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📊 | Sugi Pharmacy, business tie-up with Vietnam's peer Omicare, capital tie-up

Photo Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. announced on July 7 that its core operating company, Sugi Pharmacy, will form a business alliance with its Vietnamese peer, Omicare Joint Stock Company (Hanoi City).

Business tie-up with Sugi Pharmacy and Vietnam's peer Omicare, with a view to capital tie-up

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Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. announced on July 7 that its core operating company, Sugi Pharmacy, will form a business alliance with its Vietnamese peer, Omicare Joint Stock Company (Hanoi City).

On July 7th, Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that its core business company, Sugi Pharmacy, is in the same industry in Vietnam, Omicare… → Continue reading

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Cedar pharmacy

Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd.(Sugi Yakyoku)AichiObu CityHeadquartered in Japanpharmacy-Drug storechain..The current corporation isSugi Holdings Co., Ltd.A subsidiary of (formerly Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd.).


Like other drug stores, it handles not only medicines but also cosmetics, daily necessities, foods, alcoholic beverages, etc.The store name can be distinguished as "Sugi Pharmacy" for dispensing stores and "Sugi Drug" and "Drug Sugi" for non-dispensing stores, and some stores have only dispensing equipment.Of course, even in stores that dispense by prescription or stores that do not dispense, pharmacists are obliged to sell at stores where pharmacists are resident.First-class pharmaceutical productsThere is a store that handles.As a drugstore that is strong in dispensing, it is mainly developing drugstores with dispensing pharmacy, and some stores are equipped with sterile preparation rooms and are working on advanced home medical care to expand.It is a company that works on developing sales floors to extend healthy life expectancy in a super-aging society, dispensing to control the progression of illness, and improving QOL.

Company name "CedarIs the surname of the founder, "Sugiura"When"Sugi treeAdopted from[5].Corporate copy"I want to have a good relationship with you"[Annotation 1].

In addition, with similar names and the same drugstore formatSugiyama chemicalAnd with the same surname as the founderSugiura PharmaceuticalThere was, but bothTokai regionAlthough it is the ground, there is no capital or human relationship between the two and Sugi Pharmacy.


Successive presidents

President of Sugi Pharmacy
President of Sugi Holdings
  • Koichi Sugiura: 2008-2009
  • Yukimasa Yoneda: 2009-2010
  • Nao Masuda: 2011-2017
  • Eiichi Sakakibara: 2017 --2021
  • Katsunori Sugiura: 2021-


distribution center

  • Nisshin- AichiNisshin City..As the first distribution base for Sugi Pharmacy1997Operated from July.
  • Chubu Logistics Center-Aichi PrefectureKasugai City.2005It will go live in July.Known as: SLC Chubu, but has finished its role with the relocation of the distribution center in 7.
  • Aichi Nishi-Aichi PrefectureAishi City.


  • Sugi Group Tokyo Product Headquarters --- Success Higashinihonbashi Building, 7-14-XNUMX Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (This building also houses the Pharmaceutical Affairs Training Center)
  • Pharmaceutical Affairs Training Center-Nagoya School (Aichi Prefecture)Nagoya cityNaka-ku), Tokyo school (TokyoChuo-ku), Osaka school (OsakaOsakaAbeno Ward)
    • It used to be located in Kyoto, but with the opening of the Osaka school, the Kyoto school was integrated.
  • Regional Sales Office-Kanto (KantoSaitamaKawaguchi cityKamiaoki store 2nd floor), Kansai (Osaka prefecture Osaka city Shin-Osaka Miyahara store 2nd floor)

Group Companies

Current group company

  • Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd.- Holding company.2008Former Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd. until August.
    • Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd.-A subsidiary that operates a drugstore business with dispensing (Sugi Pharmacy).2008May 9Newly established.
    • Co., Ltd.-A subsidiary that conducts medical business.2008May 9Newly established.
    • Sugi Smile Co., Ltd. --Established for the purpose of promoting the employment of persons with disabilities, it undertakes various operations within the Sugi Group.2009May 6Newly established in2009May 7ToAct on Promotion of Employment of Persons with DisabilitiesBased onSpecial subsidiaryCertified by.
    • DCP Solution Co., Ltd.-A subsidiary that supports the opening of clinics. Newly established in December 2018.
    • MCS Co., Ltd.-A subsidiary that provides a human resources service business specializing in medical staff. Newly established in September 2018.

