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📊 | Two movies depicting Princess Diana will be released 2 years after her death


Two movies depicting Princess Diana will be released 2 years after her death

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The production team said, "I portrayed as honestly as possible a complex woman who had a powerful influence not only on the British royal family but also on a wider society.

A biographical film "Spencer (original title)" depicting the suffering of the late Princess Diana and a documentary "..." including unreleased footage. → Continue reading

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British Royal Family

British Royal Family(British friend,British: British Royal Family) IsUnited Kingdom(Great Britain and United Kingdom of Northern Ireland)monarchandRoyal familyIs the general term for.

Royal family

There is no clear definition of royal scope, but at least Her Majesty (HM, His Majesty<Queen>) and His/Her Royal Highness (HRH, Your HighnessA person with a title is generally considered to be a royal family. Therefore, one of the important guidelines is1917 In 11 monthGeorge VIt is a charter issued by the scholarship that stipulates the operation policy of the status of princes and princesses and the honorific titles of His Majesties and His Highness. According to this, the status of the prince/princess and the honorific titles of His Majesty and His Highness are: the king, the child of the king, the son of the kingPrince of WalesIt is supposed to be given to the eldest son of the eldest son of (the crown prince).

However, even if it is not recognized as a royal family at birth, if there may be a person who is certain to become the king or its close relatives over time such as inheritance of the throne, the range of the royal family will be expanded as necessary. May be done.

For example,1948 ToPrincess Elizabeth(Then) the first child and the eldest sonCharlesCharles was born when was bornGeorge VOriginally it would not be a royal family because it was a female grandson, but it was certain that Charles would become the next king in the future, so Charles became a prince by a royal decree.

1952 Since thenElizabeth IIIn recent years during his reign, all the sons of the eldest son of Prince of Wales were given a charter to give them the status of a prince/princess and their honorific title. This was one of the grandsons of Queen Elizabeth II andPrince WilliamIs married and the birth of a third successor who is the great-grandson of the Queen (George of Cambridgeprince:2013 The first son of Prince of Wales's eldest son This is because even if a girl is a girl, she will automatically succeed to the throne.

The second son of Prince of WalesPrince Henry of Duke of SussexIs in a position of "not having the status of a prince or princess while the Queen is in office," and is "the current Prince of Wales.Prince CharlesWill be given the status of a prince/princess when he becomes the new king,'' but at this point, he will give the queen's great-grandchildren an title and title other than the eldest son of Prince of Wales. No charter to that effect or a bill to amend the law has been issued. The newest son of the Duke of Sussex by convention unless a new charter is issued.Archie(2019 Raw) is "Count Dunbarton"ofCeremonial titleGirls and boys below the second son are called with the ceremonial titles of Lord and Lady.

Also, a woman married to a male royalty with these titles wouldKnighthood-titleGiven the title as the corresponding wife, is called with the honorific title of His Majesty and His Highness. On the other hand, a man married to a female royal family cannot give a title or a title unique to the royal family unless he or she receives a special title or title. Elizabeth II's husbandPhilip KingAt the time of marriageEdinburgh DukeHonorable titles of His Highness and His Highness, Father of Elizabeth IIGeorge VFrom Elizabeth IIプ リ ン ス Since he was given the title of "(prince)", it is called His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. But,Princess AnneTimothy Lawrence, the husband of, has not been given a special title or title at the time of marriage, so Vice-Admiral, a military title after marriage,NavyLieutenant General).

The usage of these titles is as follows.

  • His Majesty-King
  • Her Majesty-wife of queen and queen
  • His Royal Highness-Prince (son of the king, son of the son of king, eldest son of the eldest son of Wales)
  • Her Royal Highness-Princess (daughter of king, daughter of son of king), princess of prince

Public affairs

The British royal family has more than 3000 public affairs each year.[1].

As of 2016, there are 20 royal families in the British royal family who share public responsibilities. Not only princes and princesses born in the royal family, but also women who have been married to male royalty will soon be engaged in public affairs. Of these 20 royal families, 10 of them, half, are female royalties, and they are the heads of nearly 900 groups alone.[1].

List of British royalty

List of royalty in a narrow sense

The following are the people in Britain who currently have or are entitled to the title of His Majesty or His Highness: Only the Queen is called with Her Majesty, the others areCount WessexHis/Her Royal Highness is used with the honorary title except for the children of. The Duke of Edinburgh is not a Prince as determined by the 1917 Charter, but as mentioned above, he was given the honorary title of His Highness in 1947 and the Prince's status in 1957 because of the special charter issued. ..

