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📊 | What is the aim of increasing the supply of products to Ministop and AEON Group stores? [Product policy for the second half of FY21]


What is the aim of increasing the supply of products to Ministop and AEON Group stores? [Product policy for the second half of FY21]

If you write the contents roughly
It can be seen that the policies set by Ministop in the first half are steadily producing results.

Ministop (Chiba Prefecture / President Akihiro Fujimoto) held a product policy presentation for the second half of 9 on September 15. 2021 years ... → Continue reading

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Ministop Co., Ltd.(British: MINISTOP CO., LTD.) IsAEON group Ofconvenience store.ion OfConsolidated subsidiary.

As of February 2021, there are 8 stores (4,176 in Japan and 1,923 overseas), ranking 3,253th in the industry. Business headquartersChibaChibaMihamaNakase5 chome 1 AEON TOWER6th floor.


Fast foodWe will process and sell theEat inThe difference from other convenience chains is that there is a corner (restaurant corner). Ministop HeadquartersCombo store".

As a member of the AEON GroupTop valueWe handle products, but some productsion,MaxvaluIt is sold at a higher price. Delivery of goodsHitachi logisticsIs going.

It supports payment using electronic money and credit cards. For details, refer to the payment item.

To all storesPost boxIs installed.

Convenience store ATMAt some storesE-netOrAEON BankATM is installed. In recent years, we have been strongly promoting the replacement and new installation of AEON Bank ATMs.Seven-ElevenInSeven BankIt is also used for cash management of stores.

catch copyIs "A place for your relaxation on the street corner: Ministop".

There was an "Oyatsu Lab" as an original uniform price confectionery, but since September 2012, it has been renewed to "Eat and eat confectionery MINI Kibun".

From April 2010, you can check the latest product information and bargain information, including the distribution of mobile phone coupons. MINISTOP, which has been installed in the store since 4, has been offering the "WAO Pong" service, which automatically discounts the target products by paying with WAON since 2012. loppiThe procedure to issue a coupon and start receiving a discount has been started.

In 1989GK Industrial Design InstituteIt was changed to the current logo mark "house mark" by the production. The house and the tree with the logo mark mean "your resting place on the street corner", and the yellow, blue and orange lines of the symbol color are the image of the blue sky and orange fruits of Southern California and Southern California.[2].. Around 2013, the signboard of "ÆON" common to the AEON Group has been drawn to the left of the signboard of "MINISTOP" (It is drawn as "ÆON" in white on magenta.[Annotation 1]) Is being installed.


For other details Head office/office information See.


