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📊 | Recoil decreased, both pickles and kimchi exceeded the previous year!Steady trend due to rising demand for home-cooked meals

Photo In recent years, attention has been paid to health aspects such as dietary fiber contained in scallions and lactic acid bacteria of kimchi, and the increase in demand for home-cooked meals due to the corona scallions has also helped to bring vitality to the sales floor. Yuuji / i-stock

The reactionary decline also exceeded the previous year for both pickles and kimchi!Steady trend due to rising demand for home-cooked meals

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Since the Corona disaster, I have been at home for a long time, and I have more opportunities to cook meals at home.

The pickles and kimchi categories are still strong, more than a year after the corona epidemic, due to the growing demand for home-cooked meals from the coronavirus. → Continue reading

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Time spent at home after the corona disaster


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