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📊 | Yamada Holdings, reason for stock price slump and scenario of revival even though profit level is approaching its peak

Photo A scene from Yamada's new commercial that appeals to "everything that makes your life shiawase."

Yamada Holdings, reason for stock price slump and scenario of revival even though profit level is approaching its peak

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Have you seen the new commercial of Yamada Holdings?

As a company that covers not only home appliances but also remodeling, housing, consumer goods, etc. → Continue reading

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Yamada Denki

Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.(British: YAMADA-DENKI Co., Ltd.) IsJapanLargestConsumer electronics storechain.Tech Land (Tecc.Land),LABI(Rabbi),Yamada Mobile(Old:Tech site〈Tecc.site>) We are developing stores in such formats.Some of the store names "Yamada Denki" are operated by our directly managed stores and subsidiaries and affiliated companies (described later).

In this article, until September 2020Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.The holding company, which was developing a consumer electronics mass retailer under the trade name ofYamada Holdings Co., Ltd.(English: YAMADA HOLDINGS CO., LTD.) Is also described.


1973,Nippon Victor(Current:JVC Kenwood) Left the companyMiyazakiFromYamada NoboruIs a private store (National shop) "Yamada Denka Center"(GunmaMaebashi) Founded[2].1983ToYamada Denki Co., Ltd.Establishment[Note 1].

GunmaStarted as a suburban home appliance mass sales chain with1980 eraFromNorth KantoIt is the same business of each prefecture,Kojima(Tochigi),K's Denki(Ibaraki), etc., and fierce competition with each other's entry into the trade area and price competition, the scale has expanded. For a period of time, sales were inferior to Kojima, but large store openingsDeregulationIn line with this, we switched to a strategy of increasing the size of stores ahead of other companies.

1999ToKyotoYawataToKansaiOpened the first store, Kyoto Yawata, and started nationwide expansion from this store, the next day2000 OfTokyo Stock ExchangePart OneListingSince then, the company has promoted rebuilding and relocation of existing stores, and has accelerated its nationwide expansion through tie-ups and acquisitions with local mass retailers in various regions.

2002Became the largest consumer electronics retailer in Japan, overtaking Kojima2005In February, it was the first specialized mass retailer in Japan to achieve sales of 2 trillion yen.same yearMay 7It was not open until the endTokushimaTokushimaAizumiOpened the store and achieved the first foray into all prefectures as a consumer electronics mass retailer. In fiscal 2006, it accounted for 2% of sales in the consumer electronics mass retailing industry.[3].20083KojimaShimane Until it opened in, it was the only consumer electronics mass retailer chain that opened stores in all prefectures (but then KojimaBic cameraKojima closed unprofitable stores one after another because it was acquired by.After all2018Currently, it is the only consumer electronics mass retailer in all prefectures. ).

Suburb OfRoadside store openingIs the main, but in order to further expand the business, in small commercial areas and in the city centerDowntownAdvance to the station front (Rail side strategy) Is also aiming.2004In June, as a test for urban stores,Hiroshima cityIn the centerHiroshima Central Head OfficeOpen[Note 2]..Based on that know-how2006ToOsakaNaniwa Ward"LABI 1 Namba" was opened in Tokyo, and after that, "LABI" was opened in the city center.Terminal stationBic Camera andYodobashi CameraIt has become a clash with urban mass retailers such as. Also in 2006May 9,Mobile phone,Mobile audioSuch asMobile deviceTech site, a new business format for small stores that specializes inTokyo OfNakano StationIt opened a store before, and this is also being expanded to various places thereafter. In September 2006,KansaiandHokkaidoStarted broadcasting "Yamada TV Shopping" in the area.2007May 1FromTerrestrial waveとBSIt aims to make a full-scale entry into the TV shopping field by expanding nationwide.

2011Is a home maker SxL (currently:Yamada Homes) Under the umbrella, under the brand name of “S×L by YAMADA”Solar power-All electrificationEquipped withSmart houseFocusing on sales promotion2012Is a housing equipment manufacturerHouse techThe company is also considering expanding business categories other than home appliances, such as by putting

2013From March, solar panels will be installed on the rooftops of about 3 stores in Japan, out of about 700 directly managed stores nationwide.Solar powerIt is carried out[4].

2020May 10WithHolding companyShifted to the system (described later).

Theme song

CM song,In-store songThe song used as "The song of Yamada Denki" (Lyrics: Yamada Denki and his funny friends, Composition:Ichiro Tomita) Exists. It should be noted that the album “9” that includes the theme songs of consumer electronics mass retailers, including the companyElectric Park"But,Pony canyonIs on sale.

Store development

Yamada (Gunma), Kojima (Tochigi), and K's Denki (Ibaraki), which have competed vigorously in the northern Kanto region since the 1980s,North Kanto YKKIs called (Yodobashi CameraAlso called "Y2K" in Yamada and Kojima),NEC Large Store Association (NEBA) It was said that they were "Fuun children or turbulent children in the northern Kanto region", but their momentum has spread all over the country today, triggering the reorganization of the home appliance sales industry and the dissolution of NEBA (August 2005). It can be said that.Among them, Kojima, which has its head office in the neighboring prefecture, has a very strong rivalry, and they have opened stores in the neighborhood, and the scene like the picture on the right can be seen not only in the Gunma / Tochigi area but also in the whole country. (In the case of Koriyama City in the above image, Yamada Denki has moved and shrunk to a point 8km south, so Kojima is virtually in the army). It emphasizes that it is "cheaper than other stores," and has been the subject of a trial regarding its price display. In 1, Kojima became the number one seller of home appliances in Japan.Best electric appliancesGained an advantage, but Yamada rapidlyScrap and buildIn 2002, he passed Kojima and jumped to the top, becoming the style today. In addition, aiming to build a unique brand PC by focusing on PC salesKOUZIROIn addition to making it a subsidiary, we are also focusing on selling used PCs, and these have strengths in corporate sales.

As of July 2021, it has the following business formats. Since the end of the 7th century, it has strengthened its store opening offensive and opened stores in all 20 prefectures by 2005.