  • 1980 (Showa55 years)
  • 1981 (56)6 ――The 5th Shinkoiwa store was converted to a member store and the franchise business started.
  • 1985 (60)5 --The total number of stores has reached 100. (20 directly managed stores, 80 member stores)
  • 1986 (61)3 --Established a Ministop maintenance center.
  • 1988 (63)4 -Established Network Service Co., Ltd. to strengthen logistics operations.
  • 1990 (Heisei2 years)
    • 2 -Commenced storage service for public utility charges.
    • May 6 - South Korea・Concluded a technical assistance agreement with Ajimoto Tsusho Co., Ltd. (currently Ministop Co., Ltd. of Korea) for developing convenience store business.
    • 11 -Opened "Mokdong Store" in Seoul, South Korea, and opened a store there.
  • 1991 (3)12 - OsakaDaito City"Akai 1-chome store" was opened in and started opening in Osaka Prefecture.
  • 1993 (5)
  • 1994 (6)
    • February-2 stores will be. (500 directly managed stores, 45 affiliated stores)
    • May 3Concluded a Kansai area franchise agreement with CBS Japan Co., Ltd.
    • 9 --Increased capital to 74 yen.
    • May 9Area license agreement for Candy Express store development in Japan with "Candy Express" in the United States
    • May 12 -Launch of a directly operated experimental store to create a franchise chain for the new-style casual flower shop "Blue Mist".
    • 12 --Area franchise agreement with MCA (Quezon City) in the Philippines
  • 1995 (7)
    • May 1 -Opened the first new store "Candy Express" in Shibuya.
    • May 5 -Opened Honmachi XNUMX-chome store (Sendai city) and started store in Miyagi prefecture.
    • May 6 - AomoriHachinohe CityConcluded an "area franchise agreement" with the Nakano Business Group in the northeastern area.
    • May 7 -Established NGMS Network Co., Ltd.[3].
    • May 12 -Established JR Shikoku MS Network Co., Ltd.
    • May 12 - Shikoku Passenger RailwayConcluded an "area franchise agreement" with a corporation (Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture).
  • 1996 (8)
    • May 1 -Lemax Co., Ltd.Nagasaki) And "Area franchise contract".
    • May 5 - KagawaTakamatsu"Kasuga store" (existing now) was opened in Kagawa prefecture.
    • May 6 -Opened "Sakurai store" (no longer existing), the first Shikoku FC store in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture.
    • August-Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1997 (9)
    • May 1 -Opened "Gunma Nakaizumi Store" (Gunma-gun Gunma-cho) and opened a store in Gunma Prefecture.
    • May 5 -Established Ministop Kinki Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Kita Main Store Co., Ltd.
    • May 7 -Installed multimedia stations at approximately 150 stores in Saitama prefecture.
    • May 7 -Commenced sales trials of pharmaceuticals at the Meguro Honmachi store (Meguro Ward).
  • 1998 (10)
    • May 1 -Terminates technical assistance contract with Philippines MCA and closes 4 domestic stores.
    • May 2 -Canceled area franchise agreement with CBS Japan Co., Ltd. and transferred management to Ministop Kinki Co., Ltd.
    • March-Achieve 3 stores. (1000 directly managed stores, 86 affiliated stores)
    • May 11 -Concluded a business tie-up with Iscomic, an affiliate of Cocostore, for logistics system development.
    • May 11 -Opened the first store of the new business "Home Delica" in Kawasaki City.
  • 1999 (11)
    • March-Acquired business rights for 3 stores from Tohoku MS Network Co., Ltd.[1].
    • March-Start of issuing ministop cards.
    • May 5 -Signed business alliance with Kyoto Familia Headquarters.
    • May 7 -Signed a business alliance with Origin Toshu, which develops the Origin bento chain.
  • 2000 (12)
    • March-Acquired 3 business rights from Ministop Kinki[1].
    • May 3 - フィリピン Signed overseas area franchise agreement with Robinsons Convenience Stores, Inc.
    • May 3 -Co-established MMH-EC Service Co., Ltd. with Mitsubishi Corporation and Hitachi Transport System Co., Ltd.
    • July-Online shop site "e-ministop" opened.
    • May 12 -Opened "Ministop Escorta Store" in Manila, Philippines, and opened in the country.
  • 2002 (14)
    • March 3-Established MS Kyushu Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Lumax Co., Ltd.
    • May 6 -The first store on campus ``Musashino UniversityStore” opened.
    • May 11 - Tohoku ExpresswayOpened Kagamiishi Parking Area Store as the first convenience store.
  • 2003 (15)
    • May 3 -Absorbed Ministop Kinki Co., Ltd.
    • May 6 -Made Daisho Distribution Co., Ltd. (currently Korea Ministop Co., Ltd.) a subsidiary.
  • 2004 (16)
    • February-The total number of domestic stores reached 2. (1500 directly managed stores, 136 affiliated stores)
    • May 3 -Made the area franchise JR Shikoku MS Network Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary,KagawaDirect control. Next dayMay 4Changed the trade name to Shikoku MS Network Co., Ltd. For more informationfor free trial lessonsSee.
    • May 8 -Absorbed Shikoku MS Network Co., Ltd.
  • 2005 (17)
    • May 2 - Cosmo OilOpened the first store "Ministop & Cosmo Yuki Bypass Store" jointly opened with.
    • May 6 - Yu-PackStarted handling.
    • May 6 -Started handling "Mixed Eco Value" products.
    • May 6 - TokushimaMima"Wakimachi store" was opened in Tokushima prefecture.
  • 2006 (18)
    • May 7 -MS Kyushu Co., Ltd. has achieved 100 stores in northern Kyushu.
    • 11 -Started handling Edy payments at some stores in Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture.
