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📊 | Ice cream market growing due to corona damage, diversification of eating scene, and increasing demand as "healing dessert"

The ice cream eating scene is expanding due to the refraining from going out and the increase in working from home. i-stock / Kana Design Image

The ice cream market is growing due to the corona, and in addition to the diversification of the eating scene, demand is increasing as a "healing dessert".

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It is expected that more and more people will seek healing due to the prolonged self-restraint of going out, so we will strengthen the lineup of premium ice cream that is particular about the ingredients and texture, as well as the standard products and long-selling brands that sell well. I would like to lead to sales expansion.

The ice cream market is performing well due to the consumption of corona stagnation.The eating scene has expanded due to the increase in time spent at home ... → Continue reading

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