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📢 | Use 4D in sports: 4D Replay's video technology provides sports fans with 360-degree immersive footage


Use 4D in Sports: 4D Replay's video technology provides sports fans with 360-degree immersive footage

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4DREPLAY is a unique video production company headquartered in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

Sports using 4D Replay technology AsiaNet 90769 [Tokyo July 2021, 7 PR… → Continue reading

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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley(English: Silicon Valley) IsThe United States of AmericaCaliforniaNorth OfSan Francisco Bay AreaThe name of the Santa Clara Valley and surrounding areas located in the southern part of. It is not a place name that officially refers to a specific place, but is used as a common name for a wide area.

The name issemiconductorManufacturer (The main raw material for semiconductors isSilicon,British: Silicon), and the terrain (Valley,British: Valley).

In this areaApple,Intel,National Semiconductor,Google,Facebook,Applied Materials,Yahoo!,Adobe,Cisco SystemsRepresented bysoftware,インターネットMany related companies were born,ITIt is a major base for companies.


Specifically, the north isSan MateoFrom aroundSan JoseRefers to multiple cities up to. The heart of Silicon Valley isSan Jose,Mountain view,Sunnyvale,Santa Clara,CupertinoAnd various cities.

originallyMenlo ParkIt is inStanford UniversityTechnicianHewlett PackardIt is said that the establishment of such electronics and computer companies, and the attraction of these new technology companies to the site of this university as Stanford Industrial Park.[1]. Also,TransistorIs one of the inventors ofWilliam ShockleyEstablished "Shockley Semiconductor Research Laboratory" in this area and differentiated from itFairchild SemiconductorOr from thereIntelThe name of Silicon Valley came to be associated with the birth of many semiconductor companies including[2].


Second World WarPreviously, there was no glaring industry in the region of Silicon Valley today, which is hard to imagine from its current prosperity.During World War IIToStanford UniversityThe industry related to munitions has risen, centering around. The ones that played a central role were Lytton Industries andAmpex,Varian Associates,Hewlett PackardIn Silicon ValleyDawnBecame a source of local human resources[3][4].. After that, with the development of the semiconductor industryInitial public offeringIn succession, and those fundsVenture companyRe-invested in, and positive feedback creates a virtuous cycle and continues to develop.

Even in the 2010s,Start-upIn addition to aspiring people, acquiring business opportunities and human resources,Open innovationCompanies in and outside the United States aiming toToyotaJapanese companies are also included[5].

As a result, the number of people moving in and out of the city has increased rapidly,Traffic jamAnd rising house prices,ホ ー ム レ スThere are also problems such as increase[6].. Measures against such overcrowding,Private carDon't want to haveMillennialsConvenient for public transportation due to an increase in the number of workersSan Jose Diridon StationSilicon Valley is expanding towards the surrounding south[7].

Well-known companies

Many advanced IT companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley. The following isFCompanies listed in:

In addition to the above, some well-known companies based in Silicon Valley (some do not exist):


To be precise, the following universities are not located in Silicon Valley, but contribute to the area as nearby research institutes:

Silicon Valley Japanese affiliates/organizations

  • JETRO Business Innovation Center (BIC)
  • Silicon Valley Japanese Entrepreneur Network (SVJEN)
  • Silicon Valley Multimedia Forum (SVMF)
  • Japan America Business Initiatives (JABI)
  • Japanese Technology Professional Association (JTPA)
  • Japan Bio Community
  • Keizai Society

Other cutting-edge industrial areas

The success of Silicon Valley became known throughout the United States, and the rise of the IT industry was a scream of economic revival for the United States, where the economy was stagnant. Therefore, inevitably in other regions as well, major companies, venture companies, universities, governments, etc. laid the foundation for the maturity of the IT industry, and some of them steadily achieved results and achieved growth. Accordingly, Silicon Valley is becoming a symbol of great success in various parts of Silicon Valley, and has been given a nickname or nickname. Although some are listed here, there are actually more than 50 regions in the English version of wikipedia, and although the base and growing soil are immature, it is said that it is an excellent means to attract venture companies. You can also see the example.

World Silicon Valley

The success of Silicon Valley is well-known worldwide, and the prominent accumulation areas of the IT industry have been nicknamed “Silicon Valley of XX” or “Silicon XX” and “Valley of XX” in each country. There are other names and popular names that have come to be called spontaneously, and in some cases the government and others have stated that they are using Silicon Valley as a model. There are also cases where areas other than IT that seek to attract companies or promote entrepreneurship are called "○○○ Valley".[8].



North / Latin America

Silicon Valley in Japan

Although there is no fixed area in Japan that corresponds to Silicon Valley, there are some areas where IT companies are particularly concentrated. Nuance is different, but three majorElectric TownIs also called Silicon Valley.

In the 1980s,Tohoku ExpresswayAlong the way along the Silicon Road,KumamotoCentered onKyusyuWas called Silicon Island, and the electronic equipment industry such as IC manufacturing developed. But laterNICS (later NIES)Due to the rise of countries, companies are shutting down their factories one after another, and due to the decline, the name is rarely used today.


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