  • 2007 (19)
    • May 5 - EhimeNiihamaNiihama Yokosui-cho store opened in Ehime prefecture[4].
    • July-Start using electronic money Suica payments at stores in the Kanto area.
    • November-Achieved 11 stores in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.
    • November --Started using electronic money Suica payment at stores in the Tohoku and Chubu areas (excluding parts of Mie prefecture and Fukui prefecture).
  • 2008 (20)
    • May 3 -Started handling WAON payments.
    • May 7 -Started handling electronic money ICOCA payments at stores in the Kinki area.
    • August-Start of handling Edy payments.
  • 2009 (21)
    • May 1 -Made MS Kyushu a wholly owned subsidiary through a stock exchange.
    • May 1 -Established Qingdao Strange Island Convenience Store Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Qingdao Yongdong Dongtai Commercial Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Aeon).
    • May 5 -Opened Green Shear Ministop Satellite Honjo Asahicho store as a joint store with a drug store.
    • May 6 - Yu-PackStarted handling.
    • May 6 -Cloisonne Shimoda store jointly opened with the post office (Shichiba Town, Kaifu District, Aichi Prefecture →Ama City) Open.
    • May 7 -ChinaShandongOpened a store.
    • May 10 -In partnership with XNUMXF Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City) and Nippon Car Sharing Co., Ltd.Car sharingEnter the business (Hokukarasan9 chome store,Horikiri8 chome store)
    • May 12 - TochigiNasushiobaraAnd opened the Nasushiobara two-room store, and the number of domestic stores reached 2000.
    • May 12 -Signed "Agreement on regional promotion and regional contribution" with Chiba Prefecture.
  • 2010 (22)
    • July 7-Electronic money at stores in the Kyushu areaSUGOCAStarted handling payments.
    • August 8- CFS Corporation,TakiyaCo-founded Rekozu Co., Ltd., a joint store company of drug stores and convenience stores.
    • August 8-Cocosta West Co., Ltd. (Kumamoto City) and business alliance in the Kyushu area.
    • May 9
      • Business tie-up with Three F Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City) and Three F Co., Ltd. Chugoku-Shikoku (Kochi City) in the Shikoku area.
      • Merged with MS Kyushu Co., Ltd. and directly controlled the Kyushu area.
    • October 10-In collaboration with CFS Corporation, Rekozu Isogo Hiromachi store opened.
    • October 10-signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Saitama Prefecture.
    • November 11-Signed a comprehensive agreement on cooperation and cooperation with Aichi Prefecture.
    • November 11-Start WAON auto charge service.
    • August 12- Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Concluded a technical assistance contract with G7 Service and Trading Co., Ltd. for the development of convenience store business.
  • 2011 (23)
    • January 1-Started handling iD payments.
    • February 2-QUICPay payment handling started.
    • July 7-Conclude a business alliance with Three F for joint delivery business of constant temperature products and mutual support system in case of emergency.
    • September 9-29 stores in total domestic and overseas (4,000 domestic, 2,056 overseas) achieved.
    • December 12-Start opening a store in Vietnam.
  • 2012 (24)
    • March 3-Logistics giantTeacherAnnounced that it will establish a new joint venture with RTS Limited Liability Company in Kazakhstan to open a store in Kazakhstan.
    • August 6- ionとLawsonAnnounced collaboration in the entertainment field. In the future at all Ministop storesloppiWill be installed[5].
    • July 7-PT., A local subsidiary of the Republic of Indonesia. Concluded a basic agreement with BAHAGIA NIAGA LESTARI to develop the Ministop business in Indonesia.
    • August 8-Concluded a capital and business alliance with Cocostore Corp., Cocostore East, and Cocostore West. * Ministop side faces Cocostore East and Cocostore West, 16 %Will invest to some extent.
    • September 9-NB MS Network that concludes an area franchise agreement in the North-Tohoku area (MBGMS network) The area franchise agreement with the company was canceled in November, and the head office is under direct control. At the same time, announced that it will conclude a franchise agreement with MBGMS Network[3][6][7].
  • 2013 (25)
    • January 1-Start opening a store in Kazakhstan.
    • February 2-Lawson multimedia terminal "Loppi" completed the introduction of all stores.
    • June 6-opening a store in Indonesia.
  • 2014 (26)
    • May 6 -Liquidation of Kazakhstan business and withdrawal from the country
    • May 9 -Opened the first new store "cisca" in Nihonbashi.
    • September-Merged with Rekozu Co., Ltd.
  • 2015 (27)
    • March 3-Cocosta Inc., Cocosta East Co., Ltd., dissolved the capital and business alliance with Cocosta West Inc.
    • April 4-Started business development in Vietnam in collaboration with Sojitz Corporation
    • November 11-Headquarters moved from Kanda, Chiyoda-ku to Mihama-ku, Chiba.
    • December-Total number of stores in Japan and overseas reaches 12
  • 2016 (28)
    • March 3-Hokuriku, Shikoku area stores start handling electronic money settlement for transportation such as ICOCA
    • June 6-Terminate area franchise agreement with Indonesian local partner PT. BAHAGIA NIAGA LESTARI
    • December 12-Common point card that was only introduced at some stores when the service startedsmart WAONTo all stores[8]

