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💴 | Can I make a corporate settlement by myself?Easy-to-understand explanation of procedures and required documents


Can I make a corporate settlement by myself?Easy-to-understand explanation of procedures and required documents

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It can be said that the use of accounting software is indispensable if you want to settle corporate accounts on your own.

Corporate settlement is an important task that a company needs to perform once a year.In the settlement of accounts, the company's report card, "Financial Statement", and taxes ... → Continue reading

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Corporate settlement

Accounting software

Accounting software(Kaikei software,British: accounting software) IsAccountingTo record and processApplication softwareAndAccounts payableLedger,accounts receivableLedger,Wage book,SpreadsheetIt consists of functional modules such as.When a company or organization makes its ownThird partyWhen purchasing fromThird partyThere are cases where various applications are used in combination.Features and prices vary.

In Europe and the United States, vendor mergers have continued since the mid-1990s, and this market is being eliminated.Low-end products for companies in JapanCloud computingUsedAccounting softwareIs often talked about and is expected to spread in the future.

In December 2016, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryFintech"Set numerical targets based on the utilization rate of cloud services in finance and accounting operations"[1]Cloud-based accounting software for Japanese SMEsAccounting softwareHas set out a policy to encourage the active use of.Also in the same month, it is a major accounting software company.Yayoi Co., Ltd.Will make Yayoi's White Declaration Online, a cloud accounting software for sole proprietors, free of charge for many years[2]Competition for the share of accounting software is becoming active.Regarding the connection between cloud-based accounting software and financial institutions, financial institutions selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as "IT introduction support project for improving productivity of services, etc."[3]Efforts are progressing more than before.And, at the time of tax filing in 2017, cloud-based accounting software introduction seminars are held in the chambers of commerce nationwide.[4]The use of accounting software has become widespread in the market, such as the emergence of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Therefore, the transition from on-premises to the cloud in the accounting software users (individuals / corporations) is expected to accelerate.[5].


Accounting software is often a collection of modules that deal with specific parts of accounting.Typical modules are as follows.

Core module

accounts receivableLedger
Record the money that comes into the company.
Accounts payableLedger
Record the money paid by the company.
General ledger
Corporate "books"
Create invoices for customers and clients.
Manage corporate inventories (inventory).
The company orders inventory.
Order processing
Record and manage customer orders.

Non-core module

Debt Collection
Monitor the collection status of accounts receivable.
Electronic moneyprocessing
Record the expenses of business activities by employees.
Contact Us
Display information as is, without editing or adding anything.
Wage book
Record salaries, wages, related taxes, etc.
Print out the data.
Working time management
LawyerConsultantRecord the hours worked for each client in a professional occupation such as, and use it as data for billing each client.
Collect orders from each department so that ordering work can be done efficiently.

The name of each module is different depending on the vendor.


In many cases,TCOConsidering the above, the introduction form is more important than the software function itself.Medium and larger applications are exclusively sold by resellers, developers and consultants.In this case, the license fee goes to the software vendor, but there are other fees for installation, customization, and support services.The price other than the software itself is about 50% to 200% of the price of the software itself.

In some cases, software vendors sell directly and provide customer support without going through resellers.


Personal accounting

At homeHousehold account bookIt is mainly used asAccounts payableIt is inexpensive, centered on the function of the ledger (expenditure details).

Low end

Low-end products for businesses offer most of the common accounting functions at low cost.Vendors often support only the accounting methods of a particular country.Large vendors offer products that support accounting methods in various countries.

Medium size

Medium-sized products can accommodate accounting principles from multiple countries and can be used in multiple types.currencyAccounting is possible.

In addition to general accounting functionsManagement information systemIt can be integrated and linked with, and can support one or more markets such as integration and collaboration with modules.

Software of this scale generally has the following functions.

High end

The most expensive and complex accounting softwareCorporate resource planning (ERP) Often part of software.

It often takes more than 6 months to install and actually operate.In many cases, running it as an accounting system requires a great deal of integration, configuration, and customization.

Since it can be highly customized, it can be adapted to the business customs peculiar to the company.Conversely, this results in enormous costs and preparation time.

Vertical type

Some accounting software is designed specifically for a particular industry.It has functions unique to the industry.

Whether it's an industry-specific application or a general-purpose application is a difficult choice.Applications for specific industries have the following disadvantages.

  • The vendor's development team is small.
  • The small vendors increase the risk of losing support.

On the other hand, it also has the following advantages.

  • Doesn't require much customization.
  • The introduction cost is low.
  • End-user training is quick.

Vertical accounting software includes the following industries in particular.

Complex type

With the development of technology, it has become possible to provide high-performance accounting software at a low price.Such software is especially suitable for growing companies.Growing companies, even small ones, need features from medium-sized and high-end accounting software (such as highly customized and scalable databases) because they have a large number of locations and sales increase rapidly.In addition, the number of companies expanding overseas and working from home has increased, and the need to connect a large number of small clients has increased.For thisSaaSThere is also a method of providing technology that can be accessed from multiple locations at the same time using the Internet such as.NowadaysCloud computingCloud type usingAccounting softwareHas been developed, is easy to use, and is expected to become widespread due to its low price.

Main accounting software

Commercial products

Open Source

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