Former group company

  • Iizuka YakuhinCo., Ltd.-It was a grandchild company that operates a drugstore business (drugsugi),2011May 2Was merged with the parent company Sugi Pharmacy.2008May 2In addition, it was newly established by the company split of the former Iizuka Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
  • Co., Ltd. --- I was engaged in business support and logistics business consignment business,2010May 4Dissolved in the same yearMay 7Liquidation completed.
  • The following three companies became subsidiaries of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. through the transfer of shares.
    • Sugi Biochemical Research Institute Co., Ltd.-A subsidiary company that conducts non-clinical business.2008May 12Newly established.Current corporation.
    • Sugi Medical Research Co., Ltd.-A subordinate company that conducts clinical CRO (contract research organization) business.2008May 12Newly established.After changing the name to CMIC Medical Research Co., Ltd.2012May 3ToSimicCo., Ltd. (with the conversion to a holding company2012May 1The CRO business will be merged into the second generation), which was established by a new company split.
    • Sugi Medical Support Co., Ltd.-A subsidiary company that operates an SMO (Site Management Organization) business.2008May 12Newly established.After changing the name to CMIC Medical Support Co., Ltd.2011May 9Of the same Simic groupSite Support InstituteMerged with a joint-stock company.
  • Japan Co., Ltd. - discount storeA subsidiary that was engaged in business (Japan).After taking over the business to Sugi Pharmacy, merged with Sugi Holdings.


The store isAichiな どTokai regionWas the center,2002From aroundKansai regionAlso increased the number of stores2006ToSaitamaStarting with opening a store inKanto regionMade a foray into. From 2019FukuiIt was a blank area starting with the opening of a store inHokuriku regionStarted to advance to.2024Aiming to open 2 stores in Hokuriku by February[14][15].

in recent years"2010Aggressive with the goal of "1000 store sales of 3500 billion yen"We are trying to expand the store network.2006ToYaokoIncluding taking over the drugstore division of a subsidiary from2007In the discount storeJapan,Iizuka YakuhinWith consolidated salesMatsumoto Kiyoshi HoldingsIt was second only to the industry.

It is developed under the store brand names of "Sugi Pharmacy," "Sugi Drug," "Drug Sugi," and "Japan."

2017May 9Started 24-hour business at stores before and after Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture.Since then, the number of stores that are open 24 hours a day, such as the Higashishincho store in Nagoya and the Dotonbori Higashi store in Osaka, has been increasing.

Number of stores

2021As of the end of August, 4 stores (including Japan and Sugi Home-visit Nursing Center) were opened.[16]..The Chubu region of the ground occupies more than one-third.For the latest information and details, see the official websiteFind a storeSee.

  • Kanto region-377 stores
    • Ibaraki ―― 4 stores
    • Tochigi ―― 4 stores
    • Gunma Prefecture --34 stores
    • Saitama Prefecture --111 stores
    • Chiba ―― 18 stores
    • Tokyo-158 stores
    • Kanagawa ―― 48 stores
  • Chubu region-508 stores
    • Gifu ―― 58 stores
    • Shizuoka ―― 28 stores
    • Aichi-364 stores
    • Mie ―― 58 stores
  • Hokuriku region-39 stores
    • Fukui Prefecture-10 stores
    • Ishikawa ―― 19 stores
    • Toyama ―― 10 stores
  • Kansai region --484 stores
    • Shiga ―― 49 stores
    • Kyoto ―― 51 stores
    • Osaka Prefecture --260 stores
    • Hyogo ―― 101 stores
    • Nara ―― 23 stores

Support for point cards and various electronic money


We have introduced a point card, and if you make a card with a paper barcode printed on it, points will be given according to the purchase amount.Basically, 100 yen (tax included, same below) is 1 point, and on Saturdays and Sundays (Monday and Friday at some stores), the points are doubled, but more sales are often given.The feature is that the points are valid for as long as 2 years (after that, the points expire every year starting from the grant date).In addition to goods, items that can be exchanged according to the number of pointsANA Mileage ClubIt can also be exchanged for aviation mileage.In addition, it should be noted2008(Heisei20 years)May 6UntilJAL Mileage BankWas also affiliated with.

