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📢 | Pop-up co-op at WWS flagship store Shinjuku for “business person in the new normal era”…


Pop-up co-op at WWS flagship store Shinjuku for "business person in the new normal era" ...

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Implementation period: Mid-July ~
Functional setup "WWS x" for bicycle commuters produced in collaboration with WWS, Cycle Base Asahi, and 10 EDIFICE for 417 people by lottery from those who purchased target products such as "Office Press e" developed by Cycle Base Asahi. 417 for CYCLE BASE ASAHI JK "" WWS x 417 for CYCLE BASE ASAHI PT ", while realizing the comfort of sneakers developed by ASICS Trading, while walking for a long time during business trips and disasters as well as sudden rain We will present "texcy luxe Gore-Tex series", which is a high-quality and multifunctional leather shoe that is as good as any other.

Borderless wear brand "WWS" x cycle base Asahi x leather shoes brand "texcy luxe" bird ... → Continue reading

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Asahi (company)

Asahi Co., Ltd.(British: ASAHI CO., LTD.[2]) Is "Cycle base AsahiIn the name ofBicycleDevelop a specialty storeManufacturing and retailingIs a person.


KantoArea/KansaiArea/Central partFocusing on the areachainDeployment.the current,Hokkaido,Tohoku region,Chushikoku region,Kyushu regionIt also has stores in Japan.

PresidentThe presidentIs Yoshifumi Shimoda.Former President Susumu Shimoda is the third son of three brothers, originallyRoad raceHe ran a pro shop that had the team "Minerva Racing Team".

At the time of its founding, the company name was "Asahi Toy Co., Ltd." "Mama rangeIt has nothing to do with the "Asahi toys" known as.Also, although the name is similar to "Asahi Cycle", which is headquartered in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, the capital relationship is irrelevant.However, commercial transactions such as finished bicycle products and parts of Asahi Cycle are being carried out.

It has become a chain store and has become the largest bicycle store in Japan.e-commerceWe are also focusing on our business, and the online shopping store is one of the largest bicycle stores in Japan, and we also sell abundant parts online.We were among the first to launch a service that allows you to receive bicycles ordered online at stores.

As maintenance after purchase, thank-you inspection 390 yen + tax (currently not done, there is a safety inspection (simple inspection) 1000 yen) that performs simple inspection of main items at a low price, theft guarantee and regular inspection There are cyclemates (3 yen, 3000 yen, 4000 yen for 5000 years) who can discount the repair price.By encouraging customers to come to the store after purchase, they have succeeded in continuously acquiring customers.On the other hand, the cycle-based Asahi website not only sells bicycles and parts, but also introduces in detail how to maintain and customize the bicycle.

Excellent profitability as a reason for the rapid growth of the companyPrivate brandProduct development can be mentioned. The ratio of PB products is 50% of the total, which is considerably higher than other retailers.It is a so-called manufacturing retailer, and is often taken up as a highly profitable company in a recession together with UNIQLO and Nitori.In general, manufacturing and retailing companies often outsource product development to other companies on an OEM basis, but most Asahi PBs carry out everything from product planning to development, manufacturing, and quality control in-house.Lehman shockIt has been featured in many business magazines as a company that is growing profits in the recession caused by. In September 2009ForbesWas selected as one of the 200 Featured SMEs in Asia.

Bicycle road raceAthlete'sMayuko HagiwaraJoined the company in 2009 after graduating from college and remained an employee until joining a professional team in the United Kingdom in 2013.During that time, he continued his competitive activities as a player belonging to "Asahi Racing" while working.All Japan Cycling ChampionshipHe has won four individual time trials (4, 2009, 2010, 2011) and three road races (2012, 3, 2010).


  • April 1949 (Showa 24) --Founded
  • May 1975-Established Asahi Toy Co., Ltd. in Daito-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • November 1989-Osaka PrefectureNeyagawaOpened our first large bicycle specialty store "Cycle Base Asahi Neyagawa Store"
  • May 1992-Changed company name to Asahi Co., Ltd.
  • May 1992-Susumu Shimoda appointed as President and Representative Director
  • October 1997-Started online shopping. "Cycle-based Asahi Networking Store" opens on the WEB
  • April 2004- Japan Securities Dealers AssociationRegister shares in over-the-counter
  • October 2005-Start of product supply business
  • April 2005- MieIga CityAcquired a logistics facility in Japan "Cycle Base Asahi West Japan Logistics Center (ALC West Japan)" started operation
  • April 2005- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the second section of the market
  • October 2007, 19-Designation as a stock on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • March 2010, 22 --Established a local subsidiary in China "Aisanxi (Beijing) Bicycle Trading Co., Ltd."
  • May 2010, 22-Headquarters moved to Takakura-cho, Miyakojima-ku
  • May 2010, 22-Opened the first store in China, "Bicycle Base Aisanxi Sangen Nishibashi Main Store"
  • April 2011- TokyoHachioji CityOpened "Cyclebase Asahi Minami Osawa Kids Hall", one of the largest children's car specialty stores in Japan
  • July 2011-Our first "sports car specialty floor" opens on the 23nd floor of the Minami Osawa store in Hachioji, Tokyo.
  • April 2011- SaitamaKukiCompletion of logistics facility in "Cycle Base Asahi East Japan Logistics Center (ALC East Japan)" started operation
  • May 2012-Yoshifumi Shimoda appointed as President and Representative Director Susumu Shimoda appointed as Chairman of the Board
  • January 2013-Osaka PrefectureToyonaka CityOpened our first electrically power assisted bicycle specialty store "Ryokuchi Electric Assisted Building"
  • May 2013-Susumu Shimoda retires as a director
  • June 2013-Opened "Kitahorie DEPT.", Our first "urban" store in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
  • February 2015 --- "Asahi VISION 27 -NEXT STAGE-" formulated
  • May 2015-Brand slogan and logo mark renewed
  • May 2015-Achieved 27 stores in Japan
  • May 2015 --Started efforts at sports cycle strengthening stores
  • January 2017-Start of purchase service at outlet & reuse specialty shop "LOHAS Cycle asahi" Takaishi store (Osaka)
  • July 2017 (Heisei 29)-Announced to acquire the exclusive sales agency rights in Japan for "LOUIS GARNEAU" and "GARNEAU"
  • October 2017-Started the sole distributor in Japan for eight overseas sports cycle parts brands (29T, KENDA, WELD TITE, etc.)


  • Number of stores: 497 stores, opened in 45 prefectures nationwide (as of March 2021, 6)


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