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💴 | What you need to know when living on a pension.What if you want to relocate your house?


What you need to know when living on a pension.What if you want to relocate your house?

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Therefore, in order to lead a stable pension life, it is important to preserve current assets such as deposits and savings, stocks and securities that are easy to cash in as much as possible.

When living on a pension, you need to be careful about the balance of income and expenditure. → Continue reading

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current assets

current assets(Mr. Ryudoshi,British: current asset) IsAccountingInAssetOf which, usually within a yearcashBecomingcostRefers to something that can be converted (1 year standard).The antonym isFixed asset.


Current assetscash,bills recivable,accounts receivable,Products,Short-term loans receivable,Securities,Advance payment such asSubjectsCan be mentioned[1].

However, those in the normal business cycle process are classified as current assets even if they are not expensed within one year.In other words, the first classification is liquid assets or fixed assets.Normal business circulation standardAnd then on a one-year basis.For exampleforestryInventories in etc.Construction industryInUnfinished construction expenditureUsually takes several years to be expensed, but is classified as a current asset (normal operating cycle standard)[2].

In general, the following three points are important in the management of current assets.[3].

  • Bad debtTo preventReceivableManage and shorten the bond turnover period (sales)debtManaging the balance with the turnover period (purchase)
  • 過剰stockAnd avoid the occurrence of defective stockInventoryTo shorten the rotation period

Main current assets

Cash deposit
bills recivable
accounts receivable
Advance payment
accounts receivable
Prepaid expenses
Allowance for doubtful accounts

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