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📊 | Conducted a survey on the polyethylene market (2021) Domestic shipment of polyethylene in 2021 was 1 year-on-year ...


Conducted a survey on the polyethylene market (2021) Domestic shipment of polyethylene in 2021 was 1 year-on-year ...

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Looking at the breakdown, HDPE, which had a large decline, is expected to exceed the previous year's level, but demand for HDPE for plastic shopping bags is expected to continue to decline.

Yano Research Institute Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Mizukoshi) surveyed the domestic polyethylene market, and trends by resin ... → Continue reading

 Yano Research Institute

In 1958, Yano Research Institute was founded by Masao Yano as a pioneer of Japanese market research company. Since then, we have always walked with the development of the Japanese economy. Live market information, marketing know-how that has been refined on-site, and the basis of our competitive advantage are here. As a unique business solution provider based on research capabilities, we want to participate in creating a prosperous future for our customers.

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Shopping bag

Shopping bagWhat is a cash register?convenience store,supermarketSuch asretail storeTake-away purchased atProductsTo putcash registerPassed byPolyolefinMade of material such as袋Point toPopular name(Not the official name).shoppingA type of bag.


TypicallyAccountingAfter, it is often handed over by the cashier.店There is also a case where the cashier puts the product in the bag at the same time as the checkout when the item is not crowded or the number of purchased items is small.


HiroshimaOtake CityBag manufacturer Nakagawa Seifu Kako1960 eraWas popular at the timestockingsRoots developed a plastic bag for pear picking to replace bamboo baskets[1][2].

1970 Since aroundWedReceived that it is strong against getting wet,supermarket,convenience storeSuch asretail storeでpaper bagInstead, plastic bags and plastic bags started to be used in large quantities.

The material of the shopping bag isPolyolefinIt is made.


  • Material
  • Property/Shape
    • There were also products that were soft and durable so that they could be put in easily and could be used in various environments, and that they were durable enough not to deteriorate over the years, even after 20 years. Nowadays, as the thickness becomes excessively thin, the quality of the product deteriorates due to deterioration or rupture easily even after a lapse of time.
    • Especially for plastic bags and plastic bags, we have adopted shapes such as a handle that can be lowered to return and a bag that can be tied so that the contents do not come out.
  • logo
    • Many bags have logo marksPrintHas been applied. This is because the general public can see where shoppers shop when they return home, and because shopping bags are used for many purposes, they are often exposed to people in various scenes.PropagandaThere is also the aim of the effect.
    • Of popular storesbrand OflogoThe bag containing is sometimes used as a fashion item.
    • When you shop at a tourist spot or a famous department store, it may be used as a proof that you bought at that place.
    • Some chain stores use plain white bags to reduce costs (Seiyu,Lawson Store 100Such)

Main usage

The original purpose of the bag is to bring back the shopping product, but due to its shape, it can be used for other purposes as well. The main usages are listed below.

  • Garbage bag(garbageUse as a means to throw away the whole thing and bring it to the garbage incineration facility as it is. In recent years, it has gradually become impossible to use colored and opaque items such as black and blue like commercial garbage bags, and only transparent (semi-transparent) items will be collected, or designated garbage bags will be prepared by paying for garbage. The number of local governments has increased (Kyoto CityHowever, it can still be said that it is still alive as a means of disposing of waste and collecting it as plastic waste at the garbage collection point. Depending on the local government, shopping bags may also be designated as "designated garbage bags" or vice versa.Hamamatsu cityLike shopping bagsGarbage bag(Some places prohibit the use instead.)
  • cover
    • Bicycle Ofsaddle((I.e.From the rain, or from a wet saddleAssTo protect)
    • Things I have left at home for many yearsdustTo prevent it, put it in a bag for long-term storage, etc.)
  • TransportationBag (useful not only for shopping but also for carrying goods)
  • A feces container for walking dogs.

Events around the bag

Hazardous substance contamination problem

2007 years(Heisei19 years),Kyoto City,Kyoto UniversityDeveloped nationwide by analyzing environmental conservation centersDepartment storeHarmful from some of the colored bags, such as重金属IsleadIs detected,Kyoto City HallDemands self-restraint from the vendor[3].

Reduction/prohibition movement

In Japan in recent years,natural environmentprotectionFrom the viewpoint of, there is a movement to reduce the polyethylene shopping bag. Depending on the store, you may charge for the bag,tote bagCampaign to promote shopping withMy bag exercise) Has been done.

Regarding environmental issuesDrifting/DriftingLow cost, less shipping cost than paper bag,Thermal recyclingThe plastic bag is symbolically criticized for being less wasteful, but there is also an opinion that the environmental load is actually low.[4].

In addition to the environmental point of view, it is economical for retailers (equipment costs can be reduced because free shopping bags are used less frequently and the benefits of declining shopping bags can be abolished accordingly.[5]In addition, profits increase from the sale of exclusive garbage bags and eco bags). on the other hand,KameokaAnnounced on December 2018, 12 that it aims to establish a regulation prohibiting the use of plastic shopping bags[6].. According to the Ministry of the Environment, the ban on plastic shopping bags by regulations is the first in the country[6].

