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📊 | Questionnaire survey of motorcycle users in 7 Asian countries (2021) Increased use due to Corona disaster ...


Conducted a questionnaire survey of motorcycle users in 7 Asian countries (2021) Increased use due to corona damage ...

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From the viewpoint of infection prevention, the response rate for "public transportation", "car sharing, rental car", etc. is low, but rather the decrease is absorbed by "motorcycle", and the survey results are growing.

Yano Research Institute Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Mizukoshi) surveyed motorcycle owners in seven Asian countries ... → Continue reading

 Yano Research Institute

In 1958, Yano Research Institute was founded by Masao Yano as a pioneer of Japanese market research company. Since then, we have always walked with the development of the Japanese economy. Live market information, marketing know-how that has been refined on-site, and the basis of our competitive advantage are here. As a unique business solution provider based on research capabilities, we want to participate in creating a prosperous future for our customers.

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Public transport

Public transport(This is theEnglish: Public transport) is used by unspecified number of peopleTransportationRefers to. In addition,TaxiThere is an interpretation that this is included in public transportation and an interpretation that it is not included.[1].

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Japan OfAct on promotion of facilitation of movement of elderly people, persons with disabilities, etc.(Barrier-free new law) defines "public transport operators, etc." as follows.[2].



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