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📊 | PEG ratio shows "cheap", struggling to find small and medium-sized stocks


Struggled to find small and medium-sized stocks with PEG ratio showing "cheap"

If you write the contents roughly
In this story, St. Care Holdings (nursing business development), Fit (mainly compact solar power plant for investors), Tokyo Electron Device (Tokyo Electron semiconductor trading company), Monogatari Corporation (3097, restaurant chain), mentioned before Oak fans (3674, product distribution platform business), Japan Living Guarantee (guarantee repair of housing equipment), etc. will be on the investment target.

I first learned about PEG ratio more than 15 years ago. Still active and investment adviser in his late 70s ... → Continue reading

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Japan Living Warranty

Japan Living Warranty Co., Ltd.(Japan Living Warranty, English company name:Japan Living Warranty Inc.) IsTokyoShinjuku wardNishi-ShinjukuHeadquartered inJapan Of住宅FacilitysecurityCompany.


Japan Living Warranty is a company established in 2009[1],住宅Of equipmentManufacturer guaranteeExtended warranty service after the end[2][3], Providing a building condition survey service for used houses, etc.[4]. In 2018Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothersListed on[5].



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