Especially because the cost of shopping bags increased due to the high price of crude oil, the trend of recommending eco bags and paying for shopping bags accelerated, but since it is still free at convenience stores etc., the awareness that shopping bags are free remains. The current situation is that many stores bear a few yen per piece. There are also cases where trouble occurs between a store that requests a shopping bag price and a customer who thinks it should be provided free of charge.

Raw material for polyethyleneethyleneMost of what is manufactured in JapanPetroleum refiningCan benaphthaIs. In 2007, Japan's ethylene production was 773.9 tons, while domestic demand was 574.1 tons and exports were 199.6 tons (net exports: real exports-real imports), making Japan an exporter of ethylene.[7].

By abolishing shopping bags,Shoplifting(theft) Damage increases[8][9]Negative aspects have also been pointed out. From the concern that it will spread as a method of hiding shoplifting by misusing my bag, we have started to focus on crime prevention measures, "the government has established rules on my bag and enlightened with PR posters"Put items purchased at other stores in a special bag"The case where it is carried out while maintaining the my bag system[8]However, on the contrary, there are also cases where the my bag system is abolished, such as "prohibiting carry-on of bags such as shopping baskets and resuming conventional distribution of shopping bags".[10].

Charge for shopping bags (Japan)

2019 years(ReiwaOn the 9th of September, in response to international trends,Japanese GovernmentAt an expert meeting, he presented a scheme to oblige the use of plastic bags for reducing plastic waste.Ministry of the EnvironmentSummarized the bill and plans to implement it as early as April 2020[11].

this isScience Council of JapanThere are reports that it was triggered by the proposal of[12], No direct involvement of charge policy and science council[13].

July 12st of the same year,Ministry of the Environment-Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryAnnounced the operation guideline of the system obliging to charge shopping bags. Targeting all retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores,Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicIt shows that it will start from July 2020, which is just before the holding of[14].Container and Packaging Recycling LawWith the revision of the Ministerial Ordinance, all retailers were obliged to pay for plastic shopping bags, but the industry that manufactures shopping bags says, "What the government should do is not pay for shopping bags like this." Criticized[15].

From January 2020, 7Target of shopping bag chargeThe shopping bag that became[16] :

  • Material-plastic, not paper or cloth
  • Shape-have handles
  • Uses-The contents of the bag are products, not gifts or free samples
  • Possibility to decline-bag is part of the product,duty freeIt is a bag that can be declined by the consumer, not specified by other laws such as

Not applicableThe following shopping bags are[17], Environmental performance is required, and it is necessary to display that fact.[16] :

Since it can be used repeatedly, it contributes to controlling excessive use of plastic shopping bags.
microorganismByoceanThe plastic shopping bag disassembled byMarine plastic garbage problemTo contribute to
Derived from plantsCO2Material that does not change the total amount and contributes to global warming countermeasures

After paying for shopping bags, at the store, it became easier to carry the products, examples of free paper bags, and the bags that are on sale were posted.[18]..However, bags that are not subject to charging are not always free.

More than 2014% of the Japanese people agree with the charge for plastic shopping bags in the 6 Cabinet Office opinion poll, which was before the preliminary implementation in some local governments.[19]In the opinion poll of each media company in 2020, which is just after the full implementation nationwide, nearly 7% of the people agree.[20][21]..On the other hand, 2% of the people are against it.

Movements in foreign countries

EuropeIn each country, due to the high level of environmental awareness, in the first half of the 2000s, most countries were charged[22]Besides, it was by far the most usedイタリアThen,2011 From OctoberBiodegradable plasticThe use of all of them is banned nationwide[23].

AsiaThen, South KoreaとTaiwanIs legally charged[22].ChugokuThen, from June 2008, 6, it will be charged[24]According to the survey results released on June 2009, 6, the consumption of shopping bags decreased by 1% on average, and the actual number saved 66 billion shopping bags.[25].Hong KongThen from July 2009, 7 it became a charge[26].. Moreover, in Bangladesh, the sewage used to be clogged with plastic shopping bags, causing floods and efforts were made to reduce it.

North AmericaThen,AmericaIn the middle of the 2000s, the movement to prohibit the distribution of plastic shopping bags has spread in each state[27].カナダFor the first time in a big city since January 2013,TorontoProhibits the use of shopping bags[28].

2016 In May,FranceDecided to ban plastic shopping bags. at this point,バングラデシュ,Republic of South AfricaBans have spread to China[29].

イタリアThen, in May 2018, a plastic bag abolition order was issued, and a fine of up to 5 € will be imposed if you do not comply.[30]

AustraliaIn most states of2018 May 7The free provision of shopping bags was prohibited by[31].. However, many customers are reluctant to ban shopping bags, and there are major supermarkets that continue to provide free of charge.[32].

By January 2020, it will be the largest consumer of plastics in the worldChugokuHas announced plans to reduce disposable plastic products nationwide.[33]

New coronavirus

  • The United States of AmericaCaliforniaThen,Eco bagFree shopping bags have come to be used again in supermarkets as they may cause virus infection[34].
  • In Japan as well, from July 2020, 2 (7nd year of Reiwa), when distributing plastic shopping bags at retail stores,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryIs in charge ofNew coronavirusCan lead to headwinds." There is undeniable possibility that consumers will choose disposable bags from a hygiene perspective even if they are charged.YoshinoyaMajor eating out chains such as are excluded from paying for shopping bags for take-out sales.biomassSwitch to using raw materials[35].


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