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📊 | Kintetsu Department Store develops drugstore with FC contract with Kokumin, first store in Osaka city

Photo The exterior image of the first store "Kokumin Drug Kintetsu Uehonmachi Store".Drugstores are the 1th industry in the FC business of Kintetsu Department Store.

Kintetsu Department Store develops drugstore under FC contract with Kokumin, first store in Osaka City

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So far, it has signed FC contracts with 12 industries such as Tokyu Hands, FamilyMart, Seijo Ishii, and Tully's Coffee, and has 4 stores as of the end of April this year.

Kintetsu Department Store signed a franchise (FC) contract with Kokumin (Osaka City) on June 6 and started a drugstore business ... → Continue reading

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Seijo Ishii

Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd.(Seijo Ishii,British: SEIJO ISHII CO., LTD.) IsKanto regionCentered onChubu region,KinkiHigh-quality grocery-based storessupermarketchain.


It is a general supermarket that handles a lot of imported food products.Initially, it belonged to the category of high-end supermarkets, but it became a subsidiary of Rex Holdings and changed its management policy to general supermarkets.[2].. After 2014LawsonIt is under the umbrella.

The name of Seijo Ishii isSeijogakuenmae StationpreviousfruitThe storesupermarketIt comes from the fact that the business format was changed to.When Yoshiaki Ishii replaced the president, he started to develop multiple stores as a high-quality supermarket chain.2004ToRains International66.7 of stockspercent Transferred (%) and joined the Rex Group2006In February, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rex and opened a store in the terminal station building from the area where there were many wealthy people.

From March 2006, the 3-hour high-quality mini supermarket format "SEIJOISHII Select" will be launched.Nishiazabu-Daikanyama-Nihonbashi-Ikebukuro SunshineStarted at 4 stores.Only the Ikebukuro Sunshine store is open from 7:30 to 22:00. The Daikanyama store was closed in July 2008, and there are currently three stores.

Of the parent company on February 2011, 2Rex HoldingsBut,Mitsubishi CorporationAdjusting to sell Seijo Ishii to affiliated fund company ""[3]Was reported.Initially Rex "has not decided anything at this time"[4]However, on March 3th, Rex announced that it had finally agreed to transfer the business to the new company that established the fund.[5]And Marunouchi Capital[6]Both sides announced, and on May 5st, the completion of all business transfer procedures was announced.[7][8].

Became a subsidiary of Lawson in 2014.


  • 1927 - TokyoSetagayaSeijoFounded in.
  • 1950February 2-Established Ishii Grocery Store Co., Ltd. at 1 Seijo-cho, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo with a capital of 360 yen.
  • 1976November 11-Changed the trade name to Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd. and started supermarket business.
  • 1988 - Aobadai StationOpen a store and start chain development.
  • 1996 - TokyoMachida-shi OfCentral kitchenStart operation.
  • 2001 - OsakaUmedaStore opening.KinkiAdvance to.
  • 2004
  • 2006
    • February 2-Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rex Holdings through a share exchange.
    • July 7-Headquarters from Ark Yagi HillsRoppongi First BuildingMove to.
  • 2007
    • 1 month - Ito-Yokado,Fast retailingI was involved in consulting atTsuneo OkuboBecomes president.
    • July 7-Headquarters moved to Yokohama West Exit Kato Building (formerly River Steel Building).
  • 2010September 9-Akihiko Hara, Executive Officer and General Manager of Sales Headquarters, becomes president, and former president Okubo becomes a consultant.
  • 2011
  • 2014
    • May-Marunouchi Capital announces its intention to sell all shares of Seijo Ishii.
    • August 9- LawsonAnnounces acquisition of Seijo Ishii[12][13]..買収争奪戦にはローソンのほかIn addition to Lawson in the battle for takeoverIsetan MitsukoshiとionAeon's offer for acquisition was significantly lower than that of Lawson and Isetan Mitsukoshi, so it was declined.[14]..残る2社が正式入札に参加し、最終的にローソンが550億円を提示して合意に至ったThe remaining two companies participated in the formal bidding, and Lawson finally presented XNUMX billion yen and reached an agreement.[14].
  • 2015
  • 2016August 2- Private brandAnnounced "desica"[17]To do.
  • 2017
    • February-It will be the 2th anniversary of our founding.
    • August 6- S-pal Sendai storeOpening.Tohoku regionAdvance to[18].
    • September-Full-scale operation of "New Fruit and Vegetable Chilled Center".The first store in Gunma Prefecture, "Takasaki Monterey Store," and the new format store, "Trie Keio Chofu Store," will be opened.
  • 2018
    • March-in the name of MarcheKoh Chang FourSeijo Ishii's product handling corner was opened in the Sapporo Shinkawa store.HokkaidoAdvance to.
    • April --Opened "Kintetsu Kusatsu Store", the first store in Shiga Prefecture.
  • 2020
    • June 6-Opened "Sansute Okayama Store", the first store in Okayama Prefecture and Chugoku-Shikoku.



As of December 2013, there are 12 directly managed stores and 95 franchise stores.


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