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💴 | How do you prepare money until the start of your pension if you retire before the age of 65?


If you retire before the age of 65, how do you prepare your money until the start of your pension?

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If you have any concerns about the future, such as money, pensions, or early retirement, please consult your financial planner.

How much does it cost to live?First of all, let's check the guideline for how much living expenses you need every month.Life style ... → Continue reading

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Financial Field publishes articles every day with the motto of "Solutions for questions and concerns about money are easy to understand." Financial fields can solve problems that are difficult to discuss, such as tuition, inheritance, loans, investment, insurance, etc.
Professionals such as financial planners, lawyers, certified public accountants, and tax accountants provide easy-to-understand news about user questions and the latest trends related to money.

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Financial planner

Financial planner(Financial Planner) receives a source such as income and expenditure, debt, family structure, and asset status from an individual customer, and based on that, future plans such as housing, education, and retirement will be provided.Life planningOccupation/profession that provides financial planning and advice in accordance with For shortFPAlso called (FP).

History in Japan

Current status of qualification

Recognized as having FP capability in JapanNational qualifications are level 1 to 3Financial Planning Technician[3].

In addition, the history before the current examination system was complicated is complicated, and there are many private qualifications and public qualifications that are the predecessors of the current examination, and similar qualifications implemented by industry groups in the financial and insurance industries. However, most of those who are currently called “Financial Planner” have the following qualifications.

  • Skill test
    • Level 1-3 Financial Planning Technician
    • It was implemented by a financial fortune as a public qualificationFinancial external skill examination(Common name: Kinzai FP) was abolished in 2001 due to the flow of administrative reform, and was integrated into the skill test, but those who completed and completed the certification training by the transition special provision become financial planning technicians of the same grade. It was
  • Non-proficiency test
    • CFP certified(In Japan, the Japan FP Association, which is affiliated with the US CFP board),AFP certified(Japan FP Association).
      AFP and CFP are private qualifications recognized by the association and are not monopoly qualifications stipulated by individual laws. However, the name is "registered trademark" by the association, and if a person other than the person authorized by the association uses the name, it will be questioned for trademark law violation, and the reliability will be secured.
    • To obtain the qualification to become an AFP accredited person, it is necessary to pass the AFP qualification examination (Financial Planning Skill Test Exam Level 2), complete the AFP accreditation training, and join the Japan FP Association. The order does not matter, but the expiration date for passing the AFP qualification examination is until the end of the year following the date of passing.
    • AFP qualification examination Is operationalLevel 2 Financial Planning Skill TestIn addition, both the association and the financial test are valid as AFP qualification examinations.
    • Certified public accountants and tax accountants obtain AFP qualification by completing AFP accredited training (tax accountant course).
    • To obtain the CFP certification, pass the CFP qualification examination and complete the CFP entry training. In addition, it is a requirement to have at least 10 years of work experience and submit a CFP contract between 5 years before passing the exam and 3 years after passing the exam. The validity period for passing the CFP qualification examination is within 5 years from the passing date.
    • Level 1 financial planning proficiency test doubles as CFP qualification testHowever, CFP certified persons are exempted from the academic test of the 1st grade financial planning skill test, and can become a 1st grade financial planning technician by passing the practical skill test.

The association stipulates renewal of qualifications for AFP and CFP certified persons every two years. AFP certified persons are required to have 2 credits or more in at least 2 subjects including FP practice and ethics, and CFP certified persons are required to continue education of 3 credits or more in at least 15 subjects including FP practice and ethics. There is.
Therefore, AFP certified persons and CFP certified persons are members of the association and are constantly acquiring new business-related knowledge through continuing education.
In addition, since the annual membership fee and the tuition fee for continuing education courses, which are the obligations of members of the association, are paid to each educational institution, a certain amount of expenses must be borne to maintain the qualification.

Gold Goods has also set up a financial planning technician center to provide continuing education opportunities for financial planning technicians.For regular members, continuing education of 2 points for 1st grade, 20 points for 2nd grade, and 15 points for 3rd grade is obligatory for 10 years.
Therefore, both members of the Financial Planning Technician Center and members of the FP Association have different educational institutions.Those who are constantly acquiring new business knowledge through continuing education with clear standardsAnd its reliability is guaranteed.

However, admission to the Financial Planning Skills Center is voluntary, and even if those who pass the Financial Planning Skills Test do not receive continuing education, they will not be disqualified, and they will be referred to as financial planning technicians. There is nothing forbidden to do that.

In addition, since there is no legal qualification to monopolize financial planning work, those who do not have CFP certified / AFP certified and financial planning technician qualifications perform the work under the name of financial planner. In that case, there are no legal issues.

Similar qualifications include FA (Financial Advisor) and AFA (Assistant Financial Advisor) sponsored by the Banking Certification Association, and TLC (Total Life Consultant) of the Life Insurance Association of Japan certified FP.