Techland (Tecc.Land)
General home appliance store.Yamada Denki's main store format.RoadsideWe will open a store mainly in.Seiyu etc.General supermarketThe number of stores that move in as tenants has increased since around 2015, and the store name of "Techland" has changed to the store name of Yamada Denki, which is not another type of business listed below.
Many stores are on the first floorParking LotPlace the store and give points to the storeTerminal・Only toilets are installed, and the sales floor is on the second floor and above. However,SatomsenSome stores that have been converted from other stores and those that have recently opened new stores include one-storey stores.
Like K's Denki, there are many stores called "Techland XX Main Store" and "Main Store".
Previously, the appearance of stores was mainly flashy with yellow as the base color, but recent stores have changed to the appearance with white or gray as the base color.In addition, some stores have changed the green part to blue for stores that have existed before the reopening.
There are also stores that have converted from Seiden Co., Ltd., Matsuyadenki Co., Ltd., and Best Denki Co., Ltd., which have become subsidiaries, to Techland.The store name will be changed to Yamada Denki (→ Yamada Denki) Techland, but the operation will continue to be carried out by the corporation before the conversion.[5][6][7][Note 3].
In recent years, in addition to home appliances,OTC drugsThere are also stores that sell.
Yamada Denki has not opened a store before, but it is a large-scale urban store that was newly opened when opening a store in front of the central terminal station where camera-based home electronics mass retailers are located.Basically, it develops by renting almost the entire commercial building in the city center. What is LABI?LIFE ABIIt is a coined word from "LITY SUPPLY". The three large stores, Takasaki, Ikebukuro, and Namba are labeled LABI3.[8].
Stores that use the LABI store name in the case of stores that move in as tenants instead of renting the entire store[9]And stores that use the name of Techland[10]Are mixed.
On June 2004, 6, as an experimental store, an urban store "Techland Hiroshima Central Store" (With WonderlandMark.Tenmaya Hatchobori BuildingThe store was changed to LABI and closed at the time of relocation to, and based on the results.2006May 3The first store "LABI1 Namba" (Namba ParksWe opened 9 stores in 21 prefectures since then.
Many stores are opened by leaving department stores or acquiring stores through M & A of other companies in the same industry.Mito storeK's HoldingsAlthough it has a store opening strategy with a strong awareness of other companies in the industry, such as building it opposite the head office, the Mito store was closed.
2008May 7"LABI1 Takasaki", which was opened in, opened a new building with its head office attached (the head office relocation date was July 7 of the same year). Regarding leaving Maebashi City, where the company was founded, Vice President Koji Ichinomiya said in a press conference at the time of the announcement of the move to Takasaki in 1 that he said, "The reason for leaving the company is It's a pity, but it was a fateful choice because we were fighting for 2005 minute 1 second."[11].. Takasaki is the founding place in the vicinityBic cameraThe Takasaki East Exit store is located[12].
2009May 10"LABI1 Japan Head Office Ikebukuro" opened in (MitsukoshiThe site of the Ikebukuro store, next to BicCamera) advocates "realization of comprehensive distribution that is not restricted by the conventional electronics retail stores" and is positioned as the culmination of an urban store that coexists with a restaurant floor, futsal court, etc.[13].. Originally in Ikebukuro2007May 7There was a third store, "LABI Ikebukuro," which was opened in, but it has been remodeled into a store specializing in mobile devices and hobbies (Ikebukuro Mobile Dream Building, treated as an annex of Japan Head Office).
As an example of saddle replacement from Techland,HiroshimaWith the storeBig shipWith the storeJiyugaokaA store[14][15].
Sannomiya is operated by Hoshidensha[Note 4]All others are directly managed stores, but previously the Shinbashi storeKimurayaIt was operated.
Yamada Mobile
Mobile phoneas well as the Mobile computingA specialized small store. Deployed around Tokyo. Formerly named tech site (Tecc.site)
Yamada outlet
Business model dealing with old model inventory items, display items and used home appliances at each store.
There are no new stores, and all are from existing Techland stores or LABI stores. Some stores have reopened in this business format since they closed.
Group company CIC is affiliated with some storesDon Don upIs open in shop.
Household appliances home building, LABI LIFE SELECT
In a new format developed since 2017, we have home appliances, furniture such as sofas and beds, and home related products such as kitchen appliances.RenovationThere are also stores with a real estate corner and a cafe.
Unlike the Techland store, the entire floor isDownlightIt's lighting, and the theme song mentioned above is not playing.
"LABI LIFE SELECT," which is a remodeled LABI store, is a similar type of business, and corresponds to Takasaki, Jiyugaoka, Tachikawa, and Chisato.
Yamada Webcom[16]
Internet mail orderBusiness format with the service of.The feature is that the number of items is twice that of normal Techland, and the price is the same as online shopping.The old name is YAMADA Wholesale.
Home Appliances Living Hall x YAMADA web.com
A business format that combines the elements of the above-mentioned home appliances living hall and Yamada Webcom.Webcom stores are strengthening the handling of furniture that is not available.
The format used from the Kumamoto Kasuga store (formerly Techland → Home Appliances Smile Building), which was renovated and opened on June 2021, 6.[17].
The feature is that the sales floor area has been expanded compared to the existing "Home Appliances Smile Hall" and the handling of non-home appliances (furniture, interiors, household goods, remodeling, toys, etc.) has been strengthened.[18].
After that, on June 6th of the same year, Himeji Main Store (former: Techland New Himeji Main Store)[19]However, on July 7nd, the Sapporo main store (former: Techland → Home Appliances Smile Building)[20]Has been renovated and opened in the form of gradually converting to "Tecc LIFE SELECT".
Self-made inherited from Project White Co., Ltd. when the group was reorganized in July 2021computerA business format that specializes in PC parts and the like.At the time of succession, it has 9 stores in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka, and Fukuoka prefectures.
Best electric appliances
A comprehensive home appliance sales format inherited from Best Denki Co., Ltd. when the group was reorganized in July 2021.In addition to opening stores in 7 prefectures in JapanMalaysia-Singapore-IndonesiaIt also has a store.
Matsuya Denki
A comprehensive home appliance sales format inherited from Matsuyadenki Co., Ltd. when the group was reorganized in July 2021.At the time of succession, it has expanded to 7 prefectures.
Similar to "Matsuyadenki", this format was inherited from Matsuyadenki Co., Ltd. when the group was reorganized in July 2021.

