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💴 | Where can I find my pension record?What if there is an unknown record?


Where can I find my pension record?What if there is an unknown record?

If you write the contents roughly
If you do not know the access key, you can move to the user ID acquisition screen from the new user registration and enter the required items, and the postcard with the user ID will be delivered from the Japan Pension Service in about 5 business days. Please use that ID to log in.

How to know your pension record The most common way to know your pension record is "Nenkin Regular Service".Every month on my birthday ... → Continue reading

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ComputerIn terms ofAccount (British:account)network,Computer,サイトEtcLogin The right to do so. The account assigned to a user is also called a user account.

For example, in the networkLogin Account for電子 メ ー ルFor sending and receivingAccountand so on.Account (ID)PasswordAre associated with each other, and the user can log in to a network, a computer, or a site that is authorized to log in by entering the password together with the account. Combine your rights (ID) and passwordAccountSometimes called.

Account type

There are the following types of accounts.

Account as security

An account may be used for authentication when entering a confidential area of ​​a public organization or a general company (such as a library or a specific room). In these cases, as an alternative to the password associated with your accountBiometrics(Fingerprint authentication, eyeball iris authentication, voiceprint authentication, etc.)

Account theft/lost

If the account itself is stolen (eg, snooping or copying), it doesn't matter much. AccompanyPasswordIf you do not know, you cannot exercise the usage rights granted to that account. However, if the password is stolen along with the account, the account may be illegally used.

Currently,Unauthorized access prohibition lawProhibits unauthorized use of accounts, but requires protection against theft of account holders. If you notice a loss, you should immediately report it to the account issuer such as the system administrator or site operator to freeze the use of the account. The following are preventive measures against theft and loss.

  • Account and passwordMemorizationThen,paper,text fileSuch as媒体Do not save to.
    • Even if you write it, do not keep it in a place that is visible to the public.
    • Password storageComputerIf you do so, do something that others cannot see, such as using password management software.
    • PrintShould be avoided as much as possible as the paper may be stolen.
  • Accounts and passwords should be shared by multiple people unless absolutely necessary.Totaldo not do.
  • Trojan horseIn the sense of avoiding infections such assoftwareDo not download.

Account hack tool

Account hack toolWhat is an unauthorized tool that sends an account and password to the tool creator and the distributor abruptly (Trojan horseas well as the Computer virus) Is a common name.

Ragnarok Online,RED STONEThe damage is expanding mainly inActiveXThere are some types that get infected just by browsing a website that abuses the control. PresentComputer virusThere are some types that cannot be detected by countermeasure software, so you need to defend yourself without relying on such software.

Main source of account hack tool infection

  • Written as a support toolExecutable file(EXE file).
  • Install malicious tools just by browsing created by a malicious personActiveXA web page with controls built in.

The links to these areonline gameTreatBulletin board,Social MediaIt is pasted in large quantities onLinks Ofア ド レ スThere are things that can not be judged, so by mistake. There is a concern that it will be done.

In addition to this, Web pages and programsVulnerabilityMalicious code by inserting malicious code on a legitimate Web page using a software vulnerability and without the user's knowledgeInstallThere are also methods.

This method20055Was discovered byUnauthorized access to price.comBut this is the method used.

The biggest feature of this method is that malicious code can be inserted into a reliable site, which means that malicious code can be installed in any site.

Measures for account hack tools

  • Do not unnecessarily click links on bulletin boards and SNS.
  • Even if you send a link from an acquaintance's account, do not click it unnecessarily because the acquaintance may already have an account hack.
  • Extension is* .exeLink is直If it is attached to, never click it.
  • AccidentallyDownloadIf you do, delete it immediately without running.
  • If you do run suspicious software, never launch an online game and consult a computer-savvy person.

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