Characteristics of the store

Eat in

In the storeFast foodFor eating and drinking corners equipped with simple chairs and tables with a few seats for eating and drinkingWCPermanently installed,Soft creamAnd parfait andHot dog-French friesThe feature is that fast foods such as are processed, cooked and sold in the store.

While other convenience stores sell daily necessities and groceries exclusively, they have a food and drink corner, so they are roadside service facilities under the Town Planning and Zoning Act (drive-in, 150).m2Above) has a personality close to. In the eat-in cornerテ ー ルTo withstand long-term useArtificial marbleAre using.

Some eat-in corners are not available at midnight (approximately after 22:XNUMX) due to cleaning or crime prevention. It should be noted that stores where the eat-in corner cannot be used at midnight are generally stores that do not have a toilet entrance in the corner or are behind the cashier counter.

In addition, Ministop calls a convenience store + fast food store a combo store to differentiate it, but it is not popular.

Initiatives for environmental issues

We issue the Ministop Environmental and Social Report every year to publicize our efforts to address environmental and social issues.

At Ministopド アToLinear motorBuilt-in mechanism, general electricAutomatic doorIt leads to energy saving compared to.1998 After that, in the delivery vehiclecarbon dioxideLow emissionsCompressed natural gas (CNG) vehiclesHas begun to introduce.

またChopsticksUses domestically thinned timber because it contributes to the protection of forests for the amount of thinned wood that is produced by an appropriate method. However, since domestic chopsticks cost about four times as much as imported chopsticks, an advertisement is posted on the chopstick bag and the price difference is compensated by the income.

In 2010, due to the structure of some stores,FSC certified materialStarted the development of eco-friendly stores that use wood made from wood. Hamamatsu Shinbara store opened on November 11 of the same year (ShizuokaHamamatsu city) Became the first store[9].. After that, the number of wooden stores continued to increase little by little, and the Mitomigawa 2014-chome store (Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture), which opened on November 11, 14, became the 3th store.


Electronic money payment

Available at all stores (excluding satellite stores) as of August 2020, 11Electronic moneyIt is,WAON-Rakuten Edy-iD-QUICPay4 types.In addition, all stores use electronic money for transportation.Suica-TOICA-ICOCA-SUGOCA-PASMO-Kitaca-nimoca-Hayakaken-sense ofIs available. Of prepaid electronic money,WAON-Rakuten Edy・Transportation electronic money can be charged at the cash register. In addition,PiTaPaCannot be used at all stores.

2005 8
Experimentally at some stores in Chiba PrefectureSuicabySuica Shopping ServiceHowever, from around November 2006, we have expanded the introduction of Suica mainly in stores in the 11 wards of Tokyo. At the same time, Edy (currentlyRakuten Edy) Has also begun handling payments.
Both Suica and Edy can be charged at the cash register. Suica and Edy have separate payment terminals, and Suica uses the same payment terminals as Suica shopping service stores other than Aeon.
However, electronic money can be used interchangeably with SuicaPASMOWas unable to charge (2009 Currently chargeable).
Regarding the introduction of Suica, the parent companyionIt is part of a comprehensive business tie-up between JR East and JR East, and is the first Aeon Group case to introduce Suica.
2007 After October
The number of stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area other than the above that can be settled by Suica is increasing.May 7Officially announced that "Suica can now be used at Ministop in 1 prefecture and 6 prefectures in the Kanto area"[10].
At these storesJusco,MaxvaluWe are using a shared terminal installed iniDID has been introduced in all stores since January 2011 in Ministop.
2007 May 11Than
At all stores where Suica in the metropolitan area has already been introducedWAONStart using. Also from the same dayMay 12By then, WAON was planned to be introduced to all stores except the Kyushu area at the discretion of each store, but due to system troubles in the Tokyo metropolitan area.May 11In other areasMay 11It was introduced from.
At the same time, Suica was introduced at the same time in the Tohoku and Chubu areas (excluding part of Mie prefecture and Fukui prefecture).
The Kyushu area is 2008May 3Aeon group WAON was introduced to Ministop during the nationwide expansion.
The terminal is Suica, and the newly introduced store will only support WAON. Also, at the beginning of the introduction, it did not support auto-charging, so when the balance was insufficient, it was necessary to charge it in cash or to settle the shortfall separately in cash.
2008 May 7Than
Kansai areaJR West JapanIn the area storesICOCAWas introduced. As a result, Suica has become available. Charge is also available. HoweverPiTaPaIs not available.
From 2008 month
Edy was introduced one after another and can be used at all stores. Convenience stores where Edy can be used at all storesam / pm,Circle K Thanks,Poplar group,FamilyMart,LawsonThis is the sixth company after.
From 2010 year 7 month 1 day
At stores in the Kyushu areaSUGOCAIntroduction[11].
From 2010 year 11 month 5 day
WAON auto charge handling started.
From 2011 year 1 month 28 day
ID introduced at all stores.
From 2011 year 2 month 25 day
At all stores,QUICPayIntroduction.
From 2016 year 3 month 1 day
Introduced ICOCA at stores in Hokuriku and Shikoku area.