In addition, an affiliated company of the Yamada Holdings Group is "Cosmos Berries" (Cosmos Belize), "Re-Rakukan" and "Re-Raku Replus" (CIC) are operated.

Point service

2001From membership card (“Yamada point card (rewrite type card)” “safety member card (rewrite type card)” “Yamada LABI card (point card with credit function)”)Point serviceHas been actively used as a differentiating factor from other suburban competitors who are negative about the point system.Before full-scale introduction at all Yamada Denki stores, 21 "Digital 2" stores (TokyoAdachi-kuandOkayama City..Both were converted to "tech sites", and the Okayama store was later closed) for experimental introduction.The old Digital 21 rewrite point card (silver) and Yamada Denki's rewrite point card (gold) could be used interchangeably at each compatible store.

The "Yamada Point Card" (rewrite-type card) was once issued but ended again.

In recent years, the number of products that can be selected by simultaneously setting “high price with points” and “cheap price without points”, and the number of products with “price reduced and points only” set have expanded. ..

The point card at Tokai Techland affiliated stores is clearly stated that it can be used only at Tokai Techland (the same applies to point cards at Denki Land affiliated stores).Kyushu Tech LandThe point cards at affiliated stores have different designs, and it was specified that they can be used only at Kyushu Techland, but since October 2008, mutual use has become possible. It also became a wholly owned subsidiaryPresso HoldingsThe "Presso Point Card" issued by the three affiliated companies since September 3 cannot be used at regular Yamada Denki stores, but can only be used at stores that have converted from the former three Presso companies to Yamada Denki.

In December 2014, the "Yamada Point Card" was renewed, and the conventional rewrite type was replaced.barcodeChanged to readable type (in addition to barcode on the back side,Mobile phone,SmartphoneFor checking the point balance using the barcode reader function ofQR codeWas also added). In addition, there are two types of designs, a blue version with a large "YAMADA" logo and a colorful version with many small symbol marks, which can be selected at the time of enrollment or switching from the rewrite type card.

Point machine

In addition to giving points when purchasing products, you can receive "visit points" by using "point machines" installed at store entrances ("Yamada Mobile" does not have point machines). The points given areSlot machineIt is decided by lottery in the manner of.

The service provided by the point machine may differ depending on the store and the time of use. The following includes examples of provision at some stores.

At the time of introduction, it was possible to use it only once per day when visiting the store and received at least 1 points of gifts (up to 1 times each month without purchasing products. It can be used at the time of member registration and product purchase The number has been added).

2006年から来店時と商品購入後の1日最大2回まで利用可能となった(来店時に最低10ポイント+商品200円以上購入後に最低90ポイント。後に、来店時に10 - 4000ポイント+商品3,000円以上購入後に10 - 4,000ポイント)。

Today, once again, the point machine is used once per person. 1-1 points are awarded for each use. Normally, after purchasing more than 1 yen worth of products (50 yen worth or more for limited time campaigns), the number of points (point chance) that can be used will be restored to the current upper limit of "4,000 times". If the machine is already used on the day of recovery, the next use will be the next day or later.

As of April 2010, 4, the use of rewrite-type point cards (Yamada point card, Anshin membership card) at the point machine has ended (the use at the time of purchase is the same as before until the point card was renewed in December 30). It was possible).

Since May 2010, 5, only mobile phone de point and mobile phone de touch can be used for visiting point machines. Registered in advanceMobile phoneThen, the service using the bar code display on the screen is "Keitai de point",Mobile walletThe service tied to "Keitai de touch" is[21].. After that, the service name was changed to become a "Keitai de Anshin" member that includes the Keitai de point and the Keitai de touch function (the department in charge of this service is the "Kaitai de Point Secretariat").

From June 2014, 6, the visiting point service with the "Yamada LABI Card", which is a point card with credit function, has been restored for the first time in about four years. In addition, regarding the point card, with the new bar code reading type card issued from December 21, the machine can be used only when checking the balance of points and using the campaign for a limited time (with the point card Visit point service cannot be used as before).


