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📊 | Mexican fast food "TACO BELL" / Seven Park Ario Kashiwa opened for the first time in Chiba


Mexican fast food "TACO BELL" / Seven Park Ario Kashiwa opened for the first time in Chiba

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The new store will open in the food court on the 3rd floor of Seven Park Ario Kashiwa, the largest commercial facility operated by Seven & i Holdings.

TB Japan, a subsidiary of JFLA Holdings, will be at "Seven Park Ario Kashiwa" in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture on June 6st ... → Continue reading

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food court

food court(Food Court) Is the booth of a variety of adjacent restaurants andセ ル フ サ ー ビ スIt is an indoor plaza that provides a shared space for stalls for formal meals.Food court in the 1980sThe United States of AmericaAt the inner,Shopping mallas well as the 空港Popularized within.In English, "coat" refers to a square garden surrounded by a fence.


Around the large seating space of 100 seatscash registerIs surrounded by a small store equipped with cooking facilities. Customers first select the menu they want to eat and then order and pay at each store. At this time, the clerk handed me a number tag and a calling bell, and when the food was completed, I went back to the store to pick it up, and when the meal was over, I returned the dishes again.

In addition, the drinking water server and the space for the lower table are often shared. Some food courts have booths that collectively wash the dishes in each store, and after washing, they are handed over to each store.

Advantages of this format

  • Space can be saved for each store by dividing the store for each menu and sharing the seats.
  • Even group guests can choose dishes from different restaurants.
  • Since the seating area is large, children are often used with children because they do not mind even if they make noise.

Disadvantages of this format

  • When renovating, it is not possible to start unless the food court providing store and the participating stores are aligned.
  • Since it is designed with a safe design so that it can be used in a wide range of restaurants, it is easy to get tired of it, and there may be cases where it does not match the design of each store's unique part.

Food court of each country


in Japan,Shopping centerIt is installed in many places. Especially noticeableDaieiGroup of subsidiariesOrange food court Dom DomYou can see an example of installing multiple stores in a Daiei store.Hanshin Department StoreThen I said "Food Terrier".

Also, indoor typeA stallVillage, orRamen,currySuch asFood theme parkYou can see the food court format in a part of.


ThailandThen,Bigc,Tesco LotusEtc.supermarket, (Central Department Store) Such asDepartment store, Installed in many other commercial facilities.

as a feature,"Coupon-RestaurantsAs is also called, the coupon (Cash voucher) Must buy and pay with this coupon at each store. You can also refund the surplus coupon. These days, not paper coupons,Prepaid CardSome food courts also use ceremonial coupons.


Singapore,MalaysiaIsCopyitium,Hawker CenterThere is a store street in the form of (street stall), which has the same function as a food court.

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