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📢 | "Foam Bazooka" Excited by the bubbles that spurt out!We will hold a special event that will make both adults and children smile ♪…


"Foam Bazooka" Excited by the bubbles that spurt out!We will hold a special event that will make both adults and children smile ♪…

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A large number of colored balls can be seen on the waterslide and the jabujabu pond, and can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups, from small children to elementary school students.

At Gunma Flower Park (Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture), a popular bubble event is held every year from July 2021, 7. → Continue reading


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Color ball

Color ball (colored ball) Is for crime prevention with a special dye insideball.

Crime prevention equipmentIs one of theFinancial institution,storeIt is used for crime prevention such as.


Color ballInsidepigmentとspecialpaint(Luminor reaction)ofliquidIs enclosed and powerfulStench(cheese OfcorruptionSome emit a odor-like odor.Once the contents have adhered, it is extremely difficult to remove.

使用 方法

When it hits the object or the target person, the exterior cracks due to the impact and the liquid contentTargetAdhere to.A humanFor small targets such as, throw it at your feet to make it splash and attach.It may not crack even if it hits the criminal directly (it is too fragile to crack when it hits the human body), so throw it at your feet so that the scattered paint will be applied.Throw it directly at the escape vehicle.

ThisrobberyIdentify the offender.The dye isdetergentHowever, the special paint does not disappear easily.

Practical example

  • 2007May 10ToNaganoKitaazumi DistrictIkedaIt is inHachijuniThere was a robbery case at the Ikeda branch, and a bank employee threw itColor ball CriminalHit the car. 10 minutes laterPolice officerSuspected vehicle発 見Then,ArrestIt came to.
  • 2008May 4ToKanagawa横 浜 市Aoba-kuIn TachibanadaiYokohama Agricultural CooperativeThere was a robbery case at the Tachibanadai branch, and an employee threw itColor ballHit the windshield of the car driven by the criminal.Of a private housegardenHidden in, but abandoned(I.e.There was a report from the resident who saw it,事件40 minutes laterSuspectWas arrested.
  • 2009May 1Kanagawa PrefectureOdawara city Ofconvenience storeThere was a robbery case, and a clerk threw itColor ballHit the suspect.Customer OfReportA police officer who went out to the criminalCurrent offenderArrested.
  • 2009May 5ToIshikawaKanazawaThere was a robbery case at the Kanazawa Minma Post Office in Tokyo, and he took 300 million yen and escaped.Thrown by the directorColor ballIs the criminaloperationI hit the windshield of my car. Police found the vehicle on the 27th, leading to the arrest of the suspect.At Kanazawa Minma Post OfficeColor ballCrime prevention training was conducted twice a year.
  • 2009May 12ToGunmaIsesaki CityThere was a robbery case at the Isesaki Toyoshiro Post Office inFemaleTakes about 100 million yen and escapes.Thrown by a clerkColor ballThe criminal's woman was arrested about an hour later when she hit the criminal's car.
  • 2016May 3ToTokyoTaitoIt is inTokyo Tomin BankA man with a knife broke into the Okachimachi branch, robbed him of about 100 million yen in cash and ran away.The employeeColor ballUeno police officer of the Metropolitan Police Department who rushed to the foot with a throw and hit his foot, pointed his pistol at a distance of about 200 meters and warned him, and arrested him.

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