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📢 | “Salt meat sauce” spaghetti without tomato sauce!Oku Ikebukuro Cafe "ROCKET CAF ...


"Salt meat sauce" spaghetti that does not use tomato sauce!Oku Ikebukuro Cafe "ROCKET CAF ...

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With toppings, you can add mashed potatoes and green peas mash.

Oku Ikebukuro's cafe "RO ...", which offers natural wine and Mediterranean cuisine with the concept of "harmony between physical and mental health" → Continue reading


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Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes(To be exactMashed potatoes) (English: Mashed potato American English: mashed potatoes) IsWesternCommonly eaten in countriespotatoCuisine.


Boiled potatoesPotato masherCrush with a cooking utensil calledmilkとバ タ ーTo finish smoothly.cream,Vegetable oil,cheese,garlic,baconA cooking method that adds shreds of sardine is also common.Served on a meat dish,Gravy sauceAnd so on.potato saladAnd potatoescroquette,Shepherd's pieEtc. are based on this mashed potato.

(I.e.LetpowderInstant mashed potatoes in the form of or flakes are also available on the market.WedYou can eat it just by adding milk and returning it (en: Instant mashed potatoes).

Mashed potatoes as a dance

TwistSimilar to crushing potatoes with a potato masherStepDance is also called by the name of this dish. In 1959James BrownSpread from "Mashed Potato" composed under the name of "Roger", and became popular in the United States and other countries from the early 1960s.[1]..The following is an example of a song that incorporates it into the content.

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Greenpeace(Green peas,English: green peas) IsLegumes OfVegetables,pea(English: pea, Scientific name:Pisum sativum) Immature seeds are edible.Blue practical peas.AlsoAo pea(Green peas),Real peasAlso called.The fruit peas on the market as vegetables are varieties that have been particularly improved for the purpose of eating green peas.


In Japan, a variety called "Usui peas" is a typical example.This is a practical pea that was imported from the United States in the Meiji era and was introduced into the Usui district of Habikino City, where it was improved.[3].


The season is from late spring to early summer.Some are shipped as raw beans, but most arecanningAnd processed into frozen products.

Mung bean(Mung beans English: Mnug bean, Scientific name:Vigna radiata) Is a different plant (different genus and different species).

Garnish with meat dishesSoup,Bean riceIt is used for such purposes.Because the green color is vividCurry and rice,chicken rice,Pork cutlet on rice,Fried riceIt is used for coloring such as, but it is the leading vegetable that is especially disliked by children because of its unique green odor.However, it has a high nutritional value as a vegetable.

Warbler beans

The ripe Ao pea is harvested and sweetly boiled down.Warbler beansと 呼 ば れ る[4]..Boil and then crushBean pasteWhat I didUguisu 餡Is called.Besides eating the boiled food as it isJapanese sweetsAs a material forBread(Uguispan) AndSteamed breadMay be put in.


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