but in the case of a stealing base, it will be out if he is touched in a situation where he passed the base (overrun) except in the case of a main thief. Therefore, a sliding technique that stops on the base is required. If the sliding timing is too early, useless braking will be applied before reaching the base, and if it is too late, there is a risk that the base will not stop and overrun will occur. Also, if sliding itself is not good, useless braking will be applied regardless of the timing.

Break-even point of stealing

The stealing base has the merit that if it succeeds, it can get the first base, but if it fails, it has the disadvantage of losing the runner and increasing the outcount. Therefore, it is argued that the success rate is required in order to bring the merit beyond the demerit.

According to a baseball statistician, in 2011, "one stolen base resulted in a score increase of about 1 and stolen bases reduced the score by approximately -0.16".[22].

Obtained 5th Stealing KingNorihiro AkahoshiProposed to incorporate stolen death into the evaluation, and based on this, "Red Star Stealing Indicator = Steal-Steal Death x 2The evaluation method "[23].

Record in Nippon Professional Baseball

Most stolen bases

Total record

RankingPlayer nameStealRankingPlayer nameSteal
1Fukumoto Yutaka106511Masahiro Araki378
2Hirose Unko59612Seizo Furukawa370
3Shibata Isao57913Takagi Morido369
4Tadasuke Kizuka47914Toshifumi Nishimura363
5Yoshihiko Takahashi477Matsui Kazuo
6Jiro Kanayama45616Takuro Ishii358
7Daiishi Oishi41517Makoto Shimada352
8Tokuharu Iida39018Yoshio Yoshida350
9Masanori Kure38119Akatsuki Naka347
Norihiro Akahoshi20Tsubouchi344
Records at end of 2020 season[24]
RankingPlayer nameStealingRankingPlayer nameStealing
1Fukumoto Yutaka29911Hiroshi Okajima140
2Yoshihiko Takahashi20612Takagi Morido139
3Shibata Isao19313Makoto Shimada135
4Takagi Yutaka17814Daiishi Oishi131
5Takuro Ishii16915Kinugasa Yoshio130
6Akatsuki Naka16716R. Balbon126
7Tokuharu Iida161Muramatsu Arito
8Yoshio Yoshida15918Hirose Unko123
9Seizo Furukawa15519Yoji Tamatsukuri122
10Jiro Kanayama15120Yasumitsu Toyota121
Records at end of 2020 season[25]

Season record

RankingPlayer nameClubStealRecord yearRemarks
1Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves1061972Pacific LeagueRecord
2Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves951973
3Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves941974
4Asahi KonoHankyu Braves851956
5Tadasuke KizukaNankai Hawks781950
6Tadashi MatsumotoYomiuri Giants761983SE LeagueRecord
7Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves751970
8Jiro KanayamaShochiku Robins741950
9Yoshihiko TakahashiHiroshima Toyo Carp731985
10Hirose UnkoNankai Hawks721964
Records at end of 2020 season[26]
RankingPlayer nameClubStealingRecord yearRemarks
1Asahi KonoHankyu Braves291956Pacific LeagueRecord
2Yoshihiko TakahashiHiroshima Toyo Carp281983SE LeagueRecord
Takagi YutakaYokohama Ocean Whales1984
4Muramatsu AritoFukuoka Daiei Hawks261996
5Hiroshi OkajimaChunichi Dragons251959
Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves1972
7Akira KodamaKintetsu Pearls241956
Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves1979
Yoshihiko TakahashiHiroshima Toyo Carp1982
10R. BalbonHankyu Braves231956
Hiroshi OkajimaChunichi Dragons1958
Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves1974
Kenjiro NomuraHiroshima Toyo Carp1990
Muramatsu AritoFukuoka Daiei Hawks1997
Records at end of 2020 season[27]

Consecutive match record

RankingPlayer nameClubmatchstart dateEnd date
1Ukyo ShutoFukuoka Softbank Hawks132020/10/162020/10/30
2Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves111971/4/271971/5/12
2Fukumoto YutakaHankyu Braves111974/4/101974/4/28
4Takashi OgataHiroshima Toyo Carp101995/9/201995/10/8

1 match record

Player nameClubRecordRecord dateOpponent
Zenpei YamazakiNagoya Dragons6 stolen base1952/6/3Ocean Whales
Shozo ShodaHiroshima Toyo Carp1989/10/15Chunichi Dragons

Other records

  • Goodbye Book Steal

In Japan, October 1986, 10YakultversusOceanYakult’sKeiichi ShibuiIs the last to decide[28].

Major league baseball

Major league baseballThen, from the 1886 season, the number of stolen bases was recorded, and the same stolen base rules as today were enacted in 1898.

Most stolen bases

Total record

RankingPlayer nameStealRankingPlayer nameSteal
1Ricky Henderson140611Joe Morgan689
2Lou Block93812Willie Wilson668
3Billy Hamilton91413(English edition)657
4Thai cub89714Burt Campanellis649
5Tim Rains80815Kenny Lofton622
6Vince Coleman75216Otis Nixon620
7(English edition)74217George Davis619
8Eddie Collins74118Juan Pierre614
9Max Carey73819Dummy Hui596
10Honas Wagner72320Morley virus586
Records at end of 2020 season[29]
RankingPlayer nameStealingRankingPlayer nameStealing
1Ricky Henderson33511(English edition)182
2Lou Block30712Caesar Sedeno179
3Brett Butler25713Steve Sachs178
4Thai cub21214Vince Coleman177
5Morley virus20815(English edition)174
6Juan Pierre20316Bobby Bonds169
7Burt Campanellis19917Eric Young168
8Eddie Collins19518Omar Biskel167
9Rod Karoo18719Joe Morgan162
10Otis Nixon186(English edition)
Records at end of 2020 season[30]

Season record

RankingPlayer nameClubStealRecord yearRemarks
1Ricky HendersonAuckland Athletics1301982A leagueRecord
2Lou BlockSt. Louis Cardinals1181974National LeagueRecord
3Vince ColemanSt. Louis Cardinals1101985
4Vince ColemanSt. Louis Cardinals1091987
5Ricky HendersonAuckland Athletics1081983
6Vince ColemanSt. Louis Cardinals1071986
7Morley virusLos Angeles Dodgers1041962
8Ricky HendersonAuckland Athletics1001980
9Ron LefloorDetroit Tigers971980
10Thai cubDetroit Tigers961915
(English edition)Pittsburgh Pirates1980
After 1901[31]
RankingPlayer nameClubStealingRecord yearRemarks
1Ricky HendersonAuckland Athletics421982A leagueRecord
2Thai cubDetroit Tigers381915
3(English edition)New York Giants351913National LeagueRecord
4Thai cubDetroit Tigers341912
5Lou BlockSt. Louis Cardinals331974
(English edition)Chicago White Sox1912
(English edition)Pittsburgh Pirates1980
8(English edition)New York Yankees321914
(English edition)Philadelphia Athletics1914
(English edition)St. Louis Browns1915
After 1901[32]

1 match record


Player nameClubRecordRecord dateRemarks
George GoreChicago White Stockings7 stolen base1881/6/2519th century record
Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia Phillies1894/8/31
Eddie CollinsPhiladelphia Athletics6 stolen base1912/9/11
Otis NixonAtlanta Braves1991/6/16
Eric Young SeniorColorado Rockies1996/6/30
Carl CrawfordTampa Bay Rays2009/5/3


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