According to the 1917 charter, the eldest daughter of the Countess of Wessex, Louise, and the eldest son, have the right to claim the title of prince and princess and the honorific title of their royal family, but at the time of the marriage of the Counts of Wessex, they would like to express their hopes. Then, Elizabeth II declared that "the children of the Countess of Wessex do not give the titles of princes and princesses and their honorifics", so they do not use this status and title. Louise is known as the daughter of the general Earl, The Lady Louise Windsor. James, as a successor to Count Wessex,Ceremonial titleThe title is Lord (Lord) Is used.


Successive generationsFirst nameBritishBirthCoronationReign periodrelationship
Windsor morning
4nd generation
Queen Elizabeth II March 2015.jpgElizabeth IIElizabeth II1926 May 4(95 years old)1952 May 269/346kingGeorge VFirst princess
  • Numbered bulleted items

Queen's children and their families

Current ageFrom the current Queen
The relation I saw
Succession to the throne
Charles (Prince of Wales)73First prince1 bit
Camilla (Dress of Cornwall)74
→William (Duke of Cambridge)39Grandson / eldest son of Prince Charles
/ Your motherPrincess Diana
2 bit
Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge)40
→George of Cambridge8Great-grandson / eldest son of Prince William3 bit
→Charlotte of Cambridge6Great-grandson / eldest daughter of Prince William4 bit
→Louis of Cambridge3Great-grandson / The second son of Prince William5 bit
→Henry (Prince Sussex)37Grandson / second son of Prince Charles
/ Your motherPrincess Diana
6 bit
Megan (Duchess of Sussex)40
Andrew (Duke of York)61First prince9 bit
→Beatrice33Grandson / eldest daughter of Prince Andrew
/ Your motherFormer Princess Sarah
10 bit
→Eugene31Grandchild / second daughter of Prince Andrew
/ Nama is ex-Sera
12 bit
Edward (Count Wessex)57First prince14 bit
Sophie (Countess of Wessex)56
→James (Viscount Severn)14Grandson / eldest son of prince edward15 bit
→Louise Windsor18Grandson / eldest daughter of prince edward16 bit
Ann (Princess Royal)71First princess17 bit

Queen's cousin and his wife

Former royal family

Married the prince,Princess The names of (princess) and the title of Her Royal Highness, but divorced afterwards are as follows (existing lives only).

The first wife of Charles (Duke of Wales) was divorced in 1996.Diana SpencerWas considered a member of the British royal family even after the divorce, and fulfilled his responsibilities as a royal family. The royal family continued to call her "Princess of Wales" (Princess of Wales), andKensington PalaceI agreed to continue living in (Grace and Favour).[Source required]This is due to the practice that women generally keep their surnames after their divorce.

  • As of 2021 month.
  • The person surrounded by the black line is the deceased.

List of royalty in a broad sense

The following person is not given the status of a prince or princess according to the 1917 charter, has no right to give the honorific title of His Highness, and is not actually given his name, but may be treated as a royal family.

  • Prince Henry's child, Duke of Sussex
  • Princess Beatrice's family
    • --Princess Beatrice's husband
      • -Princess Beatrice's eldest daughter, succession to the throne 11th
  • Princess Eugenie's family
    • --Princess Eugenie's husband
  • Princess Anne's family
    • Timothy Lawrence -Princess Anne's husband
      • Peter Phillips -Princess Anne and first son of Mark Phillips
      • Autumn Phillips -Peter Phillips' wife
      • Zara Tyndall -Princess Anne and first daughter of Mark Phillips
      • -Zara Tyndal's husband
        • -The eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tyndale
        • --The second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tindal
        • -The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Tindal
  • Margaret Princess and his family
  • Prince Richard's children and their families, Duke of Gloucester
    • Alexander Windsor(Count Ulster)-The eldest son of the Duchess of Gloucester, the great-grandson of George V
    • Claire Windsor (Countess Ulster) -The wife of Alexander, Count Earlster
    • Davina lewis -The eldest daughter of the Duchess of Gloucester, the great-grandson of George V
    • Gary Lewis -Davina Lewis' husband
      • -The eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
      • -The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
    • Rose gilman -Granddaughter of George V, the second daughter of the Duchess of Gloucester
    • -Rose Gilman's husband
      • -The eldest daughter of the Gilmans
      • -Gilman's eldest son
  • Prince Edward's children and their families
    • George Windsor (Count St. Andrews) -Eldest son of the duchess of Kent
    • Countess of St Andrews-wife of George St. Andrews
    • -The eldest daughter of the Duchess of Kent
    • -Helen Taylor's husband
      • -The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
      • -The second son of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
      • -The eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
      • -The second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
    • -The second son of the Duchess of Kent
    • -Nicholas Windsor's wife
      • -Eldest son of Sir Nicholas Windsor
      • -The second son of Sir Nicholas Windsor
      • -Sir Nicholas Windsor's third son
  • The Children of Michael of Kent
    • -The eldest son of Prince and Mrs. Michael
    • -Frederick Windsor's wife
      • -Eldest daughter of Sir Frederick Windsor
      • -The second daughter of Sir Frederick Windsor
    • -The eldest daughter of the Prince and Mrs. Michael
  • Princess Alexandra's child (lady Ogilvy) and her family
    • -The eldest son of Angus Ogilvy
    • -James Ogilvy's wife
      • -James Ogilvy's eldest daughter
      • -James Ogilvy's eldest son
    • -The eldest daughter of the Angus Ogilvy
      • -The eldest daughter of Marina Ogilvy and her ex-husband Paul Mowat
      • -The eldest son of Marina Ogilvie and ex-husband Paul Mowat