  • 1973(Showa48 years)- Nippon VictorYamada Noboru who left the company is Gunma PrefectureMaebashiFounded an electronics store at Sojamachi Soja.
  • 1978(Showa 53) June 6-The current corporation was established as Nippon Electric Cable Co., Ltd.
  • 1983(Showa 58) September 9-(Old)Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1987(Showa 62) July 3- Dormant companyNippon Electric Cable Co., Ltd. changed its name to (currently) Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.
  • 1987(Showa 62) May 5-For the purpose of changing the face value of shares, (current) Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. (formally surviving company) absorbed (former) Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. (actual surviving company) .
  • 1989(HeiseiFirst year) March-Over-the-counter stock (JASDAQ) Release.
  • 1996(8)- Internet service providerStart a business.
  • 1997(9) June- Southern farm productsとJoint Venture-Southern Kyushu Yamada DenkiEstablished a stock company. In the same yearKagawaAlso opened.
  • 1999(11)- KyotoYawata OfNational Route 1Opens the first store in the Kansai area, Kyoto Yawata store. With the opening of this Kyoto Hachiman store, we will begin full-scale expansion nationwide.
  • 2000(12) April 9- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the first part.
  • 2001(13)
    • July-Established Okinawa Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.
    • 9 month - Wako ElectricWako Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture.
  • 2002(14) May-Co., Ltd.DaikumaStocks ofIto-YokadoGet from the groupsubsidiaryConversion.
  • 2004(16)
    • May 1 -Acquired shares of Kamidai Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.
    • May 5 -Wako Yamada Denki changed its name to Kansai Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.
    • May 6 -Kamidai Co., Ltd.KOUZIROCompany name changed to.
    • May 6 -The first urban store "Techland Hiroshima Central Main Store" opens.
    • May 7 -``Tech Land,'' which marks the first advance to OkinawaGushigawaYamada Denki opens a store. In addition, the "Home Appliances PC Repair Center" was set up in the store for the first time, starting with the first store in Okinawa, the Gushikawa store. After that, it became an opportunity to set up repair centers in LABI and large stores.
  • 2005(17)
    • May 1 -The first station front (directly connected) store, "Techland"Beppu StationThe "front store" opens.
    • May 2 -For the first time as a Japanese specialty store, consolidated sales exceeded 1 trillion yen.
    • May 7 - MakiyaEstablished a joint venture, Tokai Techland Co., Ltd. (converting Yabedenki to Techland).
    • May 7 -"Tech Land TokushimaAizumiIn just six years, we achieved the full-scale advancement of all prefectures that started in 1999 at the Kyoto Yawata store.
    • May 9 -Separation of small electric appliance franchiser business from Hoei ElectronicsCosmos BelizeEstablished a stock company.
    • May 11 - Marnaka,Dynamite CorporationAnd three companies joint venture companyChushikoku Tech LandEstablished (converted "Denki's Dynamite" to Techland).
  • 2006(18)May 3 -The first store adjacent to the terminal station "LABI1 Namba" opens.
  • 2007(19)
    • 2 month - Shoichi ElectricJoint venture companyKyushu Tech LandEstablished.
    • May 6 -Co., Ltd.Presso HoldingsAll shares ofShinsei BankAcquired from affiliated fund and made a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • May 9 -Co., Ltd.Kimuraya SelectAcquired a 94.25% stake in the asset managers fund and made it a subsidiary.
    • May 10 -Purchased the remaining stock (80% Makiya) of Tokai Techland Co., Ltd. and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • December-under the umbrella of Presso HoldingsSatomsenConverted all stores to Techland and LABI.
  • 2008(20)
    • May 6 -Noboru Yamada with shareholders meetingCEOCEOFrom president to chairman, Tadao Ichinomiya, nephew of YamadaCOOWas promoted from vice president to president.
    • May 7 -Headquarters in Gunma PrefectureTakasakiSakaemachi 1-1Takasaki StationMoved to the east exit.
    • May 10 -Purchased the remaining shares of Kyushu Techland Co., Ltd. (Shoichi Denki 60%) and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • May 10 -Purchased the remaining shares of Chushikoku Techland Co., Ltd. (25% Marunaka, 5% Dynamite Corporation) and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • May 12 -Purchased the remaining shares of Cosmos Belize Co., Ltd. (49% of Hoei Consumer Electronics) and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2009(21)
    • (Old)Kumo ElectricEstablished Project White Co., Ltd. as a sponsor company.
    • May 1 -(Former) Signed a basic agreement for business transfer from Kujuku Denki Co., Ltd.
    • May 1 -Concluded a business transfer agreement for business transfer from (former) Kumo Denki Co., Ltd.
    • May 3 -From (old) Kujuku Denki Co., Ltd. to Project White Co., Ltd.Business transferIs complete[22][Note 5].
    • May 7 -Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Presso HoldingsHoshidensha8 Seiden brand stores converted to Techland and LABI (LABI Sannomiya), 2 stores not converted will be closed[23].. In addition, in order to distinguish it from other existing stores, the "seiden" logo is included on the signs and leaflets.
    • May 8 -Converted 16 stores from Matsuya Denki to Techland.
  • 2010(22)
    • May 4 -Sales exceeded 2 trillion yen for the first time as a Japanese electronics retail store. (First in Japan, second in the world)
    • May 9 -Subsidiary Daikuma Co., Ltd. absorbed three companies, Kansai Yamada Denki Co., Ltd., Tokai Techland Co., Ltd., and Chushikoku Techland Co., Ltd.
    • May 9 -Announced a policy to make a full-scale entry into the second-hand housing business from next year.
    • May 12 -As the first overseas store,Chugoku-LiaoningShenyangLABI Shenyang opened.
  • 2011(23)
  • 2012(24)
  • 2013(25)
    • May 5 -Absorbed a wholly owned subsidiary, Daikuma and Satomsen.
    • May 5 -LABI Nanjing closed[25].
    • May 6 -LABI Tianjin announced the end of June closing[25].
    • May 6 -Retired all directors to clarify responsibility for poor performance. Noboru Yamada returns to president[26][27].
  • 2014(26)
    • May 9 -2014 Black Company Award and Web Voting Award[28]
    • May 10 -Transferred Techland New Chichibu store to Edion due to ``Measures to resolve the 10 regional problems in the Fair Trade Commission in the capital and business alliance with Best Denki''. Opened as Edion Chichibu store on October 9[29]).
    • May 10 -Divided into 1 shares per share. Issuance of 10 shares to 9664 shares[30].
  • 2015(27)
    • May 5 -Signed a capital and business alliance with Softbank.
    • May 5 --As part of structural reforms, April of the same year --Announced that 4 stores will be closed by the end of May, including stores that will be scrapped and built or converted into business formats.[31][32][33].
    • May 6 -It becomes clear that 11 stores will be closed in addition to the above[34][35].
    • May 9 -Absorption of non-consolidated subsidiary Kimuraya Selectmerger[36][37].
  • 2016(28)May 4 --Noboru Yamada President and CEO retired as Chairman and Chairman of the Board, Tadao Ichimiya Vice President and COO retired as Vice Chairman and CEOMitsumasa KuwanoBoard member promoted[38].
  • 2017(29)
    • May 3 -Absorbed Minamikyushu Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.[39].
    • May 7 -Make Best Denki a wholly owned subsidiary through a stock swap[40].
  • 2018(30)
    • May 4 -Made it a consolidated subsidiaryNakayamaAbsorption merger[41].
    • May 9 -Made Yamada Sbayer Home a wholly owned subsidiary through a simple stock exchange[42].
  • 2019(ReiwaFirst year)May 12 -Under reconstructionOtsuka furnitureBecame a subsidiary[43][44][45].
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • May 4 -Absorption of an unconsolidated subsidiary Tanaka Yakawashima Liquor Store. As a result, we acquired a liquor sales business license issued before June 1989, 6, which is necessary to sell liquor nationwide on the EC site.[46].
    • May 5 - NackThe group Leohouse (laterYamada Leo House) Became a wholly owned subsidiary[47][48][49].
    • May 10 ――The old corporation has changed to a holding company structure.Yamada Holdings Co., Ltd.Change the trade name toYamada Denki Co., Ltd.Succeeded to[50][51]..In addition, we are developing an environmental resource development business centered on Yamada Environmental Resource Development Holdings Co., Ltd., which was established in March.[52][53].
    • May 10 - Hinokiya GroupBecame a subsidiary.
  • 2021(3nd year of Reiwa)
    • May 3 --Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. merged with Okinawa Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.[54].
    • May 7 --Implemented organizational restructuring within the group (see Group Reorganization for details)[54][55][56]..As a result of this reorganization, Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. inherited the four store brands of "TSUKUMO," "Best Denki," "Matsuyadenki," and "Caden."
    • September 9-Made Otsuka Kagu a wholly owned subsidiary through a share exchange[57].

