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💹 | 13th Tokyo Stock Market closing price 149 yen higher at 22 yen


13th Tokyo stock market closing price 149 yen up 22 yen

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The Nikkei Stock Average on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 13th was 12 yen higher than the 149th, at 22 yen, and TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) closed at 2.

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Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.(Tokyo Shokentori Hikisho,English: Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.) Is a corporationJapan Exchange Group Ofsubsidiaryso,JapanBiggestStock exchange.Financial Instruments and Exchange ActupperFinancial instruments exchange.. Abbreviation isTSE(Tosho),TSE.


Companies in the Japan Exchange GroupstockCentered onSecuritiesIs responsible for the physical market where[4].

Japan's first public securities exchangeTokyo Stock Exchange(See also the nature of the market compared to the time of the Tokyo Stock Exchange below),1949March 4SecuritiesBroker (later securities company, currentFinancial instruments business operator) As a member of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.2001Organization changed to Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.[Note 4].

On the TSE stock market,ListingFor markets with different standards (TSE First Section) and Second Section (TSE Second Section) and start-up companiesMothers-JASDAQ[Note 5] There is. TSE is a group company/sibling company as a clearing organization for securities established in the TSE market.Japan Securities Clearing OrganizationIs specified[Note 6].

Income expansion of TSE itself and JapanCapital marketFor the purpose of development, new domestic and foreign companiesInitial public offering(IPO) We are working on attracting. To find local IPO candidate companies, from Hokkaido to KyushuLocal bankCooperates with[6].

Once used to buy and sell stock certificates manually,Standing venue The1999Closed on April 4th, the site isTSE ArrowsAs a facility2000Opened on May 5th.

2015The total trading value of stocks including over-the-counter transactions of Japan is 746 billion yen, of which TSE is 1770 billion yen, accounting for more than 745%.[7]

Legal entity identifierAs a numbering agency of (LEI), we also carry out LEI numbering work (Information Service Department)[8]).

Regarding the business integration with OSE in 2013,Business integration with Tokyo Stock Exchange Group # OSEchecking ...


In addition to the system development and operation related to the TSE business such as stock trading and market reporting, the Company also develops and operates system related to the business of group companies.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Business System

Owns multiple systems such as stock trading system (formerly divided into stock trading system and CB trading system), market news reporting system, wide area network infrastructure. Trading systemFujitsuIs responsible for development and maintenance. (Existed in the past,futuresOptions(Derivatives) Trading system is for market derivative transactions that TSE has opened in the market.Osaka Exchange(Currently not owned by TSE since it was integrated into

Stock trading system (currently arrowhead)


1982May 1Hitachi against 33 stocks in the second section of the market[9] Introduced computer trading system[10].1985Expanded to all stocks except stocks[10].. We proceeded with computer support one by one, starting with issues with few transactions.

1994~2009Up to Hitachi or Fujitsumain frameWas used[11].1999May 4The trading floor was closed and all transactions were systemized.[12].

2005In order to restore trust that has fluctuated due to system failures that occurred one after another,2008Was scheduled to be completed. However,Live door shockAs a result, the number of transactions could not exceed the capacity of the system, and it was forced to suspend transactions, which caused the plan to be pushed ahead. This new systemRegional Stock ExchangeOpen to the public and aim to unify exchange systems across the country. The backup in the event of a failure will be strengthened and the processing speed will be increased so that it can handle transactions that are increasing rapidly.


2010May 1New stock trading systemserver"arrowhead(Arrowhead)" has started. BackboneIA serverIs Fujitsu "FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST"Red Hat Enterprise LinuxBase ofOS[13], Middleware is newly developedOn-memory database"FUJITSU Software Primesoft Server". It is shortened from 1-2 seconds to 3 milliseconds per buy/sell order.[14]The actual processing speed in January 2010 was 1 ms on average.[15], 2015 ms before 1 renewal[16].A humanAnd visual inspectionReaction timeThe processing speed exceedingInstitutional investor,Day traderMay affect the behavior of[17].