In March 2010, Suica was SUGOCA,nimoca,Hayakaken,TOICAAs a result, it has become possible to use the IC card above in areas that support Suica.[12].. Therefore, TOICA of JR Tokai can be used by mutual use in the area of ​​JR Tokai.

In addition, from March 2011, 3, mutual use is possible between the three electronic moneys, ICOCA, TOICA, and SUGOCA. In addition, from March 5, 3sense ofIs also available.

Credit card transaction

We accept paymentCredit cardIt is,AEON credit service,VISA,MasterCard,JCB,AMERICAN-EXPRESS,Diners,Discover,OMC card,andCUP(UnionPay).The payment method is one-time payment only.If you pay with AEON Card, Saty Vivre Card, and Saty Card every Saturday, 1 %There was a compelling service, but it ended on September 2009, 9.

Overseas issued credit (debit) card that requires signature, and "Specified UnionPay credit card[13]It is also possible to handle UnionPay cards that do not fall under "."

Point card payment

Support for point cards was significantly delayed compared to other companies in the same industry because the group focused on electronic money WAON. In 2016, we finally introduced "smart WAON" as a group, but when the service started in June, it was introduced only in some stores, and the service started in all stores on December 6, six months later.[Annotation 3][8].. From this point onward, the point exchange of electronic money WAON is required to use the AEON Bank ATM in the store instead of the cash register.

Broadcast in store

Inside the Ministop store, there is a radio program-like in-store broadcast called "Ministop in your ears."


Prefecture with store

As of February 2021, there are 8 stores in the 27 prefectures below. On the other hand, in areas without storesHokkaido,Akita,Yamagata,Koshinetsu areaExcluding Fukui PrefectureHokuriku area,Wakayama,China region,Kochi,South Kyushu area(Kumamoto,Miyazaki,Kagoshima),OkinawaIs. Number of stores in parentheses

Opening stores in the Shikoku region

Shikoku regionWas initiallyShikoku Passenger Railway(JR Shikoku) joint venture "JR Shikoku MS Network Co., Ltd."(1995 Established.Investment ratio is JR Shikoku 80 %, Ministop 20%), but lost the competition with other chains, especially2001 OfFamilyMartIt was hit hard by the advance and due to the management difficulties of JR Shikoku2004 May 3Sold all shares owned by JR Shikoku to Ministop headquarters for 2 million yen, withdrawing officers and employees from JR Shikoku including the president,May 4With the company nameShikoku MS Network Co., Ltd.Was changed to[14].. The same yearMay 8The company was absorbed and merged with the ministop headquarters[15].. At present, we are closing unprofitable stores in Kagawa prefecture, which was operated by a joint venture, while opening stores in other prefectures in Shikoku.May 6Opened a store in Tokushima Prefecture.

2010 May 9ToKochiCo., Ltd., which operates stores mainlyThree FFormed a business alliance with Chugoku and Shikoku in the Shikoku area.[16].. Ministop has not opened stores in the west of Chuyo and Ehime prefectures, and conversely, XNUMXF has not opened stores in Kagawa prefecture (and there are almost no Tokushima prefectures), so the business area does not cover the tie-up. In addition, three f2015 May 1As long as it withdrew from Shikoku, this tie-up was also dissolved.

