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💴 | Number of suicides, bean sprout purchase amount, number of robbery ... Business sentiment in Japan from the latest statistics and data


Number of suicides, amount of bean sprouts purchased, number of robbers ... Business sentiment in Japan as seen from the latest statistics and data

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Yokozuna Hakuho, who belongs to the Miyagino stable where a new type of corona wrestler appeared as a sumo wrestler, is closed, but in the autumn place, Terunofuji lowered the ranking to the 48th in the second stage due to injury and illness from Ozeki. Has become a new yokozuna and is on the ground.

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Yokozuna White Peng

Miyagino room

Miyagino room(Miyagino stable)Japan Sumo AssociationBelongingIsehamama family OfSumo room.


Yokozuna belonging to the Takashima stableYoshibayamaHowever, he retired in January 1958 (Showa 33).First generation・ At the same time as taking the name of Mt. Yoshiba, he established the Yoshibayama Dojo, which he presides over (at the same time).FukunosatoAlso transferred to Yoshibayama Dojo). In 1960 (Showa 35), the name was changed and the 8th generationMiyaginoThe name of the room was changed to Miyagino stable. 8sSekiwaki-Myobudani,Mutsuarashi, Small conclusionHirokawaRaised many Sekitori[1].

Since the 1977th generation passed away in November 52 (Showa 11), the teenager who is a master with a room in December of the same yearAzumazeki(Former Koyui / Hirokawa) took over the name of the 9th Miyagino and inherited the room. Tokyo in September 1980 (Showa 55)Sumida-kuHorizontal netFrom the same ward绿Moved to. 9代は先代の弟子から幕内・XNUMXth generation is from the previous disciple to MakuuchiChikubayama,Port dragonRaised Sekitori such as[1].

A teenager who died suddenly in June 1989 and is a master with a room.中(Former Makuuchi, Chikubayama) took over the name of the teenage Miyagino and inherited the room. 10代は先代の弟子から幕内・Teens are from the predecessor's disciples to MakuuchiLight method,Ten cars-Koji WakahayatoFrom his own direct discipleEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFromWhite PengWas raised as Sekitori.

March 2004, 16North lake room(Dewa Sea One Gate)ofKazunoriHowever, after adopting the widow of the 9th Miyagino, he married his second daughter, and at the same time retired from active duty, and succeeded the room by naming the 11th Miyagino.[2], The teenager who was a master until then is in his 10sKumagayaBecame a master with a room again. When the 11th generation was inaugurated as a master, Hakuho was promoted to yokozuna, and he was from Mongolia, a disciple of his predecessor.Dragon EmperorWas promoted to Sekitori.

In May 2007, "The 19th Miyagino told a woman he knew," (Hakuho challenged to catch the first rope) in July 5.Morning blue dragonI asked them to pay a total of 4 million yen to beat Hakuho. "Kodansha"Weekly Hyundai』, And on the website, a recording of the voice that seems to belong to the 11th Miyagino was released.The Japan Sumo Association sued "Weekly Hyundai" as defamation, and although the association itself won the case, the words and actions of the 11th Miyagino hurt the dignity of the association, December 2010 (Heisei 22). At the board meeting on the 12th, he recommended Miyagino, the 24th generation, to change his master (exchange the name of the elderly with Kumagaya, the 11th generation). The 15th Miyagino accepted the recommendation, and on December 11, the 12th Kumagaya became the master again as the 27th Miyagino, and the 15th Miyagino mistakenly named the 12th Kumagaya and became a master with a room. .. In September 11Daikiho(Later Yamaguchi) was promoted to the new Juryo, and Sekitori was born for the first time since the 12th generation was reappointed as a master.[1].

On September 2015, 27 (Heisei 9), Sumida Ward Midori to the same ward due to problems with the earthquake-resistant structure of the roomYahiroNewly relocated to[3][4].

On September 2015, 27, Kumagaya, the 9th generation, beat a man who was his attendant with a metal bat and injured him for about two weeks.injuryOn suspicionMetropolitan Police DepartmentArrested by[5], Received dismissal from the association on October 10, the same year[6].

On December 2016, 28 (Heisei 12), the 13th generation, whose 12th generation and the first ring were in syncTakashima(Moto Sekiwaki/Koboyama)ButPursuit roomThan[7]Transferred to become a master with a room[1], On July 2020, 2 (Reiwa 7nd year),15s NakagawaClosed due to disciplinary actionNakagawa roomWith one wrestlerCaretaker Of[9]Was transferred.

Closed due to new coronavirus infection

May 2021 location

On January 2021, 3 (Reiwa 1rd year), the Japan Sumo Association belonged to the Miyagino stable.YokozunaWhite Peng New coronavirusAnnounced that he was infected with. Visited a medical institution because of olfactory abnormality on the 4th[10].PCR testWas found positive on the morning of the 5th.Hakuho told the association, "I only meet my family, trainers, and uchideshi."[11], Hospitalized according to the instructions of the health center[12]..Sumo Association announced on the 5thMiyagino・ We performed PCR tests on wrestlers belonging to the Miyagino stable and people involved in the room.[13], The test result was negative for all[14]..However, since there is a possibility that it may be a close contact of an infected person, not only Hakuho, but all the wrestlers belonging to the room, Miyagino 12th, Gyoji 1 and Tokoyama 1 will be closed in January. Became[15].

Hakuho, who was hospitalized on the 5th, was discharged on the 13th.It is said that olfactory dysfunction and other symptoms are also improving.[16].

May 2021 location

2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) September 9, affiliationPukchong PengComplained of cold symptoms, and PCR revealed that he was infected with the new coronavirus.All the wrestlers belonging to the room were inspected and all gave negative results, but several wrestlers complained of poor physical condition.On the 5th of the same month, a PCR test on all members of the association revealed that one wrestler under the Makushita had been infected, and it was announced that the Miyagino stable would be closed in September.In addition, Takashima, 1th generation, one Gyoji, and one caller did not enter or leave the room, so it is said that they will participate in the place in September.[17][18].Isegahama Stable Judge DirectorSaid, "The basics have been deferred for a long time, so I think we should decide while taking it into consideration." It is expected that the policy of the place taken in January of the same year will be followed.[19].



  • 8th generation: Junnosuke Miyagino (Miyagino Junnosuke, 43rd yokozuna)Yoshibayama,Hokkaido)
  • 9th generation: Yasutaka Miyagino (Yasutaka Miyagi, KoyuiHirokawa,Kanagawa)
  • Teen: Yasutaka Miyagino[21](Miyagi no Yasuka, before 13.Chikubayama,Fukuoka)
  • 11th: Masahiro Miyagino[22](Miyagi's Tadahiro, Twelve ・Kazunori, Kanagawa)
  • 12th generation: Seiji Miyagino (Miyagino Seiji, 13 before, Chikubayama, Fukuoka[23])

Master with room


  • After 8 generations

Active Sekitori experienced wrestler







Ten cars

Former Miyagino stable

Originally a room founded in the Meiji era, Yokozuna in the Taisho eraphoenixRaised. In May 1916 (Taisho 5), OtoriTwo-ticketNamed the 7th Miyagino. May 1920 (Taisho 9) Retired from active duty only in places, became a full-time senior citizen and inherited the Miyagino stable in MakuuchiKoganouraHowever, the room was closed because he passed away in November 1956 (Showa 31).Makuuchi, the son-in-law of the 11th generation who was enrolled at this timeFukunosato TheTakashima stableTransferred to[1].


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