2015May 9Arrowhead has been renewed and the order response time is 0.5millisecond (ms)[16] Became. Between servers InfiniBand , And the FUJITSU Software Primesoft Server synchronizes the data on the memory. The database isSolid state driveIt became the FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HA Database built above.operating system The Red Hat Enterprise Linux と Microsoft Windows Server.

2019May 11With the version upgrade of arrowhead, the order response time is 0.2ms and the information delivery time is 0.5ms. FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2540 M4 400 units configuration.[18]

System provider

The arrowhead, which is responsible for development and maintenance by TSE, is not only used for trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, but as of 2019,Financial instruments exchangeBut it is still used.

Maximum processing capacity for orders

The maximum processing capacity per day is increased as follows each time the system is renewed, but if the capacity limit is close, trading will be suspended.

  • 19820January 1-23 orders received[9]
  • 20060January 1-30 million orders received, 1200 million contracts[22]
  • August, 200606th-The number of orders received is 1400 million and the number of contracts is 840 million.[23]
  • 20100104th-Number of orders 1 million[16]
  • 20150September 9-24 million orders[16]
Colocation service

20101For both arrowhead, to shorten the communication time with arrowheadColocation serviceProvide[24][25], By thisHigh frequency tradingCorresponding to (high speed transaction). Communication time is 15.7 microseconds one way[26].

System failure
  • 2001(Heisei13 years)
  • 2005(17)
  • 2006(18)
  • 2008(20)
    • 0208th --Some futures products are suspended due to a failure of the derivative trading system
    • 0July 7-Temporary suspension of index, stock/government futures, and options trading due to failure of derivative trading system
  • 2012(24)
    • 0202 days-three in arrowheadserverSuspended trading of 9 stocks from 241 o'clock
  • 2018(30)
    • 1009 days-three in arrowheadserverSomething went wrong, the sale was delayed, or some orders could not be placed.
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • 1001st-The trading system suffered from a failure in the distribution of market information such as stock prices, and trading of all stocks was suspended all day from the start of trading at 9 am.In addition, because the system is used, trading on the Nagoya Stock Exchange, Sapporo Stock Exchange, and Fukuoka Stock Exchange was also suspended all day.When a failure occurs in the shared disk device at 7:4 am and a memory failure occurs, switching to the standby system is not set correctly.[27][28], Because it did not switch to the standby system, the network was cut off at 8:54 am and the transaction was stopped.[29][30].

Wide area network infrastructure (arrownet)

TSE is arrownetOwns a wide area network infrastructure called[31].. arrownet is said to have been specifically designed to achieve high reliability[31].

Arrownet V2009 goes live in 1, arrownet V2012 goes live in 2[32].

System configuration

The foundation of arrownet is a 10G optical ring network (MPLS) that connects the TSE trading system, the data center (primary / secondary) where the clearing system operates, and the "access points" (multiple access points, which will be described later). is there[31].

An access point is a destination to which arrownet users such as market participants and information vendors connect.[31].. From the user's point of view, it was previously necessary to lay lines for various market related institutions, but because arrownet becomes a common network infrastructure in the industry (due to the operation of arrownet V2 as described later) Now you just need to lay a line to the arrownet access point.

We are also developing an arrownet-Global service to meet the needs of arrownet connections from overseas bases.[31][32].

Institutions that can connect using arrownet[33] 

The number of connectable institutions increased due to the operation of arrownetV2[32].

Within the JPX group
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Osaka Exchange
  • Japan Securities Clearing Organization[Note 7]
  • Tokyo Commodity Exchange (* The Tokyo Commodity Exchange also shares part of the JPX Group system (derivative trading system (J-GATE) and clearing system))
Outside the JPX group

Document transfer system (Target)

TSE isTargetThat is, we operate a system to do the following[34][35].. The “operator” mentioned below refers to the entity that implements the service using Target, and as described below, several companies other than the Tokyo Stock Exchange also provide service using Target.

  1. (Operator to user) Provision of business data, contact information, statistical information, etc.
  2. (User to operator) Document submission
List of operators
The following is a document created by TSE (July 2018, 7 version)[35] by.
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange (for listed companies, trading participants, etc.)
  • Japan Securities Depository Center (for issuing companies, for participants in the organization, etc.)
  • Japan Securities Finance
  • Japan Securities Clearing Organization (for clearing participants, etc.)
  • Tokyo Commodity Exchange (for trading participants, etc.)

RFQ platform "CONNEQTOR"

ETFRFQ (Request For Quote) platform. Started operation in February 2021.

Institutional investors mainly consult with market makers participating in this platform about the brands and quantities they wish to buy and sell, and buy and sell at the prices individually presented by the market makers.Consensus-building transactions at this locationToSTNeTOrders and contracts are placed in the market.[36][37]

Group company business system

We are also developing and operating the systems of the following companies, which are group companies and brother companies.


Regulations regarding listing/delisting

SecuritiesListingThere are examination criteria, and in the case of TSE First Section, Second Section, JASDAQ, the number of shareholders, shares in circulation,Market capitalization(TSE First Section only), Business continuity years,Net worth, Amount of profit or market capitalization, false statements or inadequate opinions, etc.[41].

DelistedIn the case of the first and second sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the criteria are the number of shareholders, the number of shares in circulation, the market capitalization of shares in circulation, the ratio of shares in circulation, the market capitalization, and the second consecutive term.Debt overrun, False statements or inappropriate opinions, trading volume, etc.bankruptcy,antisocial forcesInvolvement of ), etc.[42].. In the case of JASDAQ, the number of shareholders, the number of shares in circulation, the market capitalization of shares in circulation, and the business for the fifth consecutive termCash flowNegative (except when TSE admits that it conforms to the criteria based on the new listing examination criteria), stock price, for the second consecutive termDebt overrun, Negative operating income for 10 consecutive years (operating income is only for growth listed companies, except when TSE recognizes that it conforms to the criteria based on the new listing examination criteria), false statements or inappropriate opinions, etc. High, others (bankruptcy,antisocial forcesInvolvement of ), etc.[43].

It does not violate the standards, that is, it is not delisted.Debt overrunRegarding, if the average market capitalization for the three months prior to the last day of the fiscal year subject to examination is 3 billion yen or more (limited to those that appropriately disclose plans for improvement), legal arrangements, and private arrangements (limited to those that appropriately disclose plans for improvement)Business revitalization ADRSuch),Regional Economic Revitalization Support OrganizationIf you plan to eliminate the insolvency by supporting the rehabilitation of the company, it will not be subject to delisting. Listed companies that have been designated as "entering a grace period for delisting" and have applied for business revitalization ADR will have their grace period extended by one year only if a rehabilitation plan to eliminate the insolvency is established in the case of insolvency. (In this case, delisting will not be done if the debt is exceeded for the second consecutive term, but it will be delisted if the debt is exceeded for the third consecutive term)[44].2011 OfOlympus financial criminal settlement case related to financial crimeIs equivalent to "the effect is significant when "false statements" are made in securities reports, etc."Debt overrunListing was maintained as not falling into[45].

In the new market (Prime Standard Growth) scheduled for April 2022, 4, the delisting standard will be applied, and listed companies that did not meet the delisting standard in each market and did not improve during the improvement period Delisted[46].

Due to the transition to the new market (Prime Standard Growth) scheduled for April 2022, 4, companies applying for a new listing after November 4, 2020 will be subject to the new listing standards. As mentioned above, the listing examination criteria for the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and JASDAQ have been standardized.[47].

A market selection system will be introduced for the transition to the new market (Prime Standard Growth). The details of the market selection for listed companies announced on February 2020, 2 are as follows.[48]..On July 2021, 7, the Tokyo Stock Exchange notified each listed company of the results of the primary judgment as to whether or not it complies with the listing maintenance standards of the new market category.[49].. As a result of the first judgment, 1 companies, which is about 30% of the companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, did not meet the criteria for conformity to the prime market, and 664 companies, which is about 26%, were all listed companies. Did not meet the expected conformance criteria for the migration destination[50].. Companies that do not meet the listing maintenance criteria based on the primary judgment will be judged by the secondary judgment whether or not they meet the listing maintenance criteria. The selection period will be from September 1st to December 2th, 2021.[46].

The market selections are as follows.

Current listing market segmentSelect PrimeSelect StandardSelect growth
First part of the marketMarket selection proceduresExamination procedure similar to initial listing
Second part of the market
JASDAQ standard
Examination procedure similar to initial listingMarket selection proceduresExamination procedure similar to initial listing
Examination procedure similar to initial listingMarket selection procedures

If no application for selection is made during the selection period, the following new markets will be treated as selected.

Market segment at the time of selectionSelect market segment
First part of the market
Second part of the market
JASDAQ standard
Standard market
Growth market

Partial designation/substitution/market change regulations

As a premise, in the TSE Securities Listing Regulation, terms are used properly as follows.(As of 2020 year 12 month)[51] Therefore, this section uses the description as an example.

  • Partial designation: Moving from the second part of the market to the part of the market
  • Substitution: Move from one part of the market to the second part of the market
  • Market change: Some items that do not apply to designation / redesignation (for example, JASDAQ standard to part of the market, Mothers to the second part of the market, part of the market to the mothers, etc.)

Previously, in a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, if the number of shareholders, the number of shares in circulation, the market capitalization of the shares in circulation, the market capitalization, and the trading volume did not reach the regulations, the designation was changed to the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.[52], Due to the transition to the new market that will come into effect on April 2022, 4, the redesignation to the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange after June 4, 2021 will be limited to cases of insolvency.[53].

For listed companies that have been partially designated or market-changed after February 2020, 2, "For listed companies that have been partially designated or market-changed in the past, the application documents for partial designation or market change application When it becomes clear that there is a false statement and that it did not meet the criteria for partial designation or market change. "(Special attention market stocks(Except for cases specified by the enforcement regulations), due to special provisions for redesignation and market changes, redesignation to the market category on which the listed company was listed at the time of filing the affidavit. Alternatively, the listed market will be changed or the breakdown classification will be changed.[54][55].

The form requirements for partial designation from the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange are the number of shareholders, number of shares in stock, trading volume, market capitalization, amount of net assets, amount of profit or market capitalization, misstatement or inappropriate opinion, etc. Must be within the respective regulations, and eligibility requirements are company continuity and profitability, soundness of corporate management,Corporate governanceIn addition, all the requirements that TSE considers necessary from the viewpoints of the effectiveness of the internal control system, the appropriateness of disclosure of company content, etc., and other public interests or investor protection are set.[56].

The formal requirements for a market change from Mothers / JASDAQ to Part / Part XNUMX are the number of shareholders, shares in circulation, market capitalization (only in the case of a partial market change), years of business continuity, amount of net assets, etc. Profit amount or sales, false statements or inappropriate opinions, etc., establishment of stock administration agency, number of shares constituting one unit, type of share certificate, restrictions on transfer of shares, handling at designated transfer institution, prospect of implementation of merger, etc. are stipulated respectively Within, the eligibility requirements are the continuity and profitability of the company, the soundness of the company's management, the effectiveness of the company's corporate governance and internal control system, the appropriateness of disclosure of the company's content, and other public interests or investors. From the perspective of protection, all the requirements of matters deemed necessary by the TSE are to be met.[57].. Market change standards have been shared with Mothers and JASDAQ from listed companies that will change the market after November 2020, 11.[58][59].

If a listed company that has been designated as a special caution market issue within the past 5 years or has been requested to submit an improvement report applies for partial designation or market change, it is effective in addition to the usual examination. Examinations will also be conducted to ensure that the improvement measures formulated in relation to the securing measures are being properly implemented.[54][55].

Witness time (weekdays excluding holidays)

  • Maeba (Zenba) 9:11 --30:2020 (as of XNUMX)
  • Aftermarket (Goba) 12:30 ―― 15:XNUMX
  • Holidays-Saturday, Sunday,Law on national holidays, The year-end and New Year period (December 12-January 31)

Press club

Located on the TSEPress clubAs,Kabuto ClubThere is (a helmet and a club).


  • The history of the prewar periodTokyo Stock Exchangechecking ...
  • 1949(Showa24 years)0401st-Established Tokyo Stock Exchange, a securities membership corporation. May 5, GHQ, Memorandum of Understanding on the Stock Exchange. Trading witness started on May 11th.
  • 1951(26)0February 2-From the day beforeBlizzardでCity center OfSnowfallIs 30Centimeter The attendance was canceled because it exceeded (cm).
  • 1953(28)0January 1-The stock price soared due to the dispatch of mass investors, and the witness time was shortened due to the sharp increase in trading volume. Temporary suspension of attendance on February 29. On February 2, stock prices fell back. On February 9, the witness time was restored.
  • 1961(36) April02nd-Opened the second part of the market.
  • 1973(Showa 48) December 12-Open foreign stock market. (The "Foreign Department" was abolished in February 18. Details will be described later.)
  • 1974(49)0August 9- Electronic bulletin boardStock price display started by.
  • 1982(57)0January 1-Introduced computer trading system for 23 stocks in the second part of the market[10].
  • 1982(Showa 57) July 12- Buy and sellFinished.
  • 1984(59) April06th-TSE New Market Building completed.
  • 1985(60)0January 1-Computer trading of all stocks in Part 26 of the market[60].
  • 1985(60)0406th-Compatible with computer transactions other than witnessed stocks in the first part of the market[60].
  • 19850May 5-Completion of the new market building.Stock price display started on a new electric bulletin board.
  • 1988(63)0April 4-Computer trading is supported for all transactions.Taking this opportunity, computerization of major stock transactions.
  • 19880May 5-The new main building is completed.
  • 1990(Heisei02 years) November 11-Introduced a rationalization system for trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1991(Heisei03 years)0March 3-Full implementation of witness transaction rationalization system.
  • 1997(Heisei09 years)0801st-A system failure occurred on the TSE. Trading of 1,702 stocks (about 9% of all stocks) stopped in the morning.
  • 1999(11)0April 4-The stock certificate trading venue is closed.All transactions have been systematized.
  • 1999 (Heisei 11) November 11-Open Mothers.
  • 2000(12)0301 days - Hiroshima Stock Exchangeas well as the Niigata Stock ExchangeMerged. The listed stocks on both exchanges are designated as the second section of the market.
  • 20000509th --TSE Arrows opens on the site of the stock certificate trading venue.
  • 2001(13) November01st-Change organization and change trade nameTokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.And The first president is from a bureaucratMasaaki Tsuchida.
  • 2004(16)0401st-Tsuchida's sudden death led to the appointment of president.It is the first time that the so-called "growth" has taken the top position, including when it was a securities membership corporation.[61].
  • 2005(17)0207th --The foreign stock market was abolished and all 29 listed foreign companies were designated as the first section of the market.
  • 2005(Heisei 17)/ 1101st-Trading suspended due to stock and CB trading system failure.This is the first time in history that trading of all stocks has been suspended due to a system failure.
  • 2005 (December 17th, 12)-Due to Mizuho Securities' large-scale misplaced order of J-COM shares on December 11th, the order cancellation instruction was not accepted due to a TSE system malfunction. It turns out.
  • 2005 (Heisei 17) December 12-Large-scale system failure in November and the problem of a large amount of misordered JCOM shares that occurred on December 14, the FSA issued a business improvement order.
  • December 2005, 17-Tsurushima resigned as president on this day, taking responsibility for the system failure in November and the Jacom problem in December.In addition, two people, managing director and managing director, also resigned.
  • December 2005, 17 (Heisei 12)-Since June of the same year, he has been chairmanTaizo NishimuroAlso serves as president.
  • 2006(18)0July 1-``Live door shockThe number of orders and contracts reached the limit of the system processing capacity, and the trading was completely stopped at 20:14, 40 minutes earlier.This is the first time for TSE to voluntarily suspend transactions due to system capabilities.
  • 2006 (Heisei 18) October 10-December issue of the large number of misplaced orders for JCOM shares in the previous year, a civil lawsuit was filed from Mizuho Securities to request compensation for damages of 27 billion yen.
  • 2007(19)0August 6- Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) announced the acquisition of 4.99 million shares, which is 5305% of the issued shares.
  • 20070709th-Financial Services AgencyHolding companyAuthorized to transfer to the system.
  • 20070801st-Transferred a single stock and established the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group).As a result, it will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.
  • 2010(22)0104th-A new stock trading system "arrowhead" has been put into operation, and the number of buy and sell orders has been reduced from 1-2 seconds to 3 milliseconds (ms).
  • December 2010, 22-Official mascot "Aroz-kun"TwitterStart. Initially appeared as the assistant director of Odaikai[62].
  • 2011(23) November 11-Extend trading hours (change the end time of the previous session from 21:11 to 00:11)
  • November 2011, 23 --With the Tokyo Stock Exchange GroupOsaka Stock ExchangeAnnounced that it will integrate its business.
  • 2013(25)0101st --- "Co., Ltd." which merged with the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group with the Osaka Securities Exchange as the surviving companyJapan Exchange Group (JPX) ”was launched.JPX will be listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 4th.
  • 20130July 7-16 companies (see the table below for details) will be relocated from the Osaka Securities Exchange, and the east-west integration of physical market transactions will take place.
  • 2015(27)0September 9-arrowhead has been redesigned to reduce order response time to 24ms, which is 1/10 of the previous time.[16].
  • 2020(Reiwa02 years) October01st-Trading was suspended all day due to arrowhead system failure.The cause was that the first unit of the NAS had a component failure that could not read or write to the memory card, and it should have switched to the second unit, but it did not switch.Regarding switching in the event of a failure, the manual stated that the set value "ON" was "immediate switching" and "OFF" was "switching after 1 seconds", but the actual "OFF" is "not switching". It was working.
  • 2020(Reiwa02 years) November 11-President of the Tokyo Stock ExchangeKoichiro MiyaharaResigned after taking responsibility for the suspension of stock trading all day due to a system failure that occurred on October 10.
  • 2022(Reiwa04 years)0404st-Part XNUMX / Part XNUMX / JASDAQ Standard / JASDAQ Growth Mothers will be transferred to the new market, Prime Standard Growth (all tentative names).

Successive corporate representatives


Unless otherwise specified, according to "Japanese Bureaucracy Comprehensive Encyclopedia: 1868-2000"[63].

The president

Listed company

Number of listed companies

The number of listed companies is 2020 as of December 12, 29.[64]..Ranked 3rd in the number of listed corporations on the world spot stock market. Due to market integration, 2013 companies were relocated from the Osaka Securities Exchange on July 7, 16.

Number of companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (as of October 2020, 12)
Market typeThe entire(Foreign countries)
The 1 part2187(1)
The 2 part476(1)
Startup marketMothers347(1)
Professional market41(0)
※Usage Guide
(Foreign)-Foreign company stock
Professional Market-Integrated with TOKYO AIM Exchange as of July 2012, 7TOKYO PRO MarketListed companies

List of listed companies

Foreign department

In 1973, the Tokyo Stock Exchange established a new trading category specializing in foreign companies, entitled “Foreign Department”, in order to promote listing of foreign companies with particularly high growth potential in Asia. Many foreign companies have headquarters in Europe and the United States, and there are not only large companies listed in their home countries, but also companies listed only on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.[65]

しかし、取引の伸び悩みが深刻であったため、2005年2月7日をもって外国部の専門カテゴリーを廃止し、当時外国部に上場された30社は経過処置として2007年2月6日までの2年間は第1部に上場させ、第2部への指定替えを行わなかった。これは、欧米の市場は国籍で区分けせずに取引をしており、東証のように外国の株式を独自に分ける異質な取扱いは投資家の投資意欲を低下させることや、外国企業にとっても排外的に映り、新規上場を妨げるという理由があった。これにより外国企業も、日本国内企業と同様の審査・条件をクリアすることで、第1・2部、マザーズ、JASDAQのいずれかに上場できるように改善された[66].. In addition, the number of listed companies in the foreign department has been 1991 with 127 company as one border, and since then there has been a downward trend due to the collapse of the bubble economy and the financial crisis. The decline continued, and now it is decreasing to 30 company in Part 1, 1 company in Part 2, and 1 emerging markets.

List of listed foreign companies

As of October 2019, 10. () in orderSecurities code, Country name.

First part of the market
Second part of the market
  • (9399, Cayman Islands)
  • (6697, United States)
  • (4875, United States)

Stock index based on listed stocks


TSE system service

TSE System Service Co., Ltd.(Tosho System Service) is a Japanese company.Japan Exchange Group, Inc.And a subsidiary of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Tokyo Stock ExchangeSecurities custody transfer mechanism,Japan Securities Clearing OrganizationHave experience developing other systems or their client systems[70].


The JPX Group focuses on three businesses: system development business, operation service business, and network business[Note 8] Handles system development and operation of affiliated companies, arrownet network management, etc.[71].


Please note that all of the history below is based on information published by our company.


  • 19860Established in June with capital of 6 million yen.
  • 20020March Became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
  • October 2002 Increased capital to 10 million yen.
  • 20040April Obtained the qualification to participate in the competition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • 20050March Obtained BS3 / ISMS certification.
  • 200704 ISO27001: Obtained migration certification to 2005.
  • 20070May 5% of the shares held by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. are corporations.Securities custody transfer mechanismBe transferred to.
  • October 2007 Developed a participant monitoring system of the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation.
  • 20090April TSEarrowheadDeveloped a trading participant terminal system.
  • 20090July Started providing services with the operation of TSE arrownet.
  • December 2009 HeadquartersChuo-ku, Tokyo,Nihonbashi KayabachoMoved to the Second Securities Hall.
  • 20140March Moved the head office to the Heiwa Building, 3-chome, Kayabacho, Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
  • 20150February Obtained migration certification to ISO2: 27001.
  • 20160March All shares held by Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc.Treasury stockObtained as.
  • 20160May Headquarters moved to Tokyo Shoken Building, Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Digital TV (reception failure countermeasure relay broadcasting station)

Licensed by: Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.[72]

IDBroadcasting station namePhysical channelAntenna powerERPBroadcast target areaBroadcast areaNumber of householdsPlane of polarizationOpening date
1NHK TokyoSynthesis 27 ch 1 mW400 μW[Note 9]Kanto wide area
(Not including Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture)[73]
-HouseholdVertical polarization2011May 9
2NHK TokyoE Tele 26 ch Kanto wide area
4Nippon TV 25 ch Kanto wide area
5TV Asahi 24 ch
6TBS TV 22 ch
7Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. 23 ch
8Fuji Television Network, Inc 21 ch
9TOKYO MX 20 ch Tokyo
  • Broadcasting area is inside the Tokyo Stock Exchange building[74].


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注 釈

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