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📢 | Niantic, TAKARATOMY, Hasbro partnership AR mobile game “TRAN…


Niantic, TAKARATOMY, Hasbro partnership AR mobile game "TRAN ...

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For the last decade, Hasbro has always been highly regarded as a corporate citizen.

June 2021, 6 Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. Niantic, Takara Tomy, Hasbro's partner Shi ... → Continue reading

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Hasbro(Hasbro, Inc.) IsThe United States of AmericaRhode IslandPawtucketBased intoyManufacturer.


Hasbro, ま た はHasbroAlso called.MattelAlong with the company, it is a world-class toy maker that represents the United States, and is the second largest in the United States after Mattel.It has a number of toy companies under its umbrella.

Making the World Smile(Make the world smile) is a corporate message,LogoIs also a smile motif.MonopolyEtc.ボ ー ド ゲ ー ムAction figureEtc.characterToys are the main product.


  • 1923,JewishHenry and Hillel's Hassenfeld brothers in Rhode IslandStationeryEstablished a company.yousenfeld Brofrom thersHasbroNamed.
  • 1940, Embark on the manufacture and sale of toys.Since then, it has grown into a huge group that owns many affiliated companies under the management of the founder's family.
  • 2001, A subsidiary of the digital game division (English version: Hasbro Interactive(Established in 1995)) in FranceInfogramAcquired by the company.
  • 2020,2019 New CoronavirusManufactures face shields for healthcare professionals in partnership with other companies as the infection spreads[2].

Deployment in Japan

  • 1964, Register the trademark of "MONOPOLY".
  • 1992, Long-established toy maker Co., Ltd.Nomura ToyWas added to the umbrella in the form of acquisition, and the company name was changed.Hasbro Japan Co., Ltd.Established a Japanese corporation.
  • 1998Dissolved due to poor management, Co., Ltd.ト ミ ー(Currently, corporationタ カ ラ ト ミ ー) And conclude a business alliance agreement.
  • 2001, Inc.Takara(Currently TAKARATOMY Co., Ltd.) concludes a comprehensive business alliance agreement with Hasbro.
  • 2013,My Little Pony Friendship is MagicWith the development of 』in Japan, from TAKARATOMY Co., Ltd.BushiroadMoved to.
  • 2018, Established a Japanese corporation again.Hasbro products are no longer sold by TAKARATOMY[3].. However,Game of LifeOriginally, the old Takara was deployed in JapanTransformersSome products such as will continue as before.

HASBROThe Japanese notation of is often referred to as "Hasbro" by convention, but the actual pronunciation is said to be close to "Hasbro", and "Hasbro" was adopted in the notation of the Japanese corporation.At the time of the later business alliance with Tommy, "HasbroWas published in business magazines, etc., saying, "The official notation in Japan will be unified thereafter."In addition, in the Japanese corporation re-established in 2018, ``Hasbro Japan GKIs[4].

Main products

Includes subsidiary products, licensed production, and past products.The order is alphabetical and alphabetical.

Atari (XNUMXnd generation)

FormerAtariCompared to the first generation, it has the same assets but a different company.

Character products

ボ ー ド ゲ ー ム

Other games


  • Lincoln Logs: Toys that assemble wooden sticks to make log houses, etc.
  • Lite-Brite: A toy that draws a shining design by inserting a small piece of plastic into the light emitting board
  • Play-Doh (Play doh): Safe clay made from wheat flour
  • Spirograph: A toy that draws geometric figures by fitting a gear-shaped plate into a board with holes and rotating it with a pen tip.
  • Nerf: Toy gun series that shoots sponge bullets

Nomura Toy era

Character products (Nomura Toy era)

Other games (Nomura Toy era)

Toys (Nomura Toy era)

  • Chameleon tongue
  • Eel kid Tsurube
  • Osanpo Ducky-From Takara Tomy, who took over the business, the naming is revived with the talking plush dog "Talking Ducky".However, do not walk.
  • Wavy and squishy
  • Koropon Game Bucket Uncle


Japanese affiliates

  • Mimco-A subsidiary of product planning and sales during the Hasbro Japan (formerly Nomura Toy) era.Former Nomura Toy eraSpace Battleship YamatoProducts are re-released, and new figures related to Space Battleship Yamato are released.With the dissolution of the parent company, it survived as a single company.


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