Yamada Holdings Group

The Yamada Holdings Group is composed of Yamada Holdings, which was established on October 2020, 10, as the holding company and Yamada Denki as the core.

Major alliances/acquisitions

Since listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Yamada Denki has been actively seeking to expand its scale.It is carried out.

2005May 7,ShizuokaIs a retail company based inMakiya Co., Ltd.Established a joint venture with Tokai Techland (Makiya 80%, Yamada 20%). Makiya's electric appliance store format "Yabedenki" was separated into a new company and converted to Techland, but due to poor performance, the franchise method was abandoned. On October 2007, 10, Yamada Denki purchased the Tokai Techland shares owned by Makiya and made them a wholly owned subsidiary.

2005May 11,KagawaAroundsupermarketTo openMarunaka Co., Ltd.,andDynamite Corporationと と も にChushikoku Tech LandEstablished (Yamada 55%, Marunaka 25%, Dynamite 20%). The main store of "Denki no Dynamite", an electric appliance store operated by Dynamite, was separated into a new company and converted to a Techland franchise. This effectively acquired the "Denki Dynamite" store.

KyusyuでK's DenkiWas developing a franchiseShoichi ElectricHowever, in February 2007 after the contract with K's ended,Kyushu Tech LandEstablished (Shoichi Denki 60%, Yamada 40%). The K's Denki store where Shoichi Denki was operating was converted to Techland.

2007May 6,Shinsei BanksystemfundRebuilt management under the umbrella ofPresso HoldingsAcquired all shares of the company and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.May 9Of an independent investment companyAsset managersFrom a family fundDiscount shopOperates KimurayaKimuraya Select Co., Ltd.Acquired a 94.25% stake inConsolidated subsidiaryTurned into

In addition, from around September 2007, the 9th place in the industryBest electric appliancesPurchasing shares for net investment purposesLargest shareholderAnd the best denkiBic cameraEven after announcing a capital and business alliance with the company, it indicated its intention to purchase more shares of the company up to 2007% in November 11.However,2008May 8In addition, Best Denki is against BicCameraThird-party allotmentBicCamera's shareholding ratio became 14.86%, and in October 2008, BicCamera acquired additional shares and raised its shareholding ratio to 10%.Equity method affiliateBecause[59], Yamada Denki at the time abandoned the tie-up with Best Denki for a while, and although it continued to hold its shares, it was considering selling it.[60].

2009In January, during civil rehabilitation proceedingsKumo ElectricEstablished Project White Co., Ltd. to take over the business from, and on March 3, the same year.Business transferIs completed.

2012May 7Officially announces capital and business alliance with Best Denki[61][62].. same yearMay 12ToFair Trade CommissionAfter approval of[63],13 daysMade a subsidiary in[Note 6][24][64].

2015May 5,SoftbankConcluded a capital and business alliance agreement with.The company hopes to further strengthen sales of communication services, including mobile phones, through a partnership with the company.[65][66].

2017May 7Made Best Denki, a consolidated subsidiary, a wholly owned subsidiary[40].

2019May 12,Otsuka furnitureAnnounced to form a capital tie-up with[67].May 12Made a subsidiary[68][69].

2020May 10, Housing / real estate related businessHinokiya GroupMade a subsidiary[70].

Group reorganization

On January 2021, 1, to perform a group reorganization has been resolved to prospect the July of the same year.Reorganization and making it a subsidiary were carried out in advance, and all the reorganization scheduled for July 18 of the same year was completed, and the system was transferred to the new system.[71][72].

  • 2021/2/1
    • Housing segment: Established Yamada Sumiken Holdings (hereinafter referred to as Yamada Sumiken HD) as an intermediate holding company
  • 2021/2/25
    • Prior to the reorganization, four companies, CIC, Inversenet, Tess, and Iemori Holdings, are simple.Stock exchangeBecame a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamada Holdings[73].
  • 2021/2/26
    • Housing segment: After Yamada Homes merged with Yamada Leohouse and Yamada Real Estate, Yamada Homes, Y Just, and Iemori Holdings will become subsidiaries of Yamada Sumiken HD through a share exchange.
    • Financial segment: Yamada Financial becomes a subsidiary of Yamada Finance Service (hereinafter referred to as Yamada FS) through the transfer of shares.
    • Environmental segment: CIC, Inversenet, and Tokinzoku will become subsidiaries of Yamada Environmental Resource Development Holdings through the transfer of shares.
  • 2021/3/1
    • Home Appliances Segment: Okinawa Yamada Denki merged with Yamada Denki prior to the reorganization in this segment.
    • Service segment: Yamada Delivery Work Service merged with Tess.
  • 2021/3/30
    • Financial segment: Yamada Small-amount Short-term Insurance becomes a subsidiary of Yamada FS through the transfer of shares.
  • 2021/6/1
    • Financial segment: Yamada Life Insurance becomes a subsidiary of Yamada FS through the transfer of shares.
  • 2021/7/1
    • The segment names have been changed from "Home appliances segment" to "Denki segment" and "Service segment" to "Other segment", and some group companies have changed their affiliation segment due to the segment name change.
    • Denki segment: With Yamada Denki as the surviving company, Best Denki, Kyushu Tec Land, Project White, Matsuya Denki, Seiden, Kurokawa Denki (100% subsidiary of Best Denki) and Kato Shoji (non-consolidated subsidiary, wholly owned subsidiary of Seiden) ) 100 companies were absorbed and merged.At the same time, Yamada DenkiHokkaido,Tohoku,North Kanto, Western Kanto,Tokyo, Higashi Kanto,Hokuriku,Tokai,Kinki,Chushikoku,KyusyuBy 11 regional divisionsIn-house split systemIntroduced.
    • Financial segment: Yamada FS merged with Best Credit Service, which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Denki.In addition, Repair Depot, which was a subsidiary of Best Service, will become a subsidiary of Yamada FS.
    • Other segments: Yamada Technical Services[Note 7]Merged with Best Service, which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Denki.In addition, J. Staff, who was a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Tourist Club and Best Denki, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamada Holdings.