Those who married the princess but subsequently divorced are as follows (only alive):

  • -Former husband of Princess Anne XNUMX

Order of succession

British flag Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.svg British throne successionTop (as of January 2021, 6)
RankingSuccession qualified personBritishKnighthood-titleSexDate of birth/Current ageCurrentElizabeth IISeen from the queenrelationship
1 bit2019 Reunião Bilateral com o Príncipe Charles-48948389972 (cropped).jpgCharlesCharlesDuke of WalesMale1948 May 1173Relative 1/First prince
2 bitPrince William, Duke of Cambridge.jpgWilliamWilliamCambridge DukeMale1982 0May 639Relative 2.1/Grandson/Charles's first child
3 bitPrince George of Cambridge in 2019 (cropped) .jpgGeorgeGeorgeMale2013 0May 78Relative 3/Great-grandson Wang / William's first child
4 bitPrincess Charlotte of Cambridge in 2019 (cropped) .jpgシ ャ ー ロ ッ トCharlotteFemale2015 0October02 days6Relative 3/Great-grandson Wang / William's first child
5 bitCambridge family at Trooping the Color 2019-14.jpgLouisLouisMale2018 0May 43Relative 3/Great-grandson Wang / William's first child
6 bitLancering Invictus Games 2020-7 (cropped) .jpgヘ ン リ ーHenryDuke of SussexMale1984 0May 937Relative 2.2/Grandson/Charles's first child
7 bitReplace this image JA.svgArchieArchieMale2019 0October06 days02Relative 3/Great-grandson Wang/Henry's first child
8 bitReplace this image JA.svgLiribetLilibetFemale2021 0October04 days00Relative 3/Great-grandson Wang/Henry's first child
9 bitPríncipe André do Reino Unido.jpgAndrewAndrewDuke of YorkMale1960 0May 261Relative 1/First prince
10 bitWeb Summit 2018-Forum-Day 2, November 7 DSC 4716 (45765938231) (cropped).jpgBeatriceBeatriceFemale1988 0October08 days33Relative 2.3/Grandson/Andrew's first child

British Royal Property

米 国Forbes MagazineAccording to Buckingham Palace and the CrownNational propertyQueen Elizabeth's individual, exceptAssetIs estimated at $5 million. It is also a British national propertyBuckingham PalaceHas an asset value of $50 billion and is owned by the royal familyReal estateIs estimated to be worth $100 billion[2].

The British royal familyChancellor of Lancaster(Duchy of Lancaster)WhenDuke of Cornwall(Duchy of Cornwall) Owns two royal territories.

Duchy of LancasterHas an area of ​​462 km²2011 Its value is estimated to be £ 3 million.Also,2011 InDuchy of LancasterProfit of £1338 million[3].

Duchy of CornwallHas an area of ​​540.9 km²2010 Its value is estimated to be £ 6 million.Also,2010 InDuchy of Cornwall OfProfitWas 1720 million pounds[4].

1997 ,Tony BlairLabor PartyadministrationBritannia, a royal yacht due to cost reduction HMY Britannia) Retired,エ リ ザ ベ スThere was a scene where the Queen shed tears in front of the public.


In the case of the British royal family (JapanRoyal family(Unlike) Female royal family "DivestitureAfter that, there is basically no reason not to be involved in public affairs.

The eldest daughter of the current QueenPrincess AnneServes as the head of 340 organizations, including the President of the British Olympic Committee, and has over 600 public affairs annually. This is my brotherPrince CharlesMeans busyness next to[1].

Dynasty genealogy

WessexKingdom,Norman morning,Plantage net morning,Lancaster morning,York dynasty,Tudor morning,Stuart morning,Hanover morning,Saks-Coberg-Gota morning,Windsor morning,EnglandBefore the merger withKingdom of Scotland,Wales, OtherFrance,GermanyEtc. are pulsating.

From George I to Edward VII[5]

[1] Caroline of Ansback

[2] Augusta of Sax-Gota

[3] Magdalena Augusta von Anhalt-Zerbst

[4] Victoria of Sax-Coburg-Saarfield, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha Prince Albert

[5] Luise von Sachsen-Gota-Altenburg


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