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📢 | "Shoot!Released "Disinfectant Buster Gun mini"


"Shoot!Released "Disinfectant Buster Gun mini"

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This product is a small rechargeable mist spray gun that can spray a wide range of disinfectant with mist.

Pistol type mist spray gun that can quickly sprinkle disinfectant and water September 2021, 9 TK16… → Continue reading

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Bactericide (pharmaceutical)

MedicineInFungicide(Sakinzai,British: anti-bacterial) Is pathogenicmicroorganismA drug to kill or suppress growth.AntisepticTomo.

However,Antibiotics,Antifungal drugIt is common to call the one that kills microorganisms non-selectively. In addition, only sterilization of medical equipment or external use (皮膚) Is only used fordisinfectantIs often said.

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