Group Companies

Denki segment

  • Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.-Inheriting our business. Due to the reorganization in July 2021, the store brands of "TSUKUMO", "Best Denki", and "Matsuyadenki" operated by the group companies were taken over.

Housing segment

  • Yamada Sumiken Holdings Co., Ltd. --Established on February 2021, 2.Established as an intermediate holding company that controls the housing segment.
    • Ltd.Yamada Homes -Homemaker. Wholly owned subsidiary. Changed the trade name from SBL Co., Ltd. on June 2013, 6. Changed the trade name from Yamada Sbayer Home Co., Ltd. on October 1, 2018.
    • Wy Just Co., Ltd.--Construction contracts, real estate transactions,Solar powersystem,Smart houseDesign, construction, sales, etc.
    • Housekeeper Co., Ltd.-Housing security, etc. The trade name was changed from Iemori Holdings Co., Ltd. on March 2021, 3.[74].
  • Ltd.House tech -Housing equipment manufacturer (Hitachi House Tech was originally establishedHitachi GroupMet).A wholly owned subsidiary. In June 2012, acquired all shares of Housetec Holdings (at that time) and made it a wholly owned subsidiary. Housetec merged with Housetec HD in June 6.
  • Ltd.Hinokiya Group --HousingInsulation・ Real estate investment, remodeling, long-term care and childcare business, etc.

Financial segment

  • Yamada Finance Service Co., Ltd.
    • Yamada Financial Co., Ltd.-Financial related business. CorporationCredit SaisonEstablished as a joint investment with (66% investment).
    • Yamada Co., Ltd. Small amount short-term insurance- Natural disastersOperates comprehensive insurance specializing in damage to household goods and buildings.
    • Yamada Life Insurance Co., Ltd. --- Each Yamada Denki store has a "window to introduce partners who are always close to you."
    • Repair Depot Co., Ltd.-Home appliances and all-electric extended warranty service business. Before the group reorganization in July 2021, it was a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Service, a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Denki (merged with Yamada Technical Service due to the group reorganization).

Environmental segment

  • Yamada Environmental Resource Development Holdings Co., Ltd. --Segment Management
    • CIC Co., Ltd. --A contractor for the disposal of waste home appliances.
    • Inverse netCo., Ltd.-Mainly the purchase and sale business of used PCs,2013We also develop, manufacture, and sell new PCs by taking over the PC business from KOUZIRO Co., Ltd., which was absorbed and merged with our company in July.
    • Tohkin Co., Ltd.
  • Miku Co., Ltd. --An intermediate treatment business for building waste discharged from construction sites, with a focus on recycling and recycling. Made a subsidiary by acquiring shares on March 2021, 3[75].

Other segments

  • Yamada Trading Co., Ltd.- Housing building materials・ Comprehensive building materials for housing equipmenttrading company.
  • Yamada Food Service Co., Ltd. --Directly managedRestaurants, And the operation of the cafe corner in the hall where home appliances live, andtenantBusiness etc.
  • Yamada Technical Service Co., Ltd. --Established in March 2020 as Yamada Delivery Work Service Co., Ltd.Responsible for delivery equipment and installation work within the group. The trade name was changed on May 3, 2021.[76].
  • Japan Tourist Club Co., Ltd.- Travel agency
  • Cosmos BelizeLtd.- FranchiseRelated business. Established in September 2005 as a joint venture with Hoei Electronics Co., Ltd., but became a wholly owned subsidiary through a share acquisition on December 9, 2008.
  • Ltd.E-wellness - Drug storeOperation of "Kimuraya"CosmeticsManufacture and sale of the brand "Pimple".Wise Select Co., Ltd. was established by taking over the business from the former Kimuraya Select through a company split, and in March 2017, Pimple Co., Ltd. was absorbed and merged. The trade name was changed on April 3, 2021.
  • J. Staff Co., Ltd.-Formerly under the umbrella of Best DenkiTemporary staffing
  • Ltd.Otsuka furniture --Made a consolidated subsidiary on December 2019, 12. Made a wholly owned subsidiary on September 30, 2021.
  • BPC Co., Ltd. --Our companyFukuoka-Fukuoka CityAnd other local companies investedThird sectorPerforms printing and binding business at a business establishment that employs a large number of people with severe disabilities.

