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📢 | Xinhua Silk Road: Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, eastern China sends a letter to the people of Quanzhou overseas during the Mid-Autumn Festival


Xinhua Silk Road: Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, eastern China sends a letter to the people of Quanzhou abroad during the Mid-Autumn Festival

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In late July, while the 7th World Heritage Committee meeting was held in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, "Songzhou: Song Yuan China's Marine Commercial Trade Center" became a World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It was registered as a cultural heritage on the list.

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44th World Heritage Committee Meeting

Fujian Province

Fujian Province(Fukkensho,Chinese: Fujian,pinyin: Fújiàn Shěng,English: Fujian) IsChugoku OfprovinceMost of thePeople's Republic of ChinaRuled over some islandsRepublic of China(Taiwan)ButFujian ProvinceIs governing as.The provincial capitalFuzhou.


Fujian abbreviation is called "閩" (bottle).Mainland ChinaLocated in the southeast, northZhejiang Province, SouthwestGuangdong, WestJiangxi ProvinceIs adjacent to.AlsoTaiwan StraitWithTaiwanIs in contact with.Within the provinceWuyi MountainsThe Wuyi Shanmai borders Jiangxi Province.Most of the area is mountainous, but there are large regional differences within the province, such as the intricate coastline of 3751.5km.Song DynastyIt is also called Hachibin because it was divided into six provinces, Fuzhou, Jianzhou, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Tingzhou, and South Kenshu, and the Pengmu Army and the Xinghua Army.

Although the climate varies from region to region, it is generally warm and is said to be like spring in the four seasons.


Fujian depends on the region even in ChinadialectIt is an area with a large difference.Mainly used in FujianAcronym(In a broad senseFujian) IsChineseIn one of the seven dialects ofMinnan Language-Minboku-Min Dong-Chinese language-Min Chinese-Shao-JiangIt is difficult to have a conversation between dialects of different categories.In the west inland area, also known as KasaiHakkaMany people speak.other,Nanping CityToNorthern Mandarin OfLanguage islandThere,Pucheng CountyPart ofWuIs used.Min Eastern and Min Nan aretv set-radioIt is also used in the broadcast of.


It is the realm of ancient swordsmen,Sengoku periodToChuWas destroyed byYueAs the royal family fled to Minyue, it became known as Minyue.221 BC,It was conquered by Minyue and established Minyue County, but became independent as Minyue during the turbulent period at the end of Qin.With the capital in Toji (now Fuzhou), for 92 yearsResisted, butEmperor WuWas destroyed by.

The non-Han Chinese remained in power for a long time after that, but the development of Han Chinese progressed in the eastern part of Fujian (Fuzhou and its surroundings) and the northwestern part of Fujian (Jianzhou and its surroundings), and by the middle of the Tang dynasty, the two regions were connected.In the latter half of the Tang dynasty, Fujian's Chineseization was decided by the rise of domestic and overseas trade in the coastal areas due to the advantage of the land.ZhongyuanPeople of various levels have migrated to this area to avoid the war.

909 ,Wang ShenzhiBuilt byUnder this, the development of Fujian was promoted.945 , Min KingdomNantangWas annexed to.Northern Song DynastyThen.QuanzhouIs a trade agencyCity Ship DivisionIs installed (1087 ),Zhu XiAnd manyLiterati・ Fujian, which was a typical example of undeveloped land in just over 300 years, has joined the ranks of advanced regions, such as producing bureaucrats.However, because the mountains of Fujin are close to the sea and there is little cultivated land, the population density has become excessive and maritime trade has been active. There was no end to the people.The current Taiwanese native TaiwaneseSoutheast AsiaOverseasMany are descendants of migrants from Fujian.Mostly in the Minami regionQuanzhou-Zhangzhou-XiamenImmigrants fromSingapore-MalaysiaFor example, in the Central Min regionPutian(Xinghua) and the Minto regionFuzhouThere are also immigrants from.

Close to Japan due to ocean currents, in the early modern periodPiratesThere were many Fujian people who colluded with each other and engaged in smuggling.Most of the overseas Chinese living in Japan in recent years are from MintoFuqingHe is from Fujian, mainly in Fuzhou and Fuzhou.SerpentJapan stowaways by Japan often start from Fujian.The United States of AmericaImmigration to Japan has also increased rapidly in recent years.

Administrative division

9 in the territory controlled by the People's Republic of ChinaCityIs installed.

Fujian administrative division
Fujian prfc map.png
No.NameChinese notationpinyinarea
Government location
#Fujian ProvinceFujian ProvinceFújiàn Shěng121400.0041,540,086Fuzhou
Deputy city
2XiamenXiamen CityXiàmén Shì1699.395,163,970Siming District
1FuzhouFuzhouFúzhōu Shì12155.468,677,249Gulou District
3TatsuiwaLongyan CityLóngyán Shì19028.262,723,637Silla District
4Nanping CityNanping CityNán píng Shì26280.542,680,645Jianyang District
5Ningde CityNingde CityNíng dé Shì13452.383,146,789Jiaocheng District
6Putian CityPutian CityPútián Shì4119.023,210,714Chengxiang District
7QuanzhouQuanzhouQuánzhōu Shì11245.008,782,285Fengze District
8Sanming CitySanming CitySān míng Shì22928.792,486,450Sanyuan District
9Quzhou CityQuzhou CityZhāngzhōu Shì12873.335,054,328Longwen District
* Part of Quanzhou City (Kinmen), Part of Fuzhou City (Matsu Island), And a part of Putian City (Greater Qiu Islet) IsRepublic of China(TaiwanFujian ProvinceIs under the rule of.


Fujian ranks 2009th in the country in 10 by provincial and city-specific GDP.QuanzhouIs the economic center of Fujian Province.There are many industrial productions centered on light industry, electronics, food, and woodworking.

From Taiwan to the continental area, mainly in the southDirect investmentMany Taiwanese live in[1].. In 2017, more than 300 million people from Taiwan came to Fujian Province.Economically, integration across the strait is progressing.

Oolong TeaWuyishan tea, which is widely known as a production area of ​​Wuyishan, is famous all over the world.Also, from ancient timesRapsan Soo JeongBlack teaExports are also continuing.

With other natural resourcesgraniteStone materials such as and their processed products,Mao pineCollect fromRosinKnown as the production center of.

Major manufacturers of paper hygiene products and shoe manufacturers are gathered near Quanzhou City.


Fujian has Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou,Xiamen(Gulangyu),長汀There is a national historical and cultural famous castle,world HeritageAs a cultural heritageFujian Tulou,Gulangyu,QuanzhouCultural assets and mixed heritageWuyishanThere is.


Local drama

For traditional local plays in Fujian, (Fuzhou), (Quanzhou),Gaojia opera(Senshu),薌劇(Zhangzhou), (Putian), (,Glove puppet), Etc., there are 24 types.

Fujian cuisine

It is said that it is mainly divided into the following systems.

  • Fuzhou greens: There is a wide variety of flavors and ingredients, from light soups to rich red yeast rice flavors.
  • Min Nansai:Taiwanese cuisineIt is the basis of the dish, and it is characterized by the fact that there are many relatively light and sweet dishes, and many dishes with sauce.
  • Sakunishi:Hakka cuisineA kind of simple, relatively salty dish.


  • Fuzhou
  • Fuzhou
  • Quanzhou
  • Quanzhou


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