Characteristic store


highway-toll roadAt the store aboveDrunk drivingAlcoholic beverages are not sold for prevention. Snack shop in the storeKokageteiThere are also stores where

gas station

  • MS & Cosmo Sakura Obukai store (Chiba佐 倉 市)-Cosmo Oil Sales Self-Pure Business Department Tokyo (Cosmo OilInside a self-service gas station (Mini Stop & Cosmo Sakura Obukai store) operated by a wholly owned subsidiary of COSMO.

Mini shop

  • In some parts of the Kansai area, lightweight stores that do not have a food and drink cornerMini shopIt was operating as (MINI SHOP). Since the store design and the logo are similar to those of Ministop, another company called MinistopSimilar productIt was sometimes misunderstood that it was an official variation of Ministop. Currently, it has been unified into Ministop, and there are no stores operating under this name.
  • Also, TohokuNikomartThe store that has been converted from has been switched to a "mini shop"[21].

Drug store

Amendment in 2009Pharmaceutical Affairs LawFollowing the enforcement, Aeon's drugstore groupHapicomEach member company had developed an integrated store of drugstore and convenience store (neither of them exists).

  • Green Shea Ministop Satellite-a member of HapicomWelcia PharmacyA complex store with a drug store (pharmacy) operated by.There were two stores in the Kanto area (Nerima Toyoda store and Hino Manganji store).AEON Bank ATM installed.We do not handle fast food products.Since the cash register is from Welcia, it was not possible to settle with electronic money at the time of opening.Except for some products such as lunch boxes and magazines supplied by MINISTOPT pointCan be granted.Both of the two stores that had been opened were later converted to drug stores (Welcia).
  • Takiya Ministop Satellite-a member of HapicomTakiyaOperated by (now Welcia Pharmacy)Drug storeA complex store with. It is deployed in the Kansai area, and business hours were 16 hours. AEON Bank ATM installed. There are no fast food products. It has not been deployed at the moment due to the change of the trade name to "Rekozu" described later.
  • Rekozu -Be part of HapicomCFS Corporation-Operated by Rekozu Co., Ltd., which was jointly funded by Takiya (currently both companies are integrated into the Welcia Pharmacy) and MinistopDrug storeComplex store with.AEON Bank ATM installed. Recods Co., Ltd. was merged into Ministop on September 2014, 9, but some stores in the Kanto area continued to operate after shifting to Ministop's operation, but in 1 it was a regular convenience store. Was converted to.It was also deployed in the Kansai area, but it was closed or converted to a drug store.


Part of the development areaAEON MALLIn some cases, Ministop has opened as an in-house store for the purpose of employee welfare. Since it is located in a mall that can only be used by employees and related parties, it is excluded from the store search on the official website. However,AEON Lake TownShops andAEON MALL MakuhariThere are also stores that can be used by general customers like.

In addition, depending on the store of AEON MALL, convenience stores of other companies may open in the area dedicated to employees and related parties, but since Ministop itself is the AEON Group, it mainly opens in areas where Ministop is not deployed. Has been done.

Softbank Wi-fi spot

On July 2010, 07, Ministop Co., Ltd. announced that it will partner with SoftBank Mobile Corp. to introduce public wireless LAN service "SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot" and gradually expand it nationwide.

Overseas store

As of 2019 month, South Korea,フィリピン,Chugoku,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHas more than half of the stores in Japan, more than the number in Japan[22](It is the only Japanese convenience store since FamilyMart withdrew from Korea). It used to expand into Kazakhstan, but announced its withdrawal in June 2014 because the local joint venture partner decided to withdraw from the convenience store.[23].. In 2018, due to intensifying competition in the Korean market (5th largest market share in South Korea), Aeon Group, which is a major shareholder of Korean Ministop and holds 76% of the shares, is proceeding with the procedure for the sale of shares. Operates Seven-Eleven in South Korea for preliminary biddingLotte Group,EmartRun 24Shinsegae GroupHas been told that[24].. However, the gap between Aeon, who wants to continue operating as a ministop, Lotte, who wants to change its brand to its own, and Shinsegae, has not been closed, and Aeon has abandoned its sale.[25].. The Indonesian Ministop FC contract was terminated on June 2016, 17.