Group company that once existed

  • Ltd.Presso Holdings -A holding company that integrates Matsuya Denki, Seidensha, and Satomusen. Although it remained an intermediate holding company even after becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamada Denki, the liquidation was completed within FY2012. The three affiliated companies became direct subsidiaries of Yamada Denki.
  • The following 3 companies were dissolved and dissolved in Daikuma on September 2010, 9.
    • Kansai Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.-3 stores in Hyogo and Shiga prefectures. It was established in 2001 as Wako Yamada Denki Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Wako Denki, but after the joint venture was dissolved, it changed its name to Kansai Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. and became a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • Tokai Tech Land Co., Ltd.-It was a joint venture with Makiya, but became a wholly owned subsidiary by the acquisition of shares on October 2007, 10. It was planned to merge with Yamada Denki on May 1, 2009, but the merger was canceled on May 5, 25, and the merger was changed to Daikuma, a group company.[77].
    • Ltd.Chushikoku Tech Land -It was a joint venture between Marunaka and Dynamite Corporation, but it became a wholly owned subsidiary by acquiring shares on October 2008, 10. It was planned to be merged with Yamada Denki on May 15, 2009, but the merger was canceled on May 5, 25, and the merger was changed to Daikuma, a group company.[77].
    Denki Land Co., Ltd., a joint venture company with Marunaka replacing Chu-Shikoku Techland, says “YAMADA (logo notation) GR.” Electric 60%) Not counted as a group company. Denki Land of MarunakaAEON groupThe business ended in 2012 with the entry and is now liquidated and completely disappeared.
  • The following two companies were merged by Yamada Denki on May 2, 2013.
  • Ltd.KOUZIRO -Manufacturer of computers and peripherals. Invested in Jindai Co., Ltd. in January 2004, changed its trade name and made it a subsidiary. Merged with Yamada Denki on July 1, 2013[78].
  • Yamada Housing Co., Ltd.-Extension, Remodeling, etc.With the system in place to carry out this work in-house, it was dissolved in May 2009 and the liquidation was completed in August of the same year.Remodeling is also being carried out by Hinokiya Reforming Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hinokiya Group Co., Ltd., which became a group company in October 5.
  • BB Hikari Sales Co., Ltd.-Electrical work and telecommunications work. The group company Y Just Co., Ltd. was prepared to carry out this task, so it was dissolved in April 2009 and liquidation was completed in July of the same year.
  • Kimuraya Select Co., Ltd.-operated "Kimuraya". Acquired 2007% stake on September 9, 26 and made it a subsidiary. Yamada Denki absorbed and merged on September 94.25, 2015.
  • Southern Kyushu Yamada DenkiCo., Ltd.-4 stores operated in Kagoshima Prefecture. It was a joint venture (60% stake) with Nankoku Shokusan, but became a wholly owned subsidiary on January 2017, 1. Yamada Denki absorbed and merged on March 1, 2017.
  • Pinple Inc.-Beauty and health related business. Wise Select Co., Ltd. merged on March 2017, 3.
  • Ltd.Yamada Eco Solution --Energy-related business. Invested in Climb Entertainment Co., Ltd. in January 2003 and became an affiliated company. Changed to the current trade name on April 1, 2010. In April 4, sold all shares and left the group. Bankruptcy was filed by the creditor on February 1, 2017, and on September 4, 2020.Tokyo District CourtDecided to start bankruptcy proceedings from[79][80]..Yamada Technical Service Co., Ltd., which was established in March 2020, is engaged in the delivery installation and installation work carried out by the company.
  • Yamada Woodhouse Co., Ltd. --A housing manufacturer established as a wholly owned subsidiary on November 2013, 11. Merged with Yamada SxL Home on October 1, 2018 and dissolved.
  • The following two companies were merged into Yamada Homes on February 2, 2021 and dissolved.[81].
    • Ltd.Yamada Leo House --Housing maker.Co., Ltd.NackLeohouse, which was a group company of the company, became a wholly owned subsidiary on May 2020, 5, and its trade name was changed on May 1, 14.
    • Yamada Real Estate Co., Ltd.-Develops real estate business in collaboration with group companies.
  • Okinawa Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. ―― 4 stores in Okinawa prefecture.A wholly owned subsidiary. Merged with Yamada Denki on March 2021, 3 and dissolved.
  • The following five companies were merged into Yamada Denki on July 5, 2021 and dissolved.
    • Ltd.Kyushu Tech Land - Shoichi ElectricAlthough it was a joint venture with, it became a wholly owned subsidiary by acquiring shares on October 2008, 10.
    • Ltd.Best electric appliances -Made a consolidated subsidiary in December 2012. Became a wholly owned subsidiary in July 12.
    • Ltd.Matsuya Denki -Wholly owned subsidiary.
    • Ltd.Hoshidensha -Wholly owned subsidiary.2009May 6The Sannomiya main store will be converted to LABI Sannomiya, and the other stores will be converted to Techland, except that two stores will be closed.
    • Project White Co., Ltd.TSUKUMO(Tsukumo)” operating company (wholly owned subsidiary). It also manufactures and sells PCs under the same brand.2009,Civil Rehabilitation LawEstablished as a sponsor company of the same yearMay 3, (Old)Kumo ElectricFrom the corporationBusiness transfer.


Since 2019,Nukijiya ShihoriとNaoki Matayoshi(piece) Is being co-starred in the CM series. Even in the name of "YAMADA", commercials related to housing will be broadcast.


NTV series(NNN-NNS)

TBS series(JNN)

TV Asahi series(ANN)

Fuji TV series(FNN・FNS)

Past performers


  • Operate company/career information site "Caricone"Global wayWas announced on September 2010, 9, in the "Principal Companies and Non-Principal Companies Ranking of 21 Major Companies",USENRanked second worst after[83].. As an employee's opinion sent to the sitepaid holidaysThere are complaints about the difficult corporate culture and long working hours.
  • Media Flag (currently Impact Holdings) has won first place in overall customer satisfaction in the "2013 CS Award Home Appliance Mass Store Division"[84].. However,Nikkei BusinessAccording to the questionnaire survey regarding the satisfaction of after-sales service, it is the lowest in every year.
  • Nikkei BusinessIn the questionnaire survey on after-sales service satisfaction published in the July 2008, 7 issue, it was the lowest rank among 28 companies in the consumer electronics mass retailer division. Regarding this, Yamada Denki said that the survey was conducted on monitors that had been registered in advance, ``The reader is likely to misunderstand that the respondents of the questionnaire were randomly selected from all the people, and it is inappropriate. Pointed out that the publisher was said to have been hurtNikkei BPOf 5,500 million yenRestitution for DamagesAnd filed a suit. December 2010, 12,Tokyo District Court(President Hiroshi Ishii) responded that the Nikkei Business responded from the monitor.Random samplingOnOrganization voteYamada's request was rejected as "the consideration was given so as to give a reasonable investigation result" because measures were taken to prevent[85].
  • 20107of"Nikkei BusinessWhen the article was posted, K's Denki was ranked first (1th place last year), and Yamada Denki was the lowest (at that time) 4th place (at the same time) in the mass-market electronics stores, and K's Denki was about 14 year from August of the same year. The article was distributed at each store overNikkei BPWas obtained). On the other hand, Yamada Denki said, "If Yamada Denki's service is extremely inferior,consumerIt is illegal to interfere with the business, which could lead to misunderstanding.Restitution for DamagesSeekingTokyo District CourtFiled a lawsuit against. However, Tokyo District Court Judge Hiroshi Ishii said, "There was no circumstance in which the survey on which the ranking was based had arbitrary results," and rejected Yamada Denki's request.[86][87]


