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📢 | We will openly solicit business establishments and entrepreneurs from all over the country in order to create work in the Goto archipelago and protect our lives.Three-quarters of the project cost ...


In order to create work in the Goto archipelago and protect our lives, we will openly solicit business establishments and entrepreneurs from all over the country.Three-quarters of the project cost ...

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[Outline of subsidy project]
1. Requirements for project implementation
(XNUMX) Founding or business expansion where new employment occurs
(XNUMX) Expected to increase sales or added value in the future
③ Sufficient funding is expected
2. Schedule
① Open call for participants: July 2021, 7 (Thursday) -August 1, 2021 (Monday) 8:2 must arrive
(2021) Prior individual consultation: July 7, 1 (Thursday) -August 2021, 8 (Monday) / Location: Goto City Hall
* Price: Free
* Reservation required: Please apply by phone in advance.

Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture has three-quarters of the expenses required for business expansion and entrepreneurship that lead to job creation in the city (up to 4 million yen). → Continue reading

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Must arrive at 17:XNUMX ② Prior individual consultation

Goto City Hall

Goto City Hall(Goto Yakusho) isJapan OfLocal governmentIsNagasakiGoto cityFacility that conducts office work as an executive body ofGovernment office).


Main office organization

  • City Council-Secretariat-General Affairs Section, Parliamentary Section
  • Mayor - vice-mayor
    • Prosperous Island Creation Mayor's Office --- e-Murazukuri / Priority Policy Promotion Group, Secretary
    • Planning Division-Planning Section, Public Relations Section, Information Policy Section, Cadastral Statistics Section
    • Finance Section-Finance Section, Administration Section, Contract Section
    • General Affairs Division-Administrative Section, Legal Section, Personnel Group
    • Culture Promotion Office-Culture Promotion Group
    • Tax Division-Administration Section, Municipal Tax Group, Property Tax Section, Storage Group
    • Citizen's Division-Family Register and Housing Group, Insurance and Pension Group, Residents' Life Section
      • Branch offices (Okuura, Sakiyama, Motoyama, Ohama, Kabashima,Kuga Island)
      • Kabashima Branch Office Ifuki Branch Office
    • Social Welfare Division-General Affairs Section, Children's Home Counseling Group, Disability Welfare Section, Protection Group
      • Matsujuen --Administrator
    • Longevity Nursing Care Division-Nursing Care Insurance Group, Nursing Care Prevention Section, Community Support Section
    • Health Policy Division-Health Prevention Group, Clinic Section
      • Ifukuki Clinic-Main Kiln Branch
      • Huangdao Clinic Akashima Branch
      • Kuga Clinic
      • Tamanoura Clinic-Medical Office, Secretariat
      • Mitsui Raku Clinic-Medical Office, Secretariat
    • Living Environment Division-Environmental Group (Cleaning Center, Sanitation Center, Final Disposal Site)
    • (Waterworks Bureau) Waterworks Division-Business Group, Water Supply Group
    • Agriculture and Forestry Division-Agricultural Team, Livestock, Cultivated Land, Forestry
    • Fisheries Division-Administration Section, Fisheries Section, Fishing Port Section
    • Commerce and Industry Tourism Division-Commercial and Industrial Reconstruction Group, Tourism Exchange Section
    • Construction Division-Building and Housing Group, Town Development Promotion Section, Civil Engineering Group, Land Section
    • Management Section-Management Section, Park Section, Maintenance Section, Port Management Office
      • Port management office
  • Accounting Manager --Accounting Section --Accounting Section

Administrative committee

  • Election Commission-Secretariat
  • Fairness Committee-Secretariat
  • Audit Committee-Secretariat
  • Agricultural Committee-Secretariat-Agricultural Land Section
  • Board of education - Superintendent of schools
    • General Affairs Division-General Affairs Section, Facility Section
    • School Education Division-School Education Section, Academic Affairs Section-Elementary School, Junior High School
    • Lifelong Learning Division-Social Education Section, Sports Reconstruction Section


  • 1954(29)May 4 Fukue CityEnforcement of the system.For the city hall, we used the former Fukue-cho government building (two-story wooden structure) located at 667-1, Fukue-go (→ Fukue-cho).
  • 1962(37)May 9 Great Fire of FukueThe government building was burnt down.
  • 1964(39)May 9 Relocated the new government building to the current location and built a new one.
  • 1981(56)May 7 Completion of extension of new building.
  • 2004(16)May 8 Merger of municipalitiesGoto City was established by.The city hall continues to use the former Fukue city hall and continues to this day.


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