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📢 | Huawei reforms power plant-scale energy storage for the future of renewable energy generation


Huawei Reshapes Power Plant-Scale Energy Storage for the Future of Renewable Energy Generation

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He emphasized the importance of building a stable grid with a grid configuration concept and adopting a modular design that makes the plant more resilient and robust.

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module(British: module) IsengineeringIndesignWith the above conceptシステムCompose要素What becomes.A part that has a cohesive function by collecting several component functions.What follows the modulemodular(British: modular).

By narrowing down and standardizing the input and output, system development can be changed from "matching" to "combination of modules".[1][Page number required].


computerWhen creating such as, the function can be expressed by using the products of any company as long as the parts meet the standard.

IBMHowever, in the 1980s, the computer "PC / ATIf the module meets the standard, the inside will beBlack boxBut it doesn't matter if the development system (modularization) Was taken.As a result, innumerable parts manufacturers were born all over the world, and the performance of personal computers increased dramatically because they competed for the performance of modules.ConverselyJapanThe manufacturer lost its competitiveness because it adopted a development system for making (matching) parts produced by affiliated companies.Since then, PC makers have specialized in the business of searching for and assembling modules with good performance and cheapness from all over the world.In the personal computer industry, which has become an assembly industry, with cheap wagesmass productionThe start-up companies that can do it will take advantage.The price drop has made it a low-margin job for traditional manufacturers, and finallyparadigmIBM, the main shifter, has decided to withdraw.

Currently, in module creation in the pre-stage of "assembly"CPU,memoryThe latest technology is packed as a black box in such fields.Therefore, it is easy to make a profit.On the other hand, aftercare after "assembly" is also in high demand and easy to make a profit.In this way, the state where the profit margin is low only in the middle stage and the profit margin is high in the previous stage and the latter stage is "UTo draw a curve like(English edition)It is called.

For the assembly industry of similar modulesautomotive industryBut there isAutomobileIn the case of,volume,weightEtc. are important factors, and interdependence between more than 2 parts[2]Because of the large size, it is essential to carefully and uniquely harmonize the parts.For this reason, even assembly is not something that newcomers can easily enter, and the automobile assembly industry is expensive.ProfitCan be raised.

In industrial machines and the like, a method is adopted in which equipment necessary for work is put together in a package having the same outer shape, and modules are replaced as needed.

For military ships in the early 1980sStan FlexSuch a concept has appeared.Coastal battleship TheAnti-lightning battle, Naval battle,Anti-submarine warfareIt is designed so that you can replace the equipment you need.

Wheeled armored carBy modularizing the rear part, a communication command vehicle, an armored ambulance,Self-propelledmortarVehicles that can be used as are appearing.

BuildingThen,Nakagin Capsule Tower BuildingHas adopted a design that makes each room physically replaceable.


Software engineeringModule insoftwareシステムPartialProgram.

Module divisionSoftware development processAffects.This is because well-divided modules can be implemented, tested, and refurbished independently.By assigning a developer to each module, parallel development of the module group becomes possible, and the completion of the whole can be accelerated.In addition, the functions can be enhanced or repaired by replacing the modules.If the module is not divided correctly, the changes made by multiple developers may conflict with each other, or the consent of many developers may be required for the changes, which affects the development process.

The module issubroutineとdata structureIt is the substance of software as a collection of.The module is only that partcompileIt is also a possible unit and can be reused, and at the same time, it enables multiple programmers to develop different modules in parallel.As a feature of the module, "modularity"EncapsulationMake complex programs easier to understand.

The module isinterfaceとImplementationTo separate.The interface of a module represents the elements that the module should provide to the outside world and the elements that the module needs.The implementation contains code that actually implements the functionality defined to provide on that interface.As a language that explicitly supports the concept of modulesTo give,D language, F language,FORTRAN,Pascal,ML,Modula-xnumx,Python,Ruby and so on.


Modularity(Modularity) isProgramIt is an attribute of the module and indicates the degree of the range composed of the modules.

Module is lowCouplingAnd highCohesionIt is desirable to have.That is, when any two parts of a program are often interrelated, such code isCouplingIs high and modularity is low.On the other hand, program code in which the interface between modules is properly defined and there is no other mutual relationship can be said to be highly modular.In addition, programs with low relations are mixed inside (Separation of concernsIs not realized) ModuleCohesionIs low and modularity is low.

Modules and classes

Module andClassesThe differences are as follows.

  • In classinstanceAsobjectHas the ability to generate.
  • The class is the behavior and data of other classesInheritancecan do.
  • PolymorphismBecause of this, the relationships between class instances change at runtime, but the relationships between modules are static.

The similarities between modules and classes are as follows.

  • Both hide the implementation details from the outside.
  • Both can form a hierarchy (module hierarchy and class hierarchy).


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