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📢 | Sadasuke, a middleman's inn where you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes caught in Kami, has been reopened-realism ...


Sadasuke, a middleman's inn where you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes caught in Kami, has been reopened-realism ...

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In addition, breakfast will be buffet style, and you can enjoy the season of Kasumi.

Saika Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 634 Shimonohama, Kami-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative Director: Hiroyuki Matsushita) is a middleman ... → Continue reading


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buffet(Buffet) isFrenchMeaning of eating in a standing style[1].Buffet,BuffetAlso called.

Buffet originally meant "decorative shelf" in French, and meant a style in which dishes were lined up on the display shelf and each person shared their favorite dishes and had a standing meal.[2][3]..A stand-up meal in which each person separates the dishes lined up on the main table is called a "buffet".[1]..Furthermore, the customer sideセ ル フ サ ー ビ スThe style of freely dividing dishes into plates is sometimes called a buffet.[4]In that case, in addition to the standing-up styleSitting buffetIncludes (self-service food at the original table, seated at your own table, eating and drinking)[4][5].

At international ceremonies, a stand-up party may be held as a "reception"[6].

Buffet style features

In the buffet style, you can freely move to the buffet table (buffet board) where the dishes are lined up and set aside as much as you eat.It is an informal style compared to lunch and dinner where all the guests are seated and the waiter carries the food to each other.[4].

The buffet style is also used in international ceremonies,[4], There are the following manners[4][7].

  • As with the course meal, cook the appetizer, main course, and dessert in that order.[1][4].
  • In the standing-up style, do not hold too many plates or glasses at once, and do not carry plates in both hands.[4][7].
  • Generally, the dishes are arranged from cold to hot, and use different dishes so that cold and hot dishes are not mixed.[1][4][7]..Also, do not combine dishes that are likely to be mixed with sauce in one plate[7].
  • When separating the dishes set on the main table, take them clockwise[7].
  • When you take the next dish, do not use the dish you used once and replace it with a new dish before taking the dish.[4][7](In the buffet style, there is an idea that the more dishes you use, the better the manners.[4]).

Buffet service

What is buffet service?Table settingThe service staff will do such things, but for cooking, the customer can freely share what he likes on the buffet board and return to the audience seats.[8].America,EuropeIt is said that the number of high-class buffet restaurants is increasing in hotels in Japan.JapanIt is used for breakfast service at restaurants in the hotel[8].

For buffet services (viking style) introduced for commercial purposes such as restaurants, please refer to "all-you-can-eatSee also.


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