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📢 | Notice of event cancellation Real and virtual experience of technique!Skill competition exhibition / technician exhibition in Ehime


Notice of event cancellation Real and virtual experience of technique!Skill competition exhibition / technician exhibition in Ehime

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The "Skills Competition Exhibition / Technician Exhibition" scheduled for August 8 (Thursday) at Item Ehime by the Central Skills Promotion Center (Japan Vocational Ability Development Association), which is the trustee of the project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, is a new coronavirus. As a result of considering safety and security in consideration of the situation of infectious diseases, it was unavoidably canceled.

The "Skill Competition Exhibition / Technician Exhibition in Ehime" scheduled to be held on August 8 has been cancelled. [Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare] [Central position ... → Continue reading

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Central Vocational Development Association

Central Vocational Development Association(The job is a job,British: Japan Vocational Ability Development Association, abbreviation:JAVADA) IsOccupationSupport for vocational ability evaluation and career development for the purpose of promoting ability developmentMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareHuman Resources Development OfficerJurisdictionSpecial private corporation.

Occupational Ability Development Promotion ActIt is stipulated in Articles 52-78.



  • 1979(Showa54 years)- Vocational training corporation Chuokai,andCentral Skill Test AssociationInheriting all rights and obligations ofAuthorized corporationEstablished as
  • 1998(Heisei10 years) July 7-Private corporation

basic data

Jewelry business

Various businesses, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,Prefectures,Prefectural Vocational Ability Development AssociationDo it in cooperation with.

Membership system

We support the business promotion of Japan Vocational Ability Development AssociationCompanyIt is a system in which or an organization joins as a "member" for the purpose of.As a member's privilege, free distribution of periodicals of our association, free distribution of research materials of our association, discount purchase of books published by our association (20%), discount of tuition fees for lectures and seminars, our association You can get a discount on advertising in public relations magazines published by.

As of October 2008, the number of members is 10, of which 492 are prefectural vocational ability development associations and groups (Foundation,Corporation,School corporation,Cooperative238, companies (etc.)Ltd.Etc.) is 115,TechnicianMeeting 46,Prefectural Employment Development AssociationIs 46.


  • Unauthorized spending problem --From 2002 to 2004, a total of about 64 yen was treated as a meeting fee for a social gathering of staff with alcohol and food.Accounting OfficeWas discovered in May 2009.

Problems in operating the "Emergency Human Resources Development and Employment Support Fund"


  1. ^ [Asahi Shimbun] Dated April 2013, 8"Fund is a convenient sif"

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