Violation of the Antimonopoly Act and violation of the Employment Security Act

As of June 2007, 1Yomiuri ShimbunIn the article, the LABI1 Namba store gives instructions from the store to manufacturer supporters (helpers),Employment Security ActIt was reported that it was a violation, double dispatch and double order. It is said that the store side imposes a quota on the helper and writes a sales report and thoroughly says "How many approaches and how many sales prices did you get, how much is the selling price?" .. Some point out that similar actions were taken not only at the branch but also at stores nationwide.[90].

Yamada Denki has completely denied that "there is no illegal fact and the report contains misunderstandings," and argues that the Yomiuri Shimbun's coverage method also has a problem. After Weekly Bunshun2007年3月15日号・3月22日号記事によると、一連の読売新聞報道について、ヤマダ電機から読売新聞社に対して折り込みチラシの出稿を差し止めるとの圧力があり、読売新聞社がこれに屈して2007年1月27日朝刊の12版まで出ていた記事を13版以降削除した、としている。読売新聞はこれを全面的に否定し、週刊文春に記事の訂正と謝罪を求めている。

Fair Trade CommissionHas suspected that the supplier used the superior position to the supplier and asked the supplier for unjust dispatch.Antitrust lawIt was reported in various newspapers on the same day that the company went into the head office and several stores for inspections due to a violation (unfair transaction method).[91]

On June 2008, 6, the Fair Trade Commission reaffirmed the abuse of the company's predominant position and issued an exclusion order for violating the Antimonopoly Act (unfair trading method). The total number of unjustly dispatched people certified by the JFTC was about 30, the largest ever. It is the first time for the order to be given to a home electronics store.[92].. In response to this, Yamada Denki "respected the exclusion order seriously,complianceI will try to strengthen the system." On the other hand, in a press conference held at the head office on July 7, Chairman Noboru Yamada said, "There is also a merit of expanding the sales channel on the supplier side. Large companies say that "no money is needed." (dispatch) You don't have to do that,"[93].

Specified Household Appliance Recycling Law Case

August 2007, 3,SaitamaKumagayaAt Kumagaya Engineering Center,Home appliances recyclingIt was discovered that unnecessary household appliances, which were collected from customers after receiving a fee, were spilled to second-hand sellers and exporters. Yamada sued the local contractor after a survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment entered. According to Yamada's explanation, "It was done by this company alone, not organized"[94].

Employee suicide problem

Employee suicide due to power harassment

A 29-year-old man who joined the company as a contract employee mid-career and worked at a store in Kanagawa Prefecture was screamed by his boss, "I'm a liar, I'm a liar" and "I want to die", and committed suicide in early April 2004. did[95].. The bereaved family set up Yamada Denki on January 2005, 1.Obligation to consider safetyFiled a complaint due to[95].

Kashiwazaki store employee overworked suicide

A man (23 years old) who joined the company as a contract employee mid-career and worked at Techland Kashiwazaki store was hired as a manager at the same time as a full-time employee and committed suicide due to overwork on September 2007, 9.[96][97].. The Nagaoka Labor Standards Inspection Office recognized a work accident in June 2011.[97].. According to a survey by the Labor Bureau, overtime worked one month before death was over 100 hours[97].. After taking a post, he said he couldn't take a day off.[97].. Bereaved family sued Yamada Denki on December 2013, 12[96][98].. After that, a court settlement was established on January 2017, 1.[99].

Suicide suicide of an employee of Funabiki store

A male manager who worked at Techland Funabiki store posted fictitious sales due to pressure due to poor sales,20137Committed suicide to[96].

Omission of income tax

The companyKanto Shinetsu National Taxation Bureau OfTax investigationBy20133From the period20163Of about 3 billion yen over the three years leading up toOmission of declarationWas pointed out,20181Turned out.ChugokuIt seems that the loan rate to the subsidiary of the company should be filed at the end of the term, but the rate at the time of loan was applied. The company says it has filed an amendment including about 6 million yen[100].

Athletics part

AthleticsThe activities of the club are known. Closed in 2004Mizuho BankEstablished as "Yamada Denki Women's Athletics Club" in the form of taking over the track and field club ofBukkyo UniversityDirector of the track and field departmentAll Nippon University Women's Ekiden (Mori no Miyato Ekiden)Invited to lead to consecutive wins, and many players under the guidance of Morikawa are joining the club to strengthen their strength.[101].

It was discontinued after March 2017Monte Rosa5 players, managers and managers were transferred, and the name was changed to "Yamada Denki Athletics Club".[102].. The name was changed to "Yamada Holdings Athletics Club" due to the conversion to a holding company in October 2020.

Player dormitoryKita Gunma DistrictYoshioka Town(By the way, there is no Yamada Denki store in the same town), and athletes are living in groups while playing competition activities.A supporter's association has also been established in the town, and regional exchanges are also taking place.[103].

Women's middle and long distance players
Track and field players
Former player


The women's group held the first national stadium concert in 2014Momoiro Clover ZOften held live performances at Yamada Denki stores all over Japan when they were unknown.

HolidayETCThere is an episode that you used the discount system of 1000 yen at the maximum no matter how far you went, and went around Yamada Denki in various places while staying in the car and sold the dance CD at the storefront.[104].. From May 2009th to August 5th, 24,Yamada Denki Presents ~Momoiro Clover JAPAN Tour 2009 Momoiro Typhooooon!~We performed 24 concerts free of charge at 104 stores with the tour title[104].

During the summer vacation period, we performed live every day, and at the Yamada Denki Kawasaki store on August 8, it was sunset without lighting equipment, but there is an anecdote that we continued the live while illuminating with the car headlights.[105].


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