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💴 | Invoice Acceptance starts in October, should it be introduced as it is?

Photo by Yoshikazu Miki (taken in September 2019)

Invoice starts accepting from October, should it be introduced as it is? Voices of concern about increased burden on micro businesses

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Mr. Miki said, "Some transactions are exempt from the obligation to issue, such as passenger transportation by bus or rail.

Recently, a concern has been raised among the same freelancers as the author.With the increase in consumption tax to 10%, 202 ... → Continue reading

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Passenger transport

Passenger transport(Passenger)Is mainly a person (passenger) Refers to carrying.Transportation industryIt is a field of "Public transportIn many cases, what is called "is responsible for this.


Vehicles when carrying customersoperation,Passenger drivingThat.

Move an object in placeService industryThat is, it is a kind of transportation industry, and the object to be transported isA humanIn the case of "Passenger transportation business".In particular,Passenger plane(airplane)・bus-Taxi(Automobile)・Passenger ship(Ship)・Passenger train(Railway car) Is a typical example.These passenger transportation businesses do not correspond to passenger driving even if they drive while they are not carrying passengers.

CustomerIs money (as a compensation benefit for transportation)Fare), And does not correspond to a "customer" when carrying it free of charge.For example, a familyPrivate car,Car rentalCarrying in or at the factoryEmployeeThe free shuttle bus etc. does not correspond to passenger transportation.Therefore, of the driverlicenseCan be the first kind,License plateAlsoCommercial vehicle(Sales) Does not have to be.

Japanese railwayThere is no privately owned "private car" in, so the driver's license is "Motor vehicle driverThere is no distinction between the type 1 and type 2 of a driver's license, and it can be used immediately for driving a passenger train.However, of the same companyEmployeeFor business movement列車Even if you put it on (for example)freight train,Forwarding"Tour guide" to drivingCrewEtc.), not passenger driving.

Land transportation


Passenger transport results by route

The passenger transportation results by route in FY2018 are as follows.

Passenger transport results by route
2018 Material: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Statistics
RankingRoute nameNumber of passengersSeat utilization
1 bitHaneda-New Chitose905 million 7,780 people74.5%
2 bitHaneda-Fukuoka872 million 4,502 people78.2%
3 bitHaneda-Naha595 million 3,185 people78.7%
4 bitHaneda-Itami547 million 8,134 people77.8%
5 bitHaneda-Kagoshima251 million 8,809 people70.9%
6 bitHaneda-Kumamoto197 million 5,558 people68.6%
7 bitHaneda-Hiroshima188 million 2,798 people67.6%
8 bitFukuoka-Naha187 million 9,098 people74.9%
9 bitNarita-New Chitose187 million 6,979 people81.9%
10 bitHaneda-Nagasaki176 million 5.366 people70.4%
11 bitHaneda-Matsuyama157 million 1,237 people69.0%
12 bitChubu-New Chitose150 million 9,447 people70.1%
13 bitHaneda-Miyazaki142 million 4,813 people63.0%
14 bitHaneda-Kansai127 million 0,427 people72.7%
15 bitHaneda-Takamatsu126 million 2,184 people67.9%
16 bitHaneda-Kitakyushu125 million 3,158 people69.7%
17 bitHaneda-Oita124 million 0,156 people64.5%
18 bitChubu-Naha119 million 4,286 people76.8%
19 bitItami-Naha115 million 4,349 people74.1%
20 bitNaha-Ishigaki114 million 7,669 people63.1%



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