As a profession / occupation

FP as a professional is mainly divided into two types.Financial institution(bank-Trust bank-post office-Securities company-Life insurance company-Non-life insurance companySuch),accounting firm,Real estate broker・ Working at "Corporate FP"I have my own office and run independently."Independent FPThere are two systems.In addition, recently, he belongs to a company and mainly performs FP work for employees of that company.In-house FPIs also increasing.

Specializing in FP businessIndependent FP"" Is an hourly consultation fee for planning work, membership fee for membership contract (advisor fee for advisor contract in the liberal profession), manuscript writing for money magazines, etc., and instructor for money seminars, which is the original business of FP. However, the reality of independent FP is "Insurance agencyThe majority of those who are "" are mainly responsible for agency compensation.

In addition,Certified public accountant-Tax accountant-Social insurance laborer-Administrative scrivenerSuch as a technicianResidential land building dealerIn many cases, specialized contractors such as those specialize in each field (for example, certified public accountants / tax accountants are tax / business succession, social insurance labor consultants are pensions / social insurance, and administrative scriveners are case-related. Creation of factual certificates such as a non-heritage division agreement, real estate for residential land and building traders, etc.).in addition,DC planner-DC AdvisorFPs that have qualifications and whose main business is investment education,Mortgage plannerRecently, the number of qualified FPs that specialize in mortgage consulting activities is increasing.

Furthermore, in recent years, since companies other than financial institutions have become able to operate the securities brokerage business, sales commissions for stocks and investment trusts (however, the Japan Securities Industry Association will do itSecurities sales representativeFPs who have passed the exam and have certain requirements) and who have insurance mediator qualifications can get sales commissions for life insurance and non-life insurance.For that purpose, it is a prerequisite to conclude an IFA (= Independent Financial Adviser) contract with each financial institution.

"Corporate FPThe job is to sell financial / insurance products and real estate handled by sales employees with FP qualifications to customers.Recently, some financial institutions have been charging for asset management design, but most of the consultation services themselves are free of charge because the income source is mainly the income of financial products.

Equivalent to FP in the media even if you do not have FP qualificationcommentatorActivities/Economic criticThere are many people who are engaged in activities.In addition, since experience and proposal ability are more important than qualifications, many people start their own businesses as FPs even if they do not have advanced qualifications such as first-class technicians and CFPs.Furthermore, we will cancel the registration of private qualifications (CFP / AFP) that require annual membership fees, renewal fees, and continuing education, and carry out activities with only the national qualifications of Level 1 and 1 financial planning technicians. There are also many FPs.

However, in corporate FPs, in-house FPs, financial companies, life insurance companies, etc., they are actively qualified as CFPs and first-class financial planning technicians as part of self-development, employee training, and personnel evaluation. There are also many companies that encourage acquisition.

As a business model, a solid model has not been established due to its short history as a profession, and while it is still in a state of groping in the "independent FP" business, it can be said that it is a field with great potential. ..

Professional ethics

FP should protectProfessional ethicsIt is said that there are the following[4].

Prioritize customer interests
Do not plan to ignore the interests of your customers and prioritize your own interests. FP is "Customer interests are our top priorityBy doingGet rewarded from customersIt is defined as "person" and should not introduce only the financial products of a particular company to the customer.
Some FPs recommend products that are not suitable for customers but have high fees that they get, but this behavior isViolation of FP Code of EthicsIt cannot be forgiven.
Do not leak the customer information that you know to the outside.ファイナンシャル・プランナーには法律上の罰則付き守秘義務はないものの、顧客のFinancial planners have no legal penalties and confidentiality obligations, but customersPoliciesIt is necessary to follow this as a professional ethics because the occupation is in a position to know the information related to.
In particular, CFP certified persons who are members of the association have a confidentiality obligation (excluding cases based on legal grounds such as warrants) that disciplinary action will be imposed if they violate the provisions.
The FP must fully explain to the customer in order to make a proper decision for the customer.
Customer consent (Informed consent)
When explaining to customers, FP must proceed while confirming the level of understanding of customers.

Business restrictions

From the perspective of reviewing individual assets and proposing life planning, the consultation work as an FP is often carried out in a position close to the borderline of the occupational area of ​​each profession, and the behavior of the FP It is required to take.例えば、一般論を踏み越えた個別事情の法律相談はFor example, legal counseling on individual circumstances that goes beyond general theoryLawyer, Tax consultation is free of chargeTax accountantIt is an exclusive business of, and legal and tax consultation beyond general theoryLawyer law-Tax accountant lawBecause it conflicts with, it is not possible to take a step further.

Paradoxically, the restrictions of each of these approaching business laws are the restrictions of FP's business, and in order to lead to more in-depth consulting, it is necessary to devise business execution such as establishing connections with each specialist. ..


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