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🎗 | Saga Daiichi, Saga Wakakusu Lions Club 2 groups, donated to NPO operated by children's shelter

Photo Junichi Sato, Managing Director of NPO "Saga Children's Support Circle", who received a list from Chairman Terumi Iisasa (left) of Saga Daiichi Lions Club = Grande Hagakure of Saga City

Donated to Saga Daiichi, Saga Wakakusu Lions Club 2 organizations, and children's shelter management NPO

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At the presentation ceremony at Royal Chester Saga in Saga City, Chairman Inoue said, "I hope it helps youth development as much as possible," and handed over the catalog.

Saga Daiichi Lions Club (Chairman Terumi Iisasa) and Saga Wakakusu Lions Club (Chairman Takafumi Inoue) will be in Saga Prefecture on the 24th ... → Continue reading

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