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📊 | FamilyMart / Salad Cafe Supervision "Domestic kale and 7 kinds of vegetable green salad"


"Green salad with domestic kale and 7 kinds of vegetables" supervised by FamilyMart / Salad Cafe

If you write the contents roughly
You can also put roast chicken on it and take protein at the same time.

On June 6, FamilyMart supervised the salad specialty store "Salad Cafe" with "domestic kale and seven kinds of vegetable greens ..." → Continue reading

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Roast chicken

Roast chicken(British: Roast chicken) IsChickenIt is a dish that is baked wholeMeat dishOne of the.

ovenAnd grilledstringRoasted roasted roasted roasting machine (dedicated roasting machine)roasterThere are various cooking methods such as those baked in). AlsoDutch oven(Outdoor cookingThere is also a method of steaming using a thick iron pot). Since it is roasted, the umami is hard to escape, and the flavor of the burnt skin is added.

When baking in the oven, use the hollowed chickenSalt,pepper,garlic,ロ ー ズ マ リ ーI rubbed it in and seasoned it, and made it with vegetables and small pieces of bread inside.Phallus(Stuffing or in EnglishdressingAfter stuffing the legs, sew the legs with octopus thread to shape them and apply oil to the surface in advance. With chicken on the top of the ovenonion,carrotPut vegetables such as these on top and bake so that a uniform brown color is obtained while supplementing the moisture and flavor. The surface of the chicken and the relatively easy to cook during bakingBreast meatSprinkle the gravy and fat on the top plate several times to prevent it from drying out ("("Buddha: water) ”Or“(English edition)(British: Basting) ”) Is the trick.

JapanThen typicalChristmasIt ’s one of the dishes,North AmericaThen.TurkeyRoast is preferred. AlsoEuropeThen,ガ チ ョ ウRoast is also preferred.

When serving roast chicken to the table, on the thin part of the toesManchette(Paper frills andAluminum foil)[1].. This is said to be "wrapped to keep your hands clean when you have boned meat," but originally it was wrapped to hide the cross-section, saying "It looks bad if you can see the cross-section of the bone." Is said to be the beginning.

recently,Fried chickenFor consumers who shy away from high calories, somefast foodThe service of serving roast chicken subdivided in stores has become more and more common.

グ ル ジ ア[2][3]And in Russia, it is a kind of roast chicken(English edition)(Табака) is popular.The cooking method is to cut the chest vertically from the abdomen, tap the bones and joints with a mallet in the open state to form it flat, then add salt and pepper as a base, add herbs and spices as you like, season and frying butter. Put it in the pan and put the skin on top, put a weight that crushes the whole, heat it slowly, and when it is time to turn it over and bake the side of the skin.


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