Store employee uniforms

It was changed to the 2006th generation uniform in 6. The features are as follows.

  • The material of the uniform and cap is 100 polyester %..Contains 55% recycled polyester.
  • CollarStand collarAnd
  • Baseball cap (Baseball cap) Type.

From June 2012, it has been changed to the 6th uniform. The features are as follows.

  • The material of the uniform is 90% polyester and 10% cotton.
  • The material of the cap is 100% polyester mesh type.
  • It has improved breathability and is lighter than before.
  • The color is a corporate color scheme.

Fast food menu

New products will be released on Tuesday in principle.


Hot snack

  • Chicken for sale[1]
  • Potatoes for sale[2]
  • Chinese buns for sale[3]
  • Frankfurt, skewers for sale[4]
  • Fried food for sale[5]

Cold menu

  • Soft serve ice cream (corn / cup)
    • vanilla
      • All Year
    • Belgian chocolate/Belgian chocolate
      • Every autumn only

Items for sale[6]

  • parfait

Items for sale[7]

Summer limited menu

Nissei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture), a comprehensive Gulliver maker of soft ice cream, has been deeply involved in the development of soft ice cream products since it was first launched. Menu development, soft ice cream production freezer, and original ingredients We are a total producer of mixes and serving cones, and are the main users of the company.

Past menu

  • Hamburger system (1990s)
    • Stamina Fried Burger
    • Shrimp cutlet burger
    • Pastrami burger
    • Teriyaki burger
    • Teriyaki chicken burger
    • XO sauce burger
    • Black pork tonkatsu burger
    • Chicken tomato burger
    • DX lettuce burger
  • Okonomiyaki (Okonomiyaki-styleImagawa ware)
    • Hokkaido style with corn and salmon Hokkaido style
    • Osaka style with big octopus Osaka style
    • Kansai-style soba balls with squid
    • Korean style
  • Karikariman (in winter, Chinese buns)NakamurayaJointly developed with)
    • Karikari donut
  • Sand system
    • Pastrami sandwich (at the time of foundation)
    • Pita sand
    • Italian sand
  • Mochiri Panini
    • 4 kinds of cheese pizza (-February 2009)
    • Red Snow Crab Cream (-February 2009)
  • G-DOG
  • Yakitori

Cold dessert history[9]

  • Soft ice cream past sale flavor list[10]
  • parfait
    • Strawberry Millefeuille Parfait (-May 2009)
    • Italian chestnut Mont Blanc parfait (-March 2009)
    • Shiratama Cream Anmitsu Parfait (-February 2009)
  • Flo Flo
    • Espresso (-May 2009)

catch copy

  • "Go to a convenience store and eat pizza" (around 1989)
  • "Speak, eat, convenience, ministop" (Since 1992, it has been used as a time signal for in-store cable broadcasting.)
  • "It's a little different! Ministop" (one generation ago)
  • "A little stop! Ministop"
  • "Bright. Energetic. Contact. Ministop" (present)



  • July 2013, 7, Mukou Terado-cho store(KyotoMukai), a customer who seems to be a male invaded the sales case of the ice cream while attending the cashier of the employee, and an image of the situation was posted on the Internet.[26].. The image is on July 7twitterAfter being discovered, Ministop will replace the sales case at the same store and dispose of the product,Mukou Town OfficeReported the damage to[27].


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  • Yuji Tanaka(LOL problem)-There is no commercial appearance, but in the stacking eraAsagayaHe often appears in his story because he worked for many years at Ministop and became a store manager.It has also appeared in the newsletter of Ministop.
  • Re: Life in a different world starting from zero -Appeared as the stage of the first episode. Original goods are also released in connection with the cooperation with the production.
  • Yoko Kumada ――When I was a high school student, I worked part-time at the Gifu Aikawabashi store (closed in November 2016) in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture. I also posted that I was working part-time on the LINE blog.
  • Akari Suda(SKE48Like high school student Kumada, had a part-time job at a store in the city of Nagoya. This is a participation song "Surprisingly mango] When releasing, tie-up with Ministop's limited-time product "Mango Parfait"Jurina MatsuiIt was revealed on the in-store broadcast that appeared with Rara and was also in charge of product promotion.
  • Azusa Tadokoro ――I have experience working part-time in the past.

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