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📊 | VenusFort / Fashion BLXCK Tokyo, Troismille open


VenusFort / Fashion BLXCK Tokyo opens Troismille

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"VenusFort" is up to 60% off at about 80 stores, including popular outlets.

VenusFort will be on July 7rd with the theme of "affirming imperfections", both men's and women's with a focus on monotone ... → Continue reading

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60 store

Venus Fort

Venus Fort(VenusFort) IsTokyoKoto WardQinghai OfPalette TownInMori BuildingOf operationShopping mall.


"FemaleForTheme parkTheme park typeShopping mallIs. Until 2010Venus Fort Co., Ltd.(Mori BuildingEstablished with a 50% stake in eachJoint Venture) Was operating.Currently, it is operated by Mori Building.

1999 (11)May 8Opened in[1][2][3]..It is located on the 2-3rd floor of the Palette Town West Mall Building.Inside the shopping mall17~18st century OfSouth france,Northern Italy[1]like中 世Europe[4]The beautiful cityscape ofFashion-Misc & Amenities-Cosmetics-RestaurantsAbout 160 stores are open.In addition, the ceiling of the atrium changes from blue sky to dusk to night depending on the time.

The first floor of the West Mall Building was initially an independent commercial facility, "Sunwalk(Operated by Mori Building Co., Ltd.).However, it was renewed on April 2006, 4, and "Venus Fort Family(Later renamed to Venus Family) ”, it has become a commercial facility integrated with Venus Fort.The "Venus Family" isPetIt is a facility that can be taken with you.

2009 (21)May 12On the 3rd floor, the XNUMXrd floor was renewed.Venus outletBecame[5].. this is,Tokyo 23 WardFirst inoutletAt the facility[5]This is the first case where a regular store and an outlet live together in the same facility.

The sound in the hall isBOSEThe company's BMS (Business Music System) is adopted.

Fuji Television Network, IncseriesVariety show "On the runIt is also used as an escape area for "", and in the past, the church plaza was "2015 FNS Song FestivalWas used as one of the venues[6].

About closing of facility

2010 Since the lease contract expires in June, the facility was scheduled to be closed and removed along with the removal of the entire Palette Town.In addition, in the land where Palette Town is located, commercial facilities and new modelsFerris wheelConstruction plans such as are decided,Mori BuildingToyotaRedeveloped and the original plan2013 Was scheduled to open[7]..However, the dismantling of both facilities was postponed due to changes in economic conditions and deterioration of social conditions, and business will continue for the time being.

2020 In addition to the two companies mentioned aboveToyota group OfTowa Real Estatebyア リ ー ナ,Hotel,office, CommercialEntertainmentAnnouncing a construction plan for a new complex consisting of facilities, etc.[8][9][10]..With this plan, the facility2022 May 3Will be closed in[11][12].

Directions and Parking

Surrounding facilities


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