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📊 | Survey on the work suit retail market (2021) The work suit retail market in 2025 will be 210…


Conducted a survey on the work suit retail market (2021) The work suit retail market in 2025 will be 210…

If you write the contents roughly
In B to C, there was originally a demand for business suits made of high-performance materials from business people who commute by bicycle.

Yano Research Institute Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Mizukoshi) has five attentions in the domestic fashion apparel industry ... → Continue reading

 Yano Research Institute

In 1958, Yano Research Institute was founded by Masao Yano as a pioneer of Japanese market research company. Since then, we have always walked with the development of the Japanese economy. Live market information, marketing know-how that has been refined on-site, and the basis of our competitive advantage are here. As a unique business solution provider based on research capabilities, we want to participate in creating a prosperous future for our customers.

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retail(ice,British: retail, Retail)Producer,WholesalePurchased (purchased) from a vendorProducts, The finalconsumerTo sell to.

Do retailTraderTheRetail company(Korigyosha,British: retailer It is called a retailer).


In the retail format, it goes without saying that we handle the goods requested by customers.shoppingWe also provide convenience to customers who come to our store and provide information (information transmission base) to recognize the nature and quality of products.ServicesThe consideration for is also added to the selling price of the goods.For this reason, in the business format that sells at a low priceセ ル フ サ ー ビ スWhile lowering the price with the introduction of theAfter-Sales Serviceな どAdded valueProviding services, etc.Differentiation strategySome companies are developing products, all of which provide products to consumers.distributionIs responsible for the final stage of.

The expression retail means to "subdivide" and sell to each consumer in the smallest units (single products).Retail indicating retail in English (retail (Retail) Is also a word derived from re [again] + tail [cut] (sold separately from the end / sold separately), and does not mean that the scale of the seller is small.

On the other hand, on the producer side and the wholesaler / wholesale sidelot,paletteOr (for transportation)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eulikecontainerIt is exchanged in a certain amount of distribution units such as (units based on).

Incidentally,Industrial revolutionLaterManufacturing industry(Manufacturer) Themass productionWide range of inexpensive and stable quality productsMassesWe also supply, but the products are directlyconsumerIs sold to retailersover the counterAnd so on.Mail orderLet's mediate between the store and the customerhome delivery,PostIntervene, but in any case directlyconsumerIt is the retailer who comes into contact with.For this reason, in the manufacturing industry, which wants to grasp the trends and intentions of consumers, activities to contact this retailer to obtain this information (MarketingA kind of) can also be seen.

How to classify retailers

  • Industry: Of the products and suppliers we handleWholesaleIt is a classification by a trader.
  • Business format: Classification by customer's age, gender, occupation and frequency of visits.

Incidentally,Securities codeIn the industry classification by the council, in addition to the general retail (merchandise) business of goods,Restaurants,Japanese cuisine tavernSuch as restaurant,fast foodSuch as a chainRestaurant industryIs also classified as a retail business.Especially in the case of the restaurant industry, which develops chains, there are many parts in common with the retail industry, such as location strategies, so the explanation here basically includes both the product sales and the restaurant industry.

Retail location

Store opening form

Store opening district

Retail business format / sales items

* Excluding the restaurant industry


Retail business management / operation form

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