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📢 | Moon Shimitsu "2021 Battle of Maedabashi" Performance Ninja and Princess epic with dance and action ...


Moon Shimitsu "2021 Battle of Maedabashi" Performance Ninja and Princess epic with dance and action ...

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This work is a future vaudeville show composed of world-class Japanese dance, ancient martial arts, action using karate, and street performance based on music that makes full use of electronics.

Tsukishiko will perform "2021 Battle of Maedabashi feat. THE HOKUSAI" on October 2021, 10 ... → Continue reading


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Street art

Street art(Daidogei) is on the street, on the street, or in a temporary hanging hut (Hiraki (Entertainment)Also refer to)), a general term for various performing arts performed in[1].Street performance(Rojo Performance), orStreet performanceAlso called.Although it is different from live performances on the street and street live performances, it is sometimes called street performance as a general term.

Street performers make a living by singing, speaking, dancing, doing light work, playing musical instruments, etc. on the street.[2]..Historically, they made a living by taking money, but as in modern Japan, they sometimes receive performance fees from organizers and perform arts at events.

Street performance in the west

In Western cities, merchants selling goods on the streets used to give a unique utterance (Street Cry) as a signal to the city.[2].

1481 yearsWilliam caxtonThe woodcut illustration in William Caxton's Mirror of the World depicts a ballad singer.[2]. Also,William Shakespeare(William Shakespeare) "Winter storyAutoricus, who appears in the movie, is also a peddler, but he also offers performing arts to attract people's attention.[2].

AmericaThen.Street dance,basketballSince it was common to do things on the street, from thereBreak danceAnd mini basketball were also born.

In England, people who perform in public places such as streets and parks are called buskers, and people who perform in the London Underground station are especially famous (street performance is called busk, and performing is called busking).Basically, Basque is prohibited, but due to long-standing customs, station staff and police officers pretended not to look.However, small troubles such as competition for performance locations frequently occur, and2003 Decided to issue a license to the bus car.Unlicensed holders can no longer play, and reservations are required for performance locations.[3].

Street performance in Japan


Street performance itself has been around for a long time in Japan,Muromachi Period OfPicture scrollA street performer is also drawn on.Its form isAncient timesTo the religious expression of中 世 OfSinging masterThe art ofChugokuOf originSanraku,BuddhismWas a mixture of[4].

Edo PeriodIsAsakusa Of見 世 物,Magic trick(Tezuma),NiigataRuralWoman(Goze),Tsugaru district OfBosama, Other wandering arts, etc. were also actively performed in Japan.However, in many cases they tended to be associated with religious affairs or despised as beggars.Although it was the lowest rank, street performance itself was a popular performance.EdoThen,BeggarThere is also an organization that specializes in street performance called modernJugglingSimilar toAcrobaticsAnd magic have shown their own development.The Edo Shogunate was noisy about the order of status, but because it did not talk about the content of the art, street performance developed abundantly.[4].

With the opening of the country, Japanese street performance became known overseas, and when ordinary people were allowed to travel abroad,Torayoshi HayatakeMany street performers crossed the sea, including[5][6]..The unique art style has been greatly received, and Japanese art is overseas.JugglingAnd magic,AcrobaticsIn addition to having an impact on such things, the number of foreign arts introduced to Japan has increased.In contrast to the Edo ShogunateMeiji governmentInstead of dismantling the social division system, he controlled and managed the content of the art, and banned many street performances as a bad manners.Street performers who lost their jobs became in need of life, and as a result, Japanese street performers suddenly declined.[4].


After the war, as Western street performances came in, the content of the show became more flashy and gorgeous.ARTAs a sideEntertainmentThe high sex has been re-recognized.

1970 eraToShoichi Ozawa,Underground playThe re-evaluation of the lost Japanese wandering art began by the people concerned, and it became popular again as an element of street performance and theater.

As the XNUMXth edition of Kojien says, street performance is "a vulgar art performed on the street", until recently, street performance was despised among the arts, but the street performers from the above-mentioned street performance competitions, etc. On the contrary, there is a reversal phenomenon that criticizes street musicians as "practicing" due to the improvement of their status.

From the 50sAichiNagoya city OfOsu Daido Town Festival,Kanagawa横 浜 市As an event, it has begun to take root in various places, such as "Noge Street Performance" in Japan.at first,ButohButoh based on, and the so-called "" which is difficult for an amateur to understand at first glanceUndergroundThere was a strong tendency.At Osu, we have been keeping these underground genealogy for a long time.

1992 ,ShizuokaShizuoka CityでDaidogei World CupIs held, Western styleサ ー カ スHe played a major role in introducing and establishing art in Japan on a large scale.However, there is a tendency for circus arts using large-scale sets and cranes, mainly in France and Russia, to be invited.However, the evaluation that the tournament raised the recognition of street performance is firmly established.

other,Tokyo Heaven artistThe official recognition system has been started, and Nippon Television has issued a license as "Nippon Television Art Street Performance", and it is in the limelight in various places such as revitalization of the city and events.There are many fans who are deeply rooted in young people,Osu Daido Town Festival,Daidogei World CupThe number of mobilized customers in Japan is hundreds of thousands.

However, there are many cases where the official system such as "Heaven Artist" and each license do not open the acceptance criteria, and the ability and type of entertainers are quite wide.

Also, the street performances these daysWesternOf typeJuggling,AcrobaticsOrPantomimeEtc.サ ー カ スThere is a strong tendency to focus on performing arts, and at the same time, it is said that the worship of Westerners on the audience side is deep-rooted, and many people complain.Also,JapanThere are many concerns that traditional wandering arts will disappear.

Currently, as a large street performance event held in Japan,Daidogei World Cup(Shizuoka City),Osu Daido Town Festival(Nagoya City), Yokohama Street ArtsNoge street performance(Yokohama City) and so on.

Major street performances

These performances are often performed as street performances, not street performances themselves.Juggling is also established as a hobby that is not shown to people, and these tricks may be performed in other places such as the circus.

  • Juggling: The art of acrobatic manipulation of balls and clubs.There are many enthusiasts and many entertainers.
  • ク ラ ウ ン:In generalピ エ ロAlso called.The art of dressing up as a clown and laughing with comical makeup and acting.Pantomime,balloonThere are many entertainers who also handle it.
  • Pantomime: The art of acting as if there were an object that does not actually exist with one body.Acting normally without making a voice.Also, other animals, robots and thread puppets (Marionette) Etc.
  • Acrobatics: The art of showing complex poses and movements by making full use of advanced body movements.
  • balloon: The art of making various things using elongated tube-shaped balloons.
  • Butoh: Butoh dancers or groups of butoh dancers perform a unique dance.Gold powder showEstablished in some street performance festivals.
  • Walking Act: Wearing special clothes and makeup, walking around silently, or acting like a statue without moving at all.Begging monk,costumeIt is similar to, but when it is performed as a street performer, it often looks quite strange. The art performed on stilt (Western stilts) is also included here.
  • Statue: Make up and disguise, (Statue) Street performance.It may move according to the reaction of a person.
  • Perfume masterGei: Gei is a means of gathering people.The main purpose is to sell some kind of product to people who have seen (listened to) the art.Sales.
  • Contortion: The art of the performer bending and twisting his body extremely[7].

In addition, music art, pen spinning,One-man band,Magic,Monkey spinning,Nankin Tamasudare,Oil seller of Gama,Chindonya,sign languageThere are many types.


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