At the storeCredit cardIt is also possible to pay with, and we issue an affiliated credit card called Sugi Card, which is also used as a point card (JCBThe brand is JCB,VisaandMasterCardThe brand isNICOSissued by).With this Sugi card, points are always added by 100 point for every 1 yen.

2018(30)May 3Than,National transportation IC card,QUICPay,Rakuten Edy,ID,nanaco, From July of the same yearWAONVarious types of electronic money can now be used at all stores (even before that, some stores narrowed down the types of electronic money).Also,2019(31)May 4Than,Bar code paymentOf the formula electronic moneyAlipay,WeChatPayIs the same year (ReiwaFirst year)May 5From the same bar code payment type electronic money,d payment,au Pay,LINE Pay,PayPay,Rakuten PayEach bar code payment type electronic money can now be used except at some stores.However, for transportation IC cardsPiTaPaDoes not support and cannot be used.In addition, since various electronic money charges are not supported, it is necessary to complete the charge at a store that can charge in advance.It can be used in combination with a point card.


From the viewpoint of environmental protection, we are also working on reducing the number of shopping bags, and if we refuse at the time of payment, 2 points will be given (Nagoya cityAt the stores inside, instead of points, 1 point for Eco Coupyon,Toyota CityAt the store inside, one eco-seal instead of points[Annotation 2],岡 崎 市At the store inside, one eco-seal instead of points[Annotation 3]In addition, depending on the store, the payment amount was deducted by 1 yen,2018As of March, it has been abolished in most stores.


Violation of the Freedom Labeling Law (good false positive)

2017May 11,KudzuExtracted from flowersIsoflavoneAs long as you ingest a food with functional claims includingFreebie display methodIn violation (good misidentification)Consumer Affairs AgencyReceived an order to prevent recurrence[17].

Convenience provision issues regarding new coronavirus vaccination

Founder and Chairman of Sugi HoldingsKoichi SugiuraAnd his wife, Akiko Sugiura, who is a consultant, is the place of residence.AichiNishioTo the elderly inNew coronavirus OfvaccineAt the time of inoculation, the company had asked the city to secure reservation slots with priority.2021May 5AttachedChunichi ShimbunIt turned out by the original interview of[18]..According to Nishio City's apology press conference in response to the article and news reports, there was a request from the city's department in charge from around mid-April of the same year, and although the person in charge initially refused, it has been pressured more than 4 times Because there were repeated strong requests[19]Finally, the deputy mayor instructed the department in charge to secure it with priority.In response to the indication, the city held an apology conference and canceled the reservation frame[20].

Initially, Sugi Holdings acknowledged the fact of the inquiry to the city, but denied the content of the report that it did not request for convenience.[21]However, after that, he announced an apology comment on the company's official website, in which Mr. Akiko had an operation for lung cancer in the past, so the secretary made an inquiry to Nishio City Hall in consideration of the situation. He explained the circumstances, while Chairman Hirokazu also announced that he did not wish to be vaccinated because he had experienced anaphylactic shock in the past.[22]..However, the secretary said, "The chairman has a strong intention. I am looking forward to the inoculation."[23]And that the couple was heading to the inoculation site when the reservation was canceled.[24]There is a discrepancy between the claims of Sugi Holdings and Nishio City.


The narration isSadayuki UedaOthers are in charge.

Aichi ExpoAt the time of the event, as a tie-up project, while introducing health methods in various regions around the world, a punch line called "Sugi Pharmacy in Japan" was also on the air.

In TV commercials, there are many works with unique contents such as the red signboard, which is the trademark of the store, changing into various shapes, so in the case of such commercials,fictionA notice such as a cautionary note that is displayed when a sexual drama is broadcast may be displayed in the corner of the screen.

Tokai regionBroadcast on commercial broadcastersradioCMIs famous for its unique story-style advertising.


Computer board game "Momotaro Electric Railway] In the seriesAnjo CityHas appeared as the property "Pharmacy Chain Headquarters" ("Momotaro Dentetsu 2010"Than).

TBS TV"Solid Monday!"2014May 5Our company was featured in the broadcast, and Mr. and Mrs. Koichi Sugiura, Chairman and CEO Akiko Sugiura, appeared in the studio.[25].

NTV series"24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"Donation boxes have been set up at each Sugi Pharmacy Group store (donations are